i think the greatest thing i’ve ever gotten out of Yuri!!! on Ice is the fact that i’ve become more motivated to do things. i’m the most UNMOTIVATED person i know and watching yuri accomplish so much because he’s motivated to do so because he believes he can is incredibly amazing. i want to be able to do the things he does, make myself happy while showing everyone i can do it.

i love it.


Just- ok I’m serious watch this right now trust me.

i’m trying, i’m trying to sleep,
i’m trying, i’m trying to sleep,
but i can’t, but i can’t when you all have,

So I live in a pretty low-income left-wing area and everyone’s been really bummed out since the last election and the Conservative win.

But this morning at 2AM there was a man in the street outside my flat running up to people, laughing and yelling “DAVID CAMERON FUCKED A PIG! OUR PRIME MINISTER FUCKED A PIG!” at the top of his lung, and he sounded so happy.

This - this is the true magic of #piggate