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#4 with barry allen, please??

4. He/She has a wet dream about you.

“Barry?” You called him for the fourth time but still no answer.

Cisco came in the room and looked at you and Barry. “Dude, he is probably in the middle of one of those realization moments where he realizes he forgot to do something very important but didn’t do it. BARRY!”

“What?” Barry finally answered, he looked a bit upset at Cisco for pulling him out of his day dream.

“Y/N was calling you man.” Cisco pointed at you and Barry immediately tensed up.

He remembered his dream, when you pulled off his shirt and kissed him passionately, the way he left you naked in record time and had you squirming underneath him begging him to touch you more.

“BARRY!” You finally yelled when once again he drifted off into Lala Land.

“What?” He asked again only to find you at eye level with him with your hand on his cheek. Something very similar to this happened in his dream too.

“You okay?“ You moved your hand from his cheek to his forehead. “You don’t seem to have a fever either.”

He stood up quickly and you smiled at his awkward expression. “What did you needed me to do?”

“Take your shirt off.” You said walking over to the door and shutting it.

“For what?!”

“I’m going to give you the time of your life.” You said suggestively and his eyes widened more that you had ever seen and you couldn’t help but to laugh at your joke. “Barry, you didn’t forget I’m supposed to perform a physical exam on you today did you?”

“No. Of course I didn’t.” He said scoffing and pulling off his shirt.

You caught yourself staring at him a little too long. Damn him for being so attractive.

“Okay, so we’ll start with-”

“I had a dream about you last night.” He cut you off.

“Did I die?” That was the first question that came to you.


“…was I wet?” You looked away from him as that question flew off your lips.

“Yeah, a lot.”

“I knew it.”

“You did? How?”

“Just a wild guess. I always thought that if I were to be a meta human I would be one with the power to manipulate water. Wouldn’t that be cool?” You asked and his face fell in disappointment.

“It was nothing like that.” He admitted.

“Barry, I know what it was. You have been giving me these hungry looks all day.” You said giggling a bit.

“Have I?” He asked in disbelief.

“Yeah. I’ll tell you what, why don’t I just show you that reality can be so much better than dreams?” You said and his face lid up.

“Okay.” He felt like a little kid who was just told he would be taken to the park, you know in exchange for something.

“Okay but physical exam first.”

Yup definitely like a little kid.


grant gustin/katie cassidy and barry allen/laurel lance packs {requested}

Safe- Barry Allen x Reader

Request// @adrenalizinq Barry gets a call from his girl and something ACTUALLY dangerous is happening. Can be ridiculously supernatural, like a meta put her on top of a building and she doesn’t want to fall or she’s being followed home or she’s somehow in the snake exhibit at the zoo or it could be something smaller, like her purse being taken or she has a panic attack.

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“Barry,” you spoke into your phone in a low tone, quiet enough to only be heard by Barry on the receiving end.

“(Y/N),” you could hear the smile in his voice and could picture the grin on his face, “what’s up?”

“Nothing, I’m on my way home, but I,” you took a short breath, “I think I’m being followed, I just have this feeling, and theres this guy, he’s pretty far back, but every time I turn around he’s there-” Barry interjected before you could complete your thought, instantly ready to come to your aid, call it the perks of dating the fastest man alive.

“Where are you,” the smile had melted from his voice replaced by a serious protective tone. You quickly relayed your address to him thankful he would be next to you in a moment, thankful you were just seconds away from feeling safe. It took no time at all before Barry was suddenly at your side, his hair was a mess, sticking up at odd angles and his outfit consisted of a simple hoodie and sweats, a tell tale sign he’d most likely been laying in bed just before this.

“Barry,” you let out a breath you hadn’t realized you were holding and smiled up at him, pausing your pace. Barry however still looked concerned and with furrowed eyebrows was watching the street behind you where a tall figure could be seen a few yards away. Whoever they were seemed to notice your sudden company and had enough sense to ditch into an ally way rather than confronting the two of you.

“I should go, see who they were, what they wanted,” he was still watching the ally where the person had disappeared moments before.

“It’s okay,” you laced your fingers through his, as nervous as the situation had made you, most of your fear had melted away by now and the last thing you wanted was trouble or for Barry to get hurt, despite him being a, well, super hero, you worried about him constantly. “Lets just go home,” you persuaded him, starting off slowly in the direction of your apartment, tugging on his hand gently, leading the way.

“Alright,” Barry turned back to you and managed a smile, then pulled you into his chest and kissed your forehead. He was glad to know you were safe and that he got there in time.