mark tuan 💖

cuddling w mark tuan, bro don’t even get me started. i imagine cuddling mark on a cold rainy day. It would be his time off work and he would rather spend it with you. Like usual he would show up looking fluffy as ever. He would show up with a sweet and simple grin on his face. He would take your hand in his and drag you to your bedroom. Taking off his shirt and tossing it towards you, signaling you to put it on. He would lay down right next you with nothing but his sweats hanging low on his waist. He would squish his arms around you hips pulling you closer to him.  His hands loosely hanging on your hip and thigh and your caressing his hair and face. He would lean down towards you placing small pecks all over your face. You guys would talk about whats been going on lately, just catching up. He would ask you about your day and you would him about his. You both telling each other how much you guys missed each other. He would tell you about the stupid mosquitoes that invaded his room after he came back from tour and how’s he’s been sleeping in yugyeom’s bed because of it. telling you he rather sleep in your bed … with you. You would just giggle and tell him that he’s welcomed anytime and that he should really get the mosquito problem fixed lol. You guys would just spend endless hours looking into each others eyes and just talking about anything. The only times you would be getting up is to use the bathroom or to pick up the food you guys ordered other than that you wouldn’t move. You would stay in each others embrace slowly drifting to sleep. 


just a smol lil drabble i had written a couple days ago!!! hope you guys like it !!! hey guys please report or send us the link if people keep stealing our works!! 

- Ericaaaaaaa 


OML Jackson is such a cutie. I love this precious soul. The shark bit really got me 👀😂😂😂👌👌👌👌👌👌. I wanna play too Jacksonnie👀👀👀👀🔥

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If you don’t like Choi Youngjae then I can’t trust you
—  Me and any other logical person, like how can you dislike this ball of sunshine ? 

Junior looked so done with him for a split second.