The moment that a $10 indie game made with 2d sprite graphics was able to take every gamer’s heart and rip it out, steamroll it, chop it up into little pieces, melt it down, and then compress the ash into graphite, put it in a pencil, and use it to handwrite a 200 page essay on how rotten you are.

I wish I could compile a supercut of all the times that lets players and streamers doing the genocide route say “I don’t want to do this” and “I am just doing this because everyone wants to to watch it” and “this is only because I want to see what happens” and “it’s a major story route, the games not complete until I do it”.
Then compile their reactions to this part.

To being called out like no other game has managed to do. To being presented with a soulless character given the power we have in every game we play, and this soulless character figures it out before we do. That we only do this because we want to, because it’s liberating. Because we want to watch it happen,but are too weak and fear the consequences too much to do it ourselves, and we make excuse after excuse and believe it…

“You really ARE an idiot.”

My 2013 Games of the Year: Gone Home (PC / Mac)

Gone Home tasks you with exploring your family’s residence, but it’s not the place you grew up in. They’ve since moved into a large, old house, full of dark corridors, faulty wiring, and false spaces. Following in the tradition of 90s classics Myst and Riven, the game favors environmental exploration while dispensing with any of the convoluted puzzles or fantastic plots that complicated those games. Instead, Gone Home weaves a beautiful, human story that should not be missed.

By Alex Griendling / Blog / Twitter

People can say what they want, but this is the most important moment in the DLC. It’s not about Ellie (maybe) being a lesbian. It’s about the immense friendship and emotion they were sharing in that moment. And in the words of Ashley Johnson : “it doesn’t really matter”.

( Once again I am clueless regarding who the artist is so let me know if you can :D )

My 2013 Games of the Year: Papers Please (PC)

Papers Please puts you in the role of an immigration inspector at an Arstotzkan border checkpoint. The game is a brilliant bureaucracy simulator, as you are tasked with enforcing the Arstotzkan government’s reactionary rules while witnessing the impact of these rules at a very personal level. Helping someone in a dire situation that doesn’t have the proper paperwork may help you sleep at night and yield under-the-table bribes; however, doing so will result in a citation, which can mean a salary cut. Too many salary cuts will make it hard to pay the rent and feed your family, but maybe that loss can be offset by bribes? What will you do?

By Alex Griendling / Blog / Twitter

TWDG Questions - send me a letter in my ask and i'll answer

A - Who had the most heroic death?
B - Your favorite episode of S2?
C - Your favorite episode of S1?
D - Your favorite episode from both seasons?
E - Do you ship Nuke?
F - Who had the most saddest death?
G - Which character do you hope is still alive?
H - Lee or Clementine?
I - Favorite outfit?
J - Favorite ship?
K - Least favorite ship?
L - Favorite Lee moment?
M - Jane or Molly?
N - Sarah or Duck?
O - Least favorite episode?
P - S1 Clem or S2 Clem?
Q - Favorite member from the cabin group?
R - Favorite villain? 
S - Mike or Bonnie?
T - Favorite 400 days member?
U - Lilly or Kenny?
V - Favorite area we were in?
W - Character I would kill for another one to live for forever?
X - Thing you most hated?
Y - Character that gets a lot more hate that they deserve?
Z - Character who had a lot of potential? 


We see a lot of interesting games at Alpha Beta Gamer, but Gorogoa is 15 minutes of the most unique, innovative and intelligent gameplay we’ve experienced this year.

Gameplay is spilt across four beautifully illustrated and animated panels that helped win it the IGF Excellence in Visual Arts Award.  These four panels can be moved around, zoomed in and out of and placed on top of each other to solve puzzles, allowing your character to continue his journey through the beautifully crafted world.  As you progress, the panels interact with each other in a variety of surprising and delightful ways, allowing for plenty of ‘wow that’s clever’ moments.

Gorogoa is targeted for release late in 2014 for PC & Mac, then subsequently mobile platforms.  With it’s beautiful animation (the GIFs above don’t do it justice), intelligent design and unique gameplay it’s bound to win more awards when it’s released.  Personally, it’s already my GOTY.  Highly Recommended.

Download the Alpha Demo, Free


Dragon Age Inquisition GameAward GOTY Nominate Special Clip

Upon beginning to play The Last of Us, I met Sarah. I was thinking to myself ‘Man, it’d be pretty simple for me to cosplay her. Just tuck my hair behind my ears and viola.’ then it was revealed we shared the same name and I got totally freaked out xD But, I fell in love with the game and I decided to try out cosplaying her.

This is a WIP, please bare that in mind, but I hope you guys like it :) I may post more shots later~