Meet Batlam, a lamb born at a science center. Batlam was born on Easter In Norway, at Vitengarden, in 2014. He was born with corpse paint, or more accurately, corpse wool. Batlam’s wool darkens into a pure black around his evil eyes and the front part of his mouth. Photos: Odd Kjetil Liland, Jærmuseet


Went to go see Soledad Goats Goat Cheese.  He makes some great goat cheese.  They are a small goat farm that has a “no kill” policy based out of Mojave, California.  They have several dogs and horse that have been rescued.  Even a pig, donkey, a cow and some sheep that have also been rescued.  Most of the goats and dogs are very friendly.  There was one goat named Modesto that insisted that you give him attention.

Julian (one of the owners) loves to have people come by and give you a tour, just call ahead and wear some boots.  The goats will chew on things on your person so keep that in mind if you go for a visit.  Also when you pull up it does not look like much but trust me, give it a chance and you will be just a surprised as I as.

Soledad Goats Goat Cheese is at several different Farmers market in Southern California.  Check their Facebook page to see if they are near you.  

I found an article that KCET did on the farm if you have time take a look.

Freshman year in highschool my goat had twins and she rejected and tried to kill this one… So I took it away and bottle fed it and I couldn’t leave it at home so I took it to school with me for two whole weeks until administration found out! Hahaha it took two weeks!!! I carried her in and out every single day! All the students and teachers knew but it took our principal 2 freaking weeks to find out in our school of only like 900 people Hahahahahah!!!


Because sometimes what you needs most is a video (and photos and gifs) of newborn baby goats wearing sweaters. This awesomely adorable trio of Nigerian Dwarf goats (triplets!) were recently born at Sunflower Farm in Cumberland Center, Maine and were dressed in tiny custom-knit sweaters to help keep them warm when the weather turns chilly:

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Hello guys, my name is Tayler. My family owns a goat farm in upstate NY, called green-goats. Early this morning, the barn caught on fire- and was burned to the ground. Everything was lost, even all my goats. We had around 115 goats in the barn, and they were my pets. We also had around 15 new born baby goats. Our barn was full of LOVED animals. We were a cruelty free, no-kill farm. We took in goats so they could have a forever home. They were notorious, they were even featured on the TV show “Treehouse Masters”. Having goats was our main source of income, and everything is gone. On top of this my father was diagnosed with cancer about a month ago- and my family was shocked. The fire has broken our hearts so badly. So my family, who are devastated, are trying to rebuild this business. But we need help. Please donate to my gofundme account.


Thank you so much. Tell me if you donate! We can be friends.
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This is perfect!!

From the IGN interview with Steven DeKnight

“IGN: But as far as Agron and Nasir, you feel like that it’s best to not include them and the other rebels that survive?

DeKnight: I think so. I think that storyline has a nice ending to it. I think anything where we try to extend that would feel a little bit like gilding the lily. It’s such a great ending for them. I’ve been reading over the past week’s, a lot of “Nagron” fans have invented the phrase “goat farm,” so they just keep sending me messages like, “Goat farm! Goat farm!” They want those two to go off and start a goat farm. So, in my mind, they’re off on a goat farm living free. I think that’s the way it should be.”

Perfect director is perfect


Yes!! the goat farm is canon!! xD