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at last i may rest…

Tim's in... Love?!

Requested by an anon

Summary: HCs of Tim being genuinely in love with you.

Warning(s): None

-His anger and aggression would be up by about 500%.

-You think Dally’s bad when he’s in love? Tim’s worse. He simply just as more on the line.

-And he’s not going to lose it all just because you decided to waltz into his life and steal his heart.

-The other gangs were model citizens while Tim was trying to come to terms with everything because one wrong look and he was scheduling a rumble for right then and there, no matter how many police were around.

-Even his own gang embers were slightly scared.

-Angela is the first to knock some sense into him, quite literally.

-”The hell d’you think is wrong with you? Y’can’t just go around and start fights cause someone else dropped their own beer!”

-”The hell I can!”

-Thank goodness Curly was in the reform school or else who knows what would’ve happened to him under Tim’s wrath.

-One day, just randomly out of the blue he spills his guts to Angela and she’s just, “Well shit, it all makes sense now. But also, how dare you?”

-Tim slowly realizes how shitty of a gang leader he’s been and fully sees just how ragged his members are.

-Yet every time you come around he just stiffens and barks orders once again, pretending to be busy.

-For you, it’s hard seeing Tim close himself off because you had just thought that you were making progress with talking to him human to human.

-Now he’s treating you and his gang lower than dogs.

-Eventually you turn to Angela(god bless this girl’s existence) and she flat out tells you that he’s in love with you.

-It takes you quite a bit of time to fully think over what that means.

Of course, you like him too, but he’s a gang leader, that would mean a lot of dedication coming from you.

-And the possibility of him continuing to treat you like dirt.

-But one day you muster up the courage to tell him off for ignoring you and avoiding you before pulling him into a rather aggressive kiss.

-He’s so flustered and he’s glad you didn’t do it in front of his guys, but it confirms what Angela told you.

-After kissing you the inside of his hard shell just melts and he asks if you’ll date him.

-Of course you say yes and afterwards he softens up to the way he was before he learned of his affectionate feelings for you.

-Luckily for you, his gang thinks his softer behavior is directly because of you and thinks you’re an angel for reliving all that aggressive tension they were under from Tim.

anonymous asked:

HELLO YOUR ART IS AMAZING AND I love you you're very precious God bless you for existing


thank you so much!!! i always cry a lil when you people send me cute things like this,,,,,,,thank you,,,,,,i appreciate,,,,,,,,,,,

me: i hATE people so much

‪jimin: (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆‬

‪me: oh hey jimin not today please im not in the mood

‪jimin: (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )つ—☆*:・゚ ‬

‪me: jimin.. wyd‬

‪jimin: (∩ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)⊃━☆゚. * ・ 。゚‬

‪me: ✧・゚: *✧・゚:*( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )*:・゚✧*:・゚✧‬

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How do you imagine kids reacting to the 21st century technology and rocket science? What would they think about social media, music, books/movies and pop culture in general? What they would like and dislike? And what would make the biggest impression on them? ps I want to thank god for existence of this blog bless you :^)

Thank-you so much for the compliment, anon! It really means a lot to us that you enjoy the blog!

Armin: When this boy discovers modern technology, he can’t get enough of it. Of course, he’d be fascinated by music and literature (especially the literature), but I see his favorite thing being the advancement of science. The fact that humans were able to identify other planets out there? Other planets that might be able to sustain life? Learning and absorbing all that knowledge would interest him greatly, especially about the different wonders of the world. He’d want to see the Niagara Falls or the Aurora Borealis; anything and everything he could get his hands on! With all these advancements comes negative consequences on the environment, that I think that’s what Armin would dislike the most. Definitely don’t talk about global-warming around this guy or else he’ll never be able to stop! 

Jean: On the flip side, Jean is a lot less focused on the education and more here for the media aspect of modern day society. Giant screens that play recorded movies to watch for entertainment? Recorded music to listen to anywhere you want? Jean would love all that kind of stuff. Don’t let him discover Instagram because I feel like he’s the person to whip out his cellphone and suddenly become a photographer. He would really just love the media aspect of everything and how vast and rapidly it’s growing. On the downside, I think there is just a little too much media involvement for Jean, on occasions. I can see him being the type to want to meet people organically versus on dating apps or anything of the like. But hey, it’s convenient so he’s not complaining! 

Eren: The minute Eren discovers the seven wonders of the world, he’d pack a suitcase and bring Armin with him on the longest cross-globe trip ever. There is so much that he wants to see and learn that it could be overwhelming to some, given how determined and thirsty he is to learn about the world he knows so little about. Throughout this massive road trip, Eren would definitely be documenting everything with a camera, saving these memories to look back at in order to remind himself that these things exist. The world in which he thought was so large has suddenly gotten exponentially larger and, instead of being overwhelmed, Eren’s curiosity can’t be quenched. In addition to being able to travel and explore with ease, he’d really really love outlets like facebook for being able to keep in touch with his friends and family since they’d be so far away. I feel like Eren could also view social media negatively, though, if only for the fact that a lot of people are obsessed with it (read: Jean) and always have their noses stuck in their phones. Other than that, Eren is pretty game for everything!

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God bless you for making me remember that people like Michael existed, that not everything is lost. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Yesss. Only reason I started this page was to share MJ videos that everyone can relate to using humor. I was hoping that when people watch the video, they be like “oh he really was a cool ass loving humble dude”, a proud black one at that. So this makes me happy. Your welcome a thousand times.

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ironically-human  asked:

Okay so I went without Wi-Fi for like a couple months and then I just didn't get on Tumblr for a while so I totally just scrolled all the way through your blog until I found an ask I sent in October saying how much I love you and your art and... THAT HASN'T CHANGED. YOU'RE SO GREAT. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR MEMES AND YOUR ART AND JUST YOUR ENTIRE EXISTENCE. That will be all. Thank you.

aw that’s so sweet aaaa,,

how did you live for months without wifi!!? :O

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I am very new with this omegaverse world and I think I'm starting to get addicted 😍 (god bless your existence, without you I would never find out about omegaverse) may I ask what does it mean by ABO/OBA in the recent posts 🤔

alpha beta omega :)

thankyouyouwereamazing1003  asked:

I can't believe myself that I didn't send you a thank you for your art 😒 Your work is INCREDIBLE,UNIQUE,BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING. Andreil and Klance are something that I can't find a word to describe it and make a proper sentence 😅😅 I love EVERY SINGLE ONE.THANKS FOR EXISTING 🖤 GOD BLESS YOU 🙏🏽I hope you'll continue your art because they give me life THANK YOU AND LOVE U ♥️♥️♥️♥️

ohmygodohmygodohmygad, how much good things, omg <333333333
THANK YOU for your words SO MUCH. You can’t imagine how I’m glad to hear you like my andreil and especially my klance, because the last is new for me now. I very appreciate it, I can’t discribe HOW! <33
Yes, of course! Because comments like that very motivates and give me good mood to draw))<3 I have many ideas for voltron and I think to return to aftg soon) (I have many interesting requests now))
So.. thank you again) you made my day today) <333333333333333333333
(I really look like Hunk now :D)