(day two (17th) art school AU
Lapis procrastinates, but is also a sweetie



“Good evening to you too Lazuli. How was your day?” Peridot walked in on her roommate/girlfriend surrounded by a bunch of everything. It was obvious she was trying to create… something.

“Shut up. I have to make a sculpture in 10 hours.”

“That’s some time. As long as you don’t sleep.”

“Yeah. I don’t plan to. And it’s not enough time.”

“Well, what’s the assignment?”

“Something that reminds you of your past. For some reason, I can’t think of a God damn thing that has ever happened to me.”

“Hm. And when was this assignment assigned?”

“Peridot, you know me. Whether this was assigned 2 weeks ago or 2 years ago, I’d still be starting it now.”

“So, 2 weeks ago?”

“Yeah. Now either shut up or help me.”

Peridot sighed and sat down next to Lapis “Well, what’s happened in your life?”

“Nothing. That’s the problem.”

“Um… What about being accepted into this school?”

“Ew. I’ll look like a kiss up. And like 10 other students are doing that.”

“Past relationships?”

“I have too much junk of Jasper inspired art. It’s starting to get me down whenever I look at my portfolio.”

“What about current relationships? I’m sure a certain green clad genius wouldn’t mind being the star of your art every once in awhile.” Peridot’s grin was sickening.

“Nah. It’s hard to do details on something so small.” Lapis knew she deserved the punch in the arm.

“Do you even have time to make details?”

“True. Ok. I think I got something. Thanks.” With a quick peck on the cheek, Lapis started going to work.

Peridot knew it was best to leave her to her art, so she got up and started doing her own homework on her own bed, then fell asleep after a few hours.

Peridot awoke to a “Aha! Finished! Oh shit. Sorry Dot.” just as the sun was starting to rise.

“No. No. It’s fine.” Peridot rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, and reached for her glasses on the night stand. “Can I see it?”

“Uh… Yeah. Go ahead.” Lapis turned her little sculpture so Peridot could see.

Despite what Lapis had said the night before, the details were amazing. Peridot had to make sure Lapis hadn’t just shrunk her. “Wow Laz. Is that our first kiss?”
“I know, I know. It’s mushy and gross. But you know how weak Mrs. Quartz is for mushy and gross.”

Peridot tried to listen to her girlfriend. But she was so transfixed. Lapis remembered everything. From what they were wearing, to where they were. The back of a small bistro downtown. She had even added the cigarette butt near their feet that Peridot was complaining about right before Lapis had kissed her. And the flower Peridot had to save from Lapis accidentally stepping on. “Wow Laz. You remembered everything.”

“Well, it was only a few months ago. And it’s like important and junk. And… Yeah. Now shove over. I can probably still get about an hour of sleep, and it’s drying on my bed.”

Peridot took her glasses back off and gave Lapis as much room as she could on a twin bed.

Lapis crawled in and wrapped her arms around Peridot. “I was right.”

“About what?”

“It’s hard to do details on something so small.”

“Oh shut up and go to sleep.”

i really hope team skull doesn’t have some whack ass plan like the other teams did. drown the world?? create a new one and become a god?? what the actual fuck like calm down i really hope guzma and team skull are legit just here to fuck shit up and have a good time and a quick laugh 

God does tumblr make this simple yet sorta lazy animation lag as hell–

Yeah so this is what i’ve been working just for fun due to the hype of the kalos league buuuuut….you know how it ended.

This was just me messing around in Photoshop though :U honestly if i really wanted to do a really good one it would have taken me days– and I have to focus on my comic now more than ever–

so enjoy this thing i created because of the hype i dont even care about anatomy fails in this i wasn’t even trying that hard to do something decent–

enjoy i guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


so, there’s this theory. Its called the nepeta is gamzee theory. I honestly have no idea what I think about this theory but I’m still gonna post about it cause its interesting

The nepeta is gamzee theory is based off of the fact that when gamzee killed equius and nepeta ran towards him, she swapped souls with him. Her god tier is rogue of souls. (having the ability to steal others souls for the good of her friends)

There is a lot of evidence to back this up and I’m not going to go into to much detail but
1) nepeta had a shipping chart and a lot of otps. “Gamzee” mixed troll potions to create otps. He was also there for when kanaya and rose became a couple, if it were actually gamzee he would have no reason to be there.
2) Nepeta snuck around the vents a lot, that’s one thing every homestuck knows. After gamzee apparently killed nepeta, he snuck began to sneak through the vents.
3) throughout homestuck a lot of people were making fun of the fact that gamzees god tier was fake. Nepeta being a class couldn’t reach gamzees god tier if she were in fact him. She is also a cosplay and can make costumes.
4) nepeta has been seen wearing her prays fur and drawing in their blood. Shortly after gamzer “killed” nepeta, he began drawing in peoples blood.

There’s a lot more but those are a few that make a lot of sense to me and ALMOST have me convinced. There’s only really one thing thats making me feel a little eh

==> nepeta never reached god tier. At that time only vriska had reached god tier. How could she use her god tier powers if she never reached it? Given that it takes time to perfect a power, especially one that strong.

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Is having a pet wrong?

Hey there! I can only give you my opinion, I’m sure others even within the vegan community feel differently or maybe even similarly. 

I personally feel that there are a lot of animals that have been displaced, overpopulated or domesticated because of us and a lot of those times it is our responsibility to clean up what we created. This answer might get a little ranty so feel free to stop reading now if you’d like!

So keeping animals that have become dependent on us because of something we created while stopping further breeding or trading, I see as good or acceptable. I personally have a cat, a family dog and a hedgehog. This little dog could not exist out in the wild without dying of god knows what. Poor little yorkie is the sweetest kid ‘round town. The cat would add to the destruction of local ecosystems if we just let her go free and maybe even injure herself. She also is so sweet and just wants to cuddle and nap while I play with her paws. What gets me about the hedgehog is that these animals literally had no need to be living with people. The previous “owners” got a puppy and were just going to get “rid” of him. This animal has no idea how to hibernate, he’s not even living in the right climate. When contacting the Hedgie Society they offered to rehome him. There’s no way to put him in an open area to run free with the other hedgies, especially since he’s on the older side. I work in a vet hospital and can get him free exams, extremely cheap vaccines and food– but I honestly can’t give him the life he deserved to live no matter how hard I try and how much space he has to run around at night. 

Animals like that little hedgie have NO NEED to be captured, bred, sold, traded to becoming human “pets”. Sugar gliders, often birds, fish, reptiles and other animals that are not rescues or rehomes just make me upset. Why are we taking these little guys and not giving them the ultimate experience and instead keeping them in confined tanks or even trying to domesticate them?

Yeah, I know, not my best post but I think it’s a really sore subject for me. As much as I love my hedgehog he deserves so much more and someone took that from him. I can only give him what I can for his last few years. Hope you’re well. 

If someone one a less clouded head wants to add, please do. Love yall.

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Hello Father! I have a question, could God have created a reality with free will without evil? Why didn't He?

That’s a good question.

It is way out of my league, however. It deals with possible worlds, or other universes, besides the one I actually live in. I can only see these questions from the perspective of reality, and my reality is not other worlds or universes.

Speaking of the world you and I live in, it would simply be impossible to have creatures with free will, and somehow control and manipulate that will so that it only does what is right and good. That would contradict the whole meaning of free will. In fact, the lack of free will would not only remove the possibility of evil, it would also remove the possibility for love, since love is free.

Or, let’s put it another way. How does God give a creature a free will, but without letting that creature have the option of choosing evil? 

Even among the angels, who do not have a body, and who do not have emotional impulses and carnal temptations like we do, but are pure intellect, there was a choice which was made for evil, instead of for good.

So if anyone could think of the concept of free will, and how it could possibly exist in any creature of God–without the option for choosing evil–I’d like to hear them on it. 

God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Nekromanteion (Oracle of the Dead) Ritual

This is a ritual based off of the historical accounts and known facts about the Nekromanteion practices. It is not the end all be all, rather a suggested route to go about doing it. Going in with another, more experienced person is recommended, because you will need someone to constantly be chanting and invoking the dead if possible, but also because it’s good to have a backup in case something goes wrong. Here are the steps I have created in the efforts of helping you and myself.

What you’ll need:
♠ Three bloodless offerings
♠ A black sheep image
♠ Broad beans, pork, barley bread, or oysters to eat
♠ Khernips
♠ Prayers
♠ Invocations to the Dead

Step one:
Cleanse yourself of miasma and pray to the gods. Ask for guidance and protection, and a blessing over you so that you may hear the voices of the dead and understand what they say. Pray to whomever you desire, some ideas include Zeus for protection, Haides for a clear view into the realm of the dead, and Okeanos for cleansing.

Step Two:
Go into a pitch black room and eat the food of the dead. It is often recommended to eat things like pork, broad beans, oysters, and barley bread. (1)

Step Three:
Stay in a dark room and begin to meditate. Think about what you want to learn from the dead, and specifically how you will be getting the information.

Step Four:
Enter the place you will be conducting the ritual. Offer the sheep figure, and recite a hymn to Haides and Persephone.

Step Five:
If you’re not with another person who will be reciting invocations to the dead, then turn on a recording of such chants. Have them recite a few and then make your first offering. Ask Haides to bring you closer to the dead, and visualize yourself passing through a gate. You have crossed the first gate of Haides. Repeats this process with the three gates, giving your biggest offering last.

Step Six:
Await the dead, listen for their voices, and watch for any movement. Allow yourself to hear them, whether physically or within your mind. Remember all you hear and close down the ritual. Command all of the dead to leave for now, and thank them for their time. Do this even if you do nor hear anything.

Step Seven:
For three days, focus on purifying yourself. If possible, visit sacred places such as oceans or springs. Cleanse yourself with khernips and send up prayers to the gods each day for cleansing.


Tag game!

Nickname: Josie or Jos'e. I got the latter from a much cringe 4th grade camp experience.

Height: I’m smol trash so only 5"2

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Wearing right now: my dad’s light blue button-up, and jean shorts

When did you create your blog: about a year ago (dear god I have changed)

What stuff do you post: reblogs of self-care, Hamilton, destiel, Johnlock, phan, and the like

Do you get asked on a daily basis: never gotten an ask before *shrugs*

Why did you pick your URL: I’m a tiny student traveling my way through life

Ok tags ermm: @lunamoonlc123 @jazziestawe @fuck-thats-ville @det00xjustoret00x @abroacephan

(This is my first tag game ever and I’m just a small blog so thank you to @novemberpeppermints for tagging me)

marcel vs dc is honestly the most childish thing like 

“i’m going to ignore or reject literally hundreds of different unique stories by hundreds of unique and talented artists and writers, all of whom have different perspectives, styles, and beliefs. I am also going to ignore the fact that both companies have created incredible works of art and also a lot of verified shit. I choose to reject the positive role models, complex story arcs, and diversity from the company that isn’t mine. All because I have a bizarre loyalty to a multi million dollar corporation that doesn’t give a shit about me”. 

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Loki,what do you like to do in your downtime when you aren't doing Fury's dirty work? Any hobbies? And what does a demi god such as yourself like to eat? (Other than Jack, of course#askthemuse I could have used you the other night to go to walgreens

Sit on the balcony, listen to music, drink whiskey.  Not really hobbies, I suppose - though I do like to piddle about in my lab, concocting and creating.  I’m a bit of a scientist/alchemist/chemist by nature and this realm has a lot of interesting ingredients for me to play with.

I rather enjoy a good plate of pasta, though I won’t turn down a steak, medium rare.  No Jack jokes.  I take my Jack very seriously ;)

And due to the influx of recent requests, I’ll probably be starting a middle of the night drugstore pick-up service.

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Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask ? But what does Leaf think of the others champions (Cynthia, Steven, Diantha etc...) ? I wanted to say that i LOOOOOOVE your comics, your drawings and your characters, Danny is fantastic, John perfect, Leaf (OH GOD LEAF !!) so great and Charlie I want to hug them so bad ! So, THANK YOU for creating all of them ! Have a nice day !

Yeah, here’s good! :D
I’ve answered this before.
Leaf is a big fan of Cynthia (and a little jealous of her height lmao). They have a rivalry of sorts.
Steven and Sam are friends so Leaf is kinda buddies with him? They have a friendly rivalry.
CURRRENTLY; Leaf has respect for Alder and knows that he is in a bad place after losing a pokemon important to him. Before From Grace, Alder was the weird uncle champion who was really kind and funny. And while they had not met personally, they respected each other.
[I haven’t played XY so I don’t have any headcanons but Leaf would probably see her similar to Cynthia]

beesbeesbees replied to your post “beesbeesbees replied to your post “Are there any masters that you…”

I feel like if they wanted to do the archer parallel they might even go as far as to give Sakura her own reality marble? maybe she wouldn’t be able to use her infinite mana except for in said reality marble, or maybe it would just take the cap off how much mana she can use in a single attack (that thing that kept her from obliterating rin at the end of HF)? God Knows. I think her using a dual wielding weapon similar to Rider’s would be nice + another Archer parallel

The reality marble is an interesting thought, def would make a good parallel to archer, and im curious what sort of world Sakura’s mind would create. Not really sure what kind of powers it would have, though your idea of her being able to harness her full grail mana in it is nice. A dual wielding weapon would be a great connection to both Rider and Archer, but again im coming up blank for what weapons she would wield, as close combat has always been sakura’s main weakness and she only ever fights with her shadows in canon. For her bow though, i had the thought that Archer Sakura could use a bow and arrows made from her shadows. 

Day 16: John 1:1-8

I’m a writer. Words are my thing. I love words. This whole passage is about the Word and how the Word was with God and the Word was God and how the Word became flesh, but I realized I never really considered the passage before. 

First of all I really like how the first couple of verses sound like a chant or a song. It’s like prose just doesn’t cut what was happening there. It’s higher than that, more beautiful and more supernatural.

Second, I never before really connected the whole “word was God” passage with the fact that creation was spoken into existence. I also wonder why I never connected the fact that writers create entire worlds with words with the fact that God created an actual world with words. We are created in God’s image–everything good we have is a shadow of his real deal, so while it’s really an amazing thing that we can come up with whole worlds it makes a lot of sense at the same time. 

“For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good work which God prepared in advance for us to do.”-Ephesians 2:10

“God has given each and every one of us a gift. But many times I look around and see woman(and men) who are not willing to use their gifts because they feel inadequate or have low self-esteem. If only we would put our trust in God to lead us into what we can do! Ellen White wrote, "Not more surely is the place prepared for us in heavenly mansions than is the special place designated on earth where we are to work for God” (Christ Object Lessons, p.37)

What is it that you love to do? What gives you energy? Do you have a passion that you can use for God? Have others said things to you about what you are good at? Where do you feel God is leading you?

When you have answered these questions, pray that God will guide you into what you can do for Him and for others. Start seeing possibilities.“-Claire Sanches-Schutte