reasons why dorian havilliard should inspire you
  • he was once fuckboy!dorian but now he treats girls like the princesses they are
  • if you were to ask him what he wants most in the world we all know he just wants books and puppies
  • speaking of puppies if you tell him that you like them he will get you one for your birthday 
  • he will get you candy too
  • revealed his magic to save his friend and didn’t care about the punishment
  • was literally like “fuck u dad” and killed him
  • does he give you a gift that you feel you shouldn’t accept???? too bad he’s going to kiss you until you do
  • doesn’t care who you are he just wants to love you
  • valg demon possesing him or not his flirting skills are A++++++ 
  • he has raw magic that can kick your ass
  • stayed in adarlan just so he could rule the throne when his father died 
  • even after all of the crazy shit that he did to dorian (hello?? enslaving your kid to a valg!demon wtf??) 
  • do i really need anymore
  • bonus!! he is also male elsa
Thank You!!!

I really do not care how this post makes me look, because I honestly feel that I need to get something off my chest. In no way was I trying to offend anyone’s   profession or hustle and in no way do I feel that I deserve the negative comments I received. I was just telling a story like several of you do; about what I have experience, I never thought I would become a commodity for you ladies. Its perfectly fine to have an opinion, but you don’t have to make it personal. I am at home struggling to keep it together, but I am about to break. Comments like the ones you have displayed have led several people to commit suicide. So thank you .

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and the anonymous messengers for helping play a part in bring back my suicide thoughts. I always knew sugaring was not for the weak, but I knew I could handle the dirty looks you receive, the bold older women who dare call you a whore to your face, and the backlash from friends and family, but I was not ready the horrendous comments you ladies placed upon me.  

So goodbye and thanks again. 

P.S: I am truly sorry to the fellow sister I betrayed.  

If this would be my last night with you,
spend it with me under the stars
let the sky be a witness
to the end of this love

If this would be my last night with you,
spend it lying on my chest
as we dance to the beat of our hearts
with the moon as our judge

If this would be my last night with you,
kiss me as you’ve never done before
hold me because you’ll never be able to again
tell me that you love me,
as you walk away from me for good.

—  My last night with you / d.a.p

okay so @resistanceposterboy has this wonderful post about space latinxs and language and i’ve been encouraged to talk about space brazilians because whereas we are a latino country we’re also pretty different bc our portuguese colonizations as opposed to the spanish one blah blah let’s go to space

  • let’s start with the force bc the force is always cool and interesting to think about. if u follow the line of thought of jedis like the catholic church in more ways than not, then u have the jedis coming to space brazil and trying to force down our natives throats their beliefs in the way the force should work and whatever
  • it works for most time – they don’t stop at nothing until everyone knows the abc of the jedi order, but it doesn’t go as planned, because brazilian culture is a mixture of everything that has, and the jedi ways re: force are bent, are shaped, they change form until they fit another mold, and that is one of countless influences - you have the native influences, you have the jedis influence, and you have the influence of the space equivalent to candomblé and macumba. in result, you don’t have a jedi force tm but you have umbanda, you have a mixture of every single influence that has crossed this country. despite how many times the jedis stomp their feet in the ground and call it dark side!!! it doesn’t fucking matter. they don’t understand, and it’s a battle they have already lost. 
  • every sunday different families stop whatever they are doing and sit down to watch the space futebol game. they scream and celebrate or curse because it’s losing but it’s still an unITING experience. not to be dramatic but futebol is literally so important for brazilians like sure some of them will say that im lying but i’m serious. there’s an academic idk who said this but “football is the brazilian epic” its tru. our biggest heroes are futebol players. it’s wild. i need to put more thought into tis but. 
  • on a futebol note, neymar was asked what he was gonna do if he won the ballon d’or this year and he said “i’m gonna drink if i win and drink if i lose”. little things are as Brazilian TM as this statement. 
  • brazilians in space who manage to find something good after everything bad that happens. who manage to make find happiness in the little things, who make jokes about themselves and everyone else too. 
  • brazilians who also mock gringos more than anyone else. 
  • OKAY BUT HONESTLY the best smugglers would be brazilians because they got o jeitinho brasileiro and think that they can talk their way out of anything. sometimes they manage to, sometimes it blows up in the face.
  • thinking about that, han solo would be 10 times cooler if he was brazilian. remember how he was talking to chewie about how he managed to talk his way out of thigns? hmmmmm and also the way that he has a general disbelief in everything and in systems -> direct response to growing up in a country where corruption is a big thing and people are generally angry and have no belief or whatsoever in any politician. 
  • idk how carnaval is in the rest of the world and tbh for a long time in my life i thought that carnaval was a Brazilian thing so ANYWAY. i’m also gonna talk about carnaval in rio bc it’s where?? i live and it’s also the best carnaval i don’t care what other ppl say. ANYWAY OKAY.
  •  there are two types of carnaval that happen simultaneously: you have the sambódromo carnaval, which would be the desfiles. it’s big and expensive and people dance and celebrate other cultures and it’s beautiful and salgueiro is the best one. but these desfiles have a theme and they are about celebrating all of the mixtures that make brazilian culture what is is, but mainly the african influences in what we are today. so desfiles in space where you have a celebration of the jedi and the natives and the africans and everything that makes them who they are. and it’s beautiful and happy and filled with samba and gingado and just. BRASIL. 
  • and then you have the street carnaval, the carnaval of blocos, the carnaval that most brazilians go to. everyone just puts on a costume or throws glitter in their face and just go to the streets where there’s a music and drink and dance and taLK and it’s this experience where your social class is worthless. it’s everyone with everyone and it’s just a cELEBRATION.
  • and then you can’t have a desfile de carnaval at the resistance base, but you can have blocos. it starts really small, with just the brazilians putting on some songs and throwing some glittler in their faces and celebrating because they can, because they miss home. with each passing year it grows and grows to the point where it’s eVERYONE different cultures celebrating their own together and it’s a mixture of songs and traditions and cultures being respected and celebrated for onE DAY or maybe onE WEEKEND where they just let go of their worries and pains and just celebrate being alive and their home and their culture and it’s everyone together and mixtured and it’s beautiful
  • i didn’t even talk about food but this is Way Too Long

anonymous asked:

Are you from China because I'm China get in your pants ;););)

You’re so cute it’s distracting

You know why I’m a squirrel? Because I wanna bury my nuts in you

Roses are red, violets are blue I didn’t know what perfect was until I met you

I might not go down in history but I’ll go down on you

Your ass is bigger then my future

If I were a cat I’d spend all 9 lives with you

I was feeling a little bit off today but You would defiantly turn me on

I find you attractive pls date me

im D  YING 


Mamy 11 luty , godzinę 23:20…
Ciągle jestem w szoku jak dużo osób przybyło , nigdy nie przypuszczałam , że będzie Was tak dużo :’) Dziękuję.
Ale jestem tu też dlatego , że chyba przyszedł czas na pożegnanie.. Nie do końca z Tumblr , ale ze swoją przeszłością , częścią mnie , która była często smutna. Zaszły duże zmiany w moim życiu, a może bardziej we mnie… Wydaje mi się , że w życiu każdego przychodzi taki czas, że chcemy zmienić się na lepsze… To jest właśnie ten czas. Zmienił się na pewno mój punkt widzenia na różne sprawy. Życie nas nie rozpieszcza to fakt , ale nie możemy ciągle stać w miejscu bo do niczego nie dojdziemy.. Trzeba stawić czoło przeciwnościom naszej egzystencji… Uświadomiłam sobie , że wszystko zależy od naszego toku myślenia , samozaparcia, dążenia do wymarzonego celu i że nic nie zrobi się samo. Wchodzę co raz rzadziej na Tumblr , chyba dlatego , że przypomina mi o tym co chce zostawić za sobą.. Nie chcę się z nim jednak rozstawać na stałe bo pomógł mi w wielu złych chwilach :) Był moją oazą od tego przygnębiającego świata…
Nie można ratować innych , jeśli nie uratuje się siebie. Wierzę , że uda mi się osiągnąć to do czego teraz dąże… Wierzę , że Wy też znajdziecie swoją siłę i pokonacie wszystkie przeciwności…
Zmiany są dobre , nie bójmy się ich :)