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I just want to say that I don't claim clexa shippers that are saying baloney is a good friend for Clarke and that they make a good duo hahahaha like seriously folks watch season 3 again (or season 2 for that matter) jfc like yes they had moments of good partnership and bla bla bla but most of the time Baloney was being annoying, problematic and obsessive thanks

idk why you’re sending this to me,,,

i’m pretty certain everyone has just agreed to disregard s3 as a whole, bcos like… he did show a loooot of character development from s1-s2 and then s3 destroyed it like it did everything else. also the pike&bell plot this season was pretty uglie and racist, so like… a lot of clexa shippers try to be mindful of that???

 anyway bell/clarke brotp has been a thing in this chunk of the fandom way before s3 aired and ruined everything, and i think as a whole people would prefer to rewrite s3′s narrative rather than continuing to demonize bell bcos that fuels the shows racism and also the ship wars.. I don’t think most people are advocating for, like, the show to pretend none of the bad things ever happened so bell&clarke can, like, exchange bff necklaces and skip off into the sunset into Best Friend Land holding hands in s4. but I also don’t think it’s wrong for people to want to rewrite the development of that friendship in s3, because s3 ruined like. so much. 

The Fact That Changed Everything: Will Allen and Growing Power Vertical - by Bora Chang

“It was part of my proposal to the city that I would to teach kids about how to grow food and about food systems—that was my other purpose,” says Allen. “Because when you educate kids, they take that back to their homes and tell their parents.” In effect, Allen had sown the seeds for altering the existing food system, especially in inner cities, and established a way to push for food and social justice. “Everyone, regardless of economic status, should be able to access healthy, nutritious foods,” says Allen.

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Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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Announcing Coding for GOOD: 16 Steps to Become a Coder

GOOD and Apollo Group are excited to announce the launch of Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to gain skills in coding and, for one lucky participant, a chance to work with us here at GOOD. It’s our effort to bridge the skills gap through real-world application.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite websites or apps, now is your chance. And guess what, it’s really not as hard as you think. Through Coding for GOOD you’ll learn step-by-step in easy to follow lessons the rules for HTML, CSS, Java Script and how to use APIs.

To get started, you’ll need to work your way through the sixteen free coding lessons found here. Each lesson will walk you through the topic and give you a challenge to test what you’ve learned. If you get stuck, each challenge has a video to help you along.

Then, starting Monday, December 3 you’ll have a chance to be hired onto the GOOD Tech team as a junior engineer. Just showcase your mastery of all of the lessons by submitting a final project and a panel of judges will select three candidates to be flown to Los Angeles in January to compete in the hack-a-thon. The winner will have the opportunity to join the team of coders here at GOOD.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your coding lessons here.

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Been over a week since I actually draw something serious, this time it’s with OCs. dead-mistral-bot wanted me to draw her problematic fave Urd with my sinnamon Eligius fighting together.

Urd has the ability to fly and Eligius has a very interesting fighting techniques with his lance so these two most often cooperate very well. As such Urd would distract the enemy for Eli and Eli would weaken them in return and Urd can finish with a surprise if he’d like. Good tag team.

The Surge of Data in Healthcare
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We know that data is all around us. Each time you make a web search, turn on your car or even scan your rewards card at the grocery store, data is being collected. But there’s one industry where there is a lot of data being gathered, and most of it isn’t being used.

In the healthcare sector, 80 percent of patient data is unstructured—meaning it’s not being organized in a predefined manner. The Center for Disease Control estimates 42 percent of all physicians have an electronic health record system that meets federal standards, but in the healthcare field especially there are many hand written notes and charts, which can’t be easily processed by traditional computer programs.

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Infographic: What Do Small Businesses Mean to You?

Quick, can you name five small businesses in your neighborhood? If you’re like most Americans, you can probably think of even more than five. After all, small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms in America – that’s nearly 6 million companies. Small businesses (defined by the Small Business Association as companies with less than 500 employees) employ about half of all private sector workers. But aside from employing millions of Americans, studies show that many of us also think highly of these types of businesses and even have an emotional connection with them. Here’s what Americans have to say when it comes to small businesses.

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There’s this brief shot of the feet of our lovely pair of fake ass, bad ass bitch investigators as they approach poor Mr. Shiono to ask about Takatsuki. 

And I’m sorry but this tiny detail. I just. Furuta darling. Kaneki, babe. 

This just makes it all somehow even better.

Me: I will not ship Hardy and Miller. I will NOT ship Hardy and Miller. I WILL NOT ship  -

Chris Chibnall:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Chris Chibnall:  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)つ──☆

Me: *flatlines*

Last Call: Nominate Your Favorite Teacher for the Great American Teach-Off
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It’s almost the end of the nomination period for the 2013 Great American Teach-Off. Have you nominated your favorite teacher yet?

GOOD and University of Phoenix have teamed up to support and celebrate everyday teachers that go beyond the curriculum to find innovative and creative ways to engage students. Don’t miss this chance to tell us about your favorite teacher by February 15 noon PT so that he or she gets the opportunity to win a $10,000 classroom grant. It’s only three days away until the submission period ends and judging begins to select 20 finalists each in grades K through 6 and 7 through 12, so if you know a teacher that has made a positive impact on you, your child, or community, nominate him or her (it can even be you) to participate.

Let’s recognize teachers that are not only changing the lives of their students, but also their community. We want to hear all about the teachers that are integrating technology into the classroom, doing community outreach with their students, or pushing their students to learn and think in different ways so that they can graduate successfully and achieve beyond the classroom. Consider the Great American Teach-Off as a way to give your favorite teachers some of the best report cards they’ve ever had.

After the top 20 finalists are announced, voting opens on March 4 and in a course of five weeks, the GOOD community will vote for their favorite teacher. At the end of the five weeks, the top voted K through 6 teacher and top voted 7 through 12 teacher will each receive a $10,000 classroom grant.

Think about how the teachers in your community have positively affected their students’ futures and watch profiles of last year’s winning teachers, Terry Dougherty and Daryl Bilandzija, to get inspired. Remember, you have only until February 15 noon PT to make your nomination count.

You can join the conversation with this challenge on Twitter at @GOODmkr and @TeachOff via #teachoff.

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Limitless - 1x14 - Fundamentals of Naked Portraiture

“Zoltar says…you’re all the murderer! Actually, no, I programmed it to say that, but sit tight. You’re all under arrest and stuff.”


(*whispers*…can we also have Starfighter swing dancing??)

i, uh…i set out to do a little Starfighter-swing-dance-fanart because i’m super excited about trying to meet hamletmachine at Otakon this year and i’ve been really pining for the dance floor recently, but…um…it may have gotten a little out of hand.

it was only my intention to do like maybe two quick little things but it turned into like ten. i-i’m not sure what happened. f^^;

…so anyway. enjoy Praxis in a horrible sweater-vest?

hamletmachine’s characters from Starfighter dancing to moves found in this video (WATCH IT WATCH IT WATCH IT watch it it’s really good okay.)

(and there’s one more picture here)