God Save The Queen: Part 1

Sirius: *grins* Hello. 

Remus: Again? 

Sirius: Again. 

Remus: That’s the third day in a row… How’s Lily taking you stealing James on a nightly basis? 

Sirius: *grins* Don’t worry, we’ve worked out a joint custody deal. 

Remus: *snorts* Oh deer… *trails off* 

Remus: *stares* 

Remus: *raises an eyebrow* I have bags under my eyes, that looks like makeup. 

Sirius: Well…….. It’s not.

Remus: … Alright. *shrugs* Not like I haven’t seen you in makeup before. 

Sirius: Oh c’mon… that was high school. *grins* All the cool guys wore guyliner. *sighs dramatically* It was a phase. 

Remus: Night Pads… 

To Be Continued

God Save The Queen: Part 4

(( OOC: Marlene played by @askwhathasthiscometo ))

Sirius: *rushes past Marlene at the door of the dressing room* Sorry! 

Sirius: *grins* Hey… I get ready fast. 

Sirius: … No. 

Sirius: None of your business Marlene. 

Sirius: *grins* *throws his costume on and starts putting on the rest of his makeup* 

Remus: *slips into the dressing room, unnoticed* 

Marlene: Not one that you’d wanna use on your face! Ask Lucius. 

Sirius: *grimaces*

Marlene: I hate him too, but he comes prepared. Unlike you. 

Sirius: … What… How did you-?

Sirius: Remus… Fuck… I-

Sirius: I know. I’m… sorry. 

Remus: That’s not going to cut it Black. 

Sirius: *looks strained* I… Marlene’s an old friend. I met up with her last week. *takes a deep breath* She knew I enjoyed performing, we did some theater together in high school… and… she offered me a job. 

Remus: … As a drag queen. 

Sirius: *nervously* You’ve been so stressed lately… being sick and…

Sirius: *glares* Knock it off… We’ve been… having a mildly difficult time making ends meet. 

Remus: *snorts* Diplomatic response… 

Sirius: I just figured I should start pitching in. Jesus, I’ve been leaching off of you and James since I was 16… *shrugs weakly* I just wanted to take some of the stress off. 

Sirius: I mean… Look at me.

Remus: I am looking… 

Remus: I don’t know what you were so afraid of… 

Sirius: *stutters* It’s… It’s… weird. 

Remus: Do you enjoy it?

Sirius: What?

Remus: Do you like your job?

Sirius: *shrugs, suddenly looking smug* I’m an exhibitionist with killer eyeliner-applying-skills… of course I like it. 

Sirius: … You’re kidding. 

Remus: I’m 100% Sirius. 

Sirius: … You’re an idiot. 

Sirius: You’re gonna have to pay extra for that later. Special favors don’t come cheap.

Sirius: *grins and throws on the wig* 

Sirius: You’re distracting. 

Remus: I’ll see you after the show… 


God Save The Queen: Part 3

*Remus makes his way down an unfamiliar street, glancing repeatedly down at his phone, which has “find my iphone” open* 

Remus: *stops, glancing up* … Are you kidding me?

*Remus is standing outside a gay pub called “The Three Broomsticks”* 

Remus: … Jesus Christ… *takes a deep breath and enters the pub*

Remus: *settles in at a table in a dark corner of the pub* *mutters to himself, looking around nervously* What the hell are you doing Remus? Glasses, really?

Remus: … Glasses… *looks around the busy pub for a moment, trying to spot Sirius* *groans with frustration* 

Just call him… *pauses* And stop talking to yourself. 

*Respect by Aretha Franklin starts playing and the lights dim* 

Remus: ……… Oh. My. God.

All I’m asking…

Remus: *panics as Sirius starts to move closer to his tucked-away corner* 

Sirius: *completely unaware of Remus, continues performing* 

Remus: *waits until the end of the number then slowly gets up* *glances back once more as Sirius makes his way off stage* 

*quietly slips out unnoticed*

To Be Continued