The Fact That Changed Everything: Will Allen and Growing Power Vertical - by Bora Chang

“It was part of my proposal to the city that I would to teach kids about how to grow food and about food systems—that was my other purpose,” says Allen. “Because when you educate kids, they take that back to their homes and tell their parents.” In effect, Allen had sown the seeds for altering the existing food system, especially in inner cities, and established a way to push for food and social justice. “Everyone, regardless of economic status, should be able to access healthy, nutritious foods,” says Allen.

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Illustration by Jessica De Jesus

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Most men admire that which deceives them at a distance and the crowd supposes big things to be good things. Nothing can be good unless it contains an element of the honourable. The Good results from partnership with the honourable, but the honourable is good in itself. How can the good be recognized? If it is according to Nature.
—  Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Moral Epistles CXVIII (On the Vanity of Place-Seeking)

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what do you do when you've ascended beyond your partners energy frequency but they're still holding on?

Vibrate away.

If you find yourself on a different spiritual trajectory than your partner, examine the interaction of the different energies. Partnerships are good for creating balance. If you have ascended, your partner may either want to ground you or join you.

See what your partner is holding on to. If it is an older form of the relationship, reexamine with them where you are now. If your energies are no longer complementary, see how they function separately.

Be in harmony. If your partner can hang on, let them. If they cannot, let them go.

Infographic: The Rise of Americans With No Religion
GOOD Partnerships and Column Five contributed in Religion and Mindfulness

Today, one in five in the American public doesn’t identify with any religion, the highest share since Pew Research Center began this poll in 2007. Who makes up this group, and what implications does the growing trend have for secularization, politics, and spirituality?

Tarot Today July 23rd

Page of Cups

“And the world will live as one.” – John Lennon

You or someone you know or will meet soon - or your inner child - is carefree in their way of thinking and they have a message for you.

Creativity is sparked and the beginning of a new opportunity is something to look forward to.

Be on the lookout for good news, it’s coming your way.

The Page of Cups can also indicate a birth, marriage or engagement. New things to reflect on emotionally to escape the hardships of every day life.

If you’ve felt alone in love or otherwise now is the time to reach out to others.

Have you thanked those who have helped you out lately? Today is the day.

Have you offered a helping hand?

Cheggsy AU

The training has many more tasks asides from the bedroom, shooting, jumping, loyalty, and dog tasks/tests. Charlie and Eggsy keep getting paired up for each one. Charlie’s still with his condescending attitude towards Eggsy, and Eggsy responds in kind. Merlin however, sees how good of a partnership they could make (and also secretly hopes they get together). How despite their issues (as shown in the shooting task), they are able to put their differences aside in order to get the job done EXTRAORDINARILY well. He hasn’t seen a partnership that effective since himself and Harry. So he continues partnering them up in all of the tasks which leads to a frustrated Charlie and Eggsy.

I’d really love to hear other people’s impressions. What do you guys think?

Announcing Coding for GOOD: 16 Steps to Become a Coder

GOOD and Apollo Group are excited to announce the launch of Coding for GOOD, an opportunity to gain skills in coding and, for one lucky participant, a chance to work with us here at GOOD. It’s our effort to bridge the skills gap through real-world application.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn what goes on behind the scenes of your favorite websites or apps, now is your chance. And guess what, it’s really not as hard as you think. Through Coding for GOOD you’ll learn step-by-step in easy to follow lessons the rules for HTML, CSS, Java Script and how to use APIs.

To get started, you’ll need to work your way through the sixteen free coding lessons found here. Each lesson will walk you through the topic and give you a challenge to test what you’ve learned. If you get stuck, each challenge has a video to help you along.

Then, starting Monday, December 3 you’ll have a chance to be hired onto the GOOD Tech team as a junior engineer. Just showcase your mastery of all of the lessons by submitting a final project and a panel of judges will select three candidates to be flown to Los Angeles in January to compete in the hack-a-thon. The winner will have the opportunity to join the team of coders here at GOOD.

So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your coding lessons here.

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Illustration by Corinna Loo 

In friendship, Capricorn Venus wants to help their friends be successful in the world. They are dependable and expect their friends to be as responsible as they are. They may suffer bouts of melancholy, so it is important that they have friends willing to extend a hand when this happens. 

Capricorn Venus has a talent for finding good partnerships. They build with a sense of tradition, and they would like to leave a legacy in whatever they choose to be involved in. 

For those attracted to a person with Venus in Capricorn, they want someone they can count on no matter what.

—  Venus in Capricorn
This Week in Geek (07/20/15–07/26/15)

It’s time for this week’s roundup of events for #Minnesota geeks!

Welcome to This Week in Geek, your guide to events of interest to the Minnesota geek community for the week of Monday, July 20th through Sunday, July 26th. Ernest Cline Reads from His New Novel, Armada What: Reading, Books When: Monday, July 20th at 7:00 p.m. Where: Weyerhaueser Chapel at Macalester College Author Ernest Cline will be reading from his new novel Armada tonight at 7:00 p.m. at an…

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Infographic: What Do Small Businesses Mean to You?

Quick, can you name five small businesses in your neighborhood? If you’re like most Americans, you can probably think of even more than five. After all, small businesses represent 99.7 percent of all employer firms in America – that’s nearly 6 million companies. Small businesses (defined by the Small Business Association as companies with less than 500 employees) employ about half of all private sector workers. But aside from employing millions of Americans, studies show that many of us also think highly of these types of businesses and even have an emotional connection with them. Here’s what Americans have to say when it comes to small businesses.

Design by Deeplocal

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Agario stuff I’ve learned via experience as a regular player

1. Everyone on teams is more aggressive than FFA when it comes to splitting

2.  The big guys on FFA are all pacifists to you until you get on the leader board or are close to doing so, when that happens, you better stay as far away from them as possible

3. You can make pretty good partnerships without the need of dialogue but sometimes you can help out someone who is a greedy jerk and won’t give you your mass back.  Be careful of who you trust.

4.  It is quite literally impossible to try and get the attention of your teammates to get them to follow you somewhere.

5.  You can shoot viruses at other people and you can also eat them once you hit one.   WHY ISN’T THIS SAID ON THE MENU PAGE? 

6.  When it comes to teams, winning is great and all but it’s also boring as fawk.

7.   When an enemy color is the majority of the board, you think of them as jerks but funny enough, when your color is the majority, you become the jerk.

8.  Agario is a valid reason to have a facebook

9. split in intervals, that way some of your parts will merge back together as you split into more.  Time it properly.

10.  If big cells are teaming up on FFA, try to make friends with them because otherwise you’re pretty much screwed.


listening to your great aunt talk about how “the gays” shouldn’t be able to get married bc civil partnerships were good enough and “they shouldn’t be allowed to have children bc people need to know who their parents are” (but straight adoption is just fine) like,,,,,,,,,,d,,ie

The Microsoft Dropbox Partnership is Good for Small Business

Dropbox has become a top collaboration tool for many companies. It allows businesses to share files that are too big to send through email, as well as store files for access from any device. But the Dropbox integration with Microsoft has taken the app to a new level, helping professionals not only access their documents but work with them whether they’re in the office or on the road.

The integration effort is just the latest example of how Microsoft is becoming more open under the leadership of CEO Satya Nadella. Even though Microsoft offers storage services that compete with Dropbox’s, thanks to Nadella’s vision, the company sees the many benefits of partnering up with one of the top collaboration tools used in business today.

Here are a few things business owners should know about the Microsoft Dropbox partnership.

What This Means for Microsoft and Dropbox

Before taking over as CEO of Microsoft in early 2014, Nadella served as the company’s corporate vice president for business solutions. As far back as 2006, Nadella was expressing the importance of integrating desktop and online solutions.

Microsoft is surrounded by companies that are using the cloud to meet businesses’ everyday needs and by having a visionary like Nadella in place, the company has been able to compete with forward-thinking companies like Google.

In fact, one Forbes contributor recently speculated that Microsoft is now the innovator, while Google has taken Microsoft’s place as being behind the times. The Microsoft Dropbox partnership means that Microsoft can leverage the heavy user bases of both software platforms for the benefit of both.

Although Dropbox has only been around since 2008, the company has quickly become a leader in cloud file storage. In addition to Microsoft, it recently announced an alliance with accounting software company Xero. Although Dropbox already has 400 million users, these partnerships are aimed at improving the user experience, as well as potentially drawing new users to its platform.

What This Means for Your Business

Through the Microsoft Dropbox partnership, businesses can enjoy an improved ease of use, including the ability to:

  • Edit Word documents on a mobile device or in a web browser, with changes automatically synced across all devices.
  • Send Dropbox links to Office documents through email.
  • Collaborate on documents in real time.
  • Be notified when others are viewing or editing a document while logged into that document.
  • Leave comments for others within Dropbox.
  • Integrate with apps like Smartsheet for collaboration on Excel documents.

By integrating, both Dropbox and Microsoft are creating a more seamless user experience, where employees can move seamlessly between mobile devices and PCs. These changes will make it easier for professionals to collaborate and communicate even when team members are on the other side of the country.

Microsoft is growing its community to include more solutions than ever. In doing so, the company is improving its own cloud solutions in the hopes of continuing to remain at the top of its field. This is to the benefit of end users, who will now be able to edit and view documents from anywhere, using the devices they have with them.

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Image: Dropbox/Facebook

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Looks like even WWE got the hint after Terminator Genysis bombed. Still hoping to salvage the franchise, and make good on their partnership with Terminator producers, WWE 2K16 will feature the original and T2 versions of Arnold as preorder bonuses.
Has anyone at WWE actually watched these movies? I mean at least the Mortal Kombat guests were able to kill. I don’t foresee Arnie carrying a shotgun to the ring and demanding anyone’s spandex.

Infographic: From Energy Production to Electricity Consumption
GOOD Partnerships and Focus the Nation and Oliver Munday contributed in Environment, Energy and News

It’s Energy month at GOOD, so we’ve teamed up with Portland, Oregon’s Focus the Nation, an organization that’s empowering youth to make smart environmental choices in their communities. This infographic is part of a series exploring our use of energy resources.

Powering on your computer is more than just pressing a button. The flow of electricity is made possible from multiple energy sources, whether they’re imported and exported fossil fuels, like natural gas, petroleum, and coal, or domestically-produced nuclear electric power and renewable energy. Check out our latest infographic above that shows how the electricity around us flows from source to consumption. You can follow the U.S. electricity flow from production on the left to consumption on the right, with energy’s measured in quadrillion British ton units (Btu). With all this electricity wasted, it is clear we need to conserve our energy sources.

What is primarily fueling the activities of our modern economy today are the fossil fuels which have stored the sun’s energy over more than a millenium, coupled with nuclear power, which has been around for only the last five decades. If the United States is to prepare for a more sustainable future, it must start turning to renewable energy to meet our energy needs, using sources like hydroelectric power, biomass, geothermal, solar-photovoltaic, and wind.

To learn more about the Energy discussion on GOOD, visit our Energy hub and follow Focus the Nation.

BUNNEY Collaborates with Traditional British Chemist & Perfumer D.R. Harris

Following up a zodiac themed lip balm collaboration in 2014, accessory label Bunney unveils more skilfully crafted goods made in partnership with traditional British chemist and perfumer, D.R. Harris. Founded in 1790 by Henry Harris and Daniel Rotely Harris, this respected apothecary based in St. James has received the Windsor seal of approval several times over; granted the Royal Warrant as Chemist to HM The Queen Mother in 1938, HRH The Prince of Wales in 2002 and HM The Queen in 2012. The Quintessentialy English establishment holds dear to its traditional image, that old-school aesthetic and trusted brand making it a cult hit worldwide.

Adding a contemporary touch, Bunney reworks their original joint effort, replacing star signs with two new lids for a menthol and cocoa butter balm; a hand-engraved ‘DRH’ crest from the archive and a clean, blank surface ready to be monogrammed with the initials of your choice. Produced by experienced makers, Bunney ensures its forward-thinking designs are brought to life by only the most skilled craftsmen. Find your very own in-store at D.R. Harris.

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For the meme-- 7


Taeku Yor, a Jedi from the Star universe (argh, names, I suck at names! *smooshes together some more syllables and prays it doesn’t mean something rude in some language*). She’s a fairly young Jedi, brownish red with dark tan fins. Before the war, she never found a host that quite fit, and her clone Second didn’t entirely either (nice a being as he was/is). When several folks ended up volunteering as spies for the Jedi, Taeku ended up with a Zabrak double agent as a host, and they hit it off very well. It’s more than a little awkward being in a host from a Sep world, but they don’t want to give up a good working partnership.