Bad Habits

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Pairing: Yoongi x reader

Genre/Warnings: Fluff, smoking, This is just a small drabble..

Summary: Yoongi was one of the most thoughtful people ever except he smoked and it kinda grossed you out.

(credit to original owner of gif)

Hoseok Yoongi

A/N: You bet your ass this is inspired by the Love Yourself trailer things, I had all these ideas so I’m gonna do 7 drabbles to just get them out of my system.

That fucker turned the air purifier off again. You could smell the smoke from the moment you entered your apartment. You hated. No loathed smoking so when your boyfriend admitted he indulged in the bad habit you couldn’t help but feel slightly disgusted. Not in him, he could never disgust you just the cigarettes. You never pressured him about quitting but you did all you could do sway his mind but you knew it was hard for some people to give it up. It never became an argument between the two of you. However, the smell did cause small petty squabbles between the two of you. He promised you that he would try his hardest to quit but if he had to smoke, he would go away from the apartment so it wouldn’t smell up the place.

You had poor lungs, that being the main reason you hated smoking Being around the smoke could be enough to put you in the hospital for the night. Yoongi was very aware of this so he never once smoked in your presence but yet here you were standing at the balcony door behind Yoongi who hadn’t seen you yet. You looked back into the room and saw papers scrunched up and things chucked about, whatever it was must have been pretty bad. He likes a clean home and usually cleans up after a tantrum. You leaned on the door frame before knocking on the glass gently. He spun around with the cigarette hanging off his lips. God Yoongi was the only person who could make such a bad habit attractive. “Y/N I didn’t see the time I am so sorry just go into our room, I’ll have this all clean I am so sorry.” He apologized while smooshing his cigarette out on the ground with his foot.

You smiled without a word and entered the living space and flicked on the air purifier before beginning to clean up quietly. “You don’t have to apologize you know that right.” You explained to him as he went off to brush his teeth.

He came back with the toothbrush sticking out of his mouth “You’re sick and I should know better.” He mumbled sadly.

You sighed and straightened out the paper that you had picked up, you always made Yoongi keep his work even if he hated it because you believed he could come back to it one day and work on it some more and for all, you knew it could become a big success. “Yoongi I’m not that sick, I have asthma, the only thing I could get upset about right now is now it smells.” You joked.

Those little lovers quarrels were never about you trying to stop Yoongi but more about him getting upset for smoking and not realizing you were coming home or actually around. He sighed coming up to you while wrapping his arms around you. His clothes stunk terribly but you couldn’t bring yourself to care as you wrapped your arms around his. “Shut your eyes.” You whispered.

Without any hesitation, he did as he was told and shut his eyes, you took the brush out of his mouth and quickly replaced it with a lollipop. It had to taste terrible due to his mouth being minty but it made you both laugh. “There start sucking on sugar instead of ash.” You teased.

He stared at your face with a soft smile settled on his face before pulling you into one last hug then dragging you over to the piano and sitting you down where he began to work once more finding new inspiration with you next to him. “That sounds like a good idea.” He agreed.

Mayday, Mayday (Got Me Thinking Bout You Everyday)

After the first time you spilled coffee on an incredibly handsome man at a bus stop, you never expected to see him again. When you spill coffee on him the second time, the two of you get to talking.

  • written bc sewoon fucking debuted and yes bih
  • his album is amazing and i rlly love never mind so much omg
  • and also his stage for the title song is soo cool omgggggg

You sighed, ducking under the awning of the bus stop. It was still raining, though the air was warm and sticky, and you struggled to close your umbrella, dripping wet.

Completely focused on closing the umbrella, you didn’t realize that you had turned slightly, and before you could realize what was happening, you’d swung your umbrella into someone, knocking the cup of coffee all over them.

“Oh my god, I am so sorry,” you gasped, forgoing your stupid, stubborn umbrella in favor of checking to see if the poor man was okay. “Are you alright? I am so, so sorry.”

The man, who you now realized was incredibly handsome, smiled gently at you. “It’s alright, don’t worry,” he assured you.

“Really,” you sighed, digging around in your bag for your packet of tissues that you carried around, “I feel really bad. I can get that jacket dry cleaned for you, if you’d like?”

“It’s fine, it was an innocent mistake,” the man smiled down at you, “unless you were secretly plotting against me?” You grinned at his playful tone.

“I have a personal vendetta against suit jackets,” you played along, appreciating how he chuckled at your joke.

“But really, don’t worry about it,” the man assured you gently, “I know that it was a mistake, and besides, it’s a black jacket—it won’t even stain. A little coffee never hurt anyone.”

A few days later, you were running a bit late to work, and stepped into a coffee shop to grab a quick cup before heading to work. As you breathed in the bitter aroma, you couldn’t help but think of the handsome man from the bus stop. You’d gushed to your roommate that night about how handsome and kind he was, lamenting that you hadn’t thought to ask for his number, or his name at the very least.

“One latte for (y/n)!” The barista called, setting your coffee down on the counter.

“Thank you!” You said with a smile, collecting your cup. As though in slow motion, you spun around and were met with a hard chest, your coffee going all over the poor man’s clean white shirt.

“Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry!”

“We’ve really got to stop meeting like this.”

You looked up to meet the warm gaze of the man from the bus stop, smiling down at you. You groaned, cheeks turning pink in embarrassment.

“That makes this even worse,” you sighed, rushing to dab at his shirt with a few napkins hastily yanked from the dispenser, “I’m such a klutz, I’m so, so, sorry.” As you carefully wiped at the coffee on his chest, you couldn’t help but notice how nice his musceles seemed.

“Hey, really, it’s okay,” the man said gently, reaching down to carefully take the napkins from you. As his fingers brushed against yours, you realized how close you were to him, breath caught in the back of your throat. The two of you stood there for a heartbeat longer, staring at each other, before the man coughed, gently taking the napkins and dabbing at the stain. “I should probably introduce myself if this is going to become a regular thing,” he joked, sending you a charming smile, “I’m Sewoon.”

“(y/n),” you replied with a smile, “and I really, really hope this doesn’t become a regular thing.”

“What, you don’t like seeing me in the morning?” Sewoon teased, watching as your cheeks turned pink again.

“N-no, it’s not that!” You stammered, flustered at his teasing, “I mean, spilling coffee on you. It’s kind of a terrible way to see someone in the morning.”

“Maybe you should give me your number, then,” Sewoon said with a playful grin, “that way, we can see each other in the morning the right way.”

If possible, your cheeks heated up even more, “Yah! I don’t put out on the first date, for your information.”

“Who said anything about putting out?” Sewoon winked at you, pulling out his phone casually, “you’re lucky if you get a kiss from me on the first date.”

“Well, I guess we’ll have to just wait and see then,” you said defiantly, punching your number into your phone. Sewoon chuckled at how adorable you were, pretending to be upset as you huffed.

“That we will,” Sewoon smiled, tucking his phone back into his pocket, “I’ll see you soon.”

deanscolette  asked:

talk to me about serial killer sammy who's obsessed with his big brother and will hurt anyone who tries to go near him. sammy who loves having dean's cock inside of him whenever he can, and in his mouth when it cant be. :))) pls

i could talk about this all day long because god, i love this. so much. i am all for sweet, little, innocent sammy not being as innocent and sweet as he seems.

he likes hurting things and he’s not sure why he does. it started with small animals, you know. and when sam came to dean with tears in his eyes because he knew that it wasn’t right at all for him to hurt these things but he can’t help it, dean helped sam clean the blood from his hands and pushed his hair back from his face and told him that it was going to be okay. that nothing bad was going to happen if dean was around and honestly, if sam liked hurting things, that was okay too. it wasn’t normal but then again, their lives weren’t normal.

it got worse after that. sam started killing bigger things and dean was always there right behind sam, cleaning up after him, making sure that sam was okay and that’s where sam’s obsession grew. dean was the only person that was there for him. through everything, after everything that sam’s done, dean’s been the only one who stuck around and sam realized that was the way that it was supposed to be.

just him and dean.

neither of them can really remember who started their relationship. it was probably sam, completely at ease with himself and those feelings and it was probably after the story of the girl that was found dead in some alley somewhere. dean didn’t really know the girl. he remembered seeing her in the library and she seemed to be into dean but dean wasn’t interested and that was the extent of their relationship. sam on the other hand, knew that she was danger. she was threatening to take dean away from him and when she went home that night, sam followed her and dragged her in the alley and well… the police found her the next day.

but it was probably after that when sam cornered dean, his eyes blown wide with want and the moment that sam kissed dean, dean was completely gone for his little brother.

when sam killed, dean cleaned up after him, making sure that his brother’s secret was still safe and sam would always pin dean up against the alley wall and whisper filth into dean’s ear and beg dean to fuck him. that he just needed dean to be inside of him and sometimes they don’t even make it back to the motel.

The pregnancy test PRANK (Muke/4)

Hey guys! it’s (Y/n) and welcome to another random Tuesday, is that day of the week with you guys put up with whatever content i come up with. And today i decided to play a prank on my boyfriend, Right now he must be driving back from the studio, he must be very tired, and honestly, i think that could make his reaction even better. If you follow him on Instagram, you would know that he’s been playing pranks on me the entire week,  i don't know about you guys, but i think it’s time for revenge. 

i went to the dollar store and picked up a fake pregnancy test, i guess you guys can deduce what i am gonna do. Maybe it will be a bit harsh on him but honestly, it’s the best revenge that i could think of. 

as always, if you haven’t subscribe to my channel you can do it now, it’s free, like it, and if you follow me on my social media tweet me and I’ll try to follow you some time. 

Let’s hope for the best on this prank. Wish me luck. 


i sat on the sofa waiting for Luke, even when this was just a joke i could feel my hands sweating, and i had really no idea why i was this nervous, maybe because Luke could be very temperamental when he wanted, or maybe because i am very bad with pranks.

When i hear the door knob move, i stay still and hide the fake pregnancy test behind my back, pulling my phone out trying to pretend that i was on my phone and acting as natural as i could.

He looks happy but still tired, like every time he comes back from work, and a soft smile appears on his face when he sees me, he does not think twice before leaving his stuff on the floor of the main entrance and walking up to the sofa, crashing right beside me.

“Hey you” he says with a smile, kissing my cheek “missed you”

i can’t help but smile “Hey you” i repeat “long time no see” i roll my eyes, we obviously saw each other in the morning, he liked to do this kind of indirect jokes.

“oh yeah” he mumbles before peeking my lips “What are you up to? Are you feeling better?” he ask, trying to check on my since i told him on the early morning that i wasn’t feeling well. i was lying, of course.

“i was just here..” i say nervously chuckling “Watching tv…”

he frowns and laughs “must be an interesting show that only you can see” he scoffs “the tv is not on, babe”

i open my mouth but don’t say anything, so i take the controller and turn it on mumbling a ‘there you go’ and getting the weirdest look from my boyfriend, who choose to not say anything and move on. “wanna order something? i know it’s my turn to cook but to be honest, i really don’t wanna do it”

i shrug and nod in response “you want some wine?” he asks and i nod again.

it doesn’t take him more than 5 minutes to come back with wine and some snacks, he places a bag of popcorn on the coffe table and gives me a cup of wine, that i really wanna try but for the sake of the prank, i don’t do it.

“Pizza or thai?” he asks, sitting beside me with his own cup of wine in hand and pulling out his phone.

“i need to talk to you” i say like it was something pretty important.

“Sure, thing” he mumbles looking down at his phone “Give me a minute and i’ll order food and then we can talk, Em.. so pizza or.. ?”

“No” i shook my head and take the phone from his hands and leave it aside “Luke this is very important..” i say completely serious, even though on my insides all i wanna do it’s laugh as hard as i can.

“What is it, babygirl?” he says suddenly worried, frowning at me

“This is not easy to say..” i sigh and look down “but well you know i wasn’t feeling well today, and i was really concerned by it… i called my friend and she started to give me this lecture…”

“(Y/n), you’re worrying me” he says making me stop talking “to the point, please?”

Again, i don’t say anything, i just pull the pregnancy test out from behind my back and leave it on his lap. He does not say a word, he stares at it for a solid minute, and his mouth moves trying to say something and not a word comes out of it, he is totally speechless and i can’t even tell if he is mad or happy.

“(Y/n)..” he groans and leave his cup on the table, taking the test and looking it closer “Why did you not tell me you were taking this?” he says, he looks irritated and a bit mad, but even though i hate to see him mad, i am not going to say anything.

“i didn’t think it was necessary” i shrug.

he gasps and looks at me with wide eyes “You’re fucking pregnant!” he yells “you didn’t think it was necessary to tell me such a thing?”

“Luke stop yelling” i say calm

“How can you be so fine with this?” he says not believing any of this “We are gonna be fucking parents, oh god…”

“Are you mad?” i ask innocently looking up.

“i am not, i am just… “ he sighs not finding the right words for the moment “you know i love you” he says whispering and moving closer to me “this is too soon, but…” again, he is speechless “Fuck”

“Uh…yeah” i nod and decide to end it “can you say it louder though?” i say gaining a very confused look from him “i don’t think the camera heard you” i say and a smile starts to grow on me.

he is confused again, but when i point to the hidden camera behind his back, a sigh of relief and surprise comes out of him. and i laugh, like my life depended on it. “that’s what you get for playing me pranks!” i say jumping from the sofa and getting the camera. “Say something for the record”

“i’m gonna kill you” he says, and rolls on the sofa, hiding his red face on the pillows “i am getting revenge”


the moment Michael crosses the door of our apartment, the moment i ran to him and give him a big tight hug. he looks confused at me, but he doesn’t care at all and just holds me in his arms. 

“Hey!” he says happily, looking down at me “Someone’s a bit hyper today” 

“i am very happy today babe” i smile up at him and peck his lips.

He gives me a kind of confused look “Did you got that package you were expecting?” he asks, trying to guess why i was overly happy but i shake my head “Nope” 

“Then, what got you so happy?” he asks curiosuly, slidding his arms off me and putting down the rest of his stuff. 

“You’ll know” i giggle, letting my arms go from his body “But you have to guess” i smile and them exclaim “i got you something!” 

“it’s not my birthday” he says weirdly. “is it an early Christmas present then?” 

“Oh” i say “it’s better than that” i smile  “want a hint?” 

he shooks his head “no no, wait… “ he says thinking “is it… that new camera i told you i wanted?” he asks, and by that look i can tell that he was really expenting it to be that. 

“No” i chuckle “try harder” 

“Hm..” he says glancing at me and crossing his arms “is it a turtle?” he asks “i wanted a turtle too” 

that makes me give a little jump “Very close” i cheer “is a bit bigger than a turtle” 

he frowns “A hamster?” he tries and i shook my head “a puppy? oh my god, baby is it a puppy?” he says happily but i shook my head. 

“Better” i smile “you gotta think harder, Daddy” 

his eyes widen, and then his puzzled look turns into a sweet smile. “Ohh” he says “i see” he says and i can instantly know what he is thinking “is it what i think it is?, did you got new lingerie, babygirl?” he says doing a weird move with his eyebrows. 

“babe, i swear, you are not that kind of daddy” i say watching his face changing once again, i reach on my back pocket and pull out the pregnancy test “Surprise!” i cheer, and his smile drop. 

“What the…?” he takes the pregnancy test and stares at it, being very confused at the situation “a-are -y-ou.. oh god i need to sit down” 

i lead him to the closest chair and let him sit down “Are you mad?” i ask “we’re going to be parents! this is awesome!” 

he stutters again, and shooks his head, i can’t really tell what reaction he is having, all the mixed feelings are overwhelming him. “Babe” he whispers “What the hell?” he says sounding serious “How did this happened?” he sighs “we’ve been careful, i’ve made sure of it, how.. ?” he can barely talk properly and once again he sighs. “i am not ready” 

i shrug “i mean, i am not either..” i mumble “but i think babies are so cute” i say, totally not sounding serious. 

he gasps “oh! you think babies are cute?” he exclaims “fucking fantastic, i don’t think they will be that cute when you have to clean thier crap, put an eye of them 24/7 and expend hundreds and hundreds of dollars on them” he freaks out 

“why are in such a bad mood?” i fake frown “Michael, chill, can you?” 

“How can you be acting like this is nothing? Geez!” he yells “(Y/n) this is very serious. god dammit”  

“Don’t be such an asshole” i argue frowning “A baby is a blessing” words just come randomly out of my mouth “if the big lord want us to be parents, then we’ll be parents” 

i cannot hold my laughs any longer when i pronounce those last words. in fact, i end up laughing so hard that i can’t keep myself standing and end up sitting on the floor, laughing like my ass off while Michael stands up from his seat, not understanding anything of what’s happening.

“Are you high?” is the only thing he says after i broke into such a big laughter out of the blue. 

i can’t talk or pronounce any word, all i can get myself to do anything more than laughing, at this point, tears are already coming down my eyes “Mike” i hardly get to say and point at the stairs direction “Michael, look” 

he confusedly turns around and in no more than 10 seconds he spots my camera laying on the corner of one of the stairs. his face relaxes and he seems relieved. 

“Babe” he sighs letting out a sigh “You fucking got me” 

i clean out the tears from my eyes and get up from the floor, going directly at him and giving him a hug “you’ve been pranked!” i yell on his ear and he pulls away from my loud voice “Do you feel pranked baby?” i say sweetly, laying my head on his shoulder. 

“oh yeah” he says, hugging me back “but you know, this is not the end, you are going to pay for this” 

i glance at him and shook my head at him “Oh yeah!” i exclaim “Don’t be so sure about that mon amie” 

he chuckles “Why not?” he shrugs. 

“because you love me too much to prank me back” 

Unexpected Consequence 2

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Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 7 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11

Got7 x Reader



A/N: Hey guys! Here is the second chapter of my Got7!Gang au. We are pretty proud of this chapter. We really hope you guys like it!

Disclaimer: This story is not in any way shape or form true. This is purely fiction. All the boys from Got7 are very sweet and charming guys that wouldn’t hurt a fly. I love them all so much. So please, check them out! They are amazing people.

Trigger Warning: There will be swearing, kidnapping, holding hostage, torture and mentions of killing and drugs. So if you are uncomfortable with any of this, please don’t read!

Chapter 2:

        You groan as you start to regain consciousness. You try to move your arms, but as soon as you try, they wouldn’t budge. ‘What the?’ Your eyes instantly widen. Unfortunately, it’s too dark to see anything. You try moving your feet this time but they also don’t budge. ‘I can’t move, I can’t see… this isn’t good’. 

        Suddenly you hear a noise within the blackness. “HELLO? W-WHO’S THERE!?” You yell into what seems like never-ending darkness. You didn’t mean to sound as panicked as you felt. The room starts to illuminate with a harsh, flickering light and you hear a couple faint chuckles. 

        You squint your eyes trying to adjust to the sudden brightness. You see a group of 7 very handsome boys; all around your age, leaning against the wall. None of them approached you instead they just kept staring. ‘Is this just another one of my weird dreams? No…This feels too real. My heart is ready to jump out my chest!’.

        “What the hell is going on? Who the hell are you? And why am I tied to this chair?” You blurt out with your voice laced with anger. As you focus more on the group of boys in front of you, you notice something familiar. “Hey! You two were at the bakery this morning! What is the meaning of this?!” ‘Well, so much for my dream theory’.

        One of the brunette’s steps forward and playfully nudges the blonde boy you saw earlier at work. “Yo, Mark, you never said she was THIS annoying,” he said all the while staring you down. ‘Yeesh…What’s with this guy? Did he really just give me a look of disgust?’

        The blonde, Mark, proceeds to roll his eyes right back at the other. “Well, why didn’t you just gag her then, Yugyeom? Since you like to complain,“ Mark gave him a swift shove.

        The two boys immediately start to bicker back and forth while ignoring your presence. You start to tense up and grind your teeth. You have little patience to begin with, which means you get angry just as fast. Just then the other brunette steps forward, catching the attention of the group.

        “Guys, shut up. We need her to talk, remember?” He says sternly under his breath.

        Yugyeom nods. “Right, JB. I forgot because of her annoying-ass voice.”

        You were about to retort when something in your head clicked. Your eyes widen. “W-wait. Mark, Yugyeom, and JB? I know who you are. Y-You guys are the notorious gang, Got7!” You almost whisper the last word in fear.

        JB smirks at you and comes closer. ‘What’s he about to do? Oh, hell no.’ He brings up your face to level with his by tucking his pointer finger under and thumb firmly pressed against your chin. “So, it seems our reputation precedes us. Well, good. So introductions won’t really be necessary at this moment.” You shake your head free. 

        Your fear turned straight back into anger. With your eyes locked with his, you said, “well, are you going to tell me what the hell you want from me? Why am I here?”

         JB’s smirk grows wider. “Well, long story short, your father seems to owe us something quite important, my dear”. He says while circling you like a vulture with its prey.

        Your eyebrows bunch in confusion. “M-my father?” With your dad’s recent past with drugs and run-in’s, you shouldn’t be so surprised. ‘But, he’s clean and broke all ties to that…so I thought…”

        Then, Mark steps forward and crouches down right in front of you. His beautiful face abruptly molded into an expression so chilling that you couldn’t tell if you were scared or…turned on? ‘God what am I thinking at a time like this’. “Yes, Y/N, your father owes me a lot of money. You’re probably are aware of his bad…habits.” It really, really doesn’t help that he’s quite attractive.

        You nod your head slowly, still not understanding. “Okay? And what the hell does that have to do with me?”

         Sighing in frustration, the purpled-haired boy you saw at work earlier speaks up. “Damn, you’re quite dense. Well, we couldn’t seem to find your dear old dad. So, we took you as compensation.” His face twists into a creepy smile. You felt your skin crawl with every inch covered in goose bumps and hairs on end. “You’re going to tell us where he is or else this could end VERY badly for you.” He laughs maniacally. 

        ‘That voice…’ You suddenly were able to put the pieces together. “Hey! You were the one that grabbed me and knocked me out!” You scowl at him.

        His smirk turned into an unsettling grin baring all his teeth and as he starts to bow, his arms were outstretched to either side. “And I enjoyed every second of it. Bambam, at your service.”

        You growl at him, which you instantly regret because it caused him to wink at you. You roll your eyes. “Well, it just so happens that I have no clue where my father is. And even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you fuckers.”

        Suddenly it went dead quiet. Too quiet. The tension in the room became very thick. JB tilts his head and raises an eyebrow at you, while Mark’s face is unreadable.

        Nonetheless, another blonde that hasn’t talked yet lets out a chuckle, slapping a hand on the back of a black-haired boy. “Well, Jinyoung. Looks like you’ll actually come in handy this time. This one’s feisty.”

        Jinyoung stands there with his arms crossed, looking down at you with pure disgust on his face. “Shove it, Jackson.” This retort made Jackson laugh.

        Bambam’s smile somehow continues to widen, which you didn’t think was possible. “Oh, I like her. Can I keep her? I’ve always wanted a pet. Right, Gyeom?” He says this giddily while licking his lips. Feeling completely sickened by his comment you shudder in your bound chair. The last thing you wanted was to be was anyone’s pet.

        Yugyeom nodded and sneered; you could see the wheels turning in his head. All the boys stared squabbling again. You look off to the side and notice the only other one that hasn’t said anything was another black-haired boy. He was quiet the entire time.

        JB clears his throat, ignoring the other member’s comments. “I’m going to pretend like I didn’t hear you say that. Maybe a few hours alone will change your mind.”

        JB nods to the rest of the gang and they follow him out. Jinyoung takes one look back at you, conspicuously. You match his glare, which makes him roll his eyes and turn off the lights. The door closes and you are once again consumed by the room’s darkness.

Seventeen going to the Pet Shop

Episode Seven: Where Seventeen visits the pet shop and Mingyu kidnaps a puppy

*at the dorm*

Joshua: “Hey Vernon can you listen to this song I came up with and tell me if it’s good?” *strums guitar*


Joshua: “What’s so funny?”


Joshua: “Hello?”

Seungkwan: “What are you watching?”

Vernon: “Oh hey kwan, look at this gif of this cat running into a box but it was too fat so its head got stuck HAHAHAHHA”

Joshua: “Did you just ignore me?”

Vernon: “Joshua, can you move your guitar so Seungkwan can sit?”

Joshua: *moves it reluctantly*

Joshua: “That phone’s got to go”

DK: “We should go to the pet shop, that day I was walking back to the dorm and a cute puppy toppled over because it fell asleep”

Mingyu: “Mingyu wants to see puppies!”

Jun: “That’s a surprise to say you want something else other than food” surprise

The8: “He’s going to ask for food the moment we step into the store”

Scoups: “Okay then we should go take a look, it’ll be nice to have a stress-free experience for once”

Woozi: “I wouldn’t be so quick to say it’s stress-free if I were you”

*at the pet shop*

Hoshi: “This hamster is me and I am the hamster”

Woozi: “Why would you be the hamster?”

Hoshi: “It is squishy and it is cute! Like me!”

Hamster: *Sqeak!*

Woozi: “Stop staring at it like that you’re scaring it with your face”

Hoshi: “Doesn’t it look like me Jihoonie?”

Woozi: “What an insult to the hamster”

Woozi: *walks away*

Mingyu: “Can we get a puppy? It’s so white and fluffy and I just want to cuddle with it AHHHHHHH”

Scoups: “WHAT? NO”

Mingyu: “WHY?!?!”

Scoups: “Because you can’t even take care of yourself and I’ll end up taking care of it! I already have 11 children excluding Jeonghan and if I add the puppy in and if the puppy has children…. I AM GOING TO LOSE MY MINDDDD”

Wonwoo: “If I had a puppy I’d name it Gyu”

Jun: “Gyu? You mean Jun?”

Wonwoo: “No I mean Gyu”

Mingyu: “But its staring at me like it’s saying ‘Take me home with you!’”

The8: “What on earth would you want a puppy for Mingyu? It’s not like you can eat it or anything”


The8: “Mingyu?”



Mingyu: “I know!”


Mingyu: “I’M NOT!!!” *frowns*

Scoups: “Question… If you all have children in the future… will I have to take care of them too?!?!”

DK: “Most probably”


DK: “What?”

Jun: “But Wonwoo if you name it Gyu, and if it’s going to be anything like Mingyu, all the puppy is going to do is bark for food 24/7, sneeze, sleep and jump on your bed until you give it more food”

Wonwoo: “But that’s so cute!” every mingyu stan

Scoups: “13 members times 1 children each is 13 grandchildren, plus 12 existing members excluding myself is 25, plus the puppy and it’s children-“

Mingyu: “But what if I want 10 kids hyung?”

Wonwoo: *blushes*

Hoshi: “Soonyoung wants 35”

Woozi: *chokes*

Woozi: “Not with me you’re not, I’m not having any kids with you”

Hoshi: “It’s a little early to be having this conversation but…. we don’t need to have kids to have a happy marriage” *clings onto woozi*

Woozi: “D-did you say marriage?!”

Scoups: *mumbles* “13 times 10 children each is 130 grandchildren plus 12 plus 1 puppy plus 10 baby puppies is….” mental breakdown

Scoups: “151?!”

DK: “Isn’t that Woozi’s height?”

Woozi: *clenches fist*

DK: “Bye I shall take my leave now”

Dino: “Chan wants a Dinosaur for a pet”

Jeonghan: “No sweetie, dinosaurs are extinct”

Dino: “What does extinct mean?”

Jeonghan: “Um…. Hmmm how should I tell you without scaring you.…”

Seungkwan: “It means they DIED, POOF gone, KABOOM, ALL OF THEM DEAD BOOMM” *makes dying noises*

Dino: “They…. They….. died?” *cries*

Jeonghan: “It’s okay sweetie, even if they weren’t gone, it’s too dangerous to keep one anyways”

Dino: “Why is it dangerous?”

Seungkwan: “That’s because they have sharp RAZOR set of teeth that will LUNGE and RIP YOUR PUNY LITTLE HEAD OFF YOUR SMALL BODY AT THEIR FIRST GLANCE OF YOU LIL’ CHAN” *angelic smile*

Dino: *traumatised*

Jeonghan: “Thanks Seungkwan, that was SO helpful”

Seungkwan: “You are very welcome” *flips hair*

Mingyu: “Mingyu still wants that puppy”

Scoups: “I already told you, no”

Mingyu: “But I already named the puppy!”

Vernon: “What did you name it?”

Mingyu: “Cheetos”


Mingyu: “It was the most delicious pack of chips I’ve ever eaten, what would you know about high-end food Hansol?”

Vernon: “One, I’ve tried Cheetos. Two, Cheetos are not high-end they only cost like six to seven bucks for the giant pack”

Scoups: “Okay whatever it is, I didn’t ask you to name that puppy”

Mingyu: “I can’t let the puppy go!” *hugs puppy*

Scoups: “Well, let it go now”

Mingyu: “Don’t listen to that grumpy old man Cheetos, he is an animal hater!”

Scoups: “Wha- Grumpy old man?! Who are you calling old???”

Seungkwan: “Don’t forget grumpy”

Scoups: “Is this what I get for raising you all? You guys are awful kids how could you call me OLDDDD!!!”

Vernon: “No offense hyung but you’re kinda old”


Vernon: “What? I said no offense…”

*back at the dorm*

Scoups: “Alright guys, I’m gonna go shower first, let’s have a team meeting after this”

Mingyu: *takes Cheetos out from under his shirt*

Mingyu: “Welcome home Cheetos!”

Cheetos: “Woof!”

Wonwoo: “Is that what I think it is?”

Cheetos: “Woof!” *runs into the wall and whimpers*

Jun: “Wow… it’s exactly like his owner”

Wonwoo: “Cute?”

The8: “I will not question your taste”

Jun: “I mean ‘not-so-smart’ but whatever floats your boat my dear Wonwoo”

Dino: “Did you kidnap the puppy hyung? That’s illegal!”

Seungkwan: “Coups hyung is going to freak out”

Mingyu: “Oh hush Divaboo, Coups hyung will never find out if we all keep it a secret”

Vernon: “How are we going to keep this a secret? It barks every 3 seconds”

Jeonghan: “I’m so telling on you guys” *crosses arm*

Mingyu: “Jeonghan hyung don’t be such a party pooper”

Cheetos: *poops*

Jeonghan: “I believe your puppy’s the one who is pooping”

Hoshi: “Imagine if it’s poop is shaped like cheetos though”

Joshua: “Please put that thought back from where it came from” 

The8: “Oh god I’m not cleaning after it”

Seungkwan: “Please control your fluffy thing Mingyu”

Mingyu: “Bad puppy!”

Cheetos: “Woof?” 

Woozi: “I heard barking” *walks into the room*


Hoshi: “Come back Jihoon we haven’t finished discussing our marriage!” *runs after woozi*

Woozi: “Tell him where I am and you die, got it?”

DK: *nods head*

Woozi: *hides in seokmin’s closet*

Hoshi: “Woozi…. Woozi? Where are you my love?”

Hoshi: “Hey DK have you seen my Woozi?”

DK: “Um….” *breaks into cold sweat*

DK: “Huh? Who? Oh you mean that short dude?” *shifts eyes from side to side*

Hoshi: “How many Woozi’s do you know?”

DK: “Um… I have no clue where he is but, I um…. definitely know that he isn’t in my closet that’s for sure!”

Woozi: *facepalms*

Mingyu: “Try this boy, it’s Cheetos!”

Jun: “What the heck Mingyu! Are you trying to turn it into a cannibal?”

Vernon: “Technically it’s needs to be dog meat for it to be a cannibal”

Cheetos: *nibbles and pukes*

Seungkwan: “I’m guessing it hates it”

Cheetos: *runs out into the living room*

Cheetos: *bites on the sofa and the cushions*

Wonwoo: “Um Mingyu…..”

Mingyu: “Woah boy, not the cushions”

Cheetos: *rips the cushions and sofa apart*

Dino: “That was my favourite cushion….”

Scoups: *comes out from shower*

Scoups: “Hey guys is it me or do I hear-“



Mingyu: “Why do you have to always assume that it’s me?? It could be Seokmin or Seungkwan!”

Scoups: “Because I just know it”

DK: “I am such a good child, I don’t know what you’re talking about”

Woozi: “Now that’s just pushing it a little too far”

Scoups: “I don’t care what you say Mingyu, you kidnapped the little puppy from the store! We are returning him tomorrow”

The8: “I can start writing a list of your crimes and it’s enough to put you behind bars”

Mingyu: “Not helping Minghao….”

Scoups: “Look at our living room! It’s a mess! And what is that smell? Do I even want to know?”

Mingyu: *hugs puppy* “Goodbye my bag of chips”

Vernon: “Hey wait a minute guys did you see my phone? DID I LEAVE IT AT THE PET SHOP??”

Jeonghan: “Phone? Oh is it the thing that Cheetos’ is gnawing on?”

Vernon: *shooked*


Joshua: *internal evil laughs*

Vernon: “Dammit it’s gone…. First my Macbook now my phone…. WHY WORLD WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO AN INNOCENT CHILD????”

Joshua: “Good puppy” *pats head*

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My reaction while watching s2ep11 (SPOILERS)

Jace and alecs fight scene! !! I LIVE FOR SMUG ALEC! AND I LIVE FOR PARABATAI!

when they went hand to hand… i am dead
Ooh so alec is best with weapons and jace is better at hand compact, nice

Clary to simon: your sexy
Me *vomit *

Simon want to hug jace awwww
But then jace 😂😂😂😂 oh lol

Ouch torture. .. badass emogen

damn…. handsome and sexy…
“See you in hell”… literally. .

Awww izzy😭😭💔💔💔💔 my poor girl
She is fighting so hard…
Omg alec😭😭😭💔💔💔💔💔 i am hurting…


Lol i was like “ did they just talked about demons between officers?” Then boom it’s a glamor and luke is talking to himself lol😂😂 glad they showed that


I love raphael my grandson, did i ever say that?


Shadowhuntry demon lessons lol




Okay cool affects for the demon…

Aww more maia :“)♡♡♡




And that the kind of conversation you have when a shadowhunter is dating a warlock xD, i mean alec was talking like its about the weather




Aww and magnus is like ” it’s not your fault “ this is so damn important right now!

Hopefully next time these 3 are in the same scene, it will be better :”) i want a happy scene with them… please?



Ooh the bomb has been dropped

Awwww jaaace :“(

I really love show-jace… like…alot… i am surprised

Damn it…. British accent…why…
Lol ” i am from the London institute" no shit sherlock..

Good girl she actually asked what is that thing… even if he tastes it i DON’T TRUST HIM! RUN IZZY! RUN



It makes sense to use the venom addition for Sebastian, since he already have demon blood in him, clever cover up





Back to izzy and Sebastian
*screams internally*


And simon is having a happy time , cue raphael scaring him😂💜


Raphael : why are you panicking?
Simon : i am not panicking *drops the mic*
Smooth simon..smooth

Oh my… this is going to get crazy


As much as i want izzy to call and tell them you are okay, i want this scene so bad i don’t want her to call xD





Jace * angel power mode: activated*

Alec being a soft boyfriend 😢😭😭💜💜
But i can’t enjoy it magnus is NOT OKAY


Alec:“I can come back home with you, if you’d like”
H O M E!




This was one hell of an episode. .. so MANY things going on!
I need time to process this

For the first time ever (and the last) i don’t want malec to kiss or hug next ep… please…
I will faint..
Unless manus is back to his body of course

+ i am so interested to see how harry and alan will take this. .

Jumin Han Fic Chapter 5

HOLAAAA BABIES~ So please don’t hate me because I released this SUPER late. It’s a short one and personally not a favorite, but I finished chapter 6 as well and it will be released this Sunday after a few finishing touches. Please show this post and yo gurl some loooove and reblog/like/follow. MKAY THANKS
Chapter 1 I Chapter 2 I Chapter 3 I Chapter 4

It had been over a week, ten days to be exact. Jumin had not seen the girl, he was at least looking forward to seeing her in class, but she missed both meeting days. Surely that would have quenched his need, hydrated his curiosity for her, his growing affection for her. He felt restless, he was a bit worried but more than that he simply wanted to see her. Again, this need for foreign to him; not once did he feel like this before. He was becoming desperate and made up his mind, he would see her once and then that was it. After that, he would go back to normal right?

He took his phone out and begun dialing. “Hello hello, thank you for calling Defender of Justice, agent 707, how can I help you Mista Trust Fund Kid, its quite rare for you to call me.”

“Luciel, please be serious, I need your help finding someone. She is my classmate and I need her address, her name is MC.” Jumin said, instantly regretting that he called Luciel.

“WOAAAAH. YOU? LOOKING FOR A GIRL? I guess Jumin Han does NOT gay? Who knew?” the hacker replied, laughing hysterically.

Jumin pinched the bridge of his nose, “What have I become,” he thought to himself. “Please be serious Luciel, don’t make me regret calling you. Can you do it or will I have to find other means?”

“Of course I can find her, but what’s in it for me huh?  I want to see my Elly~” Luciel chirped.

Jumin was willing, but surely he could not sacrifice his beloved Elizabeth to the hacker’s mangy hands. He needed to see this girl, though. He could feel his heart tightening simply from the lack of seeing her face. He pined for more. “Fine, you may see Elizabeth the 3rd for 90 minutes but Assistant Kang must be present and so will three bodyguards. I will have them shoot you at even the slightest sign of abuse. Got it?” Jumin replied irritably.  

“Wow, you must really like this girl huh? Well, while we were bartering I found her and her address. At least I know you have nice taste, who knew you would be into foreign girls huh?” Luciel said sounding awestruck. “Her address is XXX 5Xth Street, be safe~ GOD SEVEN OUT.” Like that, the eccentric man was gone.  

Jumin immediately called Driver Kim and gave him the address. He sat in the car, once again admiring the scenery of the city. He thought about how easily he had sacrificed Elizabeth the 3rd and tried reassuring himself that this girl was worth it. Deep down, he knew, she most definitely was.

“GUYS PLEASE CALM DOWN.” MC was shouting at the top of her lungs. She was at her wit’s end and felt like ripping her hair out. “We will not be doing any more activities if you cannot behave.”

Her three younger brothers and younger sister looked at her as if she had just said that the world was ending, and sat down immediately. She laughed to herself, thinking about how absolutely adorable her younger siblings were when she heard a knock at the door.

“Ugh who on earth could that be, I swear to god if it’s another Jehovah’s witness…” she walked to the front door, trying to wipe that paint off of her face and dust her clothes off. “Listen, buddy we’re not int-“ she was rendered speechless at the sight of the corporate heir standing in front of her.

“What on earth are you doing here?” she asked, still in disbelief that he stood in front of her. He cleared his throat, and fiddled with his tie, looking visibly uncomfortable. “You hadn’t shown up to class this week, so as a courtesy I brought you some notes. I believe a thank you is in the works? Or do you commons simply not use that word?”

She rolled her eyes and was about to tell him exactly where he could put his notes and entitled attitude when her two younger brothers and peeked from behind her. “OOOH who’s that your boyfriend?” they asked teasingly.

She laughed and was about to deny it when she noticed that Jumin was blushing profusely. She couldn’t help but find it adorable that he was so flustered with their teasing, it was a bit…cute.

“Mister, can you come inside and help me? I need to finish my art project and someone has to color” MC’s younger brother grabbed his finger and began dragging him inside.

“Wait you can’t do that, he has to get back to his work, right Jumin?”

He gazed at her for a while, before walking into her home and sitting in between the kids. “Well, I guess he is joining us.” MC thought to herself. She was looking at him; he looked so out of place with his 3-piece suit in her home. Suddenly she felt self-conscious, “He probably is thinking that my place is a dump. On top of that, I look like shit, with my tattered t-shirt and sweatpants.” A million thoughts were running through her head, but she looked at him, and he was being extremely genuine with the kids, trying his hardest to help with their art project. Her heart skipped a beat, she loved seeing him interact with her siblings. “Maybe I’ve been too harsh on him, he actually doesn’t seem like a bad guy.”

She walked over to the kids and the corporate heir and sat down. She watched him, as he listened intently to the kid’s stories, and gave advice seriously as if this was a business meeting and they were his clients. She laughed to herself, finding this entire odd situation so adorable, she thought she was dreaming. He glanced at her at the sound of her laugh and gave her a soft look with a small smile.

Sure, she had known that he was handsome, but until this moment she never felt attracted to him. The small smile was so genuine and sweet, she could feel her heart skip a beat when she noticed him trying to stifle a yawn.

“I wanted to apologize for being dragged in by the kids, you seem tired too, are you alright?” MC asked, trying to create small talk to slow the rapid pace of her heart.

“Ah yes, I anticipated that I was going to visit today, so I had to complete all of my work yesterday, causing me to lose some sleep. A few clients also called early in the morning to try rescheduling meetings which interrupted my sleep as well,” he answered robotically.

“But aren’t you the heir? You’re promised the company, why are you putting in so much effort?” MC asked, genuinely confused. She knew that if she was promised a multi-million dollar corporation she would definitely take it easy.

He chuckled, “Yes it may be true that I was born into a great opportunity, and I am very fortunate for that. However, I have to work twice as hard, I have to prove to everyone that I am not just a figurehead, that I was not simply handed this position because of who I am related to.”

She looked into his steely gray eyes in admiration. She felt a pang of guilt, for being so rude to him, when he clearly had been working so hard. She was going to apologize when all four of her siblings grabbed onto his arm, her younger sister whispered something into his ear. He blushed and simply nodded, sending the kids squealing. Confused, she demanded the kids clean up and get ready for dinner.

“Would you like to stay for dinner? It may not be some five-star restaurant food but it doesn’t taste so bad? We can have some coffee afterward too?” she asked, suddenly feeling self-conscious again.

“Yes I would love to , thank you MC.” He replied glibly as he stood to wash his hands.

She didn’t bother replying. She turned around briskly, “what on earth is wrong with me? Why am I acting all shy and happy because he’ staying for dinner? Good god, if I am turning into one of those annoying bitches at school seriously, smite me right now.” She began setting the table, thinking deeply about how the day was turning out, trying to deny how fast her heart was racing.

anonymous asked:

kurodai internet friends au !!!

funny that you ask this, because this is actually kinda something i’ve talked about with reigningchampions before (though it’s half college au and half internet friends au)

(under the cut bc this got long as hell)


  • consider: daichi as a vlogger, doing cute little videos with tips and tricks to make dorm life suck slightly less, mostly just how to fix your furniture and not lose your shit over your roommates’ terrible habits and lots of easy quick meal recipes (since that’s basically all he knows how to do). he’s kinda awkward in front of the camera, especially in his first vlogs, but he’s got a great smile so once he warms up to the camera he ends up with a surprisingly good number of followers 
  • kuroo is just a shitposting memer but in video form basically. mostly ridiculous retellings of his day/experiences (think olan rogers tbh) and the occasional prank or twelve, executed with (and sometimes upon) bokuto. he has a pretty dang decent following bc he’s terrible but his sense of humor is great (plus he’s a babe so that doesn’t hurt either yafeel) 

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EXO Reaction to He Says Something in the Heat of the Moment.


For @beagle-liner


Suho rarely got angry, however if anyone could get him boiling mad, it’d be you. When you two fought it was always over something stupid. For instance in this particular fight it was over who had left the dirty dishes in the living room. You blamed Suho and told him that he needed to pick up after himself and he retaliated with saying how he didn’t want to be dating his mom and for you to stop nagging him about every little thing. Everything escalated until it ended with you leaving with only the sound of the door slamming shut. Suho immediately felt bad. Why he said anything remotely mean, he didn’t know, but he made it up to you by cleaning the entire house and covering your face in kisses as he apologized.


Kai has a temper, no doubt about it, and the smallest things will piss him off. It would be over things like him being stress about not getting a certain dance move down, and then you’d just get caught in the crossfire of his rage.


You: Jongin it’s okay-


You:…okay…I’m just…gonna leave you be….


Whenever you and Kris started to fight it was bad and it was nasty. You knew Kris inside out which meant you could hurt him in the worst ways. You knew just what to say to make him realize that you were serious. Of course you never went all out when you were fighting because you didn’t like hurting him. However there one this one time when you just so frustrated and he wasn’t listening to you. You regretted saying something so horrible when you saw the pain flash over his face. You immediately apologized and explained that you were just angry. You two made up and even forgot what the original fight was about.


Luhan got jealous a little too easy. Whenever he saw you interacting with another man he felt the need to make sure he knew that you were his. You never really minded in fact you always thought it was cute and sexy, until this time. You and your brother decided to meet up and have a meal together since it had been a while. You had an amazing time, you guys about family, friends, and hilarious childhood memories. You were in a great mood and you felt as if nothing could ruin your mood. Well that was until Luhan stormed up to you and your brother demanding to know what was going, but not giving you the chance to explain, before he started to threaten your brother. You were furious, how dare he come up to you and assume that you had just cheated on you. Let’s just say after you guys talked things through once you got home, Luhan learned to trust you.


Luhan: *frozen turns around to look at you* W-what?

You: That is my brother, and we are leaving right now!


Chen didn’t get upset very easily so it must have been more than one stressful thing after another, and you’d just happened to be there when he’d lashed out. He’d never meant to make you cry but, once he did he’d alway regretted it. This time, he’d already had a bit of a stressful day but, nothing that he couldn’t power through, that was until his car wouldn’t start, and he’d had to call you to pick him up. Pulling up to the building you’d wait for him to get into the car before driving off. As soon as he’d gotten in the car, you could instantly feel the air get heavy with anger, and irritation.

Him: What the hell did you do this time? *suddenly turns to you*

You: *confused* What-

Him: You must have done something to fuck up my car, no what was it?? You were the last person to borrow it! *raises voice*

You: Jongdae don’t yell at me for your shitty day! *about to cry*

Him: *sighs* Jagi..I’m sorry…You know I don’t mean it…


Sehun and you get into tiny fights all the time, it was hard not to do. He had a sassy attitude and you had a, “no nonsense” attitude. It could  be over anything and everything. He could’ve left a sock on the floor and you nagged him because of it. However you and Sehun never really resolved your problems, you both just let it drop since you didn’t like to fight, no matter how many time you did.


Chanyeol was practicing for upcoming concert when you interrupted to talk to him about your day. He was stressed out for the concert and wasn’t himself, so when told you to leave him alone. You were shocked your normally sweet and loving boyfriend had been very cold and almost mean to you. Upon seeing your face, he knew he had crossed a line and said he was sorry.

You: Hey Chanyeol! You’ll never believe what happened today.

Chanyeol: *Stops rapping* Can you leave me alone for one goddamn minute!

You: W-what? *surprised*

Chanyeol: Jesus, I’m sorry baby. It’s just that I’m stressed and I am really worried that I don’t have leaves words down yet.


When you and Kyungsoo fought, it was nasty. It was go big or go home.You two almost never fought, but there is this one fight both of you will remember for the rest of your life. It nearly was the cause of the end of your relationship. It wasn’t over a specific thing, he didn’t see you with another man, you didn’t nag him constantly, and you didn’t lie. You were in a perfect relationship, but the distance between Kyungsoo and you had grown unbearable. You just weren’t interested in the same thing, you guys just didn’t know how to coexist anymore and it was killing your relationship. You love him, you really do, it was just how long could this go on. Fortunately the next day you had your answer when walked through the door after work. Kyungsoo has snapped, he went on rant about why bother when it already seemed like you two weren’t in a relationship anymore. That’s when you knew, he was frustrated. He had felt the same drift between you two, and felt helpless. He didn’t know how to fix, he was terrified of losing you. A relationship is when two people refuse to give up on each other, as long as they want to be together they will be. You told your belief to a defeated Kyungsoo, and it was then that you two spent the rest of the night talking about how to do this relationship justice, and how no matter what you both were going to give 100%.


Lay was leaving for another tour in another country. It seemed like you were always home waiting for him to come and when he did, he was always too tired to spend much time with you. You felt very neglected by your boyfriend.The rational part of you knew you were making a big deal of nothing and that he was just doing his job. However you were tired and sick of it, you just wanted a weekend where he was there eating dinner with you or watching a movie with you as you cuddled in bed together, but no. He was leaving again, but this time you expressed your displeasure. You ended up ignoring his call until he returned.

You: Aren’t spending a little too much touring? *whining*

Him: Well, we did much better than last time, so there are more places to visit. Why did you ask me that?

You: Do you like leaving me here on my own for weeks on ends?

Him: Of course not, I would take you if I could.

You: But you won’t

Him: *looking at phone* I’m going to be late if I don’t go now…

You: Just go.


Xiumin isn’t one to argue, he’s usually very understanding about things but, it doesn’t mean he never get’s frustrated. You’d been so busy with work, and the only week he had off, you’d spent all your time on your computer doing deliveries, and filing (you worked from your home), that’ you’d forgotten about him. Getting frustrated, he’d just mumble tiny “I hate you’s” as you walked by him as if he wasn’t there. One time you’d heard him, and whipped your head around.

You: Excuse me?

Him: I’m sorry…it’s not you…I’m just…I miss you…


I don’t think it would actually be him that says something in the heat of the moment but, instead you probably would. You’d probably had a rough day at school or work. So when you’d gotten home, and he’d bombarded you with over excitement, and you weren’t in any mood for it.

Him: Jagi! You’re home! Ah! *picks you up* *ruffles your hair*

You: Please stop….

Him: You’re so cute! Aw! I love you so much-


Him: *puts you down*…I’m sorry, Jagi…*pouts*


You’d both found it hard to do long distance, plus the fact that he was gone for so long. You couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to talk to him about it. Then you’d both been arguing about him being gone so long, and it’s gotten to the point where you’d both began to question your relationship.

You: Do you even love me!?

Him: I don’t even know anymore!

You: I’m just wasting my time with you.



oh my God bb of course I would do snaps like these !! don’t even think about feeling bad for requesting something like this!! As someone who’s also going on a clean streak, I am so proud and happy for you! ❤❤❤ I’m sorry this didn’t come out sooner bc of school :(

i spent SO MUCH TIME IN MY LIFE getting this constant fandom thing where tony is the incapable baby with no notion of consequences while everyone goes like “tony no go to your corner” and now i have an actual honest to god scene in a captain america movie where tony is on the phone with a government official trying to clean up somebody else’s mess like literally he’s talking on the phone while steve and sam come in and natasha literally says the words “you guys want to take a seat? and try not to break anything while we fix it” oh my god i am so alive rn this scene actually places tony as The Parent and maybe this is how we’ll all learn how not to reduce these characters to babies who don’t know what they’re doing oh god imagine this world

God had to humble me to show me i wasn’t living right.
i was living fast. always on the go.
always juiced up. always kept a nigga on my team. & although i was praying. giving thanks. i was asking him to remove negativity from my life. but i was steady bringing the garbage in.
how could i ask him to bring me positive people, but EYE kept bringing negative people to my life?

i really felt invincible. i was always quick to holla God got me! lol, he does. but how could he have me, when i ain’t even got me? i put myself in a lot of crazy situations that could’ve had me hurt or killed. but i’m still here bruh.

that’s why when everyone around me keeps bringing up money. & new cars. i just shrug it off. that wreck was bigger than me. i asked the Lord for a new lifestyle & here I am. starting completely over, lol. it feels like i’m 18 all over again. i laugh every time my mom drops me off to work. it’s crazy.

but yeah. if you’re God fearing, & very spiritual. keep your mind & heart clean. rid any bad people & always follow your first mind. life is so short, man. love yourself & put yourself first.


I have had this Clean video idea for like 10 years lmao okay listen to this
so for some reason I think of a really small cottage on the beach
and I think the first shot would just be the ocean waves crashing and all and the wind really blowing and a cloud a huge storm cloud that before the song starts and we slowly come to the cottage and in through the window and it’s just Taylor sitting on a chair in the middle of this little room you know with a bed and a desk full of momentos and pics and stuff really drama
and she looks really tired lmao
I always imagine chapped lips and like bags under eyes
my attention to detail for a vid that will never happen is out of this world I s2g
but anyway so she’s there and she’s just doing the first verse and we kinda start noticing that the wind is really taking its toll on the cottage you know like dust from the support beams and stuff and it starts raining outside
and she’s doin the first chorus it’s mostly just the rain falling and stuff and by the second verse the wind is starting to kinda tear holes in the roof so the rain is coming inside now and it’s like a DOWNPOUR like this is not naturally possible but it’s fake anyway who cares
and I imagine that it somehow rains enough to be like a foot deep and her momentos are getting swept away “let the flood carry away all my pictures of you..” and like in my brain I have this really vivid picture of her just watching it happen like she wants to stop it but she forces herself to just let the water take it all away I AM SO EMO
then I always imagine “I scramed so loud but no one heard a thing” is dead on her face and she’s just…cryin…but no emotion…realy emo stuff here…and I’M emo…
but anyway second chorus the rain is still going and the water is rising and all her stuff is getting carried through the window that’s been smashed open by the storm and on and on
and then…by “ten months sober I must adit..” the water is up to her chin and then “ten months older I won’t give in….” all u can see is her eyes before she gets swept underneath the DAMN! WATER!
and then omfg I love this part as soon as the instrumental starts up she’s sinking ot the bottom of the cottage just going down down down….all through the bridge until she’s on the bottom and then right at that part after the bridge like that silence with the fucking idk that sound
we see like the top of the water and it’s bubbling like someone trying to breathe underwater or s/t
so she finally manages to push her way out of the cottage and she slides out onto the beach and right as “and by morning…” she’s like turning around watching her damn cottage be sucked into the damn ocean and she’s like damn…..I think I’m finally clean….and then she just walks off into the sunset bc the sun’s comin up in the distance ohhh my god I’m gonna make this video starring me