Me: *has deep thoughts and posts about them*

Dumb person: “Haha you’re probably an INFJ.”

Me: “No I’m not. I’m an ISFJ.”

Dumb person: “Hahaha if you’re an ISFJ then why aren’t you making cookies.”

Me: “Okay” *poisons cookies* “Here”

Dumb person: “Hahaha these cookies weren’t here on time you’re an ISFP.”

Me: “K.”

Dumb person: “Haha so like what’s in them?”

Me: *rolls eyes* “Love.”

Dumb person: “See you’re not an ISFJ!! They can’t use sarcasm!! Love?! You’re an INFP.”

Dumb person: *eats cookie* *chokes*

Dumb person: dying words: “… You’re actually an INTJ… because you’re evil…”


Keep up the good bullshit, guys ;)