Ahhhh Family gatherings…

My Mother: “So have you got anyone in your “ radar” yet?”
Me: No…and it’s starting to weight on me a bit. I mean, My little sister is having a baby and her own house with her boyfriend, My twin is in a happy relationship and brother got his daughter… and then there’s me.
Her: Well you had to expect it with the decisions you made.
Me: What are you talking about?
Her: Well that “being Trans thing” and that “Ace thing”. You had to expect that not everyone would put up with that. You won’t find as many people.
Me: ……geez , thanks. Not like I CHOSE to be either of those things, ya know, had I had the choice, I would have picked an easier life, don’t you think? God mom…
Her: I’m not saying that to be mean.
Me: too late.

Reasons I love Yuta

- the fluffy hair in firetruck era
- that smile™
- his cute way of saying words he doesn’t know how to pronounce
- his smile
- his boldness
- did I mention his smile
- he was a soccer player
- “saw-dee-carp!”
- calling taeyong a tsundere
- red hair = yes
- he’s so accepting and non-judgmental
- how he acts with the younger members
- he roasts better that a bonfire
- how does he look so good in yellow???
- teeth
- he made Taeil have an identity crisis wow
- his love for earrings
- vegetable juice?
- his friendship with hansol
- his medium/high pitched voice yes
- rap rap rap rap rap
- you can call me “anytime”
- his lack of flexibility
- being cheesy with taeyong
- he’s honestly a huge cheeseball though
- that laugh
- murdering everyone when it comes to sports
- accidentally holding taeil’s hand
- how he gets absorbed in blankets
- I love him so much
- let my heart go u sannamja

me when other characters died:

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me when eun died:

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Little Battleborn Things #603

How relatable Attikus is as an author when he claims he doesn’t have a way with words… while you are in the wonderful story he’s written.

*another tear-jerking submission from the spooky boogeyman Battleborn insanekakashi.