my biggest problem with les miserables (2012) is that they literally cut every song abt the barricade boys,,, like hun,, im personally offended u cut off George Blagden’s drink with me solo,, the iconic “grantaire put the bottle down!” and like,,, all of turning.

  • Enjolras: Grantaire, put that bottle down.
  • Grantaire: *sets bottle down*
  • Grantaire: *pulls out curly straw and drains bottle without breaking eye contact*
  • Enjolras:
  • Grantaire:
  • Enjolras: ...get the fuck out of my cafe.
  • Grantaire: Yeah, that's fair.

Grantaire had been awake for some minutes past. Grantaire, it will be remembered, had been sleeping since the past evening in the upper room, with his head lying on a table. He realized in all its energy the old metaphor, dead drunk. The hideous philter of absinthe, stout, and alcohol, had thrown him into a lethargic state, and, as his table was small, and of no use at the barricade, they had left it him. He was still in the same posture, with his chest upon the table, his head reeling on his arms, and surrounded by glasses and bottles. He was sleeping the deadly sleep of the hibernating bear or the filled leech. Nothing had roused him, — neither the platoon fire, nor the cannon-balls, nor the canister which penetrated through the window into the room where he was, nor the prodigious noise of the assault. Still, he at times responded to the cannon by a snore. He seemed to be waiting for a bullet to save him the trouble of waking; several corpses lay around him, and at the first glance nothing distinguished him from these deep sleepers of death.

Noise does not wake a drunkard, but silence arouses him, and this peculiarity has been more than once observed. The fall of anything near him increased Grantaire’s lethargy, and noise lulled him. The species of halt which the tumult made before Enjolras was a shock for this heavy sleep. It is the effect of a galloping coach which stops short. Grantaire started up, stretched out his arms, rubbed his eyes, looked, yawned, and understood. Intoxication wearing off resembles a curtain that is rent, and a man sees at once, and at a single glance, all that it concealed. Everything presents itself suddenly to the memory, and the drunkard, who knows nothing of what has happened during the last twenty-four hours, has scarce opened his eyes ere he understands it all. Ideas return with a sudden lucidity; the species of suds that blinded the brain is dispersed, and makes way for a clear and distinctive apprehension of the reality.

Concealed, as he was, in a corner, and sheltered, so to speak, by the billiard-table, the soldiers, who had their eyes fixed on Enjolras, had not even perceived Grantaire, and the sergeant was preparing to repeat the order to fire, when all at once they heard a powerful voice crying at their side, —"Long live the Republic! I belong to it.“ Grantaire had risen; and the immense gleam of all the combat which he had missed appeared in the flashing glance of the transfigured drunkard. He repeated, "Long live the Republic!” crossed the room with a firm step, and placed himself before the muskets by Enjolras’s side.“Kill us both at once,” he said. And turning gently to Enjolras, he asked him, —

“Do you permit it?” Enjolras pressed his hand with a smile, and this smile had not passed away ere the detonation took place. Enjolras, pierced by eight bullets, remained leaning against the wall as if nailed to it; he merely hung his head. Grantaire was lying stark dead at his feet.


-Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

Casual reminder that Grantaire is pretty much my favorite forever. You can call the guy a lot of things, just don’t call him late to the firing squad.

Enjoltaire on the west end

I went to see Les Miserables tonight, and boy was I shocked at the Enjolras and Grantaire interactions.

Enjolras - Jonny Purchase
Grantaire - Andy Conaghan

I’m going to have to list the details because if not it’ll be a mess:

1. Red and Black started off how I expected; Grantaire being sarcastic and teasing with Marius. Enjolras reacted nicely to this and just smiled, which made me realise that the dynamic would be friendly.

2. ‘Grantaire put the bottle down’ was said quite loudly, but he was smiling so i was still content.

3. During the transition to DYHTPS, Grantaire hung towards the back of the group and didn’t participate so Enjolras walked over to him and grabbed his arm, and kind off made join in.

4. Throughout all the barricade scenes, Grantaire was on the side lines watching Enjolras, which I liked.

5. After R’s solo in drink with me, they stood across from each other, stared at each other for a few seconds, and then intensely hugged.

6. When Gav died, Taire was full on crying and Enjolras hugged him again.

7. When Marius is shot during the final battle, both R and Enj are making sure he’s okay, and then they both hug. Enjolras then goes to the top of the barricade and waves the flag, and R climbs up the barricade and they shared a moment before Enj died. Enj falls forward on the barricade, and then R stands in his place and is killed.

Other moments I liked:

- Grantaire and Gavroche had such a cute relationship, with Grantaire protecting him as much as he can

- Eponine and Grantaire interacted, which I’ve never seen before

- Marius punched Parnasse and I nearly died

- Grantaire was actually perfect, I’ve never seen a portrayal as close to how I imagine him in my head