Rockstar/Paparazzi AU

James Hook is a mysterious and eccentric rock star. Notoriously bad relations with the paparazzi. Rumors abound about his life before stardom - no one even knows if Hook is his real name. He seemed to come from nowhere, but as soon as his song ‘Milah’ was released it was a massive worldwide hit catapulting him to near overnight fame.

Emma Swan is a photographer and investigator. Okay, she’s a paparazzo. She’d always been good at finding people, catching them through her camera lens. But since the day she sold her first celebrity pic (for WAY more money than she’d ever made in bail bonds) she has always insisted on absolute anonymity. She never lets the stars know HER face or name. 

She is hired by Regina Mills, editor of the infamous tabloid EQ. Regina received an anonymous tip that Hook stole ‘Milah’ from the original songwriter and is about to be sued for millions in royalties. Emma’s job is to go undercover as a groupie and try to get the scoop - and whatever exclusive photos she can along the way. 

Emma isn’t sure how she feels about being so close to a mark - she’s more of a telephoto lens kind of girl - but the money is too good and the mystery of Hook too intriguing. Just this one time, maybe she can risk getting up close and personal.

Hahaha! I have no chill, I just keep coming up with half-formed story ideas! Meep!

Good Boy-Bad Girl Update!

Hi All, here is finally the next chapter update! Thanks for those who’ve stuck around and I hope you enjoy it. I want to dedicate this to @mockingjayne12 who is a wonderful person who’s had a tough week. 

And thanks alway to my All-stars -

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“Are you ready know where we’re going Steve McQueen?”

“Who?” He just shakes his head in disappointment, and shifts in his seat like he’s trying to relax. I can tell by the death grip he has on his armrest, it’s not working. We’ve been driving up the coast for about 15 minutes, and I don’t think he’s appreciating how I’ve been flying down the streets and taking some of the hairpin turns.

“Okay, next time we do this, it’s a movie night, my house. Popcorn. Now can you please head towards the highway,” he grumbles, completely unsuccessful at hiding his unease.

“Just relax, you can trust me,” I say but he catches the evil glint in my eye and he flips me the finger while also using it to point me in the right direction. “Now where are we going?”

“It’s a surprise. It’ll take awhile to get there. But it’s worth it. I promise,” he answers enigmatically and I try to contain my frustration that he won’t tell me his mysterious destination.

“I don’t know why I’m trusting you. You could be kidnapping me for all I know.”

He snorts at that. “It would require you not to be in total control of my car right now. Just trust me.”

“Unlikely,” I mutter under my breath.

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Close Call

Ahhhh!! I just saw your post about open requests and am so excited!! If possible, could you do a Derek, Hotch, or Rossi angsty one where the reader has issues with intimacy bc of a bad experience/ or self body issues. Kind of like the one you did with Emily?? Thank you 😊😊

I can do this!  I hope you enjoy it, because here it is…comin’ ‘atcha!

He was doing it again.

Kissing your neck.

It felt so good, and it set your body aflame.

You loved it when Aaron kissed your neck.

But it always ended the same way.

He always had to try and lay you down.

“Aaron,” you breathed as you put your hands on his chest.  He would search your eyes, his pupils blown wide as the blackness begged for mercy…any type of mercy.

But his irises…those beautiful, brown irises…they understood.

You latched onto that understanding.

“I’m sorry,” he would murmur as he helped you upright.  “Are you alright?”

And you would always answer yes.

Even though you never were.

You stood in the mirror for the hundredth time in who-knows-how many months.  You slowly peeled your pants off as your shirt cascaded down to your knees.  You were thankful for the rising style of tunics and sweater dresses.  You hated exposing your skin.  You hated summer and the bathing suits.

You didn’t even own a bathing suit.

You hated the toned women that Aaron worked with.  You hated their bodies.  You saw the pictures of his ex: how thin and radiant she was.

You hated her, too.

It took you years…YEARS…to get the weight off.  Years to right your diet.

Years to accept you had an issue.

And what were you rewarded with after losing 200 pounds?

Sagging skin.


Deflated balloons for thighs and excess skin around your midsection.

You were so ecstatic when you got the phone call from your doctor saying that you were eligible for the surgery.  You knew that if you could just get this skin off and heal, that you could finally make love to Aaron they way you wanted to.

The way that he deserved.

You took a deep breath as you inspected your body for the last time.

And you smiled at the though that it was the last time.

It shouldn’t have shocked you that Aaron was at your bedside that afternoon.  It shouldn’t have shocked you that, even though you kept it a secret, he had still known.

Or found out.

Maybe Garcia had tracked you down.

“I’m right here,” he soothed lowly as he brushed your hair out of your face.

Your body hurt.

It throbbed and it hurt, and it felt like you had been hit by a bus.

“Here,” Aaron murmured lowly as you heard a beeping in the distance.  “This should help.”

His voice sounded so far away.

You lost yourself in your dreams.  You lost yourself in Aaron’s arms, and his kisses.  The way he praised your body and sunk his fingertips into your tight, toned flesh.  You lost yourself in the way he buried himself between your legs and hummed praises of your body as he lapped up your juices.  You lost yourself in his touches and his grunts as he pushed himself deeper…further…harder into the caverns of your body.

You lost yourself in your dream.

“Y/N?” you hear him say.

He sounded so far away.

“Y/N, can you open your eyes for me?” he asked lowly in your ear.

You sighed as you nuzzled your cheek into him, and he chuckled lightly to himself.

“I need you to open your eyes,” he pleaded.

Why did he sound so sad?

“Mr. Hotchner, we’re gonna have to move her if she doesn’t wake up,” you heard the doctor say.

Not wake up?

You tried moving your body, but you laid completely still.  You tried talking, but all you could do was breathe.  You tried opening your eyes, but all they did was roll back and forth…side to side…

…and then he thrust again into you, and you lost yourself.

To your dreams.

You whimpered in pain as your body shifted.  You groaned as tears rose in your eyes, and you slowly peeled your eyes open as the darkness of the room flooded your vision.  The back of your legs ached and your stomach stung, and your arms felt so heavy.

“Y/N!?” Aaron breathed as you felt someone grasp your hand.

“Y/N…can you hear me?” Aaron asked.

He was panicked.

Why was he so panicked?

“Yes…” you breathe out as you cleared your throat.

“Doctor!” Aaron roared as people flipped the light on and began flooding the room.

You were poked and prodded.  You had lights shined in your eyes that blinded you as people fiddled with your IV.  You felt fingertips bounce on the tender parts of your body as you tried to wriggle away.

Aaron saw the panic rising in your features.

“Ssshhhh sh sh sh,” he said as he cupped your cheek with his hands.  “It’s alright,” he choked out.  “I’m right here.”

Something wet was dripping on your face.

“The surgery…” you trailed off.

“You’re fine.  Everything is alright,” Aaron breathed as his thumbs stroked your cheeks.

“How did you…know…?” you ask as your vision finally returns.

You saw that he was crying.

Why was he crying?

“Garcia,” he managed to get out as you watched his bottom lip tremble.

“Oh, Y/N,” he whispered as he brought his lips down upon yours.

The kiss was warm.  It was warm, and soft, and long.  No tongue, no desperation.  Just…longing.

“I had to have-”

“I know,” Aaron said.

“-the surgery so-”

“Y/N,” Aaron stopped you as he looked you deeply in your eyes.  “I know.”

“How could you possibly-?”

“I’m a profiler,” he smiles lightly.  “I know how self conscious you were, and I know you thought I wouldn’t accept your body for what it was.  I knew you were putting off intimacy until you had the surgery.”

“Intimacy,” you smiled crookedly.  “So old fashioned.”

The two of you giggled together as a doctor came into the room.

“You gave us quite a scare there,” he said.

You furrowed your brow as Aaron sat down on the bed and brought your hand to his lips to kiss.

“You, uh…” he began.

“It’s not Monday…is it?” you ask lightly.

The look in Aaron’s eyes…the fear and the sadness…the hesitancy and the relief.

It wasn’t Monday.

“You had a fat embolism on the table,” the doctor began.  “We chased it around for two hours before we finally stabilized you on the table.  It happened just as we were closing you up, and your body went through a lot of trauma.”

You heard Aaron sniffle as he kissed your hand again.

“We put you in a medically-induced coma for 24 hours, but when we brought you off of the medicine, you didn’t come to,” the doctor finished.

“What…what day is it?” you ask as you look over at Aaron.

“Friday,” he said lowly.


It was…it was Friday?

“I’m so glad you came back,” Aaron breathed as he kissed your hand over and over and over again.

Tears inched their way out of your eyes as you laid your head back onto the bed.

“What happens now?” you ask lightly.

“You stay through the weekend, continue to recuperate.  We’ll reevaluate your condition Monday morning, and we take it from there,” the doctor reassured you as he patted your foot.

“You’re body’s been through quite a trauma.  It won’t heal as efficiently as we would like through this process, but you will heal,” he smiled kindly.

Your mind was reeling as the doctor left the room.  You thought back on all the times you could have made love to Aaron.  All the times you could have felt his body instead of dreamt of it.  All the times you could have felt him inside of you instead of just imagining it.

You wasted so much time…

“Aaron, I-”

“There’s no reason to be sorry,” he breathed.

“Just hush and let me talk,” you chuckled lowly.

“Sorry,” he murmured as a smile crossed his face.

“Promise me something,” you say as you guide your hand down to his thigh.

“Anything,” he said earnestly.

“When I’m finally healed, and home, and healthy…” you trail off.

He was hanging onto your every word.

“…promise me you will ravish me,” you whisper as tears well in your eyes.

“Over…and over…and over again,” you breathe as your eyes flutter up to his.

It was then that he dipped his lips onto yours, burying his tongue inside of your mouth and swiped it along your cheeks, drinking every part of you up in desperation as his hand caressed your cheek.

“Promise,” he murmured lowly into your lips.

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Your comment on that article says it all. This baby is just another human being for Chernobyl to exploit until she gets bored. I give her three days until she realizes motherhood is actually difficult and then she hires nannies and only sees the child for paid photo ops.

Given what we know about her, I’m sure she has no intention of raising a kid without a squadron of help. 

She’s a stunt queen, so the motivations for motherhood may be more PR driven than anything else. It’s happened before. Like Joan Crawford stunt adopting kids she didn’t really want to rehab her image. Or Kelly Preston and John Travolta’s stunt baby used to change the narrative from their Scientology beliefs contributing to the death of their oldest child. And you thought your neighbor’s band-aid baby was a bad idea. Celebs real life bad decision making is always on steroids. Cheryl may not even want a baby. But she may feel this is what’s good for her career right now.

She’s also a narcissist. So naturally all the “me me me” that is her life will cut into actual parenting time. But I’m sure she intends to make a buck off this baby too. Like selling the first pix to a tabloid or trying to be a Jessica Alba and getting into the baby product business after having a kid. That’s probably one reason her team felt the kid needed a celebrity dad. Her name value alone ain’t gonna cut it. Not outside of the UK, I’m sure.

I know she’s from the projects (they call them council estates in the UK, right?).

And therefore she probably has an…


And I sympathize and totally get that. Hustle hard. But it’s all in the way you do it. The lies. The using people. The making deals with totally shady industry people like Simon. Girl…no. In all things, have integrity. We’re definitely suffering the consequences of people without a shred of integrity gaining power. Character counts. She has none. I wish her failure and a return to obscurity. And God help that baby. This is no way to bring a child into the world. The fact that she either doesn’t know any better or doesn’t care speaks volumes. May karma come for that ass. 

chapter 5

Mayday || Jinyoung

Originally posted by jackseunie

Reader (you) x Jinyoung

Word Count: 1494

Warnings: SMUT!!!!!

note: i don’t have time to do a note or any tags… imma post this right now because i’m super busy. sorry for the really bad chapter cuz i was in a rush to write this… ily. happy reading. take care. -admin

I knew I shouldn’t get myself mixed up with Jinyoung. And no matter how many times I reminded myself, I would always get sucked into his trance. Yes, I believed he was a good man but in reality, he was something whom everyone should avoid. He was involved with dangerous men that put his life on the line. And if I fell in love with him, I would also put my life in danger. But at the moment, I didn’t think of any of those. I only focused myself with Jinyoung and him only.

I closed my eyes and let out a gasp and Jinyoung’s hands palmed my clothed heat. I could smell the faint alcohol, that I didn’t notice before, in his breath as he hovered over me, pressing the pad of his finger on my clit. I let out a soft moan as Jinyoung began to circle my sensitive moan as my hands made their way up to grip his hair. He moved my panties to the side and began sliding his fingers up and down my wet slit. I gripped his shoulders when he circled my clit, spreading your arousal against the bundle of nerves.

“You are so fucking wet.”  Jinyoung groaned as he slid a finger inside me while he peppering my face with soft kisses. Slipping another finger in, making me arch my back and let out a gasp. Jinyoung started to move his fingers in and out slowly, making me slightly rock my hips as a sign to move faster. But Jinyoung being a tease, kept his slow pace, with a smirk plastered on his face.

“Jinyoung, please.” I whined, wanting more from him. But all he did was take his fingers out of me and stood up from the bed. I watched him as he bent down and to take out his half-drunken bottle of beer. Taking a swing of his beer, he grabbed his fallen short on the floor before rolling it up and climbing in between my legs.

“I want you to be quiet for me, kitten.” Jinyoung growled, the smell of alcohol strong in his breath. “Make a noise and I’ll stop all my movements.”

I nodded my head, immensely turned on by his dominance. Jinyoung just smirked at me before he slipped my head through his rolled up shirt and signaled me to bit on the fabric. Doing exactly what Jinyoung demanded, I bit on his shirt and waited for his next move. But all Jinyoung did was pull my panties down, throwing on the floor before lifting my legs in the air and spreading it apart. The cold air hit my sopping sex as Jinyoung bent down to give my cunt a long lick. He then suddenly put his mouth on my clit and sucks on i t harshly. I tried not to make a noise when Jinyoung switched from hard licking, sucking, and nipping on my throbbing clit. The movements of his mouth are harsh and very sinful, something any man couldn’t give to me.

As I was near my high, Jinyoung pulled away from my pussy and licked his lips. Dropping my legs he was holding, he began fiddling with his belt and pulled his pants and boxers down. He stroked his hard on while staring straight at me.

“Just a warning, kitten,” Jinyoung kissed me before rubbing the head of his cock against my wetness, “I’m not going easy on you.

And with that, he slammed into me in one go, filling my tight walls to the hilt. My arousal made it easy for him to slide in. He pressed his hands on my inner thighs to spread my legs wider apart and began snapping his hips forward at a steady pace. I shut my eyes close and moaned through the shirt as he lifted one of my legs on top of his shoulders. His thrusts became harder by the second, bringing me closer to my peak, making me hard to control my muffled sounds. Jinyoung brought my other leg on top of his other shoulder and began to piston in and out of me at a fast rate, making my breasts jiggle with how hard and fast he was snapping his hip. I started to feel my high coming as I looked at him straight in the eye, my eyes started to water from how rough he was.

“Fuck!” Jinyoung let out a cry as he reached his end, pulling out his cock, his cum shooting all over my stomach. But he noticed that I haven’t reached my high yet as I was still heavily breathing from the harsh orgasm denial. Jinyoung then, without any warnings, slipped three fingers in my tight walls causing me to arch my back.

“Cum for me, kitten.” Jinyoung groaned in my ear as he started to move his fingers at a rapid pace, curling his fingers, hitting the sweet spot. With his other hand, he started to rub my clit in sync, increasing the pleasure. Soon, my orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks, moaning loudly in the shirt. Jinyoung pulled out his fingers and stood up from the bed. Removing the shirt from my mouth, I closed my eyes and let out an unsteady breath.

I felt a cloth on my stomach and opened my eyes to see Jinyoung cleaning up his mess. Without saying a word to me, he picked up his clothes, put them on and left the room. I let out a sigh and sat up in bed. Of course, he would leave after he was finished with me. And I was a fool to notice that he was drunk while I talked with him about being a good man. All he wanted was sex. He ignored my words, got what he wanted, and left me.

“Asshole.” I cursed softly under my breath, feeling slightly frustrated with Jinyoung. Getting up from bed, I started to search around the room for my clothes. Soon, I found them neatly stacked in the bathroom, along with my other stuff, and quickly got changed. I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible and so, I grabbed my stuff and ran out of the room to find myself in a large house. Looking around the hallways, I finally spotted the stairs and ran down them. How could a man like Jinyoung afford a house like this? Did he steal money to afford this?

Those thoughts carried with me as I hit the main floor which was occupied with two familiar guys wandering around the area. The blonde one whose face was very masculine. He wore a tank top which showed his muscular arms and his hair was slicked back. While the other, with brown hair, stared at me with wide eyes. It finally hit me that these two guys were Jinyoung’s friends who were with him at the party.

“Look. Sleep beauty is awake, Mark.” The blonde one noted as he turned his back on me.

“I could see why Jinyoung is attracted to her.” The guy, who apparently was Mark, said.

“Jinyoung isn’t attracted to her, trust me.” The blonde laughed as he went up to Mark and punch his chest. “He’s just using her.”

“Shut the fuck up, Jackson.” Mark hissed as he looked at me. I stood there, not knowing what to do as I listened to these two guys talk about me. To be honest, it kind of hurt me that they were talking about me when I was right in front of them. Saying these rude things made me want to punch them in the face.

“Listen here, honey,” Jackson exclaimed as he turned around to face me, “Jinyoung isn’t a nice man. I’m telling you this so you don’t come back and get your heart broken by him. Forget about him because it will make your life better.”

I nodded my head and pursed my lips. I didn’t know what to do in this situation. Here was a man, telling me to forget about Jinyoung when I tried to. I wanted to avoid him but I can’t. And there has to be a reason for that.

“Um,” I finally spoke up, “Where’s the exit?”

“Over there.” Mark pointed down the hall. “Your shoes are at the front already.”

“Have a good life!” Jackson waved me goodbye as I turned my back on them, fighting back the tears forming in my eyes. Running towards the door, I slipped on my shoes and left the big house. I shook my head and tried to get Jinyoung out of my head. Jackson was right. He would cause me pain if I stayed with him. But why was I feeling so attracted to him.

Forget him, (Y/N).

I thought to myself, as I found myself on the streets. Turning around to look at the large house, I took in a deep breath and sighed.

Forget him…

equius  asked:

i like how feminists are always quick to say "not all feminists are like that" but always enjoy saying "yes all men are like that".

It is more acceptable to group feminists together than men. You do not choose to be male so the actions of other males should not speak on your character. Feminism is a choice and people should be researching the good and bad before joining, since the group is judged by the actions of its members.

I’ve heard soooooo many gamers argue that voice chat, in-game, is a good feature to add and would cut down toxicity because “all the 12 year olds wouldn’t talk” l
ike first off, you can believe its little teenagers all you like, its always dudes like 18~26 range
Second, have you like never played dota or overwatch? I’ve loaded into games where someone will, right off the bat, open with “i think [slur of your choice] are sub-human and should be killed openly”
Voice chat is pretty much always a bad idea in online games

Hi, this is Sky, I might be a little late for the hearts for Sean thing but I still want to contribute! I honestly don’t remember what the first first video of his I watched, but I do remember that I immediately loved his personality and energy! This was just before he got his hair green.

I’m so thankful for Sean, he’s been with us through the good times and the bad, and always had our backs. It’s so great to know that he’s always gonna have videos out for all of us, to cheer us up. I love the community he’s created too, everyone is so nice and supportive! I’m just really thankful that I found Sean, now he’s my favorite YouTuber!! Sean, if you see this, know that so many people support and love you and the content you create! I hope this brightened your day!!




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Re: the anon who said "I don't know if this blog is good or bad for my eating disorder": I'm fat and I have an eating disorder. When I first learned about the concept of fat acceptance, I really wanted to jump into learning all about it, but I just wasn't ready for it yet. Now, after lots of therapy and a few years of progress, I am in a place where I can read about these issues and not be triggered. Take things at your own pace :) Blogs like this will be here when you're healthy enough for them

We will be here! Remember that your well being is always a priority and we know we sometimes talk about very difficult stuff. So if you need to stay away we understand. Even the mods sometimes need it too!
- mod Guillermo

anonymous asked:

Can you do a headcannon with all the guys helping you out during the loss of a loved one? Many thanks! 💕😘

-They all handle it really well.

-They’ll always make sure someone is with you if you need someone to hug or to talk to.

-Darry let’s you stay at their house so they can be there for you.

-And because you’re to sad every time you see your house.

-It hurts to bad.

-They’re good at distracting you too.

-Steve will bring you a lot of presents because he doesn’t really know what to say.

-And Sodapop makes you your favorite cake flavor and other desserts.

-They always have your favorite foods.

-Ponyboy gives the best hugs.

-One day it was just you and Dally.

-And you started to get upset and. he actually hugged you.

-They’re all there for you anyway they can be.


I know there’s a lot of drama in the htgawm fandom right now, (and yes, killing the black kid by his mexican girlfriend’s father isn’t exactly the representation we all want in tv, I am well aware of that) but I just want to say something I haven’t read and I think is the greatest thing the show has.

Annalise loved Wes like he was her own son and she still blamed him for everything so everyone could get away with murder. And you know why? Because we all are selfish af. That’s something I’ve always loved about the show, how it shows people are narcisists, contradictive and instinctively mean. We are literally praising murders or murder’s accomplices every time we watch the show. There’s not an actual line between bad people or good people, we’re all a mess and the show is brilliant at showing this truth.

Just to add onto that post:

Young people on tumblr need to know things aren’t always split black and white, right and wrong. There’s nothing that wholly good or wholly bad. If someone is screeching about how Wrong something is and how Bad everyone that supports it is, take a step back. Educate yourself on both sides of the issue. Form your own opinion

Nothing productive is made from only hearing one opinion. You have to educate yourself and form your own, not one that’s bullied into you

And if someone disagrees with that opinion you form, that’s not an invitation to dig up every dirty thing they’ve ever done or said. Discussions can be held in a polite manner. Speaking with someone who disagrees with you in a calm and polite way can do wonders. Maybe they’ll change your mind; maybe you’ll change theirs; maybe you’ll come to a mutual agreement. You don’t know if you don’t try

If they’re not going to be polite, that’s not an invitation for you to sink to their level. Be a bigger person.

I don’t know, this feels rather rambly, I just. I don’t want to grow up with a generation of kids who think every conflict is a polar decision and that there are no gray zones and no discussions to be had. A whole generation of kids who are unwilling to see another side - even if they don’t agree with it - and think that if someone disagrees, then they’re the scum of the earth

I want to be in a generation of love and compassion, not hate and call out posts

Kuri’s 10/10 Solid DWU Talk


Shoutout to Canada, Australia, Indonesia, and Philippines, we get to test out this shit first AYYYY.

I’m not calling this a review bc I don’t cover everything, I just want to blab about certain stuff.


Dynasty Warriors: Unleashed has not changed too much since its first beta - which is not a bad thing. What they had going on in the beta was great as is!

SO Guan Yinping is your starting instructor, basically she tells you what’s good. You might get a little bit irritated with her holding your hand through a lot of the beginning process, but it actually helps out a lot. This game is not that similar to the console versions – there’s a lot of new features added to it. She won’t always be telling you what to do, so while she’s there, pay attention for the love of god.

You get to choose ONE the following starter characters: Zhao Yun, Diaochan, Zhou Tai, Xu Shu, Daqiao, and Zhang Jiao. All of them are the water element, so they are all dressed in blue and all of them are 3-star. So really there’s not a huge difference in these guys - just pick your favourite to start off with. There’s nothing strategic about this.

You can’t change their element/colour. Instead, you’ve just gotta be lucky to find them elsewhere. Getting new officers is RNG based, so you can’t just pick who you want and what element. Sometimes you’ll be super lucky and get a 3-4 star officer, sometimes you’ll get nothing but 1-2 stars. Pray to RNGesus that you get what you’re looking for, or else work from the bottom and conquer through effort.

Don’t worry about how many stars an officer has, though, because while it helps at first, you can still promote a 1-star all the way to a 6-star officer if you love them that much.

Since it’s still a soft launch, it does have a little bit of bugs so far, like currently me and others are stuck on this screen and can’t back out:

( wake me up inside )

Speaking of which, the log in rewards are pretty handy, because collecting Ingots is actually a pain if you don’t want to put any money into the game. This game isn’t pay to win – but money does help make the process go faster. Basically, it’s like any other mobile game in that aspect.

Now the STORY is ……. something. I hope in the future they add different campaign routes instead of just sticking to a grossly biased Shu perspective. Like, if you pay attention to the things they say during campaign, even if you like Shu I guarantee that you will cringe at some point. …… It’s bad.

So I don’t exactly look to this game for its storytelling.

I haven’t been fiddling around tooooo much with all of the modes, but War Supply is SO helpful 10/10. Definitely look at the XP gathering spots when you just start out, or if you need to quickly level up some little guys but don’t want to bring them into battle. You can max out multiple characters in one go.

Skirmish mode has been a lot of fun too! Facing against 3 people at the same time is interesting. There’s only one stage, and others can steal your kills in a heartbeat, so you have to be quick about downing your opponents. I’m not certain if you get put up against people of the same level as you, though, because sometimes I obliterate people, while others wipe the floor with me. Queue time can take a little while, but since the daily quests involve participating in skirmishes, you’re likely to find one eventually.

The rewards are pretty nice, too. Look at me in third place :’)))) I’m so proud of me.

At first, 1-star weapons, artifacts, and armour feel completely useless, so it’s tempting to sell them - but as long as you can afford it, just keep saving them up and forging them into better things. I guarantee that in the long run you will be much better off, because you’ll have lots of stuff to combine into better weapons. I made the mistake of selling everything back in the beta and sat there wondering why everyone was so far ahead of me. PLS READ INSTRUCTIONS.

I’m not sure what all benefits Guilds have to offer, but you do get your own private chat box!

Shoutout to the DILFs of Dynasty Warriors, we’re out here representing——


Important Waldi news

No, he’s not leaving.

But he’s not entirely healthy at the moment. We’ve always struggled with everything from his fetlocks down, sometimes having short-durated infections. They always seemed to tone down and didn’t seem to bugger Waldi for too long. We left it how it was, hoping his feet would sort themselves.

They did, for a while.

Somehow, sadly enough, it worsened during this autumn and winter. So much so that he was in pain when in strenuous work and activity, not quite limping or anything, but stepping in short and walking out of rhythm.

I figure I am young and unsure, I didn’t call the vet as fast as I probably should have. I had hoped that it would tone down with rest, better weather, and care.

It hasn’t. So I called the vet this Thursday, nearly ensuing an anxiety attack on me because I suck at caring for things.

The vet came and… confirmed that it was bad now. Poor thing is in more pain than I thought, he just could hide it very well.

Anyway, we have a treatment schedule now, hoping we can fix whatever I let happen to my bay bae.
To point out good things: it isn’t a terrible condition, his muscles and tendons are perfectly fine, and it’s just his hindlegs. We know what is causing the pain and we can set out some ways to cure it.

As for the future; I trust that Waldi will get better. There are many solutions and treatments.
It’s just that that’s what’s dragging me down and under the past month, and mostly these past days, and you had the right to know why I wasn’t as active as usual.

@synaspensprungvomdorf replied to your postWhat did you think of suicide squad?

That bad? I always found people who had like at least one thing about the movie. I haven’t seen it yet.

There might be ONE thing that I didn’t hate: this transformation shot.

And with that, you have seen the best part of the movie. I just saved you 1 1/2h of your life, you’re welcome. 

Go watch Lego Batman or Mad Max: Fury Road or Snowpiercer. Just watch something GOOD!


I got tagged by @jjongoholic (<3 thank you ^^) to pick 9 of my favorite albums. Why did you do this to me??… DEVIL!!! EVIL!! I can’t choose anything… D: I decided to list the albums which I go back to over and over again. They aren’t in any particular order:

  • Jonghyun - Story Op. 1 (I listen to this daily, no joke - I’m pathetic)
  • Michael Jackson - Bad (MJ is <3)
  • Jonghyun - She Is (the sexiest album :P)
  • SHINee- Misconceptions of Us (so many good songs!)
  • HIM - Love Metal (forever & always <3)
  • Movetron - Irtokarkkeja (old Finnish band, 90′s music)
  • Lana Del Rey - Born to Die (Nancy Sinatra sounds mixed with new tricks, also I like to sing Lana’s songs our singing voices are similar)
  • Queen - Greatest Hits I,II & III (Classic!)
  • Super Junior - A-CHa (the album that got me into k-pop)

For this I tag @duevangogh (I bet you’ve already done this one as well -.- well guess what! you got tagged again! :D) , @taerickster & @bling-bling-is-jonghyun