e [ˈɛ | e]

The 9th letter of the Hungarian alphabet. It’s not only a letter, but also a word, mainly used in poems. The short form of “eme” or “ez”. Means “this”. Six out of the 10 Hungarian dialects have two kinds of short e sounds in speech: ë [e] and e [ɛ].

For example:::
Tetszik nekem e lány. = Tetszik nekem eme lány. = Tetszik nekem ez a lány. – I find this girl attractive.
(The first two Hungarian sentences are rather poetic, than normal everyday language.)

“Cry me a river” means “you can cry or complain a lot but you will not get my sympathy”.

- My best friend hasn’t called me for a week!
- Oh, cry me a river. You never call anyone.

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Types as Oxymorons

ISFJ: Noticeable absence

ESFJ: Passive agressive

ISTJ: Deafening silence

ESTJ: Virtual Reality

ISFP: Sad smile

ESFP: Bittersweet 

ISTP: One-man band

ESTP: Crash landing

INFJ: Militant pacifist

ENFJ: Icy hot

INTJ: Theoretical experience

ENTJ: Upward fall

INFP: Alone together

ENFP: Unbiased opinion

INTP: Exact estimate

ENTP: Intense apathy

hello friends! claire here! i’m learning french, and there are so so many resources out there to use when learning the language. it can sometimes be hard, i know (and my exams can tell you :// ) I’ll share some apps, sites, youtube channels, and other studyblr resources!


  1. duolingo
  2. memrise
  3. word reference (french/english dictionary)
  4. quizlet
  5. french by nemo
  6. radio france
  7. Learn French Free
  8. French Exercises


  1. Bon Patron - french grammar check
  2. Bonjour - french exercises for beginners
  3. conjuguemos - i SWEAR by this yall it’s the sh!t
  4. Babbel
  5. learn french guide - tons of resources
  6. how to conjugate
  7. listening resources
  8. games for beginners - i lOVED this in french 1
  9. Vocab word lists - 100+ lists for your notebook
  10. French learning blog (and learning help)
  11. Learn French Lab - grammar/conjugation help
  12. VDM - french slang
  13. Bonjour de France - has many levels of grammar help+more

French Study/Lang BLRs

  1. @dansnosreves
  2. @ap-french
  3. @love-your-french
  4. @frenchnet
  5. @polyspeak ‘s list: http://polyspeak.tumblr.com/french

Playlists - only my favorites :)

  1. one
  2. two
  3. three
  4. four

My Tips on French!

  1. Keep a notebook of all your vocab lists and compositions! Keeping it all in one place will definitely help you to remember and will help with learning and studying
  2. Practice every day! Refresh your brain and keep it fresh in your mind, I guarantee this will help you with your language learning! Even if it’s five minutes on an app, it will help to run it every day
  3. Watch french youtubers/read french books. Surround and immerse yourself in the French culture. If you wish to, buy french books and highlight new words/phrases to help you remember
  4. Use listening exercises! They’ll help you know the French accent so you don’t sound like a tourist/American.

Overall, French is a beautiful language! Feel free to add your ideas :)

Bonne Chance!

x claire