Husband Reacts to 1D: Gotta Be You

(I didn’t make any of these gifs, all credit goes to the original gif makers, as usual)

“God they’re introducing them all like a superhero video again! Scarf Boy! Hairy guy! He’s not in the band anymore! David Spade! Dorm Man!”

“Is that Other Guy? His hair is almost as bad as Harry’s….”

“I feel bad for his barber. Because it looks like his barber didn’t do anything. They couldn’t put Harry Styles on their resume because they didn’t cut his hair ever. And they wouldn’t be proud of it if they did….”

“Don’t run ON the tracks…that’s why he left the band, isn’t it? They made him endanger his life by running on some train tracks.”

“Hehehe he has a scooter. Turd.”

“Where are they walking? THERE’S NOBODY ELSE IN THE VIDEO! AS ALWAYS! It’s like the rapture happened and they’re the only ones left….”

“He’s on a train leaving the band. Oh my god the train is empty too, is there even a conductor?”

“Why do they keep howling like wolves?”

“They’re all dressed for very different weather. Zayn has gloves on, Harry has a scarf on, Other Guy just has a light shirt and a blazer?”

“I feel like Harry probably knitted everything in this video. It seems like the kind of thing he would do…he strikes me as a knitting person. Everything in this video was hand-knit by Harry Styles in a fortnight. I bet he used all itchy wool too, he was probably kind of a dick about it.”

“How come Zayn is the only one that got a girl in this video?”

“Who is lighting off fireworks in the middle of the wilderness? That’s super dangerous! Smokey the bear would be so pissed!”

Final reactions?

“It’s interesting that after this they stopped having real girls in the videos. I bet it was because Harry would always insist on knitting them things and it was costing them too much time and money.”

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