Barry when...

You witness his first day with powers

You rarely found time to take a walk, but sitting inside all day was making your body ache, so doing the only thing that seemed logical at that moment: You grabbed your coat and took a break from your work. 

It didn’t even take five minutes before a sudden wind blew straight past you and into the dark alley to your left. The following sound of a crash got your attention, and so you walked towards the now panting sound. 
“Whoa…” Right in front of you, was a man panting, burning pieces of… was it clothes? Was spread around him, and your cheeks turned red when you noticed the only thing he wore was his boxers.

Never would you ever think that attractive man would turn to be a superhero, and only in your wildest dreams, you could have imagined that superhero ending up as your husband and the father of your kids. From that day, you started walking every day, not knowing what you could miss if not exposing yourself to the outer world day by day.

A/N: this was shit but I can’t do better atm://