nick/harry WIP

hey all. so this is a wip and it’s been months and months and I’ve finally come to accept that I’m never going to finish it. it’s the one I started after the awful GQ article w harry came out and idk. it was supposed to be done really quick and be relevant in that timespan when we were all talking about the article but then it just lagged and now its so late and I just have no desire to ever really finish it so here it is!! about 3k of actual fic and prob 1k or me rambling through what was going to be the ending!

please dont click if you want to read a full resolved fic! it is def a wip and while I can tell you how it was going to end, the writing actually ends really abruptly lolol

anyway, ficish!

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I believe my good friend Eddie Redmayne won this award last year and it’s funny because about six years ago, Eddie and i were renting a place in LA whoring our way together, trying to get any form of work. And with no work, with no scripts coming in, with no women in our lives and we had very little dignity. But we must have done something right. At least in the eyes of GQ.