As is my sacred duty as a homebrewer, it’s time to needlessly overcomplicate an established mechanic to add more decisions and strategy to the game! These variant arrows and bows are meant to force characters to think more strategically about their positioning and the types of weapons they use against their opponents.

Variant Bows

I have changed the existing statistics for ranged weapons to encourage their intended usage. The existing rules for range and damage remain in place except where written. I also added two new ranged weapons: the repeating crossbow and the composite bow.

Longbow: The purpose of the longbow is distance, especially in a tall arc as in the longbowmen in the Battle of Agincourt. While it is possible, it is more difficult to fight in cramped space and without access to that tall arc. Moreover, fighting while mounted and trying to get that high arc is near impossible. My new longbow rewards you for your distance offering heightened damage from its time falling through the sky. It also punishes you for using the longbow for close or mounted combat.

A creature has disadvantage when firing the longbow at a target within 30 ft. or less or when mounted. When firing beyond the normal range (thus with disadvantage), if you have a high enough ceiling (outdoors or else height equal to the distance fired), you deal +1d8 damage on a hit.

Shortbow: The shortbow, in contrast with the longbow, is designed for closer combat and horseback (as in Parthian tactics and Mongolian cavalry archers). For this new shortbow I give a bonus for using it as intended, and an additional debuff for sniping from long range.

A creature has -1 to attack rolls made with a shortbow at a target more than 80 ft. away. A creature firing a shortbow at a target within 30 ft. grants the attacker +2 to the attack roll.

Light/Heavy Crossbow: Crossbows have immense power at the expense of loading time and lower range of accuracy. Moreover, simple peasant militia can use a crossbow but not necessarily aim it very well. My version of the crossbow deals double the damage but takes an entire action to reload, so it can only be fired every other round. Yes this means crossbows lose out on a bit of DEX damage but that simulates the lack of accuracy. Moreover, critting with the crossbow becomes far deadlier as it will now deal 4 damage dice. I did not change Hand Crossbows as they are probably a bit easier to reload and this might give rogues a little TOO much burst with an Assassin’s auto crit.

The light and heavy crossbow deals two dice of damage but takes 1 action to reload before it can be fired again.

Repeating Crossbow: A new weapon that acts like a light crossbow but without any loading restrictions. The real-life counterpart to the repeating crossbow was easier to load and draw but had significantly less power and accuracy behind it. It basically fired as quickly as you could pull back the drawstring until it locks, aim, then release the trigger; the new bolt would fall into place on its own. The repeating crossbow costs 50 gp (A regular light crossbow would cost 25 gp).

A Repeating Crossbow is a light crossbow that does not require an action to reload, but each attack beyond the first imparts a cumulative -1 penalty to attack and damage rolls. The magazine of ammunition holds 20 bolts before it must be reloaded, which takes an action.

Composite Bow: Another new weapon that has extra resistance by being made from a variety of materials that allows you make a stronger draw to put extra power behind your shot. I simulated this by letting you add all or some of your STR to the damage if you have any. Making a short or longbow into a composite bow adds 25 gp to the cost times its grade. So a +3 Composite Shortbow would cost 100 gp (25 gp + (25x3) gp).

Shortbows and longbows can both be built as composite bows. composite bows come in several grades: +1, +2, +3, and +4. If your STR modifier is at least equal to the grade of the composite bow, you may add an amount equal to the composite bow’s grade to the damage of the attack. Otherwise, you have disadvantage on attacks made with the composite bow.


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Art credit Paizo, artist unknown

Raulwocket stocked the shelves in the guild general store. Basic items were always in demand and it just made more sense to him to have a small store in the guild house than to constantly be sending people running all over the city. Besides, it was not like most adventurers used that different of equipment. A backpack, a bedroll, a couple of sacks, and some basic provisions is all most people needed to go out and perform deeds of daring do.
The stepladder creaked under Raulwocket’s feet as he hefted several coils of rope onto a hook in the wall. I should use the proceeds to hire someone taller to stock the shelves, he mused.

Most starting players start with the same basic items that they tend to take out adventuring with them. It’s all your standard fare that anyone familiar with the game has written down a hundred times. A few years back I put together a list that I refer to as the S.A.K. or Standard Adventurers Kit. A list of the staples that most people are going to want, other than armor, a weapon, and possibly a shield. I also made a few add-ons for flavor’s sake. A list not unlike it has existed throughout the years dating all the way back to the venerable D&D red box. This one is meant for the Pathfinder system but can easily be converted to whichever system you prefer to use. Enjoy!

Standard Adventurer’s Kit

Item Cost Weight

Backpack (empty) 2 gp 2 lb.

Bedroll 1 sp 5 lb.

Blanket, winter 5 sp 3 lb.

Chalk (10) 1 cp (1 sp) —

Dagger 2 gp 1 lb.

Explorer’s outfit 0 gp 8 lb.

Fishhook (10) 1 sp (1 gp) —

Flint and steel 1 gp —

Hammer 5 sp 2 lb.

Hand Axe 6 gp 3 lbs.

Mirror, small steel 10 gp ½ lb.

Piton (10) 1sp (1 gp) ½ lb. (5 lb.)

Pot, iron 5 sp 4 lb.

Pouch, belt (empty) (2) 1 gp (2 gp) ½ lb. (1 lb.)

Rations, trail (per day) (10) 5sp (5 gp) 1 lb. (10 lb.)

Rope, silk (50 ft.) 10 gp 5 lb.

Sack (empty) (2) 1 sp (2 sp) ½ lb. (1 lb.)

Spade or shovel 2 gp 8 lb.

Torch (10) 1 sp (1 gp) 1 lb. (10 lb.)

Twine, hempen (50 ft.) 2 sp ½ lb.

Waterskin 1 gp 4 lb.

Whetstone 2 cp 1 lb.

44gp 1 sp 2 cp 74 lb.

Wizard’s Kit Add On

Item Cost Weight

Bell 1 gp —

Candle (10) 1 cp (1 sp) —

Case, map or scroll (2) 1 gp (2 gp) ½ lb. (1 lb.)

Ink (1 oz. vial) (2) 8 gp (16 gp) —

Inkpen (5) 1 sp (5 sp) —

Parchment (sheet) (20) 2 sp (4 gp) —

Sealing wax 1 gp 1 lb.

Sewing needle 5 sp —

Signet ring 5 gp —

Twine, hempen (50 ft.) 2 sp ½ lb.

Soap (1 lb.) 5 sp 1 lb.

Spell component pouch 5 gp 2 lb.

Spellbook, wizard’s (blank) 15 gp 3 lb.

50 gp 8 sp 8.5 lb.

Rouge’s Kit Add On

Item Cost Weight

Caltrops 1 gp 2 lb.

Thieves’ tools 30 gp 1 lb.

31 gp 3 lbs.

Cleric’s Kit Add On

Item Cost Weight

Healer’s kit 50 gp 1 lb.

Holy symbol, wooden 1 gp —

Cleric’s vestments 5 gp 6 lb.

Ink (1 oz. vial) (2) 8 gp (16 gp) —

Inkpen (5) 1 sp (5 sp) —

Parchment (sheet) (20) 2 sp (4 gp) —

Sealing wax 1 gp 1 lb.

Signet ring 5 gp —

82 gp 5 sp 8 lb.

Bard’s Kit Add On

Item Cost Weight

Musical instrument, common 5 gp 3 lb.

Entertainer’s outfit 3 gp 4 lb.

8 gp 7 lb.

Complete Adventurer’s Kit Add On

Item Cost Weight

Bit and bridle 2 gp 1 lb.

Cold weather outfit 8 gp 7 lb.

Crowbar 2 gp 5 lb.

Donkey or mule 8 gp —

Fishing net, 25 sq. ft. 4 gp 5 lb.

Grappling hook 1 gp 4 lb.

Lantern, hooded 7 gp 2 lb.

Oil (1-pint flask) (3) 1sp (3 sp) 1 lb. (3 lb.)

Pack Saddle 5 gp 15 lb.

Saddlebags 4 gp 8 lb.

Signal whistle 8 sp —

Tent 10 gp 20 lb.

52gp 1 sp 70 lb.


Presentation dates:

  • February 21: Renault
  • February 22: Force India VJM10
  • February 22: Sauber
  • February 23: Mercedes W08
  • February 24: McLaren
  • February 24: Ferrari
  • TBA: Haas F1 Team Manor, Red Bull,  Toro Rosso, Williams

Testing dates:

  • February 27-March 2: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • March 7-10: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
  • April 18-19: Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir 
  • August 1-2:  Hungaroring, Mogyoród
  • November 28-29: Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi


  • March 26: AUSTRALIAN GP - RACE DAY (Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne)
    • March 25: qualification
    • March 24: fp1 & fp2
    • March 23: press day
  • April 9: CHINESE GP - RACE DAY (Shanghai International Circuit, Shanghai)
    • April 8: qualification
    • April 7: fp1 & fp2
    • April 6: press day
  • April 16: BAHRAIN GP - RACE DAY (Bahrain International Circuit, Sakhir)
    • April 15: qualification
    • April 14: fp1 & fp2
    • April 13: press day
  • April 30: RUSSIAN GP - RACE DAY (Sochi Autodrom, Sochi)
    • April 29: qualification
    • April 28: fp1 & fp2
    • April 27: press day
  • May 14: SPANISH GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya, Barcelona)
    • May 13: qualification
    • May 12: fp1 & fp2
    • May 11: press day
  • May 28: MONACO GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Monaco, Monte Carlo)
    • May 27: qualification
    • May 25: fp1 & fp2
    • May 24: press day
  • June 11: CANADIAN GP - RACE DAY (Circuit Gilles Villeneuve, Montreal)
    • June 10: qualification
    • June 9: fp1 & fp2
    • June 8: press day
  • June 25: AZERBAIJAN GP - RACE DAY (Baku City Circuit, Baku)
    • June 24: qualification
    • June 23: fp1 & fp2
    • June 22: press day
  • July 9: AUSTRIAN GP - RACE DAY (Red Bull Ring, Spielberg)
    • July 8: qualification
    • July 7: fp1 & fp2
    • July 6: press day 
  • July 16: BRITISH GP - RACE DAY (Silverstone Circuit, Silverstone)
    • July 15: qualification
    • July 14: fp1 & fp2
    • July 13: press day 
  • July 30: HUNGARIAN GP - RACE DAY (Hungaroring, Mogyoród)
    • July 29: qualification
    • July 28: fp1 & fp2
    • July 27: press day
  • August 27: BELGIAN GP - RACE DAY (Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps, Stavelot)
    • August 26: qualification
    • August 25: fp1 & fp2
    • August 24: press day
  • September 17: SINGAPORE GP - RACE DAY (Marina Bay Street Circuit, Singapore)
    • September 16: qualification
    • September 15: fp1 & fp2
    • September 14: press day
  • October 1: MALAYSIAN GP - RACE DAY (Sepang International Circuit, Sepang)
    • September 30: qualification
    • September 29: fp1 & fp2
    • September 28: press day
  • October 8: JAPANESE GP - RACE DAY (Suzuka International Race Course, Suzuka)
    • October 7: qualification
    • October 6: fp1  & fp2
    • October 5: press day
  • October 22: USA GP - RACE DAY (Circuit of the Americas, Austin, Texas)
    • October 21: qualification
    • October 20: fp1 & fp2
    • October 19: press day
  • October 29: MEXICAN GP - RACE DAY (Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez, Mexico City)
    • October 28: qualification
    • October 27: fp1 & fp2
    • October 26: press day
  • November 12: BRAZILIAN GP - RACE DAY (Autódromo José Carlos Pace, São Paulo)
    • November 11: qualification
    • November 10: fp1 & fp2
    • November 9: press day
  • November 26: ABU DHABI GP - RACE DAY (Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi)
    • November 25: qualification
    • November 24: fp1 & fp2
    • November 23: press day

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Lumbridge bank being at the top of the castle (pain in the ass going upstairs), Al Kharid kebab seller, Draynor's wise old man and his bank robbery, Port Sarim 30 gp to get to Karamja, killing the homeless Karamja guy as soon as you're off the ship, Varrock's Romeo near the fountain, Barbarian Village's pixelated and scantily clad barbarian chicks, Edgeville's anvil, Falador's dwarf mine with the 3 iron rocks near the entrance, Rimmington's emptiness (and bronze arrows on the table)


Savannah Central #30 0-4-0T Steam Exhibition @ The Roundhouse Railroad Museum


Aion 5.3

So as to not confuse people, as well as being unsure if Korea will attempt to classify this under 5.1 or address it as a new sub-patch, I will temporarily tag this under “High Daeva Battlefield II”. It has been confirmed that this patch will be known as Aion 5.3.

A huge lengthy content update is underway, and the focus this time round is RvR (Raid vs Raid). Here are the main highlights of this patch summarized:

1. The Abyss is once again seeing some changes, notably the Lower Abyss. There is a new variation of a siege system imposed upon the Lower Abyss now.

2. There will also be a brand new RvR PVP instance known as “Battlefield Pandemonium/Sanctum” that allows a staggering maximum of up to 384 players in queue.

As for the lore, Ereshkigal has noticed the weakening aetheric field changes in the Tower of Eternity and has thus commanded troops to invade the previously safe haven, Pandemonium and Sanctum

P.S - Beritra’s troops are officially out of the picture (save for the few locations)

3. The introduction of new medals (스피넬 공훈 훈장), and a new series of Abyss equipment. These are however, high daeva grade and the same conditions for the equipment apply (yikes, they break upon enchant failure as usual).

4. Improvement of GP rewards to existing PVP instances and arenas. There is a significant spike in the amount gained if you obtained a victory.

(eg. the winning faction will be awarded 150 GP from Idgel Dome while a tie/loss will only award 30 GP)

5. There are quality-of-life changes made to the player characters, particularly for flight and ressurection. There were also adjustments made to the GP system, mainly centered on the GP loss per day, rank and player inactivity. 

I won’t go in detail yet because until the content hits live servers, there will be constant changes here and there. I will however, touch on the main content as time goes by.