sixofcrowsnw challenge (take two) week 2: favorite secondary character guest appearance | nikolai, zoya, and genya

They’ve been told they would be meeting with only two members of the Triumvirate, but three people stood by the pool. Jesper knew the one-eyed girl in the red-and-blue kefta must be Genya Safin, and that meant the shockingly gorgeous girl with the thick fall of ebony hair was Zoya Nazyalensky. They were accompanied by a fox-faced man in his twenties wearing a teal frock coat, brown leather gloves, and an impressive set of Zemeni revolvers slung around his hips.

I recently received a message from someone that wanted me to do a drawing for a very special person in their life. They wanted it to be an anonymous gift for Pete. They told me that Pete’s son once told him: “When you love someone, it’s kinda like your heart is touching theirs”. Obviously I fell in love with this quote and instantly jumped at the chance to complete this request. In the time since I worked on this piece, I’ve began to learn a lot about Pete and he is someone who I have come to respect and admire. His story is raw and inspiring.

Here’s how Pete explains himself:

Pete on repeat, one day at a time: A Dad’s roadtrip through Alcoholism, Divorce, Wellness and Recovery. Somehow, THERE’S A BRIGHTSIDE.


A Song of LadiesMinisa Whent Tully

The smoke was making her eyes burn. She rubbed at them with the heels of her scarred hands. When she looked up at the Mother again, it was her own mother she saw. Lady Minisa Tully had died in childbed, trying to give Lord Hoster a second son. The baby had perished with her, and afterward some of the life had gone out of Father. She was always so calm, Catelyn thought, remembering her mother’s soft hands, her warm smile. If she had lived, how different our lives might have been. ― Catelyn IV, A Clash of Kings.

For ladyflorence1215 :)

Artist Interview: Nemanja Bogdanov
Based out of Serbia, Nemanja Bogdanov’s evocative graphic work uses a minimalistic approach to convey powerful emotions. After discovering his work on Tumblr, Mr. Bogdanov answered some of my quest…

Hey guys,

I’ve recently done an interview for the Buck Off Magazine, in which I went into a bit of detail as to what got me started in graphic design and illustration, what makes me tick as well as what advice I would give to others who want to make the visual arts their passion and craft.

Give it a read, give me your feedback and ask any questions you might have.

Thank you BOM for the interview, I immensely enjoyed the experience!