EXO reacts to when their girlfriend is in pain because of her knees

Aww, I’m sorry you’re down, darling :( Hopefully this will make you feel a little bit better ♥

Xiumin: *is strong enough to carry you everywhere and probably would if it didn’t draw so much attention to the two of you, but he’s a quiet soul, so that’s not an option* Do you need anything? I can go get it for you. *runs around all day happily getting whatever you needed so you didn’t have to walk*

Luhan: *as a soccer player, he probably gets his fair share of leg injuries so he’s likely to know how to ease your pain* 

You: Thank you, Lulu. That feels much better.

Luhan: You’re very welcome, baobei ♥ *happy to help your pain go away*

Kris: *when he hears anti-fans saying that you’re holding him back because he often helps you walk to take some of the weight off your knees*

Suho: *pays for whatever operations or medications you might need to make your pain go away*

Lay: *feels bad but doesn’t know how to help so he gets you a bunch of stuff to try to cheer you up* Baobei~ I got you something~♥

Baekhyun: *spends all night researching ways to ease your pain and lectures you the next morning*

You: Baek, I appreciate your effort, but you’re not telling me anything I don’t already know.

Baekhyun: *gif*

Chen: *attempts to cuddle the pain away*

Chanyeol: *forces you to stay off your feet as much as possible and checks on you constantly to make sure you’re as comfortable as you can be*

D.O: *you wake up one morning and all your pain has miraculously disappeared* 

You: Kyungsoo! It doesn’t hurt anymore! This is the best thing that’s ever happened to me! *you run around the house squealing because it’s been so long since you could run without pain*

D.O: *refuses to ever tell you about the sacrifice he made to Satan the night before in exchange for your pain to be permanently alleviated*

Tao: *often being forced to perform on injuries, he probably wouldn’t give you much sympathy until you started crying*

You: *crying alone in your bedroom, Tao walks in and immediately feels bad for all the times he said that you could handle it and didn’t offer his help*

Tao: I’m sorry I didn’t realize how bad this was hurting you, baobei. Let me make it up to you. *proceeds to get whatever you needed to make the pain go away*

Kai: *at home he tries to make you feel less awkward by walking as slowly as you. You take it as him making fun of you and blow up at him* I-I’m sorry, jagi, but I wasn’t making fun of you, I swear!

Sehun: *despite being the baby of the group himself, he’d baby you all day to the point where you get sick of it*

You: I appreciate it, Sehun, but can you maybe hold it back a little?

Sehun: Fine. Ungrateful peasant.

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41 Squadron Tornado GR4

RAF 41 Squadron Tornado GR4 took to the skies to test-fire four Storm Shadow missiles over the Atlantic Ocean. Photo taken by Senior Aircraftman Mark Parkinson, RAF Photographer based at RAF Leeming


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No XV Squadron Tornado GR4

XV Squadron also undertakes Fast Jet Cross Over training for pilots and weapons systems operators converting across to the Tornado GR4 from other fast jet aircraft