Shori x Fuma

Shori: I’ve seen „The girl who leapt through time“. Somehow, I thought Fuma-kun can really implement the role of a senior high school student well.
Fuma: Right. Because of my own high school experience I could reflect about my role.
Shori: It’s obvious but I think you should aim for dramas where you can naturally be yourself. That’s why your performance of this role had such great quality.
Fuma: I’m glad that you feel this way.
Shori: People’s reactions were great, right?
Fuma: Yeah. Recently, a friend who I didn’t have contact with for a longer time sent me an e-mail saying „I’ve seen it“.
Shori: You’ve gained attention.
Fuma: I appreciate that. I’ve seen all of Shori’s works so far too, but personally I liked your little-brother-like role in „Summer Nude“.
Shori: Really? Ah, I want to play such a role again.
Fuma: For example, in „Summer Nude“ you were playing a simple character, while in „49“ it was challenging to play two characters at once. Doing that role, I think that Shori did a great job in showing us different faces. For your next role I want to see Shori play an intellectual character. I want him to play someone who constantly talks about numerical formulas (laughing).
Shori: My role in „Haruchika“ is quite close to that.
Fuma: Eeh~ I want to see it already!
Shori: I want Fuma-kun to get a role like Takizawa (Hideaki)-kun in „Seisei suruhodo, aishiteru“… I want you to play such a character.
Fuma: I see.
Shori: I want to see Fuma-kun get a little embarrassed and say suspicious lines! (laughing)

Q1. Do you have any necessities during drama or movie filming?
Shori: I always have my script with me. If it’s not in my bag I feel a little nervous.
Fuma: At work and in private, I always have perfume with me. In those times I want to change the set into my own scent.
Shori: Ah~ I usually do that too but in „Haruchika“ I wonder if it would have affected my role. What scent do you like?
Fuma: I like sweet and refreshing. But a sweet scent that isn’t too suffocating. Basically, I don’t like male scent.

Q2. Which songs do you listen to when you want to motivate yourself?
Fuma: I listen to what’s trendy at that moment and I also listen to band music and dance music.
Shori: I also listen to a lot of band sound music and pop music.
Fuma: I like when it has an uptempo feel to it.
Shori: Ah, right. I have my own playlist which I update when there’s new songs out. I think I have about 500 songs now. Sometimes I force Marius to come and listen to my recommended songs (laughing). But in the end he’s addicted to them anyways.

Q3. You have one free day. Please tell me what you are going to do on that day.
Fuma: I didn’t see my senior high school friends in a long time so I would drive to the sea with them… and when we return we would visit an onsen. This plan will probably happen.
Shori: I get it! I’m also the type who wants to go according to a plan. Right after a good rest and waking up at 10:30AM I want to go to Shibuya in the afternoon to watch a movie and then practise a musical instrument. From then on I return home to eat dinner and then I watch a movie on my smartphone until I get sleepy.
Fuma: Sounds like a full schedule~
Shori: Right? I can’t go a day without doing anything!

Keep in mind I am not a native speaker therefore there might be mistakes in my translations. Also I’m not exactly translating word for word. Feel free to correct me in my ask box any time you want, I’d appreciate it! I apologize if someone already translated something before me and I didn’t notice, I hope you don’t mind.

Credit goes to tkhs_zone @ Twitter for the scans, thank you!

Drabble Game: Yoongi & 75

Don’t even worry about it, nonnie. Thanks for participating and I hope you like it! Find the drabble game here.

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It was your first time visiting Daegu. Yoongi talked to you about it often, usually in those late night conversations before bed when you weren’t afraid to show your vulnerabilities to one another, and as his voice grew heavier with sleep, you could hear the longing in his words. He said “Daegu” like he was reminiscing about something he’d lost years ago. Like it was always hanging just out of his reach.

And in some sense you knew that was true. That as he toured you around the city, pointing out things that were significant to him, he would never be able to look at his hometown the same way again. He’d changed too much for that.

“So what do you think?” He asked hesitently.

You were walking along the river together, his hand holding onto yours, as you nursed the latte he’d bought you from his favorite café.

“About Daegu? I love it.”

Though he gave you a smug look as if to say he wasn’t surprised, you could see his shoulders visibly relax. You didn’t know which side of him to believe but time had taught you the small ways in which his feelings betrayed him. Like how he scrunched his nose whenever his laugh was genuine or his subconscious need to be near you in the days before a tour even though he tried to play off how much he was going to miss you.

“But how could I not love it when I had such an excellent tour guide,” you teased and were rewarded as a blush spread across his cheeks.

“Aish! You’re so embarrassing, pabo,” he said but pulled you closer to him.

“Then it’s a good thing you love me.”

He stopped suddenly, turning to face you fully, as he looked down at you with a mixture of seriousness and desperation.

“I do. It means a lot to me that you like it here because I’ve always wanted to move back when I settle down and it’s reassuring to know you’ll be happy here.”

His voice trailed off when he noticed how your eyes widened in shock. He could feel the fingertips of your hand that he was still holding grow cold and he bit his lip in frustration before continuing.

“No, please don’t panic. I’m not asking. Not yet.” he raked his hand through his hair. “I’m just rambling and making an idiot out of myself. You probably think I’m crazy planning so far ahe…”

You stood up on your tiptoes and brought your lips to meet his midsentence. He fumbled the last of his words before the surprise ebbed away and he returned the kiss.

Please shut up,” you said when you broke away. He leaned down to rest his forehead against yours.

“Why should I?”

I can’t stand how appealing your voice is. Especially when you talk about our future.”

“Then it’s a good thing you love me,” he chuckled. “Since you’re going to be hearing it for a long time.”

I wasn’t gonna say anything but it’ll bug me if I don’t…

Do you know what bothers me the most about this Loch(te)mess? The idea that he could come here, make shit up based on stereotypes to cover his own ass and still think no one would give a second thought because ~~honestly~~ who would have doubted someone was held at gunpoint and robbed in Rio? Brazil is a hellhole anyway… Pandemonium, right?

Such entitlement.

It’s imperialist behavior at it’s best: go to a foreign country, fuck shit up, make it seem like the uncivilized savages are to blame and then fucking leave.


So I have spent an hour or more watching youtube videos of people announcing they are pregnant (I don’t know why, it just happened) and I just had to share this one. It legitimately made me tear up.

Best Pregnancy Reaction Ever!

anonymous asked:

How would NCT react after getting a call that you are in the hospital after an accident? Thank you ❤️

Taeil: He’d be speechless. He’d just stay quiet with the phone against his ear, not a single word coming out of his mouth. He wouldn’t even be able to ask if it’s a minor accident ot not.

Hansol: Would also be in shock. Every worst case scenario of what could’ve happened to you would flash through his mind. He’d be worried to death and wouldn’t waste a second to get to the hospital and see how you’re doing.

Johnny: “What hospital is it? How bad was the accident? Are there any mayor injuries?” He’d more or less interrogate the person who called, wouldn’t be able to hang up until his car is parked outside of the hospital. 

Taeyong: Wouldn’t be able to believe it. As soon as the call is over, he’d break down crying; clutching the telephone in his hands against his chest until it feels like it’s breaking.

Yuta: “An accident? What hospital is it? I’m on my way!” He’d be very quick, just put his shoes on and run to a cab. It wouldn’t take more than 5-10 minutes for Yuta to be by your side.

Kun: “Only minor injuries? Thank God. I’m on my way, tell her that!” He’d also be quick to get to you, but would also buy you something you like, coffee or a smoothie for example and a bunch of flowers.

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Final Suicide Squad review:

Okay so I saw the film again (You know I’ve been struggling a bit with this review because if this had been Marvel I’d of see at least 3 times opening weekend super excited but alas.) To keep it short and simple I liked about 3-4 characters, some of the scenes were pretty funny & the soundtrack was alright. Also. I actually enjoyed Jared Letos Joker because he was so ridiculous (although he did remind me more of a perverted juggalo off his meds than a menacing psychopath.) Might not of really been his fault though since most his scenes got cut. Harley Quinn remained amazing Margot Robbie a did great job portraying her <3 I stand by it was an entertaining hot mess of a film.

Overall though the editing/most writing and character development was seriously horrible. DC I was actually rooting for you on this one and just why? Please get it together soon.

Now on to the reaction gifs!

Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Amanda Waller, El Diablo & Joker:

Everyone else:

The Soundtrack:

Editing & writing:

The future of DC films:


I am absolutely loving all the great reactions to the latest update, guys. Will try to start properly responding to the asks soon as I can. Kinda busy here at the moment, but looking forward to drawing what comes next! Stay tuned!

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