imho even tho we’ve had some amazing moments on the show so far nothing has topped the moment liam figures out that something’s up in the last few moments of episode 57

liam’s nervous smile as he asks

“…can i make an insight check?”

and matt’s cool response as he rolls some dice

“you… would if you had time.”

to this day i still get chills watching that scene

‘i may be short but you’re still beneath me’ –lord cutler beckett probably

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Idk what jouta is I'm so confused

Take a seat, my child, and listen…

Apparently, CLAMP, a popular manga group, were the ones who are responsible for adding Jouta into the scene in 1994! Good lord, right!?

Anyways, it’s a mini story about what happened if the Stardust Crusaders survived Egypt. Jotaro and Kakyoin got married and everyone was happy! :D

One morning, Joseph, Jotaro and the others heard Kakyoin screaming only to find a large ostrich-sized egg before him.

From there, there was the famous line from Polnareff, saying: “Kakyoin! Did you lay this egg!?”

The egg hatched and a baby came out, looking more like Jotaro and the adventures began as Kakyoin named the baby Jouta and raised it with his Husband. (Joseph loved the baby.) In a week, Jouta attended kindergarten and beats the crap outta kids and was good at drawing. (He drew his father as an example.)

He didn’t get along with Jotaro as they would fight, revealing the Jouta had a stand that looked like Star Platinum but green. XD Jotaro got lazy and named it after dish soap which is Charmy Green.

The story got weirder as 10 years passed and Jouta was already as tall as his father and looked like he is 16 when he was actually only 10-years-old attending High school. He befriended Josuke when the family went to Morioh. Josuke being surprised that Kakyoin was Jouta’s mom, praised Jotaro for having such a great family. Now Jouta questions his friendship with Josuke as he just couldn’t get himself to like Jotaro after all these years fighting his father. lol.

I’m just vaguely telling you the story, but no one knows why or how Jouta was actually born. It’s impossible for a human to lay an egg. Some of the Jojo fandom sees this story as a sinful piece of trash that needs to leave. I find it funny and adorable that this story became popular for its bizarreness.


Mun! Madame: So, idk about you guys (because we never get any feedback on our OCs anyway) but I fucking love KuroShin with all my heart like omg Soul just writes the best scenes doesn’t she?? Like hnggggg good lord I can’t. ANYWHOOS, when I ship shit I tend to write for that pairing and since Soul didn’t wanna do the weather prompt I figured I might write a little snippet on how I view this dysfunctional set of people. Just for fun. Can kinda be considered a part of OC week but not really.

He was a calamity. A natural disaster waiting to explode. Like a tornado, ever moving and ever callous.

They say if you make it to the eye of the tornado, then you won’t be hurt. But this motionless calm is almost worse than the sharp and biting winds. It’s not safe, here. Because even if all is still, she won’t escape this prison.

She was the desert sun. Beating down on the sand, constant and determined.

They say the Sahara takes no prisoners. That you either survive or you don’t, in this barren land of nothingness, where frail things like fate and hope do not prevail. Where only knowledge and skill will allow you to live another day.  It’s not safe, here. Because even if one should find the oasis hidden within, he won’t ever last long enough to make it out.

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Behind the scenes: Rocker (haha back !))

Send me ‘Behind the scenes’ for conversation between the mun and the muse

Bill: Pffft. No cheating. As if.

Me: What?

Bill: This carnival jaunt, it’s ridiculous! I’m Bill Cipher, I always win by any means necessary! 

Me: Come on now, go easy on him. He’s your best friend. You already blasted the poor guy into a mud puddle and ruined his suit, throw him a bone.

Bill: Fuck bones, I’m winning these games, all of them.

Me: Why are you so competitive suddenly?


Me: ….Is this because I said Rocker was better-looking than you last week?


Me: You’re really still stuck on that?

Bill: My own assistant…

Me: Wouldn’t being attracted to you make this job more difficult? Don’t do this to me. You’re not…bad but I’m also kind of like your mom or…some type of guardian. Mostly you’re my boss. So this is weird. Possessing a Rick or not I still think of you as a triangle.


Me: Please don’t do this again. 

Bill: No. I’m not letting this go. This is the mess you’ve made. Live with it.

Me: -sighs-