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I want to thank all those who participated in our first giveaway! It means a lot to us,and we can’t thank you guys enough. I would also like to thank all the blogs that shouted us out, and made us feel welcome to the community. I really couldn’t thank y'all enough for your kindness! It means a lot! If there’s anything we can do y'all, let us know


Casting Call

My apologies for all the questions by the way! I was just a bit confused on some parts and it wasn’t too clear to me. @mac-cosimetics

Good luck to everyone who enters! <3

CC Used:

Eyelashes | Eyeshadow | Eyeliner | Contour | Lipstick | Cupids Bow | Bodysuit | Skin | Hair | Shoes | Nose Mask | Eyebrows | Eyes

Thank you to all the CC makers and I believe there is a custom default skin tone as well but I can’t seem to find it, regular EA skin tones will do as well :) 

/throws these new series into our never ending list/ _(」∠ 、ン、)_

  • Futari Dakeshika Shiranai (Ikuta Mugi)
  • Ichimai Goshi Fetish (Yamasaki Uni)
  • Itokoi (Azumi Kyouhei)
  • Romeo 2-gou wa Juliet ni Koi wo Suru ka?  (Ichinomiya Shihan)

Already bought 2 of these books and just waiting for it, then waiting for Itokoi to be released so can buy it as well then found a raw provider for Ichimai Goshi! :D

If you are a Vegan, I think that is awesome. If you are a Vegan who gets all up in my business and calls me “cruel and disgusting” because I choose to eat meat and feed my puppy a food that contains meat, then you had better be damn sure that every product that you use on your body, face, hair and teeth does not come from a company that tests on animals. The same goes for any cleaning products you use in your home, if you have a cleaning service they should be using only cruelty free as well. Your clothes had better not contain any component from an animal source, that includes silk (worms are animals too). You cannot be using honey, bees are “smoked” to control them during harvesting. Make sure that any and all medications you take we’re not tested on animals to be invented, (so, if you are diabetic, good luck). If you are not absolutely free of using anything that a animal has either been used for testing or farmed for your use, then stfu!

My friend and I went to play tennis at the park and six people walked passed with their noses in their phones. One of the people yelled,“ God damn it not another fucking pidgey!”

And I knew.

We started wishing everyone who passed us good luck in finding their Pokémon. Turns out, EVERYONE who passed us was playing it. Even a couple with their young daughter had their noses in their phones. Their daughter was maybe four and was in the middle of the pair when we asked if they too were looking for Pokémon.

The parents, in unison, yelled “Hell yeah!” The little girl started laughing and jumped around talking about how she was helping finding the Pokémon.

I’m literally so happy this game exists.

Sounds like there is not much news on the filibuster in online news? But I’m not kidding, my dash has been 99% all about it and it’s really cool to see everyone together and passionate about something like this. Tomorrow I expect will be much of the same!
But for now, I will sleep better known this one battle is won. Here’s hoping we continue this trend! Night all!