“…Sakura, who needed him to the very last.” [Databook 2]

SasuSaku Month - Day 4: The Games We Play


Happy Fourth!

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neighbour calum who was a real fuckboy until he got a girl knocked up and got stuck with a baby boy. unfortunately calum doesn't know much about babies and even you can hear the crying from your house so you put him out of his suffering and head over to his place. at first he's embarrassed and apologetic because he didn't realise it was that loud but you get the baby boy sleeping in no time and hes so grateful and you end up just talking in the early hours of the morning

oh my god and he would be so tired and he’d put his head in his hands and say that he really isn’t sure what he’s doing and he doesn’t want his son to grow up without a mom and he isn’t really trying to pressure you into staying or anything but he just feels so comfortable with you already. and you would look around his house and notice the mess and tell him softly that maybe you could help our sometimes, because you’d babysat a ton when you were younger and you were really experienced with kids, and his entire face would light up and he’d be so excited and grateful and ask if he can take you out to dinner and then he’d blush and backtrack and clarify it’s not a date he’s just really appreciative unless of course, you want it to be a date

neighbor!5sos night with quiffedluke and assholelukey! feel free to send in reqs or your own blurbs!

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Youtube "abby wambach and hope solo breakdown gold medal win at the london olympics with brad blanks". The dum dums are still half drunk

oh my god that video is so ridiculous i’m dying

i love how Hope and Abby come out of nowhere and basically crash Carli’s interview lmfao. and Alex asking Hope was the game plan is for their celebrating winning the gold medal jfc.