The new Boku No Hero Academia Hero’s Battle KiriBaku cards are SO CUTE. I translated Deku’s notes for both of them! Kirishima is truly Bakugou’s friend and has had a great influence on him…excuse me as I cry 😭😭

The Hound



Gender: Male
Race: Au Ra, Xaela
Height: 7′2″
Eyes: Red
Hair: Dark olive green


Name Day: 16th Sun of the First Astral Moon

Occupation: Main tracker of the Oronir tribe and warrior

Sexual identification: Heterosexual/demisexual

Romantic identification: Same as sexual

Alignment: True Neutral (normally) and Lawful Neutral (only in regards to his tribe)

Criminal History: Are there crimes in the Steppe…? He’s done the usual in the Steppe: killing, kidnapping, stealing, etc.

Relationship Status: Single


Favorite food: Uuz (stewed mutton back)

Favorite drink: Extremely bitter Banshtai Tsai

Favorite artists: The Oronir morin khur player

Favorite scent(s): Incense, leather, fresh grass after a rain in the Steppe, smoke from a fire, freshly brewed tea, and Steppe fogweed


Five facts about your muse:

  • He does not remember anything about his childhood, or any events in his life prior to age thirteen.
  • Despite his steadfast loyalty to the Oronir, he does not necessarily agree with everything they do. However, he will not show it.
  • Sometimes, if something greatly confuses him and he requires some time to think about it, he will stand in the same spot for several minutes. It could be anywhere, including in the middle of a busy path in the Dawn Throne. Tribe members simply go around him as they’ve gotten used to it.
  • The swords he carries -which are enchanted to be more durable and harder than regular metal - were earned. The first was through his accomplishments in one Naadam, and the second was rewarded for a difficult task. The enchantments only activate when the swords are drawn.
  • In the first few years after he cleared Bardam’s Mettle, his yol stayed with the others at the top of the Dawn Throne. However, Khasar never called upon it except for the Naadam, so the yol eventually left to roam in the wild. It returns to the Dawn Throne a few days before the Naadam every year. Khasar does not know that his yol leaves for most of the year…since he never uses it.


He Likes:

  • Bitter, scalding hot tea
  • Challenging fights (even ones he’s likely to lose)
  • Taking care of his possessions
  • Vastness (vast lands, vast oceans, etc.)
  • Severing limbs

He Dislikes:

  • Large amounts of conversation
  • Rival tribes of the Oronir
  • His weapons not being in top condition
  • Leaving the Steppe for extended periods of time
  • Being interrupted during a hunt

Good Habits:

  • Does not judge at all. It doesn’t matter to him if someone is bad at fighting, is ugly, has disabilities, is from whatever race, makes bad decisions, etc.
  • Extremely punctual. He comes exactly on time - not earlier or later.
  • Very responsible and reliable. He always does anything required of him well and without complaint. He also does necessary tasks without needing to be asked or reminded.
  • Rarely, if ever, lies. He is good at it due to his expressionless demeanor, but has no reason or desire to lie unless it is imperative for a mission.
  • He is selfless, and most of his actions revolve around his tribe. If it is someone he personally cares for, he will often do things they ask regardless of whether he wants to or not, and never mentions disliking anything.

Bad Habits:

  • Terrible at communicating and often causes large misunderstandings by speaking vaguely when the situations could be resolved in two sentences.
  • Will either remain silent, ignore, or walk away if he doesn’t know how to, or doesn’t want to, deal with someone.
  • Stubborn to the point where it is sometimes self-harming and often refuses to accept the help of others, even if it is detrimental.
  • Even if you’re a tribe member or someone he cares for, if you become an obstacle in an important mission or task he has to do, he will leave you behind.
  • Sometimes purposefully prolongs the death of creatures during his hunt to draw out the fight.

Personalities He Gravitates Towards:

  • Friendly and sociable people
  • Responsible and hard workers
  • Good leaders
  • Those comfortable with silence
  • Dedication

Personalities He Avoids:

  • Jokesters (because he never understands the jokes)
  • Chatty individuals who want responses
  • Those with constant expectations
  • Strong arrogance
  • Combative types who like confrontation


  • Creating trouble for his tribe
  • Being the cause of a loss in the Naadam
  • Having no identity
  • The inability to retain control of himself
  • Failing a mission


  Tan - Married husband without a proposal

  Antoni - The “You don’t drink pickle juice?” scene

  Karamo - Calls a hot fireman nothing but “Superman” for an entire episode, but also has healthy conversations about police brutality with a white, Trump-supporting policeman

  Bobby - Breaks something in IKEA and runs away



The Newtype September 2018 magazine has an interview for Boku No Hero Academia “The Two Heroes” w/ the voice actors of All Might, Deku, Bakugou, Todoroki, and Ochako! I translated a brief excerpt where Okamoto (Bakugou’s VA) gushes about Kirishima LOL (he’s such a fanboy). Enjoy~

PICTURE: Formal clothes are required in order to attend the reception party. Bakugou didn’t prepare a suit but instead…

Okamoto (Bakugou’s VA): Recently, the feeling to serve as [Bakugou’s] protector has sprouted within Kirishima.

Interviewer: Audiences should also look out for the fighting activity with Bakugou and Todoroki.

Okamoto: That’s all thanks to Kirishima. It’s because he got taken out on the front lines for us.

Kaji (Todoroki’s VA): It’s because he wanted to give us a moment to shine……Thank you Kirishima- you’re a good guy!

Yamashita (Deku’s VA): Kirishima-kun really knows how to read the atmosphere (laughs)!

Okamoto: He really is a nice guy, that Kirishima… He even prepared a tuxedo for Kacchan (Bakugou). He’s so considerate that it’s amazing!

Kaji: Not only that, but he also seems to know Kacchan’s measurements very well……..

Okamoto: Thank you very much for pointing this out- it’ll make everyone happy (laughs).