• titusoneilwwe I’m gathering homeless people to take them out to eat at@yardhouse last night I did the same thing and the manager seemed distant in Serving the two last night so I said instead of just posting I’ll gather more and eat lunch with them at that Resturant. They need to learn how to treat All humans as such.#ContentOfCharacter #AllLivesMatter

Speaking of class acts…maybe a Titus O’Neil Appreciation Day is in order.

And we are ashamed for having desire in our culture. Women are shamed for having desire for anything — for food, for sex, for anything. We’re asked to only be the object for other people’s desire. There’s nothing that directing is about more than desire. It’s like, “I want to see this. I want to see it with this person. I want to change it. I want to change it again.” It’s like directing is female desire over and over again, and film is the capturing of human emotions and somehow men were able to swindle us into believing that that is their specialty. All they told us our whole life is we’re too emotional to do any real jobs, yet they’ve taken the most emotional job, which is art making about human emotions and said we’re not capable of it.
—  Jill Soloway on female filmmakers

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my teacher yelled at me for not saying the pledge (and i didn't respond bc she's scary) but when my friends asked me later why i didn't just say it to avoid another confrontation, i said that i didn't want to pledge to this country until they did something worth my allegiance, and then all my friends started not saying the pledge and my teacher was so pissed



I would normally NEVER post anything like this on our tumblr but I am so desperately trying to help my brother. Two days ago, his son (my nephew) unexpectedly passed away from SIDS. He was only four months old. We’re trying to raise the funds for a funeral as he was so unprepared for this so please, please…anything would be helpful. Even $5. I’ll leave the link at the bottom and anybody who donates, thank you. Please share as well. We need all the help we can get. God bless. - Lexi

It kills me how Kiri (KIRIGAKURE! LAND OF THE FUCKED UP SHIT) was home to the two chillest tails beasts. You’d think hanging out in the Bloody Mist for years would have some sort of negative impact on them but nope.

Saiken actually goes out of its way to save Utakata from harm on multiple occasions and shows no interest in hijacking his body. It could have just allowed itself to be extracted from Utakata and let the kid die but instead it acted in order to save him.

Then Isobu is just a little baby that just wants to be left alone in a lake somewhere, far far away from Uchiha bullshit, but alas. And that was even after it was the one tails beast to experience dying.