GOT7’s BamBam Receives Exemption From Thailand’s Military Service Due To Quota Being Met

GOT7’s Bambam will not be serving in the military!

For Thailand’s military service, a lottery is held in each area every year in April to determine the new recruits. Potential recruits select a card out of a box, and if it is red, he will serve for two years, and if it is black, he is exempt. Men can also volunteer to serve instead of taking part in the lottery.

BamBam took part in the process on April 9 and passed the health examination. However, ahead of his lottery, the required number of recruits was achieved with volunteers. As a result, he did not have to pick from the box.

Previously on April 1, NCT’s Ten was declared exempt as he did not pass the health examination.


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the moment they announced there was enough volunteers for the military meaning that everyone else is now free from it! ⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️⚫️