Kendrick Lamar - A.D.H.D. (dir. by Va$htie)

cameos from Black Hippy x Johnny Shipes and the GoodTalk crew


Never Beg or Borrow

some clemmings fic recs

these are a few of my favorite longer muke fics!! (for hollowwhovian!)

black gold - this is one of my newest favorites, non au, read it asap

all the mistakes i’ve made - a classic, also everything else by iris

fingers in your mouth - long workplace au, kinda sad but good

talk like a top take it like a bottom - coworker au, michael hates luke, its hot

don’t blink - drunk muke hook up and then there’s angst, non au which i love

ill take what i can get - this is really great too, lots of sex, pining, and jealousy

and as always, check out my bookmarks on ao3 for more :-)