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I had sex with a pastor. He kept saying oh god every-time I deep throat him...

You just got your golden ticket to hell. Complete with complimentary hot dog.

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I met Damon this year at warped tour on 7/18/15 at the being of the day it kinda sucked the gates where taking forever to open and then I got a ticket to met AA but I couldn’t because the time overlapped with my favorite bands set then so I was kinda sad so I decided to go see never shout never and had to leave there set so then I went to the youtubers tent and the only one there was the merch girl and Damon and when I saw him my body was shacking and then I bought a shirt and toke a picture with Damon it was probably one of the best concerts I’ve been to hopefully next year I can met you Bryan 


Hi Taylor!!

My name is Franchesca and you have been in my life for almost as long as I can remember. I saw you in Santa Clara on BOTH nights and I was super happy. I never knew how much a concert could hit me until I went to 1989. It was the first time I went to a concert alone and the first time I went with my friends. Ever since December when I got my ticket, I was scared and nervous to go to a venue that held 50,000 alone, but I knew I would do it for you. I ended up having even more fun probably than I ever imagined. Above is a picture of the people I met at your concert and some pictures I took that I especially am proud of. I’m so grateful that YOU are in my life and that you put us swifties in yours too. It is my honor to call you my role model and I hope I get to meet you soon. I entered a contest for the Santa Clara concert to win a meet and greet with you, but unfortunately I came in third place. I just want to tell you that you’ve been a huge impact in my life and I have many friends I never thought I would’ve made if it weren’t for you. You were been there when no one else was for me and I really appreciate that. Thank you, thank you so much for just being you!

Love Always❤️❤️

My friend sent me a snap of the kid who played Charlie in the willy wonka remake saying she hooked up with him, so I sent her one back saying “you got the golden ticket!”

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I'm going to the concert in Boston tomorrow and tbh I'm scared. I got the tickets for my bday such is tmr but I'm just scared people will think I'm weird

Why would anyone think you’re weird!! Trust me there’s going to be SO MANY different people with so many hair colors and different styles and from different cities who came with their friends, alone or with parents there’s no need to worry! It’s the easiest thing to find a friend when you’re both on a concert of a band you both love!

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spencer takes joe to the zoo to see all of the owls, peacocks, penguins, macaws, parrots, etc and they get to feed the birds + joe gets so v happy. or just imagine joe pulling spencer along so they can see the next exhibit.

Sorry this is soo late!! Life has gotten kinda hectic for me, but I never forgot about this! Hope you enjoy this! If you guys have any AU’s or prompts, send them in! -Joe/Cory


“Come on Spencer, hurry up!” The shorter male yelled behind him to his significant other. The two were visiting the Denver Zoo on their day off. 

“I’m coming hold on Joe. I haven’t seen you this excited since you revealed your face!” Spencer chuckled at his own statement and quickened his pace. Finally the couple arrived at the gate. 

They paid for their tickets and got another two tickets for the train they had. Joe’s face lit up when the lady at the booth told them they were a cute couple. 

“Why thank you very much, we hope you have a wonderful day!” Joe replied. The lady smiled as she attended to the next costumers. 

They wandered around for a bit until Joe saw a sign for a new exhibit the zoo just opened. The bird exhibit. 

“Spency we have to go there!! You know how much I love birds! Ooh, maybe I can feed one!” Joe kept going on about how excited he was to see all these birds. Spencer grabbed his hand so he wouldn’t lose his babycakes in the crowd. 

Joe led his boyfriend through the crowd up to the peacocks. The handler was in there and saw how excited this young male was when he saw the beautiful birds. 

“Sir, would you like to feed one? I’ll show you the proper way if you’d like.” The handler asked Joe and he happily agreed. Joe left Spencer at the fence while the handler let Joe inside. Spencer took out his phone and recorded it, they could use it in the newest Hub video. 

“So you put your hand like this and hold it out towards its beak. There you go! Good job. Okay, I have to tend to the other birds, so I’ll let you out.” Spencer ended the recording as his sugar plum returned to his side. 

“That was super cool! Let’s go check out the other ones!” Joe dragged Spencer along once again as they traverse through the crowds. They saw the Owls, Penguins and even some tropical birds like Macaws and Parrots. 

“The Denver Zoo would like to thank you all for coming here today. We hope you all enjoyed. Have a wonderful weekend and we hope to see you all again soon!” The announcer had said over the speakers scattered around the place.

The couple found themselves at the front gate once again and left. As they walked towards Spencer’s car, Joe intertwined his hand with Spencer’s. He gave their hands a slight swing.

“Thank you again babe for bringing me here. I had a fun day.”

Spencer looked at Joe with a ghost of a smile on his lips. “Why you’re very welcome Joe. It was my pleasure. I love you so much~” 

“I love you more, sugar plum~” Joe replied which made Spencer grin. 

They climbed inside the car and Joe had a blush creeping onto his cheeks. The whole ride home was filled with Joe’s voice talking about all the birds and little facts about them. 

Overall, the two had a great day at the zoo. And to think they didn’t get noticed was a miracle.