"If you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen for the second." -Johnny Depp 

girls who have seen drag race S7E4

1) jaidynn outperformed kennedy
2) kandy and kasha truly belonged in the bottom, kandy blended in, kasha didn’t really sing, and overall they were pretty forgettable, except for the runway
3) trixie outperformed pearl
4) “I just love her so much…” my heart SHATTERED.
5) the drag god miss stacy layne matthews will look at trixie and say “you’ve still got so much to do henny,” and send her down on episode seven for redemption.


Oliver & Felicity | “You have feelings for him” [+3x17]

This video is a must-see. All the angst, love, trust, respect, friendship Oliver and Felicity have for one another. It´s so amazingly perfect!!!

But to be honest, I feel really sad when it comes to season 3 because as the time is passing by I really don’t feel Arrow writers are going to give us Olicity. I am losing my hope!!! #sad

The angst is too much to handle. OH God!!!!! So much suffering, so much pain. They love each other so much but it’s so damn hard for them to be together. I just don’t feel confident about the future of my dear OTP anymore.

I thought watching 21 Jumpstreet would just be a cute 80s cheezy show with baby Johnny Depp 

But no now I’m in too deep guys

I literally am addicted to this show I love it so much its amazing lol I’m on Season 3 already

Thank god there are like 100 episodes haha

I mean yes baby Johnny Depp is still @#$%Ing gorgeous but honestly it’s a great show

Is there anyone else out there who loves it as much as me?

Im crying because all ive done this weekend was rewatch the 100 eps & honestly i miss Lincoln..i miss Lincoln so damn much. & i miss Linctavia . Ok & i miss Bellamy & maybe Clarke. I espically miss Monty.& Jasper. Damn it i miss Anya cause she would have made a better couple with Clarke than lexa ever could. I kinda liked lexa for a bit.( that bitch honestly) . I miss Finn alot. & Raven. Oh how i miss Raven. I just want her to be happy & be loved & for people to stop torturing the poor girl. God i just hope shes happy in season 3. Lets talk about Murphy..John Murphy & Jaha...okay lemme just say that im still confused asf. But i want Murphy to be happy for once even though hes an asshole sometimes.

I miss my babies. All of my little worriers.

captainswanismyendgame asked:

Just curious: why do you hate us so much? We are just as passionate about our OTP as you are of yours (which i ship also), and yes I know every fandom has their own bad apples, but it shouldn't let your opinion of an entire fandom be tainted.

Oh god. Well when I was really involved with once upon a time I didn’t have a great time. mainly because shipping Wars and all that jazz. I started drifting away from the show quickly after. I mean I still casually watch and get a bit excited for the new episodes. I just left with a bad taste in my mouth. but like you said I shouldn’t let my opinion detract from the whole fandom LOL. Maybe I’ll watch tonight’s episode with an open mind n_n

xpeculiartreasurex asked:

Prague, Tel Aviv, Madrid, Cairo, Mumbai <33

Prague: What is your favorite season?

Well, usually whenever one season is close to ending I’m just SO EXCITED FOR THE NEXT ONE, WHATEVER IT IS, THAT IT BECOMES MY NEW FAVORITE. AND STAYS THAT WAY FOR THE NEXT FEW MONTHS until it’s like, a month away from ending and then the cycle repeats. But honestly, I’m never ever as excited for any season like I am for spring. Like right now I am  OBSESSED with springtime because it just… it brings so much. Rebirth, flowers, bright colors and pastels and floral patterns, Easter, rain (occasionally), basically just happiness. <3

Tel Aviv: What is your favorite thing about your family?

Ooohhhh boy is this a loaded question. My favorite thing about my family is how close we are. I tell them everything and love doing everything with them and they are so deeply rooted in faith and love for God and they give the best advice and they’re hilarious and the kind of love we all have for each other can only be described as unconditional. …That was all in one sentence so it counts as one thing.

Madrid: Describe your aesthetic.

Bright and lighter colors/pastels; sparkles; raindrops on roses; vintage; striving to be a modern-day Rapunzel; also this song (the sound but also trying to live out the lyrics <3)

Cairo: Whats your favorite quote?

“You were wrong about the world, and you were wrong about me.”

- Rapunzel (Tangled)

Mumbai: What is your favorite scent

Coffee, anything with cinnamon, freshly baked cookies, Disneyland churros and popcorn and kettle corn (ESPECIALLY THE KETTLE CORN)

theaqueenz asked:

Thea Queen because she is so stylish and she can kick ass. Also, her character personality is amazing and I love how she never puts up with people's bullshit and calls them on it. Her character development is also pretty amazing and I just love her. :)

Honey, Thea Queen is the goddess of the gods. Thea Queen is the woman who is her own, the woman who fends for herself—the woman who is her own man. Thea Queen is so strong and the way she wants to do right with the world is so admirable. Thea Queen is amazingly strong in her own way. Her moral compass should show Oliver the way to season 3. She wants to learn, wants to listen to her brother because she knows that he’s been through so much and knows the way to protect them both but even she knows that teaming up with her birth father might not be the way to do it.

Thea Queen is a goddess. That’s it. She’s a goddess.

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anonymous asked:

i've started call the midwife thanks to you and this show is so cute and cool omg. i've just finished season 1. please tell me you love chummy as much as i do she is so adorkable so far <3


YES I love her so much and I missed her in the season that’s just finished she was only in two episodes :CC MIRANDA HUN COME BACK… just you wait til you unearth sister bernadette’s story Honestly

faeri-queen asked:

Similar. Past time. Shh.

Similar- 1) eliza dushku- she plays faith in buffy and echo in dollhouse and shes fucking amazing. 2) ariana grande - i literally cant explain why but i love her. 3) holland roden- plays lydia in teen wolf and i just think shes fantastic.
Pastime- 1) Queer as Folk. I think i marathon it once a year or so and i always fucking cry and if you know me, you know i never do but there’s that one fucking scene at the end of season 1 that gets me every fucking time.
2) uhm, idk, maybe how picky i am when i watch porn?
3) maybe how much time i spend checking people out. Like god do you even know how hot some people are? I almost never say it out loud unless im talking to them because most people dont know i like girls more and therefore tend to check them out more hence bringing up the whole “your lesbian? Haha lol” conversation. I had that once with a couple old co-workers and it was the most uncomfortable thing ever.
Shh-1) i guess that im ace. Not really because i think either of them will disown me or not believe me or something its more that i don’t want to have to go through the conversation of what asexuality is and then me becoming a topic of conversation, especially on my moms side because she’ll talk about anything and everything to family members.
2) how much money and time i spend. I spend waaaaaay too much on things. Especially for like face care and make-up and making sure i always look nice.
3) how much i really dont like my extended family on my moms side i guess. My dad would think its hilarious(theyre divorced) but my mom would be kinda hurt.

skyholded asked:

god samee i felt so bad for clarke the whole time i love her so much and i rly hope that they're not gonna make jasper hate monty now ;-;

same i kinda see the way they might turn jasper into season 3′s version of finn but i’m so worried that they might because he is my son

i’m just very emotional about all these characters ;w;

the 100

No. Just NOO .NO oNONNONO NON O N ON O NO N ON ON nO NO  ON ONooononononoooOOOoOOOOOOGNDODNDONONONO NO. NOOOO. WHY aare they doing this to me. I don’t think a season has ever made me react this badly EVER. I have never been this upset/frustrated and all the other things I’m feeling right now over a show before.  I can’t even write properly. I’m literally sobbing. I can’t. HOly shit this show iss sooo GOOOOOOD. I’m crying. I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS WHEN I FIRST STARTED WATCHING THE SHOW. I DIDN’T LOVE IT AT FIRST, BUT NOW I’M SO BROKEN AND I CAN’T. IT’S SUCH A GREAT SHOW AND I’M CRYING. Seriously those who haven’t given it a shot: it gets better. It gets a WHOOOOLE lot better. It’s so great and I’m not ashamed to say that it’s my favorite TV show. I’m so heartbroken and emotional right now thanks to this fucking trainwreck-of-feels of a show, but it’s so worth it. I have no regrets. At all.