• [Since the beginning of 2016]:several new danandphilgames videos, dan called phil his youtube senpai, phil made a video with pj, phil has been overly sexual in videos, 2016!Phan has passed with flying colors, and it's only january
  • Me @ God:thank you, bless, I am complete, you really exist, I am at peace at last,

anonymous asked:

Got any good mullette fanfics? (feel free to recommend your own!)

aha rec my own lol they are all garbage 

there’s not many unfortunately - though it IS growing… 

forever this series:

is the best mullette thing i have ever put in my eyes god bLESS its existence truly

sarcastiel-assbutt asked:

OH MY HOLY FORCE YOUR BLOG IS A GIFT FROM GOD I'M SO GLAD IT EXISTS GOD BLESS YOU*clears throat* Sorry about the fangirling. *blushes* Again, I'm in love with your blog❤Congrats it's wonderful:3 *shy smile* May the Force be with you, my fellow Jedi😉

Thank you for the love!! 😍😍 Much appreciated, I am so glad you enjoy the blog!

alyssayoutube asked:

omg you are so amazing!! the coloring book is so creative like I would never be able to come up with that... god bless your existence:)

oh my goodness thank you so much!!! this is so incredibly kind and lovely of you, but please don’t put your own creativity down in order to compliment! i’m sure you’re capable of wonderful ideas <3 <3