got7 reacts to you on your period

when they’re your boyfriend and they witness you going through hell 

if ur period isnt painful or anything pretend it is lol

jaebum: would google “how to get rid of menstrual cramps”, read the wikihow article cuz it said “with pictures” and thought it’ll be easier to understand, and awkwardly comfort you with hugs and your favorite food 

mark: would try to make you feel better by singing to you because he knows you love it, secretly looks at the brand and type of sanitary products you use and buys extra in case you run out 

jackson: would buy sheet masks for you when you break out and put them on with you for fun, try to make you crack up with weird jokes, and help you with stuff even when you say you don’t need it

jinyoung: would check up on you constantly to make sure you’re ok, might get grumpy sometimes because he knows you’re in pain, would watch your favorite movies/dramas/anime with you even if he watched it multiple times

youngjae: would hug you a lot and just cheer you up without even trying because he’s a big ball of sunshine, get coco to play with you and just give off a positive vibe that automatically brightens your mood

bambam: would buy u new clothes so you can “look good while suffering”, update you on the current popular memes to help you take your mind off things, cook your favorite dishes 

yugyeom: would be really cuddly with u and say comforting things, might leave dance practice a little earlier to see you and gently massage your stomach while singing softly because he’s such a cutie oml

k im probs gonna look back on this and cringe so hard lmao

also this is my first time writing stuff like this ik this is bad but hopefully i’ll improve


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“You can’t stay away from him, can you?!” 

Word count: 7151

Warning: Smut

It read: Dear Raymond,

I know you don’t want to be bothered with me but at least acknowledge your son. You wanted me to have an abortion. But I didn’t have one. I don’t believe you can end a child’s life that easy. You have a beautiful boy who is waiting to meet you. He needs to know his father and he wants to have a relationship with you. Accept him for his sake.

Your son is growing up nicely….

Love, your sweetheart

At the bottom of the page, was a picture of a boy smiling happily. He looked familiar. He looked like someone you knew because of the two moles above his left eye.

You turned the photo over to see Jaebum written on the back.

You cover your mouth and muttered “Oh my God”. Your eyes widen with disbelief as you continue staring at the photo hoping it would turn into someone else. The photo never changed. Mark and Jaebum are half brothers.

Oh my God, with your hand covering your mouth, you buckled under shock. Your breathing increased rapidly and began to feel lightheaded. You sat there frozen in place getting your thoughts together. You didn’t know what you were going to do. It was obvious Mark didn’t know this either.

“Y/N!” you heard your name being called from downstairs. “Did you find the Mark’s baby pictures?” his mother asked standing at the bottom of the stairs.

You came back to your senses and grabbed the photobook. You placed the letter in it’s proper place. You came down the stairs, to have Mrs. Tuan ask, “Y/N, are you ok? You look like you’ve seen a ghost”. You quickly smiled and pleasantly say “Yes, I’m fine, I just found something surprising, which are these adorable photos of Mark”. You quickly handed them over to her.

“Yes, isn’t he the cutest?” Mrs. Tuan admiring the photos in the photobook. You sat down with her as she went over what Mark was like as a child. Your mind kept reverting back to the letter. So many questions were roaming in your mind. Why doesn’t Jaebum know? Why doesn’t Mark know? Why? You kept asking.

Mark came through the door with a large brown paper bag in his hand. He saw you and his mother looking over the photobook. “Oh God Mom, not again!” he groaned putting the bag down on the coffee table. “What? She need to know more about you!” his mother teased. “She already know enough” he said as he winked at you. Stunned by his comment, your eyes widen, luckily his mother didn’t catch it

“Finally, it’s here! What took you so long?” his father asked. “Well since the owner know you so well, they wanted to give you extra cake and ice cream” Mark answered. “Good” his father smiled. Mark sat next to you and handed you a plastic container with a chocolate cake inside. You were tense, you couldn’t get over the thought of Jaebum. Mark nudge your shoulder, “Hey, are you ok?” he asked worryingly. You smiled while nodding and said “Yeah, I got a lot on my mind, that’s all”. “Do you want to talk about it?” Mark asked in your ear. “It’s nothing to worry about babe” you assured him. “You know I’m here for you” Mark said. You nodded your head and took smalls bits of chocolate cake.

You felt his phone vibrate in his pants pocket. He sat his down on the table, “I’ll be right back” he said checking his text messages. You nodded still eating. Raymond’s cell phone ring as well, he checks his messages, “Grace, won’t be coming tonight. Something came up at work. She said she’ll be coming tomorrow”. “Awww, I was looking forward for Grace to meeting Mark’s new girlfriend” his mother sighed.

“It’s ok, another time” you said. Mark came back from checking his messages. “Who texted you?” you asked. “It was nobody” he remarked he had a stern look on his face. “Is there something wrong?” you asked . “No, everything is good” he said brushing it off. “So she’s not coming?” Mark asked his dad. “It seems so, but we’ll see her tomorrow”.

Mark nods his head, his phone vibrated again. He didn’t pay any attention. His parents notice it, “Aren’t you going to take that call, Mark? It could be something important” his mother suggested. “No, it’s not, it could wait” he said.
“Since we have all this free time, I still want to show Y/N more of your photobook” she said sitting next to you. She flipped to the last page. “Mom please no” Mark said. “And that’s Mark when he was at the beach when he was three. He was so precious” she pointed. “Well, I’m going to go relax upstairs then” Mark announced heading up the stairs.

You remained downstairs with his parents, talking to them about Mark’s childhood, their marriage, and how they met. Your conscious was eating at you. Jaebum is Mark’s half brother. It was very difficult to wrap your head around. It was already 11 pm, you were growing tired. “I’m going to sleep now” you yawned. “Well, thank you for talking with us” his mother said happily. You smiled and went back into your room.

You closed the door behind you and locked it. You laid down on the bed, facing the ceiling.

You huffed loudly getting your thoughts together from a tiring and stressful day. You didn’t know what you were going to do about Mark or Jaebum. “Jaebum” you whispered to yourself.

You heard a knock at the bathroom door. “Hey” Mark said quietly entering. “Hey” you said. He sat his cell phone down on the nightstand. “You look like you were distracted earlier” you spoke. “I could say the same about you” Mark added. You nodded. “Let me help you focus then” Mark smirked. He climbed on top of you, “I’ve been waiting to get you alone since we got here”. “I know” you said. He kisses you on the lips tenderly and planted himself between your legs. He kissed you harder and started grinding on you.

“Mark” you said as he kept grinding more. He didn’t hear you. “Mark, we can’t do this here, not while your parents are home”. “I don’t care” he hissed in your ear and continued working his way down. “Mark!” you tried to stop him. “WHAT?” Mark fussed. “I can’t do this right now” you said sitting up. “What’s your problem?!” Mark barked. “Nothing, What the hell is wrong with you?” you retaliated. Mark stood up and scolded “You’ve been acting weird since we got here”. “I could say the same about you too” you sassed. “I don’t want to have sex tonight because your parents are here, that’s all” you said. “It’s not like you to” Mark sighed. “Why do you want to sleep with me so badly of all nights? I thought you would understand” you remarked.

“I do, I just want to relieve some stress tonight and be with you. But if you’re perfectly fine with this then, I’m going to take a shower” Mark said as he went into the bathroom. Frustrated, you huffed to calm your nerves. Am I wrong? Will I be sparing his feelings by not sleeping with him? you thought. Maybe I’m not being fair to him. It takes two people to be in a relationship. You were in a genuine relationship. I guess I can sleep with him….

You heard his phone vibrate on the night table. Who the hell is calling at this time of night? You turned his phone over to see Christina calling him. What the actual fuck? Why is Christina calling my man? You still heard the shower running. You picked the phone up and answered without a single word. “Hey baby, did you get my picture I sent you?” Silence, “Mark, are you there? You’re quiet” Christina spoke. “IT’S Y/N BITCH!” you snapped. “Ooooo Y/N, I’m so happy you answered, I sent Mark a very special photo of myself just for him. So he can keep thinking of me when he’s with you” she chimed happily. “You should definitely ask him why he’s with you? Because I know for a fact he can’t get enough of me” she continued. You knew she was taunting you and unfortunately it was working.

“He sends me pictures of him too and his dick is so amazing. Much better than Jaebum’s. Do tell Mark I said hi” Christina laughed. “Like I said before, how does it feel to have my leftovers?”. “Christina, I am so sick of your shit” you said. “You know what the next time I see you, I’m going to kick your ass”. “Ooooo, I’m so scared, is that suppose to be a threat?” she asked.

“No bitch, it’s a promise”.

You hung the phone up. Mark opened the door drying his hair with a towel. “Hey babe, you know how about we watch a movie instead?” he said and froze when he saw his phone in your hand. “Who called?” he asked. “How long?!” you blurted. “What?” he asked. “How long?!” you seethed under your teeth. He huffed in disappointment, “Was it Christina?”. “Mark, I’m not going to ask you again, how long?” you repeated.

“The night at the restaurant” he sighed. You walked over to him and slapped him. You left a red handprint. “So everything she told me was true then” you mumbled. “Why?” you asked. He sighed more. “WHY?” you hollered. “Because, she was mad that you were with her ex and I was mad because you would be involved with a guy like him” he explained.

“SO THAT MEANS YOU HAD TO TEAM UP TO MAKE MY LIFE A LIVING HELL” you screamed. YOU MADE ME BELIEVE YOU LOVED ME BUT YOU WERE USING ME THIS WHOLE GODDAMN TIME”. “And what about you?” Mark stated. “What about me?” you asked. “You and Jaebum, I see the way he looks at you” Mark pointed out. “I gave Jaebum up for me, for us. I didn’t want to be with him anymore. We’re just fucking; nothing more. I didn’t want Jaebum to become a distraction in our relationship. I wanted us to be happy together. But I guess you were too busy sticking your dick in other places huh?” you reckoned.

He turned his head over and said “Christina, loves me” he said. “No she doesn’t, she loves dick not you as a person” you said. “Christina is not good for anyone at this point. She gets what she can and leaves. She’s not a good person to be with”. He huffed and asked “What did she tell you?”. “Enough and she says hi by the way” you said getting your suitcase.

“Where the hell do you think you’re going?” Mark snapped. “I’m taking the next flight back to Korea” you stated packing your belongings, “I’m not staying here with you Mark. I’m leaving you”. “Y/N” Mark grabbed your hand. “What? Mark. There’s nothing you can do to change my mind. You cheated on me behind my back and you used me as part of Christina’s little game. You two are definitely made for each other” you concluded.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry for hurting you” Mark apologized. “No, you’re not. You’re just sorry you got caught.” you corrected him and kept packing. You two heard a knock at the door, Mark quickly left your room through the bathroom. You quietly opened the door, it was his mother.

“Is everything ok? We heard you too arguing down the hall” his mother said. “No ma’am. I’m not ok. I’m catching the next flight to Korea” you said sadly. “Ooohhh no, I’m sorry” she said “Let Raymond drive you to the airport then” she offered. “Thank you but I can take an Uber” you said. You hugged her and said good-bye. She nodded her head and went back into the room. Mark slipped back in. “Are you sure you want to leave now? In the middle of the night”. “Yes” you said grabbing your luggage in your hand. You opened the room door and you head downstairs into the living room with Mark following. You looked down at your phone and say that your Uber was one minute away. The sooner, the better.

Raymond came out the bedroom and stood at the top of the staircase. “What’s going on?” he asked. “Ask your son” you said. You looked over at him. “We’ll talk later Dad” Mark said. Your Uber came and he walked outside. “I’m glad you came while you could” Mark said. “Good-bye Mark”. He tried to lean in and give you a kiss. You backed away from him and quickly entered the car. You left Mark standing there as your Uber drove down the street.

You arrived at the airport, it seems you never rest. Mark really hurt you to the core. He was cheating on you. That was unforgivable. Your flight didn’t come until 5am. It was going to be a long 13 hour flight. Hopefully you can get some time to sleep. Your phone kept vibrating, it was Mark trying to call you. It went straight to voicemail. Your flight was finally called, you got on the plane hoping things would change this time around.

You got back to campus at 7pm. It was dark again. You were feeling jet lagged. You opened the key to the apartment, Christina was nowhere to found. Good, I didn’t want to see her trifling ass anyway. You sat your things down and relaxed on the bed. You really didn’t want to be in your dorm. You still needed to clear your head. You wanted a drink.

You went to a nearby bar. You knew drinking wasn’t the best thing to do at the moment.

Mark had been cheating on you for so long. Your heart dropped just thinking about it. You were disgusted that you would have to share a suite with that disgusting bitch.  

You downed your drink as you thought about it.

Before you could take another drink, you felt an arm snake around your waist. You gripped the the glass. You were honestly ready to smack it upside his head.

“Where have you been the past week?” you heard a familiar voice. Jaebum. You faced straight forward. tears swelled in your eyes.

Honestly, he was the last person you wanted to see; but his arms around you felt comforting and warm. You didn’t push him away. He was drunk anyways, he probably wouldn’t remember it.

“You’re not punching me. Did you finally get rid of Mark?” He asked. You tensed up.

Jaebum could read you like a book. He let you go and turned your chair around so you could face him. “What happened? Did he hurt you?!” He asked. You stared at him. You couldn’t tell if he was actually concerned or if it was the alcohol speaking. He gently placed his hand over yours. Your heart raced. You quickly pulled your hand away and took the shot Jaebum held in his hand. He let you have it with no problem. You shook your head as the alcohol burned your throat.

“We broke up because he was cheating on me.” You laughed, “With Christina!”

Jaebum’s jaw tensed. You noticed his reaction.

“It seems like everyone uses me to get into her bed, as if I was hard to do in the first place.” You took another shot right after you finished speaking.

“Are they back together?” Jaebum asked.

You shrugged your shoulders. “Why are you worried she’ll stop inviting you over for booty calls?!” You pushed him. Tears now streamed down your face as you stared up at him. His face was blurry from the tears, and the dim lighting; but you could tell the look on his face. He was sad.

He grabbed your hand and started pulling you towards the exit. You weren’t in the mood to fight so you just followed along. You stayed silent Jaebum hailed a cab. He put you in the back seat and went to close the door.

“Jaebum!” You called to him, he stopped his actions. He looked at you, his dark eyes locked with yours.

You scooted over in the car. “Come with me. I don’t wanna see her alone.”

He gently patted your head. “Do you think that’s a good idea?”

You shook your head. “No but I don’t care. Just to see her face. Knowing she got one up on me….I might lose my mind.” You said. Jaebum thought about it. He quickly got in when the driver urged him to hurry. You laid your head on his shoulder, shutting your eyes. It was comforting. Jaebum was comforting. No matter how this night went neither of them would remember.

I might as well make myself feel better.

You gently began kissing Jaebum’s neck. Your hand squeezed his thigh as you moved closer to him. Jaebum gripped your hand. He was probably wondering what you were doing. To be honest, you didn’t know yourself. Your tongue moved over his neck. He shivered in response, his hand now squeezing your thighs. You kept your eyes on him. Jaebum leaned his head back, and he bit his lip. You made out in the back of the cab until it reached your school.

Jaebum grabbed your hand and pulled you out of the door. You made your way into the building despite the short stops to make out. By the time you arrived,  you ran through the halls to get to your suite. You even took the stairs, forgetting about the elevator completely.

By the time, you got to the door to your suite you were up with your legs wrapped around his waist. His hands were roughly gripping your ass, supporting you and turning you on at the same time.

He dug the keys out of your pocket as you kissed his neck. He didn’t even seem to struggle as he unlocked the door. He pressed your back against the door, firmly grinding himself against you, squeezing your ass. He panted in your ear, low groans as you bit down on his neck. You nibbled and sucked his skin until you left a nice hickey. You giggled because when you pulled away he looked so out done. His eyes were shut and his lips parted. His hair was a mess from your fingers running all through it.

“Lemme down.” You giggled. Jaebum grunted, squeezing your ass again and holding you closer to his body. You briefly kissed him as he let you down. You ran your hands up and down his chest as you kissed his swollen lips. You gently placed your hands on his cheek. “Jaebum. Did you mean all you said before? Or was it just a lie to take me from Mark?” You asked. He looked into your eyes. “I meant every word. I don’t lie to you. If I didn’t mean it, I wouldn’t say it.”

You wrapped your arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. His hands wrapped around your waist and you started making out again.  After a minute or two, you reached behind you and opened the door. You couldn’t get passed the door before he was undressing you. He took off your shirt, kicking the door closed. You quickly stripped him from his shirt. He dove into your neck. He gripped your hips, kissing up and down your neck as you slowly made it to your bedroom, your clothing dropping like bread crumbs.  

Once in your bedroom he swept you off your feet. He gently laid you on the bed. You didn’t expect it. Jaebum wasn’t rough and fast like usual. Before he’d make sure you both came and he’d be on his way out, not that you didn’t like it, it was different this time. This time each thrust was slow and calculated. He praised your body. The look in his eyes drove you wild. He held you body just right. Not only was it sensual but he wore you out completely.

Afterwards you were knocked out, wrapped in his arms, which was something you and Jaebum never did before. It was warm and sweet, you couldn’t fight the sleep.

You woke up the next morning half expecting him to be gone but when you felt his body close to yours a small smile creeped up on you. You assumed he was still sleeping. You slowly turned to look at him and you were met with his eyes. Gentle and welcoming.

“Did you sleep well?” He kissed your forehead. You kissed his chin and nodded your head slowly. “I slept so well.” you said. Jaebum chuckled softly. As you laid there staring at each other, you thought about what you saw at Mark’s house. Did he know? You looked at him for a while longer.

“Jaebum…you have pictures of your mom at your house; but not your dad.” you said. Trying to make it seem as if you were just eager to get to know him. He kissed your cheek. “I never met him before. My mom said he lives in America. I heard my grandma say he was married when I was born. But I don’t think about him much.”

You nodded your head. “Why do you ask. Do you know something?” Jaebum wondered as he pecked you on the lips. “Nothing, it’s just something that I noticed while I was here” you said. You softly stroke his cheek. He smiles at you and leans in to kiss you. You missed Jaebum so much. It felt so good to be in his arms again. This is exactly what you needed. He pulled you closer to him with his hand rubbing your thigh. You gave him a deeper kiss. He moaned softly. “Damn, babe. I missed you” Jaebum whispered in your ear. “I missed you too.” you said. His hand moved from your thigh to your ass. He gripped it causing you to yelp.

You kissed him briefly and stopped. “What time is it?” you asked. “Almost 12, why?” Jaebum answered. “As much as I would like to stay in bed with you. We need to get up. It’s pretty outside”. He scoffed, “You just had to ruin it”. “Im Jaebum, get out the bed. Before I make you” you teased turning the water on for a shower. “Then make me” he teased. You jumped on top of him pushing him back on the bed. “Get up” you started laughing. He shook his head and quickly placed his hands on your waist and started tickling you. You burst with a laugh. “Someone’s ticklish”. You couldn’t stop laughing. “Please, stop. Jaebum. Please. You’re going to make me pee on myself”. He let you go and ran into the bathroom to take your shower.

You came out the shower to find Jaebum in the kitchen. He opened the refrigerator. “You guys don’t have any food in here” he said closing it. “Nope” you said returning to the room to get dressed. While Jaebum was taking his shower, your mind kept returning to the letter. You want to tell him the truth but you felt it wasn’t a good time. You closed your eyes and whispered Jaebum. You felt arms snake around your waist behind you. “I’m right here. I’m not going anywhere” he whispered.

“Good” you said looking up him. He placed a kiss on your forehead and smiles. Your stomach starts to rumble. You both chuckle. “I’m hungry”. “You’re not the only one” Jaebum said as you both got dress. Afterwards he calls for a taxi to take you two back his apartment. His car was parked in the driveway of his apartment. “Get in. I know a place you’ll love” he smirked.

The drive took longer than expected. “Jaebum, where are we?” you asked realizing he was taking you outside the city. “You’ll see” he kept smirking. He drove down a small cul de sac at the end of the road. He pulled into the driveway. “Welcome Home” he smiled at you. “Home?” you hesitated. “Come on” he instructed as he got the car. You followed. There was a medium size garden behind the house. You saw an older woman under a straw hat slightly hidden within the plants. You froze in place. Jaebum placed his hands on your shoulders to face you. “Y/N, don’t worry. She doesn’t bite. She’s been waiting to meet you for sometime now.” he said calmly.

“Who?” you asked.

“My mom” Jaebum said.

Your heart was beating so fast. Your breathing became very heavy. “MAAAAAAAAAA” he yelled from the edge of the garden waving his hand to get his mother’s attention. You saw her stick her head up, she screams loudly “JAEBUMMIEEE”. She ran to him and Jaebum embraced his mother in his arms. She kisses his cheek. Still frozen, you witnessed a pure moment where Jaebum’s heart really was, with his mother.

“Mom, there is someone I want you to meet” he introduced. “Mom, this is Y/N, Y/N this is my mom”. You smiled shyly. “Hi, it’s an honor to meet you” you said bowing. As soon as you finished bowing, she immediately gave you a hug. “You are so sweet! Jaebum told me so much about you” she said happily. “Please come inside, you both must be hungry” she insisted pushing you two indoors. You stepped inside, you immediately felt cozy. Jaebum took your jacket and placed it in a closet as you took your shoes off. You and Jaebum settled down in the living room while his mother was making racket in the kitchen preparing lunch.

“How do you feel?” Jaebum asked placing his hand on your thigh. “About?” you asked. “Meeting my mom” he clarified. “I’m still a little nervous” you worried. “Don’t be” he said. His mother came out the kitchen with plates and bowls in her hands. You quickly assisted her on placing them on the table. “This looks really good” you said. “Aww, thank you Y/N. I hope you enjoy. You too Jaebum.” she said. “Aww, Ma. You know I always do” he said planting a kiss on her cheek.

“I will definitely eat good” you assured her. Jaebum sat across from you with his mother sitting next to him. His mother began to eat first, you and Jaebum followed suit. You aimed right for the kimchi and stuffed it in your mouth. “I see someone likes kimchi” she noticed. You nodded your head still chewing on the spicy cabbage. “She has a huge appetite when she wants something” hinting your sexual desires as sipped his water. You kicked his leg underneath the table. He sucked in his breath and mouthed ouch. You continued eating quietly. “So Y/N….” his mother said.

Oh Lord, here come the interview.

“Tell me about yourself” she suggested.

Still chewing your food, you tried to get your thoughts together. “Uhmmm” you cleared your throat. “I am currently a senior in college. I decided to study abroad this year just a chance to have some time away from the states. My major is International Business Studies with a minor in Communication Studies.” you spoke.

She nodded her head, “Parents?” she asked.

“My dad works as an accountant. My mother left when I was little. I haven’t seen her since”. you answered quietly reminiscing painful memories. Jaebum looked up from his food and stared at you. “Mom, I think that’s enough questions for right now. Let’s enjoy ourselves” Jaebum implied.

“I’m sorry” his mother apologized. “There’s no reason to be” you reassured, “You just want to know about the woman dating your son” you said. Jaebum eye’s widen in surprise. You smiled at him. His mother turned to Jaebum. “You heard her, we’re dating” Jaebum smirked before stuffing another spoonful of rice in his mouth. “I didn’t know you two were dating. I should have known. He talked about you so much, I was beginning to wonder if he made you up” she teased. “Really Ma?” Jaebum spat.

“Well of course, you never brought anyone home for me to meet! Jaebum, I want grandkids. I need to have new meaning to my life and grandkids would make me really happy!” his mother exclaimed. You both choked simultaneously. You two hacked and coughed gasping for air as the food slowly made it’s way down. “Oh my God” you said finally breathing properly. “Not anytime soon” Jaebum finally mustered some words.

She nodded her head and stood up collecting the rest of the food heading to the kitchen. He huffed, “Please excuse my mom. I didn’t know she would act like this”. “No need.” you said winking at him. “I didn’t recall asking you to date me” Jaebum corrected. “I know. Yet, a mother has to know her son is being well taken care of.” you added. “In what way?” Jaebum asked seductively. “In all ways” you said. He blushed happily. He looked back, the coast was clear. He grabbed your face with his hands planting sweet kisses on your lips. You two quickly heard his mother coming towards the dining room. Jaebum quickly sat back down, you couldn’t hold a smile. “What were you two love birds talking about?” his mother suspected, “I thought I heard something”. “Nothing Ma” Jaebum denied as he winked at you.

She grabbed more dishes to clean. “Oh no, let me help, it’s the least I can do” you offered your immediate assistance. “Thank you sweetie”. You walk with her into the kitchen. “Let me help too Ma. I’ll dry the dishes” Jaebum walked behind. “Thank you so much baby” she kissed his cheek. “I’ll be getting Jaebum’s baby pictures while you two clean the kitchen” she smiled walking out the kitchen. “Awww Ma. That’s not necessary” Jaebum protested but she was already too far for her to hear.

“I’m sure, you were adorable” you reassured him. “I was ok. I guess” he said drying the rice bowls. You rolled your eyes in disbelief. “I’m telling the truth” he said. “If you say so”. After you guys washed dishes. You two went into the living room. Jaebum browsed over the framed photos on the wall. His mother walked in with a huge photo book. She didn’t spare any moment with her son, she captured everything. “This is him when he accidently got frosting all over his face on his 3rd birthday” she pointed. “Awwww, Jaebum. You were so cute. Looks like you tried to eat the cake” you stated. “Yeah, that’s not all the cake I want to eat” he raised his eyebrows at you. You rolled your eyes to his sexy sly remark. Luckily, his mother couldn’t catch the subtle nasty vibe between you two. He smiled while continue to raise his eyebrows at you. He licked his lips seductively, it was turning you on. You shook head to focus on his mother pointing her finger aimlessly at Jaebum’s baby pictures.

“Hey Mom. I have a question” Jaebum asked still looking at portraits. “Yes, Jaebum”. “It’s about by my father” Jaebum asked settling on the couch opposite of you and his mother. “What about him?” she sighed. “You don’t talk much about him. I mean you and grandma told me, he was married by the time I was born and that’s it. What really happened?”

She paused for a few moments and sighed. “Ok, you’re old enough to know. I’ll tell you”.

“When I first met your dad, he was very nice to me in college. We had English class together. Your father was a very popular guy. He was friends with everyone. I was shy around him but I guess he knew I had a crush on him. According to him, I was different from the rest of the girls he dated. He treated like any girl should be treated. He took me on dates, he called me every night. He exchanged love notes with me throughout the day. He was also my first love. I had sex with him at his house, because I thought I was ready but not what happened afterwards. When I found out I was pregnant., I felt happy and scared. Having you was the happiest moment of my life. Scared because I wanted to be able to take care of you. I didn’t have a job. I had no money. I relied on my parents. I confronted your father about my pregnancy.” she stopped, tears were forming in her eyes. You knew where this story was leading to.

“What happened when you told him?” Jaebum persist.

She swallows slowly and continued “I was expecting him to be happy that I was pregnant. He didn’t even smile to the news. He asked me to have an abortion. He said he wasn’t ready to raise a child yet. How ironic is that right? He was ready to stick his dick into anything..” she rolled her eyes.

“What happened next?” Jaebum continued.

“Well, when I refused to get an abortion. We argued for days about it. But I still refused. He made my life worse afterwards. He started spreading rumors about me sleeping with different men. He publicly questioned who the father was. He made me look like a fool around the whole campus. It got so bad, I had to file a restraining orders on people to stop harassing me. I was called every name in the book.”

You started forming tears as well. You rubbed his mother’s back softly as she continued.

“So, after being ridiculed. My parents thought it would be in my best interest to move somewhere else and attend school. So I left.

“And you met my step-father right?” Jaebum asked.

“Yes. I knew sooner or later you would realize he wasn’t your real father” she spoke as you grabbed a box of tissues to dry her tears.

“I always knew especially after that night, you guys had a huge argument. Why, was it about me?” Jaebum recalled.

“No, because I lied to him about who I was and where I was really from. He didn’t care that you weren’t his son. He was devastated. Not by you, Jaebum. It was my fault. So I told him everything. Yet, he still wanted to marry me and raise you” she smiled.

“I would love to meet him” you spoke up. She looked down and flipped the photo book to a page with a older gentlemen holding baby Jaebum. “This is him” she pointed, “his name was Seojoon, first man I came across in a long time that made me very happy”. “Whatever happen to him” you asked shyly looking over at Jaebum. “He died when Jaebum was 10, I believe” she said.

Jaebum quietly nodded his head in agreement. “Have you heard any news about my dad lately?” he asked. “No, I haven’t. He is married for a fact, he probably even has a child” she said. “How would you feel if you had a half brother or sister?” you questioned. “Honestly, I don’t know. I guess I would be happy because they are family. Also they couldn’t choose who their father is. So I would be upset because they receive the love and affection that I wasn’t able to experience from a real father.” he answered. “I sent him tons of letters of you and pictures along with them, but I never got a response back” his mom added.

“I’m so sorry for everything you guys been through” you said to the both of them. “Don’t be sweetheart. Everything happens for a reason” she said placing her hand on top of yours.

You smiled softly but Jaebum could see the sadness in your eyes. “Another question?” he remembered. “You never told me his name? What is it?” he wondered.


Jaebum whispered to himself as a reminder.

Your stomach started to turn inside out. You felt like you were going to be sick. “You don’t look so good sweetie, is everything alright?” his mother asked with concerned.

“I’m fine, I feel a little hot” you said. “I’ll grab you some water” she stood up and head to the kitchen. When she left the room, Jaebum turned his attention to you and sat next to you on the couch. “You sure you are ok?” he worried. “Yes, I am fine. I’m just a little hot. I’m sorry for everything you’ve been through” you apologized. He sighed, “Don’t be, I had plenty of people feel sorry for me throughout my life, I don’t want you to be either”. You nodded.

“I saw how upset you were hearing all of this” he acknowledged. “Yeah, it hit home for me with my mom as well.” you lied. Jaebum moved closer to you and rubbed his hand on your back to calm your nerves. “It’s ok” he whispered planting a gentle kiss on your forehead. His mom came out the kitchen handing you some water.

“Mom, I’m going to take Y/N home now. I don’t think she feels well.” Jaebum said grabbing your belongings. “Aww, I wanted to share more things with you” his mom said. “I know, I’ll be back again” you assured her. “It was nice meeting you” you said giving her another big hug. She smiled happily. You stepped out the door and turned around to see his mom whispering in his ear.

You were quiet during the entire way back. Jaebum noticed you were acting differently, he spoke, “Did you enjoy everything despite the demands of marriage and grandkids?” he slightly laughed. You laughed. “I did. I love your mom. She’s a very strong woman”. “That she is” he said as he pulled into the driveway to his apartment.

You felt uneasy having to lie to Jaebum about how you were feeling. You wanted to spare his feelings. You kept thinking what would happen if you told him. Is it a secret that I should tell? Should I wait to tell him? But he needs to know.

Walking alongside him to the elevator, he held your hand. He smiled at you. “Thank you for coming with me today” he said. “Oh you’re welcome” you smiled. “Are you feeling better” he asked as you two entered the elevator. “I’m feeling a little better. Thank you!” you replied. “Only a little, I’m sure I can find a way to make you much better” he slowly pressed you against the wall. “I would like that” you said eyeing Jaebum from the bottom to the top. He lowered his eyes to your soft plump lips smoothing his thumb across the surface. He leaned in gently planting a sweet kiss. He pulled away and smiled. “What was that for?” you asked with your eyes still closed savoring the taste.

He leaned into your ear and whispered “Because that’s how I’m going to kiss you when you’re not wearing anything” caressing his hand on your ass. He grabbed your hand with you following his every lead. When you two made it inside his apartment, he lead you to his bedroom. Your anticipation was reaching it’s limit. You couldn’t wait any longer. You craved him.

“Lift your arms up” he ordered. You raised your arms in the air. He took your blouse and bra off. Your nipples peaked perfectly ready for his mouth to suck on. He embraced you with his arm around your waist, kissing you. He was taking his time. You looked into each other eyes and smiled. He was genuine. He started kissing your neck. You softly moan his name. You tilted backwards for Jaebum to work his way down to your aroused breasts. Each kiss was as sweet as the one before. He lightly sucked and twirled his tongue around. He was driving you crazy. He got to his knees unbuttoning your jeans along with your underwear he slid them down. You stepped out your bottoms fully naked in front of him. He kissed your thighs. “Spread your legs for me” Jaebum whispered. You parted your legs, Jaebum kissed your inner thighs, inching his way to your sacred place. His breath against your skin sent chills, you were trying your hardest not to collapse. His tongue slid out his mouth stroking your wet entrance. His hands gripped you to hold you still. His tongue entered you, he licking every crevasse. “Fuck” rolled out your mouth. He swirled his tongue around your clit. Your breath was more heavy than you expected.

“Jaebum” you said looking down at him working his magic. You lifted your left leg up on the bed for a better angle of Jaebum’s mouth. You slowly rocked your hips back and forth, riding him. He was hitting all your sweet spots. Cum was seeping out into his mouth. He ate wholeheartedly. You rocked harder, grabbing the some of his hair. He was making you weak, your knees were starting to give way. Just when you were about to buckle, he stopped. “Lay down” he instructed.

You laid on bed with Jaebum towering over you. Fully dressed, he climbed on top of you, you wrapped your legs and arms around. His full weight pressed against you. “I can get used to this” you smirked”. “I figure” he smiled. “Why don’t you get out your clothes?” you teased. “I had that same exact thought” he kissing you again. You couldn’t resist him, you kissed him deeper holding him tighter. Jaebum started to thrust his hips. You stopped him, “Take it off” you moaned. He got off the bed and started to unbutton his jeans until you two heard the doorbell rang.

Who the hell could be here?

“Are you expecting someone?” you mouthed. He shook his head, “No”. He buttoned his pants. “It’s probably no one” you heard Jaebum as he walked around the corner to answer the front door.  You quickly grabbed a pair of Jaebum’s shorts and a larger black t-shirt from the drawer.

“What do you want?! Why are you here?” you heard Jaebum speak rudely.

“I need to talk to you” you heard a familiar female voice.

“Babe, who’s that?” you asked coming out the bedroom. You saw Christina at the doorway with her arms folded across her chest.

Christina’s eyes widen as she saw you approach Jaebum from behind. She gasps “Well, I guess I was interrupting something important. I’m sure Mark would be happy to know you’re here”.

“What do you want Christina?!” you said sternly.

“This doesn’t concern you. Only Jaebum” she snapped back.

“I’m not going to ask you again Christina. What do you want?!” Jaebum hissed.

She grew quiet and placed her hand on her stomach.

“Jaebum, I’m pregnant”.

Thank you everyone for reading and waiting patiently. We hope you guys enjoyed Part 5. We greatly appreciate it!!!!!! :)