Marinette playing with a Chat Noir doll, finding out Nadja is Manon’s mom, getting the best akuma ever, Marichat, learning that Lady Wifi has an additional power, heck just seeing Lady Wifi again, epic fight scenes, Chat’s lines, continuity overload

and my fave part of the episode is still going to be Adrien Agreste taking public transportation

anonymous asked:

Okay but how about Adrien being Bi and coming out to Nino after he finally feels like it's safe to tell him and Nino is super supportive about it but he's also hella surprised and he wants to say something nice but the only thing that comes out of his mouth is something like "I used to think you were hot you're telling me I could have had a chance with you?" Adrien looks at him offended and Nino freaks out a bit but then he says "what the fuck do you mean you "used to"?"

Used to oh my god

That’s beautiful and I need that as a fanfiction