I just had to make a post about my INSANE gacha luck within the past month. I thought that when I got 5* Adonis for kakupuri Halloween event, my luck was spent for the rest of eternity, but soon afterwards I managed to pull Shigure (granted I spent a ton of orbs on that gacha, but they were all free orbs). AND THEN I rolled Halloween Henry on second day of FE Halloween gacha, decided I wanted my other husband too, and freaking got him a couple days later!!!! 

And now I rolled the discounted AGF gacha on kkpr, thinking I would probably get a new 4* at most, but lo and behold, one of my top guys from the main group comes home. I would’ve even been okay with Martini, or Emerald Mist, but freaking Tom Collins? God bless.

I’m starting to get pretty scared I’ll never roll anything good ever again once this streak is over.