GOT7 reaction to when their S/O had daddy issues… PT.1

Request said: how would got7 react if their s/o had daddy issues and don’t trust men easily.

A/N: Dear anon, I totally understand this request. I kind of deal with this now, I won’t get to details but I will do them under my perspective and things that usually happen. If that is okay with you then let get into it! *Warning it might trigger some of you*



Mark: You were waiting for Mark to arrive, it was already 3 am and you were getting anxious. ‘What if he is cheating on me?’ this thought shook you. 'What if he doesn’t love me anymore’. More thoughts like these keep getting into your head and then a scene from the past replayed on your head. It was about your Dad arriving home late and smelling like a women’s cheap perfume. Your mom hysterically cried and yelled because he was cheating on her. Tears now streamed down your eyes. Mark arrived and saw you in that state. “Babe…” he started to say. “Don’t you babe me…I know what you’ve been up to!” you started to say as more tears streamed down your eyes. “Babe I don’t know what you’re talking about…” he said. “You know you do….I know you been cheating on me” you said. “You know what don’t explain yourself!” you added. “But Y/N…” he started to say but you cut him off “I don’t trust you!” you yelled. These words stung his poor heart and it made his eyes water up a bit “Look you know that I would never do that to you!…” he started to say as he approached you. He grabbed your hands and said “You know I won’t never cheat on you, you’re my soulmate.” “I still don’t trust you!” you said straight into his eyes. He sighed and left you be for yourself until you’ve felt better. The next morning you went to apologized to him and explained about your past and why you didn’t trusted men easily. He said “ I understand next time I’ll call or text you to let you know at what time I’ll arrive and such”. With his expression you’ve still felt that he was a bit hurt. So you went close to him, kissed him and whispered “I promise that I won’t ever do that to you”.

Jackson: You were just laying around at your shared appartment when suddenly you started to see this really sad movie. It made cry and also remember stuff that you hid up pretty well. You’ve always wondered if your dad ever thought about you or even loved you, just like the main character in the movie. The sad part is that at least the movie had an happy ending, which ended up on the main character and his dad making up for the lost time they had. While you on the other hand, never had the chance to do that. You silently cried for all those years that you yearned your dad and when he finally decided to come back into your life all that he did was lie over and over again just to justify the fact while he wasn’t around. This made your life harder because your hardly had friends because of this trust issue. When Jackson saw you crying but instead of telling you something about it he stared at the movie and then understood you’re reason why you were crying. “Look babe you don’t have to watch movies like will make you more miserable than you are already and I don’t like nor want to see you like this. You’re my ray of sunshine!” he said as he changed the channel and sat down next to you. Jackson understood you completely ,he is always gentle with you and when he promise to do something he will always full fill it. Which will make you love him even more.

JB: You guys were having a nice little picnic at the Han River. You were enjoying yourselves when suddenly you’ve heard a father screaming at his daughter things that reminded you of the past “You’re such a dumb girl…Are you restarted or what?… Fuck it, won’t take care of you no longer… You don’t deserve anything …” these words that you’re dad said to you while growing up replayed on your head and it started to make you cry. Jaebum didn’t know what to do but you were in a trance, and these things marked up your life. Because you never did anything wrong you always followed the rules, you were also a good a student. You couldn’t understand what you did wrong and he will always curse you no matter what you did. While on the other hand your little brother was the favorite… You came back from your trance and Jaebum looked super worried. “Y/N are you okay?…you look super pale” he said. “Yeah…I..” you struggled to answer. “Let’s go home”. He said. As soon as you guys arrived you’ve felt a bit better and you explained to JB about the things that you had to struggle with when you were little and that is why you don’t ever want to know about your dad. He understood you and also pittied and promised to himself that from now on he will be careful with whatever he says to you.

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Dating Jackson


Imagine Dating Jackson:

  • Jackson would definitely be boyfriend material.
  • He’d be the romantic type for sure—The type to light candles before you get home and surprise you with dinner that he probably didn’t cook it but it’s the thought that counts, right? He’d say, “I wanted to something special for you.”
  • He’d probably give you lots of kisses and massages after those long, stressful days of school/work.
  • Whenever you’d get mad at him, he’d go crazy trying to figure out what he did wrong. He’d retrace his steps like crazy to figure it out. In the end, he’d probably be more stressed out than you. When he finally figured it out, he’d apologize and hold you until you forgave him.
  • Jackson would be the type of guy to be open with you. He wouldn’t lie and try to hide things from you. If he did wrong, he would tell you rather than try to hide it. He wouldn’t lie to you and he would encourage you to be open and honest with him as well. He’d want you to do the same for him. He’d want you to feel comfortable enough to not feel the need to hide things from him.
  • Jackson would be the playful type. You’d get into tickle fights often. And you’d hit him with a pillow after it was over and cross  your arms. Then he’d cover you in kisses.
  • Jackson would get jealous sometimes whenever a guy he didn’t know would talk to you. He’d think, “Who is that guy and why is he talking to my Y/N?”
  • Jackson would worry about you constantly. If you went out for a night of drinking with friends, he’d say, “Please call me when you get home, okay?” And he’d be highly upset if you didn’t.
  • Whenever he’d get upset with you, he’d let it be known that he was upset and he’d tell you why. If you ignored him or didn’t notice, he’d get upset.
  • Jackson liked to make it know that you were his girlfriend. He loved showing you off, especially on nights where you both got dressed up. He’d think, “I’m so lucky.”
  • Jackson would be a little clingy, wanting to cuddle you constantly. He would feel at ease when you were in his arms.
  • Jackson would probably like making love over fucking. Of course, he liked rough sex but he’d rather take his sweet time with you. He wouldn’t be a selfish lover, always making sure that you got your fill.
  • Jackson would be the type to spoil you and buy you nice things even if you didn’t ask. When you talked about things you liked or wanted, Jackson would be listening closely. He’d keep them in mind for future gifts.
  • Jackson definitely would be goofy a lot of the time. He’d sometimes laugh when you were trying to talk about something serious. And then you’d glare at him. And then he’d clear his throat and try his best to keep a straight face. He’d kill you with his corny jokes constantly. Sometimes you couldn’t help but laugh.
  • Since he goes to the gym often, he’d bring you with him when you didn’t protest. After your workout, he’d take selfies with you in the mirror. And he’d post it on his social media account(s).
  • Jackson wouldn’t be the kind of person you could watch a movie with. He’d always make commentary the whole way through. When it was over, he’d say, “Did you like the movie?” And you’d say, “How would I know if you ran your mouth the whole time?”
  • Jackson would be a friend AND a boyfriend. Someone you could be goofy with. Someone you could sit in a room with and do absolutely nothing with. Someone whose company you could enjoy no matter what.

Vampire! BamBam

Innocent Vampire BamBam: Bam Bam is always looking innocent and very nice. He uses this to lure young girls to think they can trust him, in all reality he will kill them just later. He fell in love with the young girl who was just as innocent as him. He decided he shouldn’t use his innocence against him but for him. This is how he gets blood from the blood banks

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