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*i trip and fall, tons of papers fall out of my pockets. they are photos of funtime freddy* oh gosh im so sorry im really clumsy. anyways this is my love *i am gathering the photos* he is so beautiful. his voice is amazing *i am still gathering the photos* i love him dearly *i have gathered all the photos and put them in my pockets before giving you a single photo of him* take it. hes lovely

Cool Shit about Chris Chow
  • Did gymnastics when he was in elementary and middle school, until he got too tall to be able to compete. His fave was the uneven bars. 
  • Ironically he’s now told that he’s too short to play goalie at the NHL level. Obvs he’s gonna make those assholes eat their words. 
  • 100% knows how to free run, and will jump over trash cans/Bitty/cars while screaming “PARKOUR.” 
  • He’s had braces for something like 6 years at this point, and he honestly is So Done with all that teeth pain. Also he hates flossing. 
  • He’s from San Francisco, you’re gonna have to pry this headcanon form my cold dead hands. 
  • Because that’s where he learned to drive, he is scary good at parallel parking. 
  • He really wants to take Farmer to Fisherman’s Wharf. 
  • His dream dog is a chow chow that he would OF COURSE name Lychee Chow the chow chow. 
  • When Tomas Hertl had a four goal game, Chowder was so delirious with joy that he accidentally elbowed one of his mom’s fancy ass decorative throw pillows off of the couch and into the fish tank. 
  • Legitimately does not get the hype about In-N-Out, like the food is good but it’s not life changing? 
  • Also the dude is from North Cali okay, he 100% knows how to snowboard. His mom loves Lake Tahoe.  
  • Chris is a seafood snob, he and Dex bond over this. 
Jamie Benn #3.2

This is Part 2 of the Jamie Benn #3 here. There will be a third and final part. :)

Word count: 896

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Locking yourself inside Tyler Seguin’s downstairs bathroom was not a good idea. It didn’t only make you look like you were hiding from Jamie Benn – which you were – but it also made you look like you were taking a dump – which, let’s be honest, is not far from the truth, what with the rumbling and tumbling that’s been going on in your belly.

Three loud knocks sounded before Tyler’s voice filtered in, “I’m gonna pry you out of there.”

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[ Inktober 2015 | Day 7 – LONGING ]

Do not EVEN get me started on how much Chat Noir loves Ladybug.

Lady Hae is the doctor that will help bring Hae Soo back to life in the modern times, and she takes an special interest in this young girl because she feels a sisterly bond with her.

She puts her in contact with her former brother-in-law, modern!Baek Ah, who becomes great friends with her almost right away, who in turn directs her to modern!Lady Oh, who runs a rather successful spa, known for being eco-friendly and, with her knowledge in herbs, Hae Soo is hired almost instantly.

One day, Baek Ah drags some of his brothers/step-brothers/cousins to go to check the place out and to visit Hae Soo and among them is modern!Wang So, who has recently come back from the military and has several scars he feels a bit self-conscious about but Hae Soo doesn’t care, and of course they’re both smitten with one another and they get together and everyone’s happy.

because who DOESN’T wanna see me and Crona as mermaids?
I love doing underwater scenes, this was a whole lotta fun, Crona’s tail and glowy spots gave me trouble tho

also the longer I look at his semi seductive face the funnier it gets to me, what is he even planning? what a dork

(Crona is agender and my headcanon is that he goes by he/him and she/her, please respect his gender identity and use those pronouns for him when referring to my art)
please do not like or reblog if you are kin with Crona or anything related , thank you for helping me keep my anxiety at a minimum  ^u^ /)