“I will be with you. I will comfort you in your despair, and I will share in your joy. They need not be only grief, only pain, these black holes in our lives. If we can learn to live not merely with them but by means of them, if we can let them be part of the works of sacred art that we in fact are, then these apparent weaknesses can be the very things that strengthen us. Life tears us apart, but through those wounds, if we have tended them, love may enter us. It may be the love of someone you have lost. It may be the love of your own spirit for the self that at times you think you hate. However it comes though, in all these—of all these and yet more than they, so much more—there burns the abiding love of God.”

Christian Wiman, from “Mortify Our Wolves,” in My Bright Abyss

All of Our Relationships Have Significance

Have you ever meet someone or someone you don’t know all that well but you have had such a positive impact in your life with the interaction you have had with them?

Every relationship that has come to your life whether its still going or you have gone your separate ways has had a unique impact on your life. Think about all of these people who are still in your life and some of the meaningful ‘real talk’/vulnerability talks you might have had with them. 

All of these interactions have left a mark on you in some sort of way and that is always something to be thankful for. Sometimes a friendship might part ways and never speak again. Even in that there is something that was learned and that you will remember over time. 

Being thankful for these impacts in your life is a good thing because whether they were good or bad you learned something from them. Things learned is something that helps us grow as individuals.

The friendships that you have are also always something to be thankful for, for friendship is a beautiful thing because you share moments with these individuals; and those moments become memories you will have for the rest of your life.

Be thankful to God for all the friendships He has put in your life.

But overall be thankful for the friendship you have in Jesus, for He is the friend that will never leave you, hurt you but endlessly loves you unconditionally.

As thanksgiving is getting closer, many friends are having friendsgiving gatherings. Take a moment to give a reason why you are thankful for each other.

We should never operate under the delusion that there is anything we as Christians can do to earn respect or goodwill from the world at large or especially from those who purposefully misunderstand our faith, beliefs, holy days, traditions, and lifestyle.

That being said, we as Christians should (read: must) reclaim enough self-respect for the faith we profess to believe in to actually live it out in our own lives and to demonstrate that authentic belief in everything we do. Let them call us dumb, let them call us delusional, let them call us dangerous, but never ever give the world room to call us inconsistent.

Go to mass, go to confession, visit the Blessed Sacrament, say your prayers, forgive those who hurt you, give freely to the poor, visit the sick, feed the hungry, respect your body, work diligently, live humbly, love generously, and proclaim His mercy with joy at every opportunity.

None of this may ever earn you the respect of the world but, by it, you may always live with the knowledge that you were a good and faithful servant.

 La sangre de Cristo tiene el poder de expiar un número infinito de pecados cometidos por un infinito número de gente a través de los siglos, y todos aquellos que ponen su fe en esa sangre serán salvados.