the first 3 caps are from S1, during the bonding/training exercises, coran directing them with advice like “the paladin code demands you put your team members’ safety above your own!” and “protect your teammates, or no one will be there to protect you!”

the remaining 7 caps are from S2, and while keith and lance still sometimes rile each other up or try to outdo each other, i think these moments prove how much better they’re becoming at watching out for each other and keeping each other safe. the elevator scene has gotten a lot of focus, perhaps because of its prolonged focus on their teamwork, but i think smaller moments like these do a lot in the long run to provide foundation for future bigger moments. you could consider them examples of subtle showing, not just telling, that will make their future scenes as a good team/partnership all the more effective and believable! their rivalry is a lot of fun and i doubt it will ever go away completely, but it can be balanced into something more mutually helpful that doesn’t end with getting too caught up in bickering and crashing and burning.

Chart Overlay Series (Pt. 2)

Moon in your Partner’s Houses 

Other than synastry compatibility based off aspects, and of course planets and asteroids, astrology has much more depth in compatibility. In a synastry chart overlay, one person’s natal birth chart is layered on top of another person’s chart to show how your signs, planets, and houses work together. Especially where their planets are in your chart. It’s this that explains why rising signs are so important, you can still use this if you don’t know their time, but you’ll need to know at least one person’s time. You of course will have more understanding with both rising signs. The point is to see where their/your planet falls in your/their chart and the specific house, to see the influence it has on your relationship and bond. Remember to take both combinations of yours and theirs together. If you don’t know their rising and therefore their houses, look at their planets in your houses for now. These are the characteristic of their/your moon, in your/their house (it’s where you guys are emotional invested):

Your moon in their First

Both of you become blended together like the finest paints on a canvas, as you guys have a intuitive bond. Both of you emotionally click really well and often feel “bonded” because you both can feel out each other’s emotions. It’s so strong that your moods can affect each other, it almost acts likes a Pisces moon (receptiveness). Due to these similarities and that connection, you guys may often want to spend time together because of the familiarities present between you two. The house person feels very at home with the moon person, and often finds emotional security together. Home life and daily life plays well for you two. This is usually common overlay amongst married couples. Not only will their be a nice bond, but if the moon person is the man, they’ll be a strong connection for him. 

Your moon in their Second 

Having this overlay indicates a deep feeling of emotional security and safety for the house person. The house person will still be helpful towards the moon person, but it’s really the moon person who wants to provide security. Even with financial security. Both of you share many values and interest, but can be jealous and possessive about each other. You can build the house person’s self-esteem and they may need you so much or love you so, they’ll become protective. Ambition grows here as does sensuality. 

Your moon in their Third 

This kind of acts like if your mercury signs were to conjunct; you both share same ideals and understand what the other is thinking. You guys will have an array of conversations; you may tend to converse about things associating with the sign of the moon and the sign ruling their 3rd. The mental stimulation is strong here, but make sure you have overlays, aspects, or/and planet compatibly that helps build romantic dynamic. Nonetheless, the house person will be able to talk about their emotions with them and even get along with the people in the moon person’s life. The moon person knows how to use their words to coax the emotions of the house person. The moon person may also become emotional vulnerable, as they’ll be sensitive as to what the house person can say or even do. 

Your moon in their Fourth 

Just like the sun with this overlay, you guys feel at home with each other. Both of you are supportive and nurturing towards each other. There may be a chance of connecting to the sense that you guys had the same type of childhood, or one that can make you guys relate to each other. This overlay is really good for marriages, and amazing in friendships. The moon person knows how to make the house person feel emotionally safe, therefore it builds trust. While the house person feels so close, they can even imagine a future with kids together. It makes a strong bond that usually doesn’t want to separate; it feels like home and reminds each other about family. 

Your moon in their Fifth 

This is a very romantic partnership when other aspects allow, as this overlay allows sparks of romance and playfulness. Everything that the fifth house represents is enjoyed greatly between you two; romance, dating, creativity, self-expression, and even children. You guys can actually want children together. It’s an extremely colorful and vibrant overlay, because it’s very supportive when it comes to expressing yourself creatively but intimate even one on one. This is another indicator of long-lasting romance and emotional attachment. The house person’s want for pleasure is stimulated and often depends on the moon person for emotional support, they love being at the center of their attention. While the moon person can be protective of the house person, only wanting to be the one to please the house person. To make them happy and to be the one by their side, not to watch another by the house person. 

Your moon in their Sixth 

This acts a lot like the overlay of their sun being in the sixth, of course with a lot more emotional depth. The problem with this house is there isn’t much focus on romance, but just the daily chores, health, and work routine. Love can still blossom here but it’s almost acts like a late bloomer at times. If you have a weak natal sixth house with no planets and/or a iffy sign to have it in, your partner’s planets can really help you. It’s really supportive and gets you on your feet and that emotional help can create a bond of gratefulness. If it helps, it adds a sense of maturity to a relationship, which can help trine relationships between fire signs since the passion and excitement can be blinding. 

Your moon in their Seventh 

This is another overlay common in marriages, as the house person sees you as their ideal mate and loves how you carry out your emotions. It’s a very intuitive bond between you guys and since it’s so strong, you guys can have emotional ups and downs. A long term relationship can happen but if it goes wrong, it can get nasty. This is also good for business partnerships and creating work together. After all partnership isn’t necessarily always a romantic aspect. Both of you can be sensitive towards each other, but the beautiful thing is you both feel attractive around each other. It’s a very emotionally tuned match where you guys always know what the other feels, having experienced this I feel like the house person can have the ability to do this more. 

Your moon in their Eighth 

The eighth house is about extremes and when the moon is here, well it’s nothing but extreme, and this is not to be taken lightly. The house person can feel suffocated or flattered. The moon person begins acting like a Scorpio moon; they have strong desires for the house person, they want to dig deeper, control, become jealous, and become intensely attached. The moon person deeply and intensely, is attracted and magnetized to the house person. In fact when things get shaky, the displays of their relationship can be dramatic and scenic. It will always be a bond of tight-knitted lovers or toxic enemies. It’s blinding, challenging, but sweetly and painfully intoxicating. If handled well, it can work but you have to be careful with this overlay. Just being friends might not even work, you guys are hauntingly attracted to each other. 

Your moon in their Ninth 

Both of you have the same ideas, strengths, and beliefs. Since the ninth house is home of Jupiter, optimism, happiness, and expansion blossoms between you guys. This is another indication of someone who can be your traveling partner but at the same time you need other aspects for something more romantic and sizzling to blossom. The beautiful and unbeatable thing? Your values, interest, and goals will compliment each other in the long run. Both of you feel good together and experience life together with everything it offers, the moon person is very supportive and the house person helps the moon person expand their horizons. Both of you will have fun together in life and create some sort of intellectual rapport as well. 

Your moon in their Tenth 

Admiration blossoms here, often the moon person can idealize the house person a lot, as they often feel proud when they’re seen in public. There’s a lot of mutual respect here and at some point, you guys can even work together. This is more prominent if the moon person is the girl, as the moon person is extremely supportive and helps the moon person with their career. Of course this is just as sweet when the moon person is the guy. The problem with this is that their relationship, including their downfalls and crisis, can become very public. The moon person may also feel like their image is protected by the house person. It makes you two very supportive of each other. 

Your moon in their Eleventh 

This is actually a very nice place for the moon to be in for synastry. You guys view each other as equals and hit it off right away; you guys instantly like each other and merge groups together. Both of you are very supportive of each other and become great friends; it’s like dating your best friend. Both of you are accepting to each other and love spending time together, blossoming a sense of familiarity. You guys even encourage each other to reach goals and grow socially. This can actually create a long-term relationship despite this being the house of friendship.  

Your moon in their Twelfth 

The intensity of emotional connection is strong here, as you guys always know what the other is feeling. Since it’s so eerily strong and potent, the house person can feel uncomfortable and fearful they’ll get hurt. Since the 12th house ties with karma, it can bring out a “soulmate” or an “enemy” feeling. One of them could feel the need to confine in each other or save each other, but the saving part comes more strongly for the moon person. The moon person can deeply hurt the house person, or they can live together like if they were in a fairytale. There’s a deep connection residing here. 

hey. u kno what was a good line in the get down? when thor was like “it didnt use to be this hard” and dizzee said smth like “for ppl like me it was”

like. the ease dizzee had with correcting thor and letting him know that things arent the same for white and black folks. and the way thor genuinely didnt know or think of that and was able to take dizzees word for it and clearly appreciate him for holding him accountable for his words.

open and honest communication in interracial relationships/friendships/partnerships!! good shit thats some good shit right there!!

anonymous asked:

Have you seen the interview That just came out that has Eliza claiming Bellamy as more cutthroat and Clarke more sensitive and that she doesn't get why they make such good partners but this season they need each other more and more? I mean....I guess okay? Sometimes the way Eliza talks about her character and Bellarke, it's like she doesn't get it at all. I don't want to say that but you know....

I’ve already read it and your ask made me go back and read it again because I did not get what you got at all. Where are you getting that she doesn’t get that they make such good partners?

Why do you think they make such good partners?
Taylor: I’m not sure. I think Bellamy has a lot thicker skin and he’s a lot more cutthroat, which she needs sometimes. And Clarke has a sensitivity and a sensibility about her that Bellamy needs sometimes. With those two things combined, they really do need each other. I think that’s why people look up to them as a team.

Will we see Bellamy and Clarke continue to really lean on each other going forward?
Taylor: Yeah, more and more than ever they need each other.

They ask why they make good partners. She answers why she thinks they need each other and people look up to them as a team. It might not be why YOU think they make a good team. It might not be your interpretation of strengths, but it’s hers. 

The interpretation that Clarke is more sensitive than Bellamy is certainly valid. She lets in people far before Bellamy does. Bellamy has a thicker skin, I’m sure from his years hiding Octavia. He has defenses against other people that Clarke doesn’t. Clarke immediately wants to treat everyone as her people, wisely or not. 

And as to Bellamy being more cutthroat, I’m not sure that’s not true either. I mean, when we met him, he’d shot Jaha to get on the ship. He was always willing to go to extremes to protect his people. Clarke got locked up for wanting to tell EVERYONE what was happening. Clarke, from the beginning was urging Bellamy to turn to his better nature, which she saw in him, but which he hid behind his thick skin, right? And Clarke learned from him that she needed to be more ruthless some times. I mean, she did end up being the first of them to actually kill someone. And she did actually turn out to be the one who actually cut throats. But was it because she embraced an element of his ruthlessness in his pursuit of taking care of his people? It’s a thought. And it’s a thought that starts their interdependence before they were even partners. It might even be the BASIS of their relationship. Maybe she’s talking about season 1 making them good partners, and you think it should be only season 4? Maybe she’s talking about her journey, where you want her to praise romantic bellarke?

You’re discounting her interpretation because you don’t agree and not only that, you kind of have her saying the opposite of what she did say. Why’d you do that? You twisted her words to fit your bias against Eliza’s pov. 

Is it because you don’t trust Eliza and expect her to cut down Bellarke? Which she did NOT do here. So you took a verbal tic “I’m not sure” and interpreted it to mean that she didn’t get why they make such good partners. 

Her focus on Bellarke was that they need each other. The question was about being good partners. You know what the difference is between the two concepts? Eliza is looking at the relationship from inside of Clarke’s head, not from what other people think about their leadership. When the interviewer asked her a question that is NOT part of her analysis (why would Clarke ever ask that question of her relationship with Bellamy?) she considers a way to see their partnership. And it isn’t about “what makes a good partnership” it’s about what each character needs from the other. He protects her (cut throat, thick skinned). She cares for him (sensitivity, sensibility.) He’s tough. She’s soft. 

Yin Yang. Of course, each character holds the other element within themselves. She’s soft but the toughest mofo around once you get past that soft outside. And he’s tough, but inside is the most caring person, once you get past the hard shell. This is ACTUALLY the point of Yin Yang, not just that they are opposites, but that they hold the essence of the other, already, inside of them.)

I don’t think Eliza does meta on the show. I think she does character analysis of Clarke, and she should. It’s not her job to analyze the parts that Clarke herself is not a part of. In fact, considering the story from the outside of Clarke’s head could interfere with her ability to really get into Clarke’s character. 

This does not mean Eliza doesn’t understand the show. This means she is coming from a different perspective than you. And she does not have the same agenda as you. 

Notice also, that the question was “what makes them good partners,” and she answered with an emotional, personal need. Not business. Not politics. Not saving the people. Not working with others. Need. Four times in four sentences about Bellarke, Eliza said Clarke and Bellamy need each other. 

she needs him. he needs her. they need each other. they need each other.

Holy Bellarke, Batman. 

“more and more than ever they need each other.”

Without ever challenging the rage of the “make her grieve the love of her life and be forever alone” kru.

You know what? Stop jumping down Eliza’s throat because she’s not bellarke enough for you. That’s shipwars business.

buckynat quotes that make me cry

“never even realized how lost i was without her. but i always was. just some lost soldier who forgot he ever had a home… until she gave me one.”

“natasha, please. it’s me, bucky… it’s james.”

“i try to imagine my life without her, and all i see is pain. and heartbreak. but at least i’ll be the only one feeling it. i take solace in that thought… and hold on to it for as long as i can. but it won’t be long enough.”

“it’s okay…sshhh… i saved you for a change, that’s all.”

“the kid steve remembers never even existed. no one’s ever been able to see that. no one but natasha.”

“i work better alone.”

“you shot at natasha. that was your last act on earth, pal.”

“she’s mine.”

“leaving has never been a problem for me.”

“i’m going to find natasha… just like i always have.”

“you weren’t trying too hard to help, i noticed.”
“hey this was supposed to be your show, not mine.”

“not that i don’t hear stories…”
“stories of my failures, no doubt.”
“of your charm.”

“captain america is a living legend. you are all the memorial that steve needs.”

“what on earth are we going to do with you, milii moi?”

“i just got him back, it’s not fair.”

“yeah… survival… people don’t understand.”
“i do, james. you know that.”

“i think he was the one who made me believe i was a ballerina for several years.”
“to be fair, you do have the moves.”
“to be fair.”

“why? why me? i don’t believe in two coincidences.”

“spit it out, barnes.”
“nothing. stay warm is all. be careful.”

“fine. but no pancake houses.”

“a long time ago, natalia romanova made me remember what it was to feel human. and they punished us both for that, in different ways. fighting her now is like punishing myself all over again.”

“all i’ve ever brought her is trouble… she’s better off without me.”

“natasha is not yours. she belongs to the red guardian.”
“you think she belongs to anyone? then you’re as foolish as the others.”

“a little something to let you know i haven’t forgotten either.”

“i just… i know how he thinks. we were both weapons once… to be used.”

“i’m not blind, you know.”
“i think i love you, james buchanan barnes.” 

“man, do i love my girlfriend.”

“you died, james.”
“oh that again… that trick never works.”
“not with you, apparently. you’re too stubborn.”

“you’ve been through a lot, natasha. are you sure you want to go back? … i could take you anywhere, you know. we could– you could go away for a while. the world hasn’t been kind to you and maybe you need to just–”
“no bucky, i have to go back. thank you for coming for me.
“of course, nat. you know i’m always here for you.”

“bucky and natasha together… they’re already like a well-oiled machine. like any good partnership should be.”

“like i said, she always amazes me.”

“going after him is a dead end. i know. i’ve tried.”

“i really missed you.”
“of course you did… but go easy on the smooth talk, james. you’re ten hot showers away from being able to touch me.”

“hey now, loverboy. we don’t have all day.”
“i know. i just needed a moment.”

“i’m promised to someone else.”
“i know… he’s an ass.”

“walk away from this. i don’t want to hurt you.”
“i was just about to say the same thing.”

“i’m sorry natalia… i never wanted to get you into trouble. but i guess that’s all i’m good at.”

“had avengers business. didn’t want to wake you.”

“you could at least recognize me.”

“just some lost soldier who forget he ever had a home until she gave me one.”

“if i offered myself up would you take my help? i know you don’t need me. but please, natasha. whatever else we are… let me be your friend.”

“you’ve got this… you always did impress me.”

“and you wear this to mourn her? a black star?”

“do you remember it all? our time together when i was young?”
“yeah, i remember everything natalia. and you were the one good thing in all of it.”

“i don’t think it’s ever supposed to be easy, james.”

“nat, i know you’re in there… because i was too when they did it to me.”

“she doesn’t remember their relationship. he does.”

“you might not want to pull at that thread.”

“something else i need to know about?”
“darling. sweetheart. absolutely not.”

“you’re a good man.”
“not really, no. but you’re the only one who understands that.”

“james, you found me.”
“you can’t be surprised. we’re both made of similar stuff. i just hide it better than you do.”

“anything for you, james. as always.”

anonymous asked:

what's your opinion on supercorp??

things that are dope:

  • ppl headcanoning lena as a lesbian
  • katie mcgrath validating supercorp shippers
  • the quality content the shippers put out – gifsets, fics, etc
  • the notion that a show could have two wlw, and a bisexual main character who is also an iconic character
  • melissa and katie have wicked chemistry and would do that storyline justice

things that are not dope

  • negating and undermining an already existing wlw couple on the show 
  • ppl fighting over which is better (the answer is theyre both amazing bc theyre both wlw ships)
  • ppl ot3ing james/lena/kara bc they cant choose between karolsen and supercorp (lena and james would NOT BE A GOOD PARTNERSHIP THEY WOULD NEVER ENTER A RELATIONSHIP TOGETHER)
  • people calling it karlena (i’ll fuckin fight u i’ve already had this hashtag discourse)

like, im a supercorp fan, but sanvers is my otp of this show and fans need to chill the fuck out

☆ ` / Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate Starters.

❛ Ladies and gentlemen! As of this moment, you all work, for us! ❜
❛ You have honoured us with your loyalty and courage. ❜
❛ Your Majesty, We will always work to ensure the safety of the people. ❜
❛ Perhaps, you could consider putting an end to your imperialist desires? ❜
❛ I understand and respect your position. ❜
❛ Ah, the gentle sound of opportunity passing us by. ❜
❛ So what’s stopping us? ❜
❛ You will indulge me one final time and receive these gifts. ❜
❛ Then, Shall we? ❜
❛ Who’s a good horse? You are. ❜
❛ It’s not what I believe…it’s what I know. ❜
❛ Do you see the irony in all this? ❜
❛ You cannot stop us. We will have…our new world. ❜
❛ We’ll see how sweet they are, the fruits of your labors. ❜
❛ And in the end, you’ll have only yourself to blame… ❜
❛ It matters little now: your deed is done…and so am I. ❜
❛ I followed my orders, believing in my cause…same as you. ❜
❛ But now you’ve taken my life…and in the process, ended your own! ❜
❛ Destroy it! Destroy it as you said you would! ❜
❛ I’m sorry, were you hoping for a confession? ❜
❛ It’s over…it’s all over… ❜
❛ Away with you, demon! ❜
❛ I’ll show you respect! ❜
❛ Now I will see who was right…  ❜
❛ We gather at the church when a meeting is called. ❜
❛ Progress demands sacrifice. ❜
❛ You can’t! You can’t! It’s my destiny! MINE! ❜
❛ Get it over with then. ❜
❛ You lurk in the shadows like a coward. I doubt it. ❜
❛ We fight to gain what we cannot take with us. ❜
❛ At last it ends… Yet I can only think of beginnings… ❜
❛ A better tomorrow, forged with the blood of visionaries. ❜
❛ I knew this day would come… ❜
❛ Then they’re working together again. ❜
❛ What a shame. Good partnerships are hard to come by. ❜
❛ I have sacrificed so much. I don’t want to lose my buses… ❜
❛ But what good will that do you? ❜
❛ Without our investments, there would be no city. ❜
❛ Claim your trophy, and may you choke on it. ❜
❛ Darling, what a night! The stuff of legends. ❜
❛ I am at the very top of the Order. ❜
❛ I would have created a paradise. ❜
❛ For the same reason I do anything - Why not? ❜
❛ Slice to bits the ones you deem ‘innocent’? ❜
❛ Look at you! Goody two-shoes, is it? ❜
❛ They benefit as much as their worth. ❜
❛ You have no idea what it truly can do. ❜
❛ You are so short-sighted. ❜
❛ So you have murdered me after all. ❜
❛ I have sacrificed so much. ❜
❛ One does what one must to come out on top. ❜
❛ Family always stay together in the end. ❜
❛ So this is my comeuppance… ❜
❛ I have so much more to discover. ❜
❛ Oh? What did you accomplish, boy/girl? ❜
❛ Think on this when you remember her/him. ❜
❛ All you have accomplished is to delay the inevitable. ❜
❛ A brief taste of chaos will remind them why they crave obedience. ❜


Happy birthday, my dear @zacharybosch! Can’t wait to see you again at RDC3. Here’s a Hannigram something in your honor.  A new installment of the Giving Themselves series.  Picks up after Afterglow.  Will proposed to Hannibal, and now they are shopping for rings.

“You’re not going to get me something as pedestrian as a diamond, are you?” Will asked as they strolled through the Fell’s Point antique market on a Sunday afternoon.

Hannibal sipped his coffee, and delicately shrugged.  “What if I would like to have a diamond?”

Will stopped to look at an old Rollex 20 camera at a nearby booth, the seller was asking for $50.  He clicked the shutter a few times then gingerly put it back down on the table.

“With all your pomp and circumstance,” Will said with a smirk, “I really can’t picture you as a diamond guy.”

Hannibal smiled and stroked Will’s arm.

“You know me so well, Will.  You do.  No, no diamonds for either of us.  But I can say I don’t have any idea of what to get.  There are several jewelry shops here that we can visit and perhaps something will jump out at us.”

Will took Hannibal’s coffee, drank a sip, then returned it.

“We don’t have to get rings, you know.  I mean, if we don’t find anything we like, we don’t need rings, Hannibal.”

“I want us to have them.  I want others to look at your hand, at my hand, and know we are spoken for.”

Hannibal stopped in front of Will and continued, “I want people to know that you belong to someone, just as I belong to someone.”

Will blushed and said, “Fine. So let’s go look for some rings.”

They entered Rose and Stone Estate Jewelry.  It was a tiny shoe box of a shop with red walls and a dark mahogany case, lined with red velvet.

“May I help you?” the woman behind the counter asked.

“Yes, we are looking for wedding rings,” Hannibal said.

“Traditional bands?  I do have some matching sets.  We also have some new rings that aren’t vintage but our own creations as well.”

Will looked into the glass case, “I don’t mind traditional bands, I suppose.”

“We have platinum, yellow, rose and white gold.  Any preference?”

Will said, “Yellow” just as Hannibal said, “Platinum.”

They both smiled and looked at each other.

“They don’t have to match, I guess,” Will said.

“I would rather they did,” Hannibal replied, because he was in fact, quite a romantic at heart – but Will knew this about him.  

He also knew that the symbolism of the rings was much more important to Hannibal than it was to him.  He would know in his heart that Hannibal was his, and a ring was irrelevant really.  

“We can get whatever you like.  I promise, I’ll love it.”

Hannibal studied the case intently, but Will could see a broad smile blooming on his face.

The woman smiled and said, “I’ll leave you two to browse and just let me know when you’d like to see something. My name is Maria.”

“Thank you, Maria,” Hannibal replied.

They perused the case for a few minutes, then Hannibal sighed.  “None of these will do.  Should we go to another shop, perhaps?”

“If you want to.  What don’t you like about these?” Will asked.

“They… don’t speak to me, about us.  About what we are.”

“They don’t have a mouth,” Will teased.

Hannibal hit Will gently on the hand, “Insolent.”

Maria approached them and said, “May I show you something I think you’ll like?  It’s not vintage, but rather one our original designs.  Do you like signet rings?”

“I’m not sure,” Will said not knowing exactly what a signet ring was.

Hannibal’s interest was piqued. “Do you have some?”

She pulled out a tray of rings from a small safe underneath the case.  “My husband is a master jewelry and he studied for three years in London to design these.  These are his original creations.”

In the tray were several engraved gemstone signets rings in various precious metals.  Some were engraved with a full coat of arms, another had a lion crest seal engraved onto bloodstone, some had a heraldic crest engraved on blue sardonyx.

“Gemstone engraving is an ancient, extremely rare and somewhat time-consuming craft,” Maria said.  “We’re very proud of the work on these.”

“They’re lovely,” Will said as he picked one and held it up to look at it against his skin.

Hannibal hummed, but didn’t say anything.  His eyes swept across the tray, examining and picturing them on his hand and Will’s hand.

“Well?” Will asked.

Just then, Hannibal saw it.  

He saw it and he knew.  It was a white and red sardonyx oval-shaped stone ring set in yellow gold.  The engraving on top was of a stag sitting underneath a tree.

“I love that one,” Maria said. “My husband designed that one last year, but we have yet to sell it.”

Will looked over to Hannibal, and was momentarily taken aback when he saw the stag on the ring.  It seemed the stag was destined to follow him everywhere.

“You like that one?” Will asked.

“Yes. Yes, I do.”

“Sardonyx is a stone of strength and protection,” Maria said. “They say it brings lasting happiness and stability to marriage and partnerships.”

“Sounds good to me,” Will mused.

Hannibal took Will’s hand and slipped the ring onto Will’s finger. It fit, of course.

“A stag is the king of the forest, the protector of all other creatures. I will protect you, keep you from harm, just as you will protect me.  Always.  This is my design.”

Will nodded and the two looked into each other’s eyes, momentarily lost in the moment, and in one another.  

Hannibal cleared his throat and said, “I’ll take this one, and would also like to commission another identical one in my size, please.”

“Of course. I’ll start the paperwork,” Maria said then walked away.

Will looked at the ring on his finger, how at home it seemed; how perfect it was– it all was. Yes, yes, yes, he thought.  

He then looked at Hannibal and said, “This is our design.”

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Coldwave/coldflashwave makeup artist/model/designer au?

1 - When Len was originally approached about possible modeling opportunities by some guy on the street, he 100% thought it was a scam, sex trafficking or pornography trying to take advantage of him. He took a gun with him to the meeting with the intent of robbing the place blind. He was somewhat flabbergasted to realize that “Vogue” isn’t just a Madonna song, and also that they were actually serious about the whole “modeling” thing.

2 - Mick comes along to watch at first, but he makes friends with the make-up artists. He likes painting (mostly forgery) and tinkering with stuff, and having so many small fiddly bits is intriguing. He taught himself make-up to teach Lisa, but this is clearly a much more advanced level. The other artists give him tips and he ends up getting good at it. Very good.

3 - Len uses his modeling money to get Mick formal lessons, because it makes Mick smile and anything non-fire-related that does that is to be rewarded. Then he insists on Mick being his make-up artist in his contract.

4 - they both expect this to be a fairly short detour from their criminal lives, because models of both sexes have a fairly short shelf life, but then Len grew up and his hair started to go silver - no one noticed until Len went on a three-month vacation without dying it once, then returned home - and his agent went “welp, I’m selling you as a silver fox now” and somehow Len kept on being incredibly popular.

5 - Barry’s the designer. He’s new and he’s nervous; he’s gotten lots of good reviews, but he’s never worked one of the really big fashion shows. Then his dad says, rather offhandedly, that he totally knew Leonard Snart back in the day and he thinks the man is modeling or something now, so if Barry wants a connection. DOES BARRY EVER.

6 - Len and Mick like Barry’s portfolio and they’re always happy to support Central City talent, so it turns into a pretty good partnership. Barry’s agent is thrilled. Len’s agent is thrilled. Mick technically shares Len’s agent as part of their marriage agreement.

Bonding With Your Dragon Spirit

**These methods are pretty broad spectrum and can also be used outside of dragon spirits.  These are just techniques and things I have done and this post is by no means all inclusive.  Thank you**

Bonding with your dragon spirit is an important thing to do, I think.  It helps you get closer with them and that opens the way to a good friendship and partnership!  Regardless of what kind of relationship you have with them (provided it’s a healthy one), doing these activities to feel closer is a great way to continue with your practice!

Sharing your passions!

Doing some sort of activity along side your dragon spirit that you love is a good one.  You are sharing something that you love with them and they are being included in it!  Do you like going for a walk?  Great, invite your dragon with you!  Like crafts?  Great!  work with them so you both can create something awesome!  How about cooking?  Also good, you can share the results when everything is finished!  The dragon spirit I currently work with actually likes to play games with me.  I found out through playing some Skyrim music and he was curious where it came from and now I actually have a Dragon age and Assassins Creed save file with his name on it.


I’ve always felt that spells are a great offering for your dragon.  But casting a spell with their help not only is good for working with your dragon, it’s also a great way to feel closer.  Even if it’s something small, like setting a circle!  I personally love to ask my dragon spirits to help me set a circle and it was always so nice because he would use his wings to do it so it was like I was in a tent.  It was so wonderful!  This is a great way to further your dragon magic and really get close and I strongly encourage it!  Of course this is only if the dragon in question is ok with it.  


This technically could fall under the passions section but I kept it on its own since some people may not really know how to make music or be musically inclined.  But you can listen to music with them, look for songs that they like and have it playing just for the two of you.  I have a playlist on youtube for Rivaz and sometimes I listen to it when I’m going to sleep or I’ll play it when I’m trying to communicate with him.  I also like to sing for him and that is another thing you can do!


I think this is a big one.  Using the cards or pendulum or whatever medium you use is a great way to bond with them!  I have a reading in my shop available for purchase in which I speak with whatever dragon spirit I’m working with (currently Rivaz) and they will give you a message or advice!


This kind of ties in with divination but can stand on its own.  Talking with your dragon spirit is a great way you can get to know them, ask them questions and grow together.  Plus, dragon spirits can have some great advice even if its not always what you want to hear.

Sharing meals

So, this can also be considered an offering but I think it is a great one!  Sharing your meals, I think, is a very personal thing.  Think about how many times you’ve gone out to eat with friends?  This can be a similar thing!  I also think its a good thing to share some of your favorite foods with them!  I like to share my coffee and tea!

Astral Projecting/Lucid Dreaming

This is a great one and together you can go on adventures!  I have a post about one of my own experience here.  This is a fun way to see more things and grow closer.  There’s something to be said about discovering such places that you cannot normally see.


Reading and sharing stories is a fun one.  And every dragon may have their own preference!  Lore, myths, short stories all kinds of things can be used!  You can even share your favorite works with them!  Or even more so you can read them your own work if you write!


I like writing poetry and coming up with spells to work with dragons and it’s a good way.  You could also work with them to make your own story!  This section could fit in with a few other places on this list but I still felt like I could warrant it’s own spot!

Carrying offerings with you

This is one that I really like doing if my dragon spirit gives me permission. I often leave stones and crystals as an offering or even jewelry and I love to be able to carry those items with me when I leave the house.  It’s like a little extra reassurance that they are with me and it really makes me feel more connected, especially since they were ok with me taking a piece of their hoard with me.


This may seem silly but if your dragon is ok with it, sleeping with them is a good way to bond.  My current dragon spirit is not really big on cuddles so I don’t really get to do it anymore but the previous dragon spirits I had loved it and it was so nice!  I highly recommend this method if you can!

Happy bonding!

Safe Travels


So, before I go into the Badminton rabbit hole, some thoughts about the jumping in Versailles :

Pedro Veniss won the Grand Prix with Quabri de l’Isle <33333

It’s only today that I realised how fucking good their partnership is. Even my friend that knows almost nothing about horses noticed it immediatly. Compared to all the other pairs, they looked in perfect synch, their rounds were so clean and smooth and nice looking… no pushing, no pulling, no kicking, just taking it all in their stride. Bloody gorgeous.

In the jump-off, they looked almost slow, because it was all quiet riding and precise trajectories. So happy they took the win over Denis Lynch, even if it’s only for 0.01 of a second, because the difference between Pedro and Denis was… well let’s say it was strikingly different….

During the lap of honor, Pedro looked positively radiant, and I mean I was already a fan of the horse but now I’m a fan of the rider too. Hope to see them plenty win more of Rolex watches.

Above you get to see my lame gifs I made from my phone videos.

Assassin's creed sentence starters
  • “Such pride…it will destroy you child.”
  • “ I don’t believe you “
  • “You flatter yourself.”
  • “ We work in the dark to serve the light. “
  • “Why did you do it? All of it?”
  • “Where would a pirate hide his treasure?”
  • ““Blood is thicker than water, and I know (name)will be by my side”.
  • “What do you mean, they’re family?”
  • “ Good partnerships are hard to come by.”
  • “We stand together!”
  • “Let’s get out of here before the guards arrive..”
  • “‘Don’t allow personal feelings to compromise the mission.’ What a mistake.”
  • “A true master of stealth can blend into any environment.”
  • "For every mission, there is a right way and a wrong way. Barging thoughtlessly into combat is, more often than not, the latter.”
  • “Oh my god…what have i done?”
  • “Ah, another exciting night home for (name).”
  • “They’re dangerous objects,”
  • “Have you got a better plan?”
  • “Should my skills fail me, or ambition lead me astray do not seek retribution or revenge in my memory, but fight to continue the search for truth.”
  • “You would not believe the things I have seen, (name)”
  • “And what exactly will you be doing, might I ask?”
  • “Enjoy your studies. I’ll be out killing Templars.”
  • “I’m no criminal. I just do as I please.”
  • “Toss me my brass knuckles and point me to a good brawl.“
  • “What are you doing here?”
  • “ This decision is yours alone to make. Only do so quickly.”
  • "Because no one else will”
  • “Life is not a fairy tale and there are no happy endings”
  • “What`s true and what IS, aren’t always the same" 
  • “Alright, what do you need me to do?”
  • “Free-run your way through this little obstacle course.”
KiraPuri Ep 10 ~ Let’s La Matchmaking!

It’s official. Fruit tarts are now the sweets of lesbian coupling.

Sorry. I don’t make the rules.

*struts off fabulously*

But in all seriousness, this ep really just speaks for itself.

Though the title is a bit misleading cuz I was expecting Yukari and Akira to have more of a disagreement and there to be less involvement of their respective (oh-so-severely-painful-it-physically-hurts-me) one-dimensional fanclubs…

But I guess I can settle for this as well.

Being the older members in their group, along with having more refined personalities, it’s inevitable that they would not get along at first.

Even if there were no animal motifs at play, it’s a little silly to expect them to cooperate just because they’re slightly more mature.

Yukari and Akira function on different mindsets, after all. While Akira is the more subdued, bifauxnen senpai version of a plucky shoujo protagonist (heart in the right place, kind to a fault, sometimes forgets to use her head, yada yada), Yukari is a my pace type of woman who assesses the situation first and doesn’t give out anything for free.

Those traits unique to each serve them well in a very balanced sort of way, if that makes any sense.

For Akira, it’s true that her handing out compassion and promises can lead to more harm than good. Like someone can take advantage of her goodwill or she might be giving more false hope than aid to the person she’s trying help.

Then there’s Yukari whose most troubling characteristic is her flippant attitude. She’s prone to distraction, can be self-absorbed at times and doesn’t seem the least bit concerned that her lack of seriousness can be bothersome to those around her.

But turn things around and you see that Akira is not just all talk and no follow-up. If she says she’ll help you, then she’ll do her damn best to help and won’t stop until it’s done.

That’s what sets Akira apart from those who can only spout pretty words. She ensures there will be good results. She will make sure that there will be happy ending.

And we all know how Yukari feels about results, aye? ;)

As for Yukari, there’s a reason why she acts the way she does.

Just because she’s not stressed out doesn’t mean she’s not committed to what she signed up for. It’s just, for her, there’s no point in worrying about the things you can’t solve right away. So why not take it easy and use the time to think productively instead of wasting energy fretting over what’s out of your control?

Moreover, as we can see from her interaction with that little girl, there is kindness in her brand of honesty as well. Yukari’s bluntness may come off a bit strong at times but it’s never dealt out in a way that would hurt people. Rather, it sheds more light on perspective and helps people think more clearly (like how she more or less confronted Akira on whether it’s her choice to be part of KiraPati and not just because everyone else is doing it).

Knowing that, it isn’t so hard to see why Akira would smile at Yukari when she encouraged that girl to buy the brooch. Because if there’s one thing Akira values the most, it’s kindness being shown to others and Yukari did just that.

In short, Yukari and Akira learned to get along by seeing each other’s extended sides during their shopping errand. Akira is able to appreciate Yukari’s special way of caring and Yukari can’t help but be impressed by Akira’s determination to see things through.

They found something of themselves inside the other except it’s reflected very differently because again, they are two very different individuals after all.

And that is what makes it so exciting. That’s why they’ll have a good partnership. Not because they’re compatible but because they can grow to be to be more than just compatible over time.

Which is no surprise why their fans’ scheme to keep them apart failed. Akira and Yukari’s best qualities aren’t meant to be kept like some precious commodity. They are meant to be shared.

Only when it’s shared can their “beauty” reach its full potential.

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any Nihilus hc's..?

This might get OOC pretty quick, but you know what fuck it all 


  • Nihilus was a Human male with black, coiled hair gathered in a ponytail, that much is certain. I personally think he had darker skin and warm brown eyes. Kind of like a more regal version of Quinlan Vos.
  • His attitude towards friendship or any kind of relationship is conflicted. On the one hand, he’s had a good partnership with Darth Sion and enjoys company. However… he was also betrayed by one who he once formed a force bond with, not to mention the death of his loved ones long before he became Nihilus. 
    • He has a strong dislike for Miralakans ever since the whole shitshow with Visas Marr.
  • It was mentioned somewhere he was “most likely” a Jedi rebel who joined Revan’s forces during the Mandalorian Wars.
    • So anyway Revan can fuck himself
  • Actually doesn’t give a shit bout Sith or Jedi, he’s just a Dark Side user that wants the whole world to crumble
  • Sion may have drawn his power from his ~eternal pain~, but Nihilus still didn’t like seeing him like that. If you befriended Nihilus, he’d make sure to help you if you were ever in physical pain—perhaps he could drain your Force a tiny amount so you could fall asleep or something.
  • He’s not angsty at all about his lack of a physical body. Not needing to sleep or poop or anything is awesome. Will definitely use this to help you, i.e. acting as a 24/7 bodyguard or designated driver.
  • Anyone who makes fun of his lightsaber for being sort-of phallus shaped will get it shoved up their ass—and ignited.
  • Loves nihilist memes
  • He may love Spirited Away, but No Face is actually his least favorite character. Such a pitiful, gross creature.