Over 50 Canon Transgender and Nonbinary Characters

Damien Bloodmarch from Dream Daddy: a Dad Dating Simulator (transgender man)

Alluka Zoldyck from Hunter x Hunter (transgender girl)

Poison from Final Fight (transgender woman)

Flea from Chrono Trigger (genderfluid)

Adel from Final Fantasy VIII (intersex woman)

Guillo from Baten Kaitos Origins (genderfluid)

Reni Wassulmaier from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (nonbinary - has had gender reassignment surgeries from female to male and then back to female and then back to male and then back to a female)

Eater from Blaze Union (genderfluid - has dissociative identity disorder with one female personality and one male personality)

Kyra from Gloria Union (nonbinary/intergender)

Erica Anderson from Catherine (transgender woman)

Main Character in Dys4ia (transgender woman)

Sya from Guild Wars 2 (transgender woman)

Alysia Yeoh from Batgirl (transgender woman)

Claudine de Montesse from Claudine (transgender man)

Masaru “Chaplin” Sukegawa from Deadman Wonderland (transgender woman)

Cassandra from The Wiki + The Divine (transgender woman)

Angela/Ash from Black Butler (intersex/genderfluid - has separate male and female life and personalities)

Aruna from DC comics (intersex woman - born as a shapeshifter but presents as a woman)

Arakune from Angel Sanctuary (transgender woman)

Kate Godwin from DC comics (transgender woman)

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