Freya the giant Pacific octopus in the Olympic Coast exhibit
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It’s clear that Giant Pacific Octopus is smart- Webster recalls a time she was feeding Cordelia, an octopus whose name means “daughter of the sea,” while giving a behind-the-scenes tour. “I went down to grab another piece of food, and there wasn’t any left,” she says. “She had it in her arms. She had figured out where I kept her bin, and she had reached in, grabbed it and pulled it back out. They’re very smart, very intelligent creatures, so I had to learn to move the bin around.” 📝: @nationalaquarium


I’ve been feeling bad for most of the evening so I cobbled together a quick fantasy look to try and lift my spirits.

For concept pics taken with a camera phone timer I think they turned out pretty okay. It could definitely have benefitted from a proper “magical setting” instead of my bedroom on a rainy night, and from better lighting, and from, y'know, an actual photographer.

The dress is some hippie thing I got off a clearance rack at Earthbound.
The sword was a gift from an old friend for being part of his wedding party.
The book strap and other accessories are most of what remains of my old character garb.

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Meet Freya. She’s a new giant Pacific octopus in our Olympic Coast exhibit. 🐙

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🤓🐙🐶 #DidYouKnow octopuses have half a billion neurons throughout their bodies? This network of neurons make them about as smart as a dog! 🐙🦀 📽: Nature Video

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