I detest the idea that God has to do something good for me in order for me to be able to praise Him and love Him.
I gave Him praises yesterday and someone said, “What did He do now?”
Why do we need a reason to praise God? The answer: we don’t. God is worthy of our praises literally every moment of every day. I could be drowning in sorrows and I would still be singing His praises. I’ve done that before and I’ll continue to do so. God owes us nothing, yet He gives us everything. How much more worthy of our praises could He be?

The thing about life with Jesus is not that every day is sunshine and rainbows. It’s that there are days when the storm is all you can see, but you can still remember what the sunshine and rainbows look like, you know they’re coming again because of your Father’s promises, and you know without a doubt that they’re on the other side of the storm waiting for you.

So to the people using the Bible to promote separating families and putting kids in cages…

“You shall not wrong or oppress an immigrant.” Exodus 22:21

“Cursed be anyone who deprives the immigrant of justice.” Deuteronomy 27:19

“The immigrant who resides with you shall be to you as a citizen amount you.” Leviticus 19:33-34

“So no wrong or violence to the immigrant.” Jeremiah 22:3-5

So can y’all just admit you’re racists instead of smearing God’s word for your hate.

Sometimes being an lgbtq+ Christian is really hard. Because sometimes you’re made fun of by your own community for your religion and then you’re hated by the right wing of Christianity. But none of that matters. What matters is your relationship with God. He loves you. And even though the group of lgbtq+ Christians is small. You still have us, and we’re all right behind you.