For the past 20 years, I have had a fascination with the British monarchy. And by “fascination,” I mean an obsession that more than one person has expressed serious concern about, and which should probably keep me from being allowed in that country ever again.

One of the first things people ask me when they find out about my hobby / discover the secret altar where I perform blood sacrifices while chanting “God save the Queen” (hey, how do you think she’s made it to 90?) is what the point is of having a royal family anymore. After all, this is the 21st century, and we don’t need some stupid, unqualified person to automatically lead us just because they were born into wealth and power. We elect those people now. I usually answer by explaining the role of the monarchy in government, the importance of having a living connection to history, and their extensive charitable work.

But that’s all just an excuse. I want the royal family to stick around because their drama puts every soap opera to shame. No, seriously, it’s nuts …

How The British Royal Family Has More Drama Than Any CW Show

  • How I imagine Australia get to participate in eurovision:
  • Australia: England, I'am part of Commonwealth, right?
  • England: Yes...?
  • Australia: Your Queen is my Queen right?
  • England: Yes?
  • Australia: So I'm kind of belonging to you, right?
  • England: Why are you asking that?
  • Australia: So if I belong to european country, it means I belong to Europe.
  • England: Oh no.
  • Australia: Let me participate in Eurovision or I will declare complete indepence.
  • Later:
  • England: Please,let him participate.
  • Other countries: We dunno...
  • England: I will stop giving money for it if you won't!
  • Other countries: You won.
  • England to Australia: Happy?
  • Australia: *starts singing God Save the Queen*

This is for destieldrabblesdaily and the people wanting the plot “I only wanted a one night stand but now I’m eating breakfast with your family.”  ao3

Castiel was drunk.  That fact needs to be on the record.  None of this would have happened if he’d been sober.  

It was Balthazar’s fault, really.  He had suggested they go to the bar just off campus instead of the usual fraternity party.  He said they needed to broaden their horizons, or some equally clichéd bullshit.  Castiel knew how to handle frat parties: nurse one beer that’s carefully guarded, make fun of the brainless jocks with some dry wit so that they never know they’ve been made into fools, and then when Balthazar starts singing Jerusalem or God Save the Queen Castiel can drag his roommate back to their dorm.  The bar scene, however, was way out of Castiel’s comfort range.  

Right from the start it was different.  Instead of the frat collection of dance and techno pop, the music here was old rock with some country and metal thrown in.  There was a crowd, yes, but not the same drunken mass of not-quite teenagers.  There were college students but also middle aged adults and a few that definitely ordered from the 55+ menu at restaurants.    And getting a drink was more complicated than just grabbing a red plastic cup filled with beer.

“Isn’t this great, Cassie?” Balthazar said as he poured the bottle of wine he ordered into two glasses.  

Castiel just stared back at him.

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@pikachu88898 I made a little song for the best manga artist I know to the tune of God save the Queen (my country tis of thee for Americans)

It says:
God save hajimama
God praise hajimama
God save mama.
Titans shall roam the land,
Eren shall long for sand,
Our favorite author from Japan,
God save mama.

Thank you mama for making the greatest anime I have ever seen.

I’m torn between being extremely honored and a bit creeped out tbh :D