Gotta ask 'em all!
  • 1. What's your favorite Pokemon?
  • 2. What's your least favorite Pokemon?
  • 3. Which Pokemon was your first starter?
  • 4. Which Pokemon was your most recent starter?
  • 5. Which starter is your favorite?
  • 6. Which starter is your least favorite?
  • 7. How long have you been playing Pokemon?
  • 8. What was the first Pokemon game you played?
  • 9. Which Pokemon made up your first team?
  • 10. Which Pokemon made/make up your most recent team?
  • 11. Which Pokemon type is your favorite?
  • 12. Which Pokemon type is your least favorite?
  • 13. Which Pokemon professor is your favorite?
  • 14. Which Pokemon professor is your least favorite?
  • 15. Which gym leader is your favorite?
  • 16. Which gym leader is your least favorite?
  • 17. What's your favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 18. What's your least favorite legendary Pokemon?
  • 19. Which generation of Pokemon is your favorite?
  • 20. Which Pokemon game is your favorite?
  • 21. Helix fossil or Dome fossil?
  • 22. Which Eeveelution is your favorite?
  • 23. What items do you generally place in your secret base?
  • 24. What's your opinion on mega evolution?
  • 25. Do you have any distinct Pokemon-related memories?
  • 26. Acro bike or Mach bike?
  • 27. Do you give nicknames to your Pokemon?
  • 28. What's the stupidest nickname you've ever given to a Pokemon?
  • 29. What was the first shiny Pokemon you ever caught?
  • 30. What's your favorite evolution?
Sagittarius & Aquarius
  • Sagittarius, pats Aquarius's shoulder: Hey.
  • Aquarius, looks at her: What's up?
  • Sagittarius, smiles at him before sighing:
  • Sagittarius: Your fucking annoying and sometimes I wish I could push you into a room of toddlers with a bowl of candy in your hands-
  • Sagittarius: But I think of you as a good friend.

tfw you love a Thing and your Friends but sometimes the two just don’t mix

Fanfiction: What you think will happen vs What actually happens

Me, when reaching the point where the resident bad boy is about to enter the storyline with his ‘deep voice, cool demeanor, and strikingly handsome appearance’:

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Also me, when he actually enters with his deep voice, cool demeanor, and strikingly handsome appearance: 

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