S3 doodles becaUse I loVed It sO MUCH. What lord did we pray to and who did we sacrifice to get such good content. Now waiting game until October 🙏❤️


oh my god i love him so much

k people still haven’t really comforted him, though?? i mean, there was the scene with keith, but he just said things would work out. and allura didn’t really say much about his insecurities either. so, lance’s arc, like in one of the interviews, is definitely going to be longer than the others.






he deserves better tbh, but the klance seems to be developing v well ;))))))

im gonna rewatch the whole season again and idc if it’s 2 am


Peggy & Daniel throughout season 2

what she says: I’m fine

what she means: Ragnar loved Athelstan so much he converted to a religion he knew virtually nothing about, knowing that in doing so he would risk his political alliances, the support of his family/friends/people, his crown and kingdom, the respect of his sons and the command of his army, and he was fully aware that in doing so he was sacrificing the chance to ever be reunited with his dead daughter in Valhalla, and all his other dead ancestors, or take his rightful place of honour as a son of Odin among the other demi-gods just because he loved Athelstan SO MUCH he couldn’t bear the thought of spending eternity without him, because all the benefits of Valhalla couldn’t outweigh the loss of him, and there are people who still talk about their relationship in platonic terms and insist that they were ‘just friends’ regardless of the fact that Ragnar legit told Athelstan he was in love with him in season 3 jESUS FUCK

The Even situation

(I’m sorry for going there)

I kind of hate myself for thinking this. For going there, and not just being able to enjoy and gush over this for days. Don’t get me wrong, that Instagram picture absolutely made my day. I can’t get over how damn adorable these two little lovebirds are. Their home is just full of love – no doubt about that.

But it also kind of fueled the negative thoughts I’ve had the last couple of days about Even’s situation. We don’t know if he is in any kind of treatment for his bipolar disease or take any medication. I hope he is, and I also think Isak would encourage it. But even so, it doesn’t mean you will never get another manic/depressive episode, just that it may not be as extreme. Also, a lot of people with bipolar learn what may trick their disease, and then knows what to avoid in their life. I think Even also knows what might trick it for him, but I also think that he tends to not always prioritize his own health.

It is very common, that bipolar is tricked by stress or if you are under a lot of pressure. Ever since the clip where he asks Sana about the Mikael/Isak thing, I’ve kept thinking that he is stressing himself out about this! This isn’t good for him! This could ultimately end up tricking his bipolar. He is still very much learning to deal with his illness. 

I think he prioritizes protecting Isak over protecting himself. Because he loves this boy so god damn much, and he is still scared he will end up hurting him and Isak will end up hating him. He would rather hurt himself.

And that picture from today. As freaking sweet as it is, it still kind of reminded me of season 3, prior to everything going downhill. And I kind of hate myself for thinking that. Because they might as well just be happy and so so in love, and I feel like I ruin this beautiful moment. Just because Even is very explicit about his love for Isak, doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. But I am always so worried about these two precious boys, and the current situation just makes me mad!

I’m really sorry for going there, because I would never go there, if it wasn’t because of the current situation or if it wasn’t because we know Even took the picture and posted it.


Jenkins in S3E4 - “And the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”

Play it again, Jack II – Miss Fisher fics you love to reread

“Oh, that’s a good one, Inspector!”

In an earlier post I asked you – and by “you” I mean anyone who reads Miss Fisher fanfic – to give me fics that you love to go back to and reread, and so many great fic has been sent to me! I’ll split these recommendations up in a few posts and post them the coming weeks. I already posted @quiltingmom’s lovely letter to the fandom in one go. Here, I have cut and pasted recommendations together from your messages, in order to mix the writers and readers up a bit. 

I hope this post and these fics give you some enjoyment!

@olderbynow, “Tales of a Wayside Romance 1930″. Reread (or not) by @ollyjayonline

In true antipodean fashion I am going to blatantly ignore the rules of @whopooh’s review and talk about a fic that I have never actually read. In my defense I will say that I decided, in order to qualify for this review, to sit down and finally make myself read it… and that led to several weeks delay as I tried to find exactly right time to do so. That time never came. In the end, Whopooh’s posting of @quiltingmom‘s love letter forced my hand so – on a cold, wet and windy winter’s morning I got up at 5.00 am to read.

There are 28 parts to this fic, this time I made it to these lines…

It happened, once, that he lost her.
It happened, once, that he let himself believe. In them. In the possibility of them

Even as I quote these, the tears are welling in my ears and there is an empty feeling in my gut – and they’re only the first two sentences of part 3 of the fic!

And so, even for the lovely Whopooh, I find I cannot read this fic – in fact, it must be getting worse because I’m sure this is the least far I have ever gotten. I do know what happens in this fic – people have told me not realising I have never finished it. I have even read the excellent “Toiling Upward” by @firesign23 that ‘fixes’ it.

But there is something about the vivid beauty of the Longfellow quotes…

“The inspiration, the delight,
The gleam, the glory, the swift flight,
Of thoughts so sudden, that they seem
The revelations of a dream.”

… contrasting with the strange, distant tone of the fic, full as it is of yearning, regret and sadness…

“…left with the memories of her free of any restraints, he wonders if what he wants for himself is what he’d want for her as well.”

…that invokes such dread in me, of a relationship irretrievably lost before it even begins, that I physically cannot read “Tales of a Wayside Romance 1930” by @olderbynow. And I have been regularly not reading it since she published it in late 2016. And this not reading has inspired many of my fics – smutty one shots (to prove that neither of them want nor need anyone else)… fluff (where there is no possibility of entertaining anything but a completely committed relationship of perfect harmony)… and more complicated stories where their character flaws result in angsty issues that eventually dissolve into never ending happiness.

So, thank you @olderbynow for writing a fic that I ‘hate’ so much that I am forever trying to prove it could never happen   ❤️❤️❤️

@promisesarepiecrust, “Counterfactual”. Reread by @kanste

This one hurts sooo good and has me in tears every time I read it. Phryne and Jack finally have a night together but Phryne pulls back in the worst way possible. @promisesarepiecrust manage to break my heart for Jack, especially in the café scene.

@221aubrina, “A Wink and a Prayer”. Reread by @bumblemama

A fic I love to reread is “A Wink and a Prayer”. It’s short, sweet and funny. There are also more, but this was my first ever bookmark. I love to reread it because it without fail makes me smile. The contrast of the formal police officer with the playfulness of a confident lover. I think like Phryne the reader is both shocked and delighted….

@aljohnsonwrites, “Whump, whump”. Reread by @kanste

This is my go to place when I’m a little down. It is short and funny, and just imagining Hugh’s face in that scene makes me smile all day.

@omgimsarahtoo, “Coded Expressions”. Reread by @zannadubs23

God, this is so good. This has a mystery. It has a slow seduction via letters. It has a steamy first time/reunion. It has wonderful original characters. Just delightful.

@fahye, “fighting vainly the old ennui”. Reread by @whopooh

I love this fic a ridiculous amount, it’s a brilliant retelling of the growing tension and understanding between Phryne and Jack, but in an AU where Phryne is a “gentlewoman thief” instead of a detective. This thief starts to flirt with Jack in writing, and the way things from the show is rearranged is delightful, and the way things are said via letters and quotes, and that Jack knows Phryne in person too but doesn’t connect the dots – it’s so good. I love to dive into it again and again; I have probably reead this fic at least ten times. Jack’s inner thoughts and Phryne’s teasing – and then the end: I love that after all this time when Jack has worked himself up over the anonymous Bowerbird, when he finally realises her identity his dams burst completely open:

You,“ said Jack, miles beyond coherency.

"Now, don’t be angry–”

Jack didn’t even register the effortful strides that took him through the water and across the room, he just knew that he had to get his free hand behind her head, so when he pressed her into the wall it was his own skin against the rough stone and not the thready black silk of her hair.

Miss Fisher laughed.

“I’m not going to apologise,” she whispered, into the small space between their faces. “Haven’t you ever done the wrong thing, just to see what it would be like?”

“No,” said Jack. “Yes,” and kissed her scarlet lips, hungry and unable to think, still riding the feeling that had overcome him in his office: the heady, infuriating rush of knowing that the thief he was entranced with was also the woman whose perfume and laugh he couldn’t get out of his head.

She made a throaty noise and kissed back at once, without a hint of hesitation or surprise. Her lips were cold and he could taste her lipstick, and of course she put lipstick on before she went to rob a dangerous criminal, and Jack never wanted to stop. A dam months in the building had been knocked to splinters in his gut. He wanted to yell at her, and undress her, and pour poetry into her mouth with his own.

RakishAngle (@afterdinnerminx), “500 Words You Should Know: #200: Gargantuan”. Reread by @kanste 

Hugh’s best intentions in delivering a letter from Jack to Phryne bring about an undesirable result, and a delightful angsty up and down for the reader. I so badly want to see this acted out by our dynamic duo. Just imagining Jack’s panic and Phryne’s anger makes me feel I’m watching a new episode of the show. 

@counterfog, “The God Abandons Antony”. Reread by @jasbeaux

“The God Abandons Antony” achieves a breaking point between seasons 2 and 3 where Phryne creates a situation where Jack finally abandons his “armor” and engages in a physical relationship with her. I love it for the very reasons that some do not – it’s very much in their heads and some find it too “think-y.” The prose is lush and gorgeous and it is written by someone with a PhD in the history of the time period, so the details are perfect. (There is also an accompanying meta document explaining the references if you’re into geeking out about those things – I am.) I return to it because of those details: the larger fic remains in my head, but the rediscovery of little pieces is a constant delight.

@ladyroxie, “Delight Out of Loosened Soil”. Reread by @omgimsarahtoo

This is a wonderful first-time Phracking story, that begins with Jack getting very literally dirty and ends with both of them getting dirty in a metaphorical sense. The theme of newness and nervousness circles around and around, each time coming up against Jack and Phryne’s certainty that moving from their mostly platonic partnership into a sexual relationship is the right thing to do. I particularly love that they both begin knowing that the moment will be coming, and then realizing that the moment is now, and deciding that the choice is theirs to take hold of it or not… It’s compelling and wonderfully written. I particularly love that our sexually confident Phryne finds herself a little unsure, because this matters in a way that her other lovers never have, and how Jack, who is nervous because he’s been imagining this intimacy for so long, balances that nervousness with certainty. It’s just… happy sigh

@firesign23, “Spectacle”. Reread by @zannadubs23

Sweet little “Established Phrack” piece. I love the comfortable interaction. It’s total fluff, but it’s not so treacly that it makes my teeth hurt. It’s warm and comfortable like a… well, like a well-traveled robe.

@phrynesboudoir, “I’ll Come When You Call”. Reread by @kanste 

Jack gets Phryne off with his voice. This is a comedy take on smut, which is funny and hot at the same time. I love how scenes from the show turns out a little bit different than we all think they happened, and for one time Jack is two steps ahead of Phryne. I also love how secure Jack is in it.

Idolotrous, “Ulumbarra” & Gingham, “The Unexpected Visitor”. Reread by @firesign23

While I have an obscene number of reread fics, I’m choosing two from fanfiction.net because people are less likely to have read them. The first is “Ulumbarra” by Idolotrous, a post-”Unnatural Habits” story with mistletoe and poetry. When Phryne involves herself in a case that puts a target on her back, the only way Jack can convince her to leave Melbourne is to join him at an old family homestead called Ulumbarra, meaning “meeting place”. They grow closer, until their solitude is destroyed by intrusions from their lives back in Melbourne. It’s a wonderful story of hope and home, and things lost and found. The second is “The Unexpected Visitor" by Gingham, a story set after the tennis episode in season three, and features Jack’s sister and niece. It’s a heartbreaking and realistic look at a dysfunctional and abusive relationship from the outside. I really adore all of Gingham’s work, so choosing one fic was a struggle, but I love this one – it has Phryne and Jack trying to navigate a relationship that’s on the cusp of becoming romantic, but there’s never any doubt of their loyalty and friendship. It is quite possibly the fic I most hope to see an eventual sequel for.

@gaslightgallows, “Familiar Acts“. Reread by @kanste

I’m usually a ”Phrack all the way“ girl but I also like being taking out of my comfort zone and this fic does it very tenderly. It is Jack and Concetta with just the ghost of Phryne there. The dirty talk is extremely hot. Although I’m loving this, I’m still a bit cross with gaslightgallows for not giving us the continuation with Phryne there in person. (Just kidding.)

@flashofthefuse, “Real Estate Holdings”. Reread by @whopooh

I have reread this fic at least three times, and I find it such a gentle and careful exploration of how a relationship between Phryne and Jack could evolve without going all the way to holy matrimony. I love the way Phryne gradually gets more and more annoyed with Jack living away from her and the way they need to invite each other all the time, how this creates problems and disruptions, her clever solution of how to change that, and his reluctancy to follow her idea. @flashofthefuse explores these themes in such a sweet and lovely way, under this title that might not sound too romantic – but it is, in its own practical way. I also adore that in the end, Phryne is “aunt” to Dot’s children, and they call her “Aunt P” – the first time I read that I was equally stunned and delighted. 

These are all for now. If you haven’t yet, or if you want to give me more recs – please send me fics and a short text about why you love to come back to them! Don’t be shy if we haven’t talked before – it would be lovely to hear what you like and reread!

Overall thoughts on the finale

I believe my feelings can be summed up in one gif:

  • Just watching the ‘previously on’ segment has me nervous.
  • Oh, god, we’re starting in the hospital with flickering lights. That’s probably not a good sign.
  • And we’re staring with Liam. Definitely not a good sign. And did his hair actually get worse? I think it got worse.
  • …what: 

Okay, so, they’re actually in nowheresville/alternate dimension? But why does nowheresville now have a replica hospital instead of just being a train station? 

  • Still not over the fact that they named a town Boneville:
  • …so…wait…Liam is still actually in Beacon Hills? Why are the signs there? I’m less than 2 minutes in and already confused as fuck haha.
  • “LYDIA” Stiles!”
  • “SHERIFF: Give the boy some room!” So the ghost riders just let people come with their weapons lmao? And sheriff is dumb enough to shoot up into a crowd? And can people actually get hurt here in nowheresville? Like, if sheriff just straight up started shooting right now, what would even happen? The people were already erased from reality, can they even get hurt? 
  • Also, how long was sheriff in there? Because, like, back in 6x05 when new people got dropped off, the ghost riders legitimately dropped them off right in front of everyone else, they didn’t just inconspicuously materialize. So, given that logic, sheriff’s been there at least a hot minute and, yet, he didn’t automatically go to Stiles? It’s not like Stiles was hard to find, he was standing off to the side all by himself? Or why didn’t Stiles notice him arrive? Maybe this was explained in another episode, but I kinda doubt it, so:
  • As  much as I love Stilinski family moments, I’m still bitter as fuck over the fact that Stiles wasn’t worrying about his father this whole damn time. 
  • Well, that nice moment lasted all of 2 seconds before getting shot down by stydia baiting.
  • “SHERIFF: We’ll find each other again.” What the fuck even? Can’t let Stiles relationship with his own fucking father encroach on the stydia? 
  • “SHERIFF: I’ll hold them back.” literally how the fuck? True alpha scott and his pack couldn’t do that, but human sheriff can? How? We already know guns don’t work against them? 
  • Okay this is all ridiculous and I’m in pain, but damn Dylan looks good
  • “LYDIA: When I kissed you!” …did they kiss again? Somehow? Like through a mirror portal or some shit? Did I fucking miss it? Or are they talking about when she slammed her mouth on his back in 3a? Because I swear  to fucking god if they’re suddenly playing that her stopping his panic attack was because she has feelings for him….
  • Look how awkward her hand is:

She looks like ET

  • And seriously I’m seeing nothing but:
  • Posey is me while watching this:
  • “MALIA: We didn’t see anyone.” Okay, so, one I’m really over this whole ‘only Lydia has any connection with Stiles shit’ as if Scott wouldn’t and the credits haven’t even rolled yet.  Like, unless it’s because she’s a banshee, they can miss me with this bullshit. Two, why does Malia answer for other people? Like how could she know what Scott saw? Three, get out of here with this scalia. I can feel it coming. 
  • LMFAO: 

So Stiles canonically has a stronger bond with his jeep than he does with Lydia, Scott, or Malia? I’m here for it. #stoscoe

  • Question: how the fuck did Stiles make it through without being burned to death? 
  •  …how are the credits just now rolling? I feel like I just sat through a half hour of bullshit and it hasn’t even been 5 minutes.
  • Whoa, his hair did get worse:

He looks like a wet dog. I guess that’s fitting. 

  • Seriously? They just wrote Scott out of that scene because Liam doesn’t know how to use his words? So they could go full throttle with the stydia bullshit with a stalia love triangle that is literally seasons too late? 
  • Aw, but Stiles still goes to Scott’s house first. That’s how it should always be. Why they gotta play at this dumbass ship baiting when they could focus on their friendship instead?      
  • Still not over the fact that they change what the McCall house looks like in every season haha. 
  • Why would Stiles even go to the station? He knows his dad is missing? Who is he looking for? It’s  not like Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department has ever been any help to him lmao
  • And a radio? Why is he not just, y’know, getting a fucking phone and calling people? 
  • And if the whole town is gone, why didn’t we see any of those people in the station when we saw sheriff?
  • Okay, how do they know Stiles actually made it out into the real world? Like, I get that Lydia says she saw him, but when he didn’t just walk through that tunnel thingy, why would they assume that this means he made it into their world? Wouldn’t the logical conclusion be that it didn’t work and he’s still stuck in nowheresville?
  • “MALIA: Stiles isn’t coming here. If he was, he would have. And he hasn’t, so he’s not.” First of all, what the fuck kind of logic? How long has it even been? 20 minutes? Chill the fuck out. Second, if they all think Stiles is out running around, why the fuck wouldn’t they automatically all split up and go to the places they think he would go? Like, y’know, his home, or Scott’s home, or the sheriff’s station? Third, I hate when this show makes it to where Lydia has-an-IQ-of-170 Martin is dumb as a fucking rock while Malia spent-the-better-part-of-a-decade-licking-her-own-ass-in-the-woods Tate is somehow the only with a goddamn brain.
  • Okay, so the two worlds are converging…what’s the point of this?
  • Oh god, not this fuck again:
  • Oh sweet baby jesus:

I got a whole list for this one:

  1. Stop trying to put these two together, Teen Wolf. They ain’t friends and Lydia doesn’t deserve this. 
  2. Why are they staring at the tread marks when obviously the JEEP IS FUCKING GONE. LIKE, IS THAT NOT A BIG ENOUGH CLUE? 
  3. And wouldn’t they have been keeping tabs on the jeep during this whole ordeal? So they should know it had to have been moved recently?
  4. Is Lydia fucking Scooby Doo? She gonna sniff that tire mark? The fuck she doing on the ground like that?
  5. I am not fucking here for a Malia and Lydia scene to be paralleling Stiles and Derek:  
  • And how can Malia suddenly not smell him?
  • And what in the absolute fuck is Malia wearing: 

Why is that shirt so fucking long? And look at those boots. Why does wardrobe hate her    

  • “MALIA: Well, half the time he got it started with a screwdriver.”

I get so mad when they act like Malia would be the only one to know this and not Lydia. Lydia’s been around Stiles and that damn jeep way before Malia was even a thing. 

  • Hahahaha:
  • A+ cinematography:
  • Parrish is evil now? Or just controlled? Boy, they’ll literally do anything to force stydia in this episode, won’t they lmao?
  • “NAZI: And I’ll have a true alpha by my side.” Lmao as if that’s a selling point by now. Scott never does shit because they’re too busy trying to make Malia and Liam special. 
  • All I’m getting from this scene is that even after spending fuck knows how long in nowheresville, Stiles is still the only competent one and he accomplishes more in the short time he’s been back than all of them have in months lmao. Like, did he essentially save himself? And then he found them? And then he’s probably gonna be the one to save the town
  • Watching that sciles hug, man, I started out like:

…then came the weird back patting…

…and then they completely destroyed it with Liam and a cheap attempt at getting a laugh


  • Oh my good god: 
  • I cannot: 
  • “MALIA: Why is there a train station in the middle of the library?” Is this line supposed to be funny? Teen Wolf, making the character you just tried to play off as intelligent suddenly mentally challenged is just confusing, not amusing. ·
  • “MALIA: Any chance they’re connected?” What the fuck. No one is that goddamn stupid
  • “MALIA: ITS’ BAD WE HAVE TO GO!” Literally what I am saying to myself as I watch Shelley’s attempt at acting in this scene. 
  • “LYDIA: Maybe there’s someone who can.” It  better not be…
  • Aw fuck I managed to get forget about Mason and Hayden until this point.
  • Look at Mason in that shirt:

The transformation into Stiles 2.0 is complete, I see.

  • Now there are 57 rooms in the train station? What the fuck
  • Is that Randall on the train’s pa system? Why?
  • And how does Mason always know where Randall is? Is Mason supernatural or is this show just stupid? I’m guessing stupid.
  • “STILES: Okay, if they don’t let me graduate, I swear to god!” Oh, I’m sure they will. Makes as much sense as anything else in this damn show. I foresee a painful scene with Natalie in this episode’s future. And I guess we know how they’re writing Stiles/Dylan off. Love how the dropped this just 11 minutes into the finale. Do I even need to keep watching now? He’s clearly gonna graduate and go off to college or maybe the academy· 
  • And, wait, he was gone for 3 months? Like, I know they’re doing that so graduation can happen, but there was a 3 month time jump since season 5 which put us at January. Now it’s been another three months so they’re at March, maybe April if the show wants to push it. But they’re acting like graduation is happening right away? So either Teen Wolf fucked up their timeline again which would not be a surprise or there’s going to be a time jump of at least a month in this episode? I don’t know which option is worse…
  • How can they just grab Parrish when he’s on fire? Werewolves aren’t fire proof? At all? Like the show is pretty heavily based in werewolves not being fire resistant *cough * the Hales *cough* I mean, how many fucking time have they burned Peter now?
  • And Liam screaming? Is this supposed to be funny because I’m too distracted by the fact that they are completely unharmed and their clothes aren’t even singed to remember to laugh. 
  • I’m still not over Parrish’s magical modesty shorts lmao
  • “STILES: Buddy, I love you, but we’re way past that.” 
  • He wants the supernatural army in their world? Okay, but, like, wasn’t it already?
  • You can divert it? They’re just gonna be like, ‘well, fuck the town to the left of us’ lmao?
  • So now there’s a complete other world? Fuck this plot, man haha. 
  • “LIAM: We can’t move between worlds, but Corey can!” 

Deus ex Randall strikes again. And I swear to fucking god they straight up yanked his plot right out of monster’s inc. I’m predicting that someone is gonna end up banished in the Himalayas at the end of this episode.

  • Why can’t anyone run like a normal fucking person on this show?
  • “STILES: Were we like that?” “SCOTT: Worse.” I love when this show tries to play that angle and make it seem like the newbies are how the originals were. No. Nobody in the first three seasons was ever that terribly written and illogical. 
  • “SCOTT: You wanna split up?” “STILES: Never again.” All right, you know I’m a sucker for some sciles, but does Scott never learn? 
  • If they’re going to insist on all having all of these shots of Liam running I am going to have to insist that someone teaches Sprayberry how to run without looking like he just shit himself and is trying to hobble to a bathroom. 
  • “LIAM: I hate horses.” 

Next season they’re bringing in a chick that’s part horse and Liam’s gonna fuck it, calling it now. 

  • Aw fuck what happened to Theo’s hair: 

Why is Liam’s bad hair contagious?

  • He just jumped off a balcony onto a horse. His poor dick. 
  • “MALIA: Dad.” 

Seriously, Lydia has a stronger connection to Peter in canon than Malia does or ever realistically can at this point. 

  • “MASON: I know his smile, I know his touch, and I know that that’s his voice.” Lmao I know they’re trying to do some progressive ‘look at our adorable gay romance’ moment here, but a voice is way more distinguishable than anything he just said. 
  • Oh and now Mason is having the same wires/PA system moment that Stiles had in 6x05. You’re so fucking sly, Teen Wolf.
  • And now a slow motion kiss. 
  • “HAYDEN: When’d you learn how to ride a horse?” “LIAM: Just now.” These lines aren’t funny, Teen Wolf. And is that really the first fucking question Hayden is gonna ask? Not ‘what the fuck are you doing here?’ Or ‘are you fucking crazy?’ Or ‘Did you stop the ghost riders?’ 
  • As if Stiles is the one who would ever think something could be that easy. That’s Scott’s M.O. 
  • “PETER: Where do you get this implausible optimism?” “MALIA: Definitely not from my father.” “LYDIA: We don’t have time for this!” No, we really fucking don’t and yet you continue to waste it on this bullshit daddy/daughter relationship that is apropos of nothing. Knock it the fuck off. 
  • “STILES: I finally saw the girl’s locker room. It’s not that different. It’s kind of disappointing.” All right, I’ll give you that one, Teen Wolf. That line was actually pretty funny….except you really telling me all those nights spent in the school and he never went in the girls locker room?
  • Ugh:

How many times have they done this shot this season? 

  • How are Peter’s claws going through the ghost riders now? Like now they suddenly don’t have a corporeal form? 
  • Seriously, Teen Wolf: 
  • *Malia gets hurt* ..me:
  • And now Peter is screaming for Malia because he’s oh so concerned about what should realistically be a minor injury. This seems like a good place to stop. 

I’ll get to the second half soon. 

My Top Caps Moments of the Postseason

During the regular season, I made a post counting down my favorite moments. I figure now that the postseason is unfortunately long over, it’s time to do the same with the playoffs. It’s been awhile, so hopefully this is still relevant, but admittedly it’s taken me awhile to recover enough to make this. So I give you my top moments of the postseason.

13. Some Oshie goals (Rd 1 Game 4 x2)(Rd 1 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6)

You all know I love Oshbabe so perhaps this one has a little bias. I love the spark and energy that he brings to the game, and I thought these goals of his were worth including, as they were pretty sweet.

12. Some Nicky goals (Rd 1 Gm 2)(Rd 1 Gm 3)(Rd 2 Gm 5)(Rd 2 Gm 6)

Nicklas Backstrom was arguably the best Caps player during the playoffs. We may have faltered at the end, but Nicky came to play. In celebration of Nicky, I’ve picked some of his best goals from the playoffs. I also picked a wonderful screencap, which I enjoy cause it kind of looks like he’s astral projecting.

11. Burky goals (Rd 2 Game 5)(Rd 2 Game 6 x2)

Burky was a little late to the goal-scoring party in the playoffs, but man did he pick a good time to score them all. And they were all beautiful?? A toe drag and two unassisted beauties?? Amazing. He’s so talented and really coming into his own. And do you want to hear something that will definitely make you cry? Burky scored both the very first and the very last goal of the Caps’ season.

10. Kuzy’s goal in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT)

I picked this goal mainly for the celly tbh. But the goal was pretty sweet too; a sharp angle rebound. And Kuzy knows exactly how to make the crowd scream. What a beautiful goal.

9. Carly wrecks Geno which leads to a goal being scored (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Laying a big hit on Malkin? You’d have to be a fool. Luckily John Carlson was feeling foolhardy. To prevent Malkin from getting a good scoring chance in the Caps zone, Carly laid a crunching hit on Geno which resulted in him losing the puck and Ovechkin very quickly scoring. I love my foolhardy beanie son.

8. Holtby’s series-saving saves in Game 5 (Rd 2 Game 5 vs PIT) (x)(x)

We were down 3-1 in the series, and it was looking like the Caps were down and out. Enter Braden Holtby. After a bit of shaky play in the series, it was clear the Holtbeast was activated. In the third period, Holtby made a flurry of important, crucial, jaw-dropping saves. After those saves, the Caps came back and won that game. Some people might have glossed over it, but to me it was clear that those saves saved the series and the season for the Caps. (Additionally, I can’t find video of as many saves as I want, but those ones are the best of them)

7. Shatty’s OT winner (Rd 2 Game 3 at PIT)

There we were, down 2-0 and stuck in fucking Pittsburgh. We’d blown a two-goal lead in the last minute of the fucking game and things were taking a turn for the worse. However, we got a fortunate power play and Shatty just decided to end it right there and then. Let the poop jokes begin. Honestly I felt much more relief than joy after this goal.

6. Williams’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 5 vs TOR)

Mr. Game 7 showed up in Game 5 when we needed him most that series. Second line is best line, especially in overtime. After a faceoff win and a strong Niskanen drive all the way down the ice, Kuzy got the puck from Mojo and slid it to a wide-open Williams in front, who stashed it home to give the Caps a 3-2 series lead.

5. Willy saves a goal, later scores two (Rd 1 Game 4 at TOR)

Tom Wilson, one-man wrecking crew. The Toronto boy decided to make Toronto feel his wrath. In the first period the puck squirted out behind Holtby and Wilson dove into the crease to send it away with his stick. Later on the same shift, Willy redirected a feed from Eller to score a goal. And later in the period, he had a 2-on-1 with Burky and dished it into the net like an All-Star. If the entirety of the playoffs were just that one series, Willy would be my Conn Symthe winner. He was a man on a mission against Toronto.

4. Kuzy’s bird celly (Rd 2 Game 1 vs PIT)

Kuzy’s most infamous celly possibly ever. He scored off a great pass by Nisky into an open net to tie the game at two in the third, and then proceeded to do the celly heard round the world: the bird celly. God I love Kuzy, he’s so extra and just has so much fun. Fuck all the critics, this is how the game is supposed to be played.

3. Mojo’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 6 at TOR)

I can say with absolute conviction that hockey had never made me cry tears of joy until this moment. I’d felt elation, and I’d certainly cried out of sadness or frustration, but the only time I’ve ever cried of hockey happiness is when Marcus Johansson shoveled in that puck in overtime to seal round one. Honestly it was probably the last truly happy moment of the season lol. I love and appreciate Marcus Johansson with all my heart.

2. Holtby goes to the fucking blueline (Rd 1 Game 3 at TOR)(x)

It’s the last thing a goalie wants to see: Mitch Marner on a breakaway. A lesser goalie would have sat tight in the net and just prayed the goal wouldn’t look so bad on all the highlight reels. But Braden Holtby, with nerves of steel, said “Hold my beer,” winked at Grubi on the bench, and raced out to the blueline to make a sliding poke check on Marner’s breakaway. And thank goodness it worked, else it would have been an easy goal. All hail the Holtbeast.

1. Willy’s OT winner (Rd 1 Game 1 vs TOR)

The first big moment of the postseason was the best one. In overtime, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition Tom Wilson. Trotz put out the lunch pail line, and Wilson kept the puck in the zone and flung it at the net, resulting in complete euphoria and a series lead for the Caps. The Toronto native scored his first ever playoff goal, and I have never been more proud of Willy Baby than I was during this series.

The playoffs didn’t end the way we wanted them to. But that doesn’t mean we can’t look back at the good moments it brought us. There’s so much uncertainty ahead, and our team is going to look a lot different next year. But I want to thank the 2016-17 Washington Capitals for being so much fun to watch and holding a special place in my heart. Thanks for everything.

Complete|| jim gordon

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Guys I know I told you I wasn’t going to write any more requests until June, but Gotham came back on tonight and my Jim Gordon feels went SKYROCKETING. And there’s next to no fic on here for him, so here you go!

After a particularly rough day having to deal with Jervis Tetch, Jim comes home to the only person who makes him feel complete, who makes him feel as if he is still a man. 

Warnings: Tetch is a douche, mentions of attempted suicide, hypnosis, just general angst with added fluff


  “You’re so tired of life, aren’t you? Even with y/n to come home to every night, you still don’t feel like you’re a good enough man for the woman you love. Quite sad.. when you have it all and feel more empty then you ever have in your life.” 

It had been a hellish day, to say the least. Jim Gordon aimlessly swayed outside the door to the apartment he shared with you, his devoted wife of a year and a half. His hand trembled as he struggled to fit the key into the lock, screwing his eyes tightly shut to try and block out the lulling voice of Jervis Tetch and everything he’d said earlier that afternoon. 

  “Now you can rest, Jim.”

He ambled inside the apartment as quietly as he could, silently hoping that you’d already be asleep and he could completely skirt around a conversation. Much to his displeasure, you were sitting cross legged on the bed wearing his favorite sky blue button up, your hair unkempt and your fingers wrapped around a cup of coffee. 

 “Y/n sweetheart, it’s half past one in the morning. What on Earth are you doing up so late?” Jim chided. You’d been on the phone with Harvey from ten to twelve, listening to his thorough explanation of the man the GCPD deemed The Mad Hatter and all of the things he’d been whispering to Jim since he’d made himself known. Case in point, using his mistakes in hopes to make him claim his own life. 

  “Hoping my husband hasn’t killed himself yet.” 

Your blunt answer was so abrupt it completely drew Jim back towards you, his attention now piqued. “Great. I assume Harvey told you everything?” Jim growled, his chest deflating in defeat as you sat your cup on the bedside table and moved to close the gap between you. “He’s dangerous and I don’t ever want you going near him. Do you hear me?” 

  “Loud and clear Officer.” You teased, resting your hand against his cheek. Your heart sank as warmth radiated from the skin you’d come to memorize in the time you’d been together, Jim instinctively leaning into your touch and drawing you closer. “He wants you to think you have nothing left to live for, honey.” 

  “But besides you - what is there? My job?” He snorted indignantly and splayed his hands across the small of your back beneath your shirt, resting his forehead against your shoulder as you played with the hair at the nape of his neck. You slowly exhaled as you registered the warmth on your shoulder and the silent sobs causing your husbands body to tremble violently against yours. “Y/n.. you’re the only good thing left in this fire and brim stone city. Every morning when I walk out that door, I am literally walking into hell itself. It terrifies me to think that I make one wrong move and it leaves you alone. There’s nothing left for you here in Gotham. Fish took that from you.” 

  “But through Fish taking my family from me, I got Bruce and Alfred. And let me tell you, I love those two.” You said firmly, peeling yourself away from Jim and cupping his face in your hands. Such delicate, warm hands.. Hands that mapped his body like art and held him as if he was the most precious jewel to dig out of this city. That was what you’d done - dug him out of the shell of himself and brought him back to life. 

And oh.. you loved that man. The man with the stupidly gorgeous smile, the crystal irises that regarded you with such majesty that it made your heart melt; the man who cracked the most stupid jokes at 2 AM and made you his priority over a job he loved so much. 

Jim Gordon was yours. And you were his. 

You completed each other. 

A warm, content smile spread across your weary features as you extended your arms - only for Jim to laugh quietly under his breath and link his fingers with yours. “Y/n.” You turned around in the darkness and let out a gasp as Jim pulled you back in his direction, his fingers tightly threading through your hair as he captured your lips in his own. 

The ferocity in his kiss stunned you so quickly that you felt your knees weaken and had to wrap your arms around his neck to keep yourself from falling. He was the first one to pull away, his breathing heavy as you tilted your head to the side and motioned back towards the bed. “C’mere honey.” You whispered softly against his bicep. Jim reluctantly released you and followed you back to the bed to lay down on his side, the mattress dipping beneath his weight as the tension slowly seeped from his body. “Your fears don’t make you any less of a man. You are still and will always be the best man I have ever known, Jim. I adore you.” 

He inhaled sharply as a wave of tears pricked his eyes. “I’m sorry.” He confessed. You rolled over onto his waist and straddled him, your knees locking at his hips as you bent over to wipe his tears with the pads of your thumbs. “It’s ridiculous because we’ve been married for a year and a half… but it feels like it’s been so long since I’ve really known that there was someone out there who loved me for me.” 

  “Honey, I need you to do something for me.” You whispered. Your voice carried on the silence as you slowly began to leave open mouthed kisses on his jawline. “I need you to breathe, Jim. Feel the love behind my words and my touch.. and just breathe.” 

So for the next ten minutes you found yourself whispering words of affirmation to a man who had never needed them more than in that moment; high on the gentle touches on his cheeks, his chest, his arms and the words whispered in his ear. 

There was never a moment where I’d felt more love,

than in the way your lips whispered,

and your fingers danced across my skin,

like the gasoline to ignite the fire.

Just as you were moving to place a final kiss on his lips, Jim completely caught you off guard and flipped the position so you were on the bottom pinned to the bed by his weight. “And now it’s time for me to show you,” He murmured lowly in your ear, his hand sliding down the side of your body to your bare leg and hooking it over his hip. “Just how much you complete me.” 

But may the gods rejoice

Because this lonely heart has found a home

To complete the hole that was left in it.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I don't know if you do "recs" but I'll try and ask anyway: is there a clexa fic you would recommend? It seems to me that I've already read and re-read the best ones (yours are included, obviously) and I'm having a little crisis here :( anything really, fluff,smut, hell even angst.. I'm not picky right now (without the show and the fanfiction think I'm having a clexa withdrawal :/ ) thank you !

It’s too hard for me to pick just one, so have five, in no particular order. (I’m going to assume that if you’ve read my stories, you’ve also read @raedmagdon​‘s Clexa fic. So I will be excluding those from this particular list - but if you haven’t read Rae’s Clexa fic, I recommend ALLLLLL of them!). List includes smut, fluff, angst, and everything in between. Some are multi-chapter, some are oneshots. 

1. pump mud through my veins, by @wariangle

I love this one’s conceit! Clarke falls to Earth by accident, way before the rest of the Ark arrives, and by the time they get there she and Lexa are already basically married and Clarke’s gone native. Suddenly she’s forced to act as the go-between for two hostile forces - the Arkers, who see the Grounders as menacing savages, and the Grounders, who are (rightfully) wary of the unknown, especially when it comes flaming down out of the sky and destroys a whole village. Lexa is a self-sacrificing idiot, Clarke is determined, there’s a lot of angst, but it ends on a happy note. Oh and it’s also EXTREMELY well-written. 

2. Come Morning Light, by @onemilliongoldstars

Oh my god, this one hurts so good. It’s a Clexa baby fic - non-G!P, so they have kids the not-so-old fashioned way, with a sperm donor (three guesses who that is, and why it’s the cause of so much angst). This one was written in between seasons 2 and 3, and again, Lexa is such a self-sacrificing idiot it makes you want to slap her sometimes - but in the best way. I really adore her characterization here, at once fierce and protective and possessive and also achingly tender and loving. Ugh. I just. Love this fic. 

3. tear down the walls, by @wariangle

I’m not usually a fan of modern AUs, but this one maintains characterization quite well. Lexa is an MMA fighter and Clarke is a friend of a friend, and oh my GAWD is the sex hot. The way they slide from “we’re not in a relationship, this is just fucking” to “basically married” is perfect.

4. as you are mine, i am yours, by @jonvonneumann

Clexa omegaverse, in canonverse in the beginning. Takes place during S3. GUHHHH I wish this were longer but omg the smut is so fucking hot, and the characterization is on point. Clarke is a spitfire who struggles with her omega urges, who carries a deep core of resentment and resents that Lexa’s patience and softness and sorrow are slowly eroding it; and Lexa is both the Lexa we know and love, the steely-eyed Commander with the heart of soft gold but also the alpha of everything, who takes no prisoners and no shit. And the smut. THE SMUT. Jfc. 

5. maybe they will sing for us tomorrow, by @dontholdthiswarinside

Makes me cry every damn time. Reincarnation/soulmates AU, set over 200 years in the future after Lexa’s death. They finally get their happy ending. 

Anyway, now I need to go cry a little bit. But I hope I was able to give you a few good recs, anon! Also if you check out my bookmarks on AO3, I’ve got a bunch more. But these are just a few of my especial favorites. I hope you enjoy them!

The Wrath of the Lamb

And we’re finally here, the finale. This post will be THE LONGEST one in this whole series, so prepare yourselves!

…that’s what she was going to do?? Damn.

This little scene was cut. Excellent thinking from Reba in that situation!

A surprise appearance from Dolarhyde!

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skam month: favorite female character: eva kviing mohn

god, i just love eva so much. as said in my reasoning for season one being my fav, i just feel like i can relate to her and (some) of her struggles, her journey. the loneliness and finding friends, also, i cry like a shit ton, and, well, eva has had her fair share of cry worthy moments. 

but the thing that i love most about eva is her strength and happiness and love for everyone around her. she stands up for her friends and care about and for them and, also, she gets along with pretty much everyone

The more clips we get. The more im becoming convinced that one of Sana’s obstacles is just going to be a breakdown. 

We have seen it over the past 3 seasons, and its filled in every clip we have gotten this season, just how much Sana cares. Sana cares SO FUCKING MUCH about the people around her. She is always there to comfort, and take burdens and ‘fix it’. 


But a little part of me also wants to see her crack a little, and ask ‘when is someone going to step up for me?’

And I want the girls to just rally round her immediately. I want the boy squad to have her back.

(Mahdi: isnt this the girl who held our stash hostage?
Isak: Shut up)

I want Elias and the balloon squad to be there, ‘dont worry little sis I got you’

I basically want this season to end with undeniable proof that Sana is a FUCKING QUEEN but she is surrounded by people that would die for her.