today’s episode had this song going through my head.

They say that love is easy but they must have forgot you

today was one of the hardest days ever and i feel awful inside out my body hurts and im sick and my head hurts and my heart is breaking for a million different reasons stuff was good for so long I know it couldn’t have lasted and god I never ever want to feel like this again I need to get out of here I wish I didn’t exist


ปัดโถตาไมค์ 555555+ จริงๆก็จะกลับไปเล่นอยู่เพราะเพื่อนยัดเยียดจะลากหลายรอบแล้ว..แต่รอคอมใหม่มาก่อน…..แต่คงไม่ได้hardcoreเล่นแบบเมื่อก่อนแล้ว…. ทำหลายอย่าง

ยังไม่รู้จะกลับไปเล่นin หรือ saint -*-


HAPPY 21st ANNIVERSARY, MAROON 5! (Formed February 6, 1994)
In 2014/2015, Maroon 5 released a new studio album - V, appeared as a musical guest on SNL, released three new singles/videos (all of which became Vevo Certified with 100+ million views), and was named the biggest band of the millennium with seven #1s on the AT40.