GLOW Champion The Welfare Queen

At G.L.O.W.’s feature event in the Hayworth Ballroom, Zoya The Destroyer turned on her tag team partner, Fortune Cookie, and then defeated her for the G.L.O.W. Championship! Following the bout, Zoya was challenged by a fan in the stands who stood against Zoya’s anti-American stance, a challenge which Zoya proudly took on. Unfortunately, the fan had some wrestling experience, flying from the top rope with a crossbody that planted Zoya for the 1-2-3. The new G.L.O.W. Champion revealed her name to be Liberty Bell, much to the delight of the live audience.

Following the bout, Liberty Bell was soon challenged by The Welfare Queen, who had been defeated earlier in the night by Machu Pichu. Attacking Liberty Bell, The Welfare Queen delivered an airplane spin followed by a pinfall to become the new G.L.O.W. Champion!

[G.L.O.W. was an interesting series, filled with great characters that I wish were fleshed out further. Hopefully season 2 will have more of the wrestling characters rather than the backstage drama, but I really dug the series and I’m looking forward to its return!]

Ballet Bucky & Artist Steve by myrty-mc

Bucky loves his training but he loves Steve too and Steve always knows how to give Bucky some energy should he need it while Bucky is happy to provide poses for his talented and cheeky little guy. Supportive boyfriends!

Please do not remove the art credit or repost. (Not here, not anywhere).

Commission drawn by myrty-mc who I asked for some ballet Bucky and loving Steve in her amazing style and WOW ISN’T IT PRETTY OOMMGG!


Guys, this video is amazing! Watch it! (And sadly, no, I did not make it. It was made by the terrific theNightFuryfan95 on youtube) This is one of my favorite HTTYD music videos. It’s so powerful!

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