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I realize we never get lewd mushies but we get lewd jareds idk about Lucas but if theres lewd lucas's I do not approve my child getting fucked

@papajohnios idk about you but I could go for some lewd Lucas

also if my persona was as much of a ho as I internally am, you’d get sO MUCH LEWD MUSHIES


-meeting at school and he thinks you’re so cute right off the bat

-he would try the whole ‘play it cool’ thing but you’re just so gosh darn cute he finds himself falling head over heals in love with all the cute little things you do

-once you’re together he’s just so happy


-he loves telling you how much he loves you and hearing how much you love him


-he loves touching you. hand holding. arm over your shoulder. hugs. everything.

-he’s constantly smiling when you’re around

-him telling you about the Upside-down

-protecting the shit out of each other

-just ultimate power couple

-getting matching nail-bats

-the kids looking up to you

-being the mom just like Steve’s the dad

-”did we just sort of adopt six kids?

-Steve giving advice to your ‘kids’ and you immediately debunking his terrible dating advice

-the kids looking up to you guys and you’re perfect relationship thats built on love, trust and friendship

-stealing his shirts or sun-glasses

-matching Halloween costumes

-Dustin telling you all the cute things Steve says about you while you’re not around

-but Dustin also telling Steve all the cute things you say about him when he’s not around

-movie cuddle dates

-dates where you drive around and talk

-kisses where you both just end up smiling and giggling because you’re so in love

-never ever ever down playing how in love with each other you are

-studying together

-long phone calls on your land line that make your parents upset because they want to use the phone

-making a couple cassette tape of all your couple songs 

-sharing ear phones on your walkman

-being so in sync

-like you’ll both be listening to one of your kids and he’ll pull out a cigarette and you pull out a lighter and while still looking at the kids you’ll light his cigarette for him

-long make out sesh’s in his car

-constantly complimenting each other and there’s just so much positivity it kind of grosses everyone out 

-Max coming to you about having a crush on Lucas

-Lucas going to Steve about having a crush on Max

-totally setting them up together and then you and Steve watch them be cute like proud parents

-him leaving you little thoughtful gifts

-driving the kids around in his car and you blast music and sin duets together that make the kids sort of uncomfortable

-he holds your hand while he drives and the kids in the back are like “Steve! both hands on the wheel!”

-king of chivalry, if you’re ever cold, his jacket becomes your jacket

-you guys cant go 24 hours without seeing each other

-honestly, he’s my squishy little love boi

things in musical theatre that always gets me that I realised during a road trip
  • that bit in waitress, “you’re my dOCterr”
  • the harmonisation in what’s inside
  • when dawn goes “I’m not defensive!”
  • that bit in hamilton where everyone sings over each other in non-stop
  • “I hope that you… burn”
  • when john sings the rise up bit in my shot
  • Angelica. everything she says and does.
  • the choir in once upon a december
  • “hey balaga, ho balaga, hey hey ho balaga, hey hey hey balaga, the famous troika driver”
  • Lucas Till going “WOOoooOOooOOooOOOooooOoOOooOoooOOOoooOAH”
  • and when everyone goes “corpulence”
  • honestly everything piere says like yes hand me the existential crisis
  • and whenever amber gray opens her mouth goddamn
  • when everyone sings over each other in 96,000
  • “the only room with a view is a room with you in it”
  • literally everything the piragua guy says
  • “Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - nina is me
  • basically whenever Mandy Gonzalez sings tbh
  • in 21 chump street when naomi sings “take the money justin, please just take the money”
  • and in cousin where justin goes “looooooooooove”
  • in a day in falsetto land when they all sing over each other frick yes
  • “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” and then when you realise it won’t be
  • “god you’re a pAIn in the aSS”
  • literally whenever the lesbians from next door speak
  • when they harmonise in “the tango maureeeeeen” in tango: maureen
  • when joanne goes “so be wise ‘cause this girl satisfies”
  • all of seasons of love, every version, it’s beautiful and iconic and frick if that song didn’t define my childhood
  • when kevin goes “i’ll do something inCREDible that blows gods frICken mIND” in you and me (but mostly me)
  • the harmonisation in poor thing
  • when everyone sings together in arabian nights
  • the genie’s rendition of tale as old as time - petition to get James Monroe Iglehart to sing a full version
  • “Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?”
  • heather chandler going “you’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dICK”
  • allllll the harmonisations in candy store
  • and blue
  • in come from away when they go “I am an Islander”
  • when bev mimicks the wwii pilots “Hey lady, hey baby, hey! Why don’t you grab us a drink?”
  • and then, “well they can get their own drinks” and that cute lil laugh after
  • “suddenly there’s nothing in between me and the sKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”
  • “And that’s how we started speaking the same language”
  • when everyone is praying together holy shit that moves me every time
  • “cause I’m freaking out, you’re freaking out and we’re all 👏 freaking 👏 the 👏 fuck 👏 out”
  • anytime someone says “you are there and I am hereeeeeeee”
  • “hot towel, hot towel, c o l d towel?”
  • in legally blonde, elles voice crack when she says “some girls were just meant to smile”
  • “and with the chance I’ve been given I’m gonna be dRIvEn aS hELL”
  • “with fear and shock and aWEEEEEEE”
  • when they’re all singing at the end of blood in the water
  • the entirety of Ireland and the reprise
  • the blatant subtext jokes in take it like a man
  • in Miss Saigon “and now I’ll leave remembering heRRRR,, just heeeeerrrr”
  • tbh whenever the engineer has a solo, I mean he was an arsehole, but it was the only fun thing in that musical
  • “I still believe he’ll come for me” - kim, my heart, my only wish was for her to happy and safe goddammit
  • the literal entirety of “ascot gazette” in my fair lady
  • and show me
  • “READY, AIM, FIRE!!”
  • the humming in wouldn’t it be lovely
  • allllll of heaven on their minds in jesus christ superstar, it’s literally the only song that hasn’t been done wrong in any version
  • also everythings alright
  • okay there’s so much for newsies so this’ll be short but “Newsies on a mission! Kill the competition! Sell the next edition! We’ll be out there, CARRYING THE BANNER”
  • dear evan hansen in waving through a window going “WAVING, WAVING WOAAAAAAHHHHHHH WOAHOHOHOH”
  • “has been hard (hard) has been bad (bad) has been rough. (KINKY!)”
  • “if I stop smoking crACk”
  • alll of you will be found
  • “DONT BE A PENIS THE MAN IS A GENIUS” - iconic from something rotten! every. fucking. time
  • all of it’s hard to be a bard
  • in do you hear the people sing “IT’S THE MUSIC OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL *NOT* BE SLAVES AGAIN”
  • frick literally all of les mis is iconic

Okay that’s pretty much all I got through before my phone went flat and then the trip was boring but yeah

20 reasons why i cant stop watching the stranger things finale:

1) we finally get the mileven reunion scene and that was so heart-wrenchingly beautiful. i mean that was straight out of ‘the notebook’ like “i never gave up on you. i called you every day for –” “353 days. i know. i heard.” ouch.

2) that heartbreaking scene between mike and hopper. 

3) eleven’s reunion with dustin, lucas and joyce. 

4) mike and eleven’s farewell. “i can’t lose you again. promise me you’ll come back?” “promise” then eleven being the one to lean in for a kiss, only for papa hopper to be like ‘nope nope let’s go’. 

5) lucas kneeing billy for being a racist asshat. 

6) steve protecting his adopted sons and daughter. 

7) basically just steve and the kids in every scene tbh. 

8) max being a badass zoomer and also standing up to her abusive stepbrother, smashing that bat near his groin and standing up for her friends.

9) eleven and hopper’s gruff reunion that was so laced with love. “what the hell is this? where have you been?” “where have you been!” <3 

10) eleven and hopper’s heart-to-heart in the car. hopper saying he’s a blackhole and he’s so terrified of losing eleven because gdi, they were father and daughter long before that certificate. 

11) eleven being a complete and utter badass closing the gate, levitating and using both hands, then collapsing into hopper’s arms and him saying “you did good, kid. you did really good.” 

12) hopper receiving that birth certificate that said that eleven was now legally his daughter: jane hopper. 

13) dustin and steve’s brotp. him being dustin’s ride to the snowball and telling him how to pick up girls. 

14) lucas practicing in the mirror how to ask max to dance and his sister erica catching him. 

15) lucas and max at the snowball in general. how she just rolls her eyes and pulls him along and how she kisses him. 

16) will being called ‘zombie boy’ in a good way and how flustered he got when he was asked to dance. 

17) will being taught how to dance by joyce and jonathan just filming him with bob’s video recorder.

18) dustin’s scenes at the snowball. how heartbreaking it was to see him get rejected, see him crying but then lighting up to have nancy ask him to dance and reassure him he’ll be okay. 

19) mike seeing eleven for the first time at the snowball. him telling her she’s beautiful. their kiss, which was so full of heart and fondness and relief and joy. eleven leaning in and mike resting his forehead against her.

20) the ending with the mind flayer looking down on the middle school. i love that they closed the gate but didn’t kill it. it leaves so much room for season 3 to explore because the mind flayer is clearly sentient and it’s looking for revenge. 

Mike Wheeler || Dungeons & Dragons

A/N: This is my first Stranger Things imagine! I am now accepting Stranger Things request so feel free to send them in and I hope everyone enjoys!

“What the hell are they doing?” Nancy muttered out angrily as she slammed her book on the bed. Loud slams of doors, yells, and stomping of feet came from the room below Nancy’s, signaling that her brother and his friends were home. “When you were Mike’s age, we were just as bad.” Her eyes rolled at that, “ok, but not all the time like they are. Plus, you’re a only a year older than them and you’re not as rambunctious as they are.”

“That’s because I hang out with an older crowd, Nancy, skipping grades does that. I’ve always had you and Barb as friends,” both of your faces fell at the mention of Barb’s name. It was always hard to talk about her, especially once you learned the truth of what happened to her. You quickly moved to change the subject off of late your friend, “I mean, the only time I interact with kids my age is when your brother and his friends are here.” You teased as you uncrossed your legs, “they are just having fun. I mean, we are all really mature for our age.”

Nancy rolled her eyes, “you’re just saying that because you like Mike… which is still gross by the way.” You scoffed, “you’re just biased since he’s your brother.”

Silence fell over the two of you as you both turned your attention turned back to your books to jot down notes, “plus, Nancy,” she shifted her gaze to you, your eyes never left your book, “there’s nothing saying he likes me, so no need to worry.”

Nancy shook her head with a smirk, “whatever you say, Y/N.” Before you could get your teasing remark out, a knock at the door cut you off as the both of you turned to look, “yeah?”

The door opened and Mike’s head peeked in, “just wanted to let you know that we have pizza downstairs… if you want any.” His eyes darted around the room nervously, “no-“

“Sure, thanks Mike!” You cut Nancy off, she shot you a glare, “I’m not turning down free pizza, Nance, and a break would be nice. Lighten up, I’ll bring you a piece.” You quickly climbed off the bed and Mike opened the door up for you before he followed you downstairs.

“So, are you two studying for a test?” Mike started as he walked beside you down the stairs, “yeah, it’s for chemistry tomorrow.” You shot the other boys a smile as you entered the dining room, “hey, guys!”

“Hey, Y/N!” Despite how Nancy held the ‘I’m the big sister, don’t talk to me,’ phase, you would talk to the boys whenever you saw them. It just did not seem right to treat them as if they were below you since you skipped grades, “what are you guys up to?”

“Getting ready for another campaign,” Dustin’s voice was muffled from the pizza as he grinned at you. “Dungeons and Dragons.” Lucas illiterates for you, his shook his head at Dustin, “mouth closed, dude.”

“You can join, if you want.” Mike spoke up, his face lit up with a smile, “wish I could, but I’m studying with Nance.” His face dropped at that, “but I’ll definitely come down after and watch.”

A smile rose back to his face and he shifted his weight, “Sounds-sounds great.”

With a smile, you grabbed two slices of pizza, “thanks for the pizza, Mike. I’ll see you guys in a few!” You gave a soft wave as you made your way upstairs, “dude, your whipped as shit,” Dustin’s voice broke through before you could close the door, your cheeks burned and Nancy raised an eyebrow, “what happened down there?”

You placed her slice of pizza in front of her as you sat down and crossed your legs Indian style, “nothing. The boys just asked if I wanted to join them for a game after we finished studying.”

Nancy hummed as she took a bite of her pizza, “are you going to?” With a slight nod, you opened your book, lightly chewing, “yeah, probably.”

“If Dustin thinks Mike’s whipped, he should see you.” Her tone was teasing, your eyes snapped up, “oh, my God. Nancy stop.” She laughed as your blush returned, “what? It’s so true!”

With a huff, you threw yourself back on the bed as you stared up at the ceiling, “you’re never going to let this go.”

“Probably not.” She had a grin on her face as she the two of you finished up the chapter. Stretching your back, you lifted your hands over your head, “you should come with, the boys aren’t that bad.”

The phone ringing cut off her answer, “I’m good, thanks though.”

She answered the phone and her face immediately lit up, quickly you gathered your books and shot her a look, “see you tomorrow, Nance!”

“See you tomorrow!” As you were closing the door she called out, “hey, remember we are meeting before school to study!”

“I got it, I got it.” You laughed as you closed the door and made your way downstairs, “hey, Mrs. Wheeler. Hey, Holly.” You grinned as you passed by and waved at Holly, “hey, Y/N. Are you two already finished studying?”

“We are, but we are going to meet in the morning and go over anything we may have missed.”

You held a short conversation with Mrs. Wheeler before you excused yourself to the basement. You could hear the boys talking excitedly about the game. “Y/N, your done sooner than expected.” Will’s voice made everyone turn to the stairs as you hopped off the last step and sat next to Mike, “yeah, we figured we’d call it a night.”

“I heard the phone ring, I bet it’s Steve.” Lucas teased as he elbowed Dustin.

“Do you want to join?” Will turned his attention back to you, “no, I’m just going to watch. I don’t really know how to play.”

“You can help me,” Mike shot you a smile and pushed the book he was holding towards you and you grabbed the edge of the book. His shoulder pressed against yours and his free hand followed the words as he read out loud. You watched the emotion his face held and listened to the excitement in his voice as he read. Every once in a while, Mike’s eyes would land on you and he would give you a smile and you could feel his leg bounce against yours.

After a few hours the game came to an end, “man, we better go.” Lucas said as he glanced at his watch. Will and Dustin silently agreed as they packed up the game then their belongings, “see ya tomorrow, Mike. See ya later, Y/N.” They called as they climbed on their bikes and took off. You made your way to your bike and picked it up as you turned back to Mike, “thank you for inviting me to watch the game. I had fun.”

“No problem, maybe next time we can teach you a little more so you can play.” Mike rubbed the back of his neck, “sounds great.” You smiled softly, “I, uh, I better go. I’ll see you later, Mike.”

You pushed off and rode to the end of the driveway, “wait!” You turned to see Mike running up to you, “if you want, we are meeting up after school at the arcade, if you wanna come.”

You leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his cheek, “I’ll be sure to swing by.” He blushed, his eyes watching as you rode off with a goodbye loud enough for him to hear. Tonight had been a fortunate turn of events.

married part 6- h.s imagine

you can read the previous part here

Harry smiled as he looked down at his mom on her wedding day as they were swaying back and forth on the dance floor. Anne smiled at her son but couldn’t help but notice that Harry’s eyes would glance over to his beautiful best friend sitting down at a table. She noticed whenever they caught each other’s gaze, they would blush and look away. “Harry” Anne spoke up, interrupting Harry’s staring. “Yes, mum?” Harry asked, his eyebrows quirking up. Anne smiled and placed her hand on his cheek. “Promise me that you’ll marry that girl someday.” Harry looked back over towards you. You had your hand placed over your mouth as you laughed at something his little cousin told you. Harry smiled and looked down before he looked into his mother’s eyes. “I promise.”

Growing up, you always thought having the “perfect ending” and “finding the one” was a total cliche. Whenever your friends described kissing their significant other, they would always describe the feeling of being on top of the world. You never believed that you would find someone who would be able to give you that feeling. You never believed that someone’s lips would be able to give you that much reassurance.

Until Harry kissed you.

As Harry’s lips met yours, you finally knew what everyone was talking about. Kissing Harry made you feel like you could take on the world. This kiss alone made you feel like all your worries and all your stress suddenly vanished into thin air. Kissing Harry felt right.

Slowly, you wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck as you kissed him back. You could feel Harry’s lips quirking into a smile as he kissed you. He wrapped his arms around your waist, trying to pull you closer as if he couldn’t bare to have you and further away from him.

When Harry kissed you, his best friend, he felt sparks. His lips felt like they were on fire. Never has he ever felt this way whenever he kissed Kimberly. It was in this kiss Harry knew that you were it for him. It was in this kiss did he realize just how in love with you he was.

What felt like an eternity, you finally pulled away. Both you and Harry were panting from the kiss. With closed eyes, Harry smiled as he rested his forehead against yours. A moment of silence passed between the two of you before Harry finally spoke up, “I can’t believe I waited so long to do that.”

You stepped out of Harry’s hold, wrapping your arms around yourself, suddenly feeing so ashamed. You shook your head as you whispered, “That was wrong, Harry.” As much as you loved the kiss and no matter how magical it felt, you were with Lucas and until the divorce was final, Harry was still married. You could literally see all the color from Harry’s face drain. You could see nothing but horror on his face as he backed into the wall behind him. You watched as his eyes took you in. It was like he was trying to understand the million thoughts going through your mind. You avoided eye contact with him as you stared at the ground, your eyes welling up with tears once again.

Suddenly Harry whispered, “But I love you, Y/N.”

You placed your hand over your mouth as you tried to choke back a sob that was trying to rip its way out of your body.

Harry slowly stepped closer to you. “It’s been a year since you told me you loved me, Y/N. Please, I need to hear you say it again. Please.”

When Harry was met with silence, he wiped his eyes. He looked down at his fidgeting fingers. “Do you still love me, Y/N?”

You looked up at Harry. As much as you wanted to scream out how much of an idiot he was and that of course you still loved him, you couldn’t. As much as you wanted to tell him that you don’t think you’ll ever stop loving him, you didn’t. Instead you said something you instantly regretted, “I fell in love with Lucas.”

You watched as Harry gasp for air. You watched as he placed his hand over where his heart was as if you actually broke it in pieces. You sniffed before you whispered, “I’m sorry, H.” Quickly, you walked back into the restaurant.

Harry placed his head in his hands as he dropped down to the floor. He brought his knees up to his chest as he cried the hardest he’s ever cried. Not giving a flying fuck who saw. Harry felt broken. Not only did he miss the opportunity to be with the love of his life, he lost his best friend.

You stared down at your lap as you sat in a silent uber with Lucas. Lucas was staring out of the window, not daring to say a word. He didn’t have to see Harry but he knew he was there tonight. He also knew that he was the reason why you had tear stained cheeks. Lucas glanced at you before he sighed. He took your hand in his. “Y/N? Do you want to talk about what happened tonight?”

You looked down at Lucas’s hand holding yours. You couldn’t help but think about how you felt absolutely nothing for this sweet man in front of you. You tried so hard to think about spending a future with Lucas. You thought Lucas was your chance of finally being happy. But after seeing Harry? After kissing Harry? You knew what you had to. You looked up at Lucas’s eyes filled with nothing but concern. You sighed before you whispered, “I can’t be with you anymore, Lucas.”

Lucas let go of your hand. Staring at his lap, he let out an, “Oh.” You shook your head as you inched closer to him. You placed your hand on his knee. “I can’t be the girl you need, Lucas. You’re so sweet and so caring. I don’t deserve you.”

Lucas nodded as he placed his hand on top of yours. “It’s okay, Y/N. I understand.” You leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Suddenly the car pulled in front of your apartment building. You thanked the uber driver and said a goodbye to Lucas before you got out of the car. You started to walk inside until Lucas called out your name. He had the window rolled down as he said, “I hope you get your happy ending with him one day, Y/N.”

You smiled. This boy really was something special. You knew he would make someone feel so happy one day. “I’ll see you at the wedding tomorrow.” You said before you made your way inside.

You let out a yawn as you stepped off the elevator, a tray of coffee in your hand. Whenever you closed your eyes, all you saw was Harry’s crying face. Guilt consumed your body as you thought about the lie you told Harry. You knew there was no way that you could fix it. You knew this was officially the end of an era. You sighed, hoping the makeup artist Emma hired for today will be able to conceal a broken heart. You knocked on Emma’s door before Olivia, another bridesmaid, opened the door for you. You gave her a small smile and hug before you walked into the hotel room.

Emma and Niall decided to have their wedding at one of the most beautiful hotels London had to offer, Hotel ZaZa. They both rented a room dedicated to the groomsmen to get ready and a room for the bridesmaids to get ready.

Emma’s eyes lit up as soon as she saw you. She walked over to you and gave you a hug before she grabbed the coffee tray out of your hands. “Y/N! Just in time, it’s your turn to get your makeup done.” You nodded as you sat in front of the makeup artist. The other two bridesmaids were sitting on the other side of the room getting their hair done. Emma sat down on the bed across from you. She noticed how quiet you were as the makeup artist was having at it on your face. “I saw you and Harry out on the patio last night.” Emma whispered softly. She saw the moment you pulled away from Harry after the kiss. She saw how Harry crumbled to the floor as you fled the scene. You glanced at Emma before you looked away.

“Do you want to talk about it softly?” Emma asked. You shook your head as the makeup artist was grabbing a brush. “No. It’s your wedding day. We should be focusing on you right now.” You smiled softly at Emma. “Are you ready to become Mrs. Horan?”

You smiled your best smile as you walked down the aisle. You looked straight ahead to see a very nervous Niall smiling at you. As you walked to where the other bridesmaids were standing, you mouthed to him, “You got this.”

Suddenly an instrumental version of “A Thousand Years” started to play, signaling the bride was coming. You smiled as you saw Emma walking down with her father. You remember when Emma told you that she wanted to walk down to this song, you thought it was silly. You thought it was a total cliche. But after seeing Emma smiling down at her husband to be with tears on both their faces, you knew this song was perfect for him. You truly knew they would love each other for thousands of years.

Finally the time came for Niall and Emma to say their vows to each other. You noticed Niall’s trembling fingers as he reached inside his suit pocket to grab his paper. He took a deep breath before he looked into Emma’s eyes.

“Emma, when I met you a year ago, I knew you were going to be the girl I married. After our second date, I promised myself that I would never hurt you. I promised that I will always be the one to make you laugh whenever you’re upset, to be the one that holds your hand when you need someone to talk to, and to be the one that you can call your best friend. The more that I’m with you, the more I forget the feeling of being lonely.”

As Harry was listening to Niall’s vows, he couldn’t help but look at you. God, he thought. You looked absolutely gorgeous. How was it that everyone’s eyes were on the bride but he couldn’t take his eyes off you? You were stunning. Harry’s eyes started to well with tears as he stared at his best friend. He couldn’t help but think that the next wedding you were going to be at would be your own with Lucas.

Emma cleared her throat before she promised her vows to Niall, “Niall Horan, I have never met someone that makes me laugh as much as you do. Never have I ever found someone that I can truly be myself with. You make me forget all of my troubles in the world and I could never thank you enough for that. I promise to always choose you. Whenever things get hard and whenever you need someone to talk to, I will be your best friend. I will be your wife.”

You wiped away a tear as you looked out into the guests. Immediately you were able to find Harry’s green eyes. You noticed how Harry was tearing up as he was staring back at you. You couldn’t help but think these were the kind of vows you always pictured yourself saying to Harry. You couldn’t get Harry off your mind.

“I now pronounce you husband and wife. Niall, you may kiss your bride.”

Emma smiled gratefully at you as she washed her hands. “Thank you so much, Y/N. I knew going to the restroom was going to be hard but I didn’t think it was going to be that hard.” You let out a chuckle as you were washing your own hands. Emma was practically begging you to help her pee while she was in her dress during dinner. How could you say no to the bride?

“No problem at all, love.” You replied as you dried your hands. You were about to walk out the restroom when you noticed Emma wasn’t following. You closed the door and turned around to see Emma staring off into space.

“Em? You ready?” You asked. Emma looked back at you and smiled. She pulled you into a hug. Confused, you returned the hug. Emma pulled away from the hug and pulled you over to the lounge area of the restroom. She sat on one of the couches and you followed after her. Emma grabbed your hand in hers. “Y/N. Even though I’ve known you for less than a year, I can happily say you’re one of my best friends.”

You smiled, “You’re my best friend too, Em.” Emma smiled before she continued, “In my relationship with Niall, you’ve been nothing but supportive. You’ve supported our love for each other from the start and I will always remain grateful. That’s why, as your best friend, I want nothing but you to be happy. And I know that being happy means being with Harry.”

You were about to object but Emma shook her head no. “When I saw you guys last night, it was obvious how much you guys loved each other. Anyone could clearly see that. When I saw you guys kiss, I was rooting for the two of you. I really was. Harry, he’s a good guy. And you deserve nothing but that. It broke my heart when I saw you run away. And when I saw how devastated Harry was? I thought that was it. I had to get you guys to understand that you guys had to come together, not run away. I know he’s hurt you. But you’ve hurt him too. Talk to him, make things right, allow yourself to be happy.”

By the end of Emma’s speech, you had her pulled into a tight hug. Emma smiled as she hugged you back. You pulled back from the hug as you smiled at Emma. “Thank you for that.”

Harry was sitting down at his assigned table, an untouched plate of food in front of him. He was watching Emma and her dad sharing their father-daughter dance until he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned his head to find you standing behind him.

“H? Can we talk?”

thank you guys so much for reading! i’ve been getting nothing but sweet and kind messages about this series and when the next part was going to be posted. i hope i did everyones justice! lol i love hearing from you guys! definitely let me know what you guys thought/ want to see happen next! all the love, t. 

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fun fact: for my mom’s wedding two years ago, she walked down to a thousand years lol 

if the sky could dream 

[mike wheeler x reader]

author’s note: been wanting to write this but just didn’t know how to go about it, kinda happy w/ how it turned out tho. i love writing the boys so much, they’re the perfect practice for writing a conversation involving multiple people 

word count: 1,671

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Director: Lucas, we’re going to pull your ass out of the fire this time but we’re going to have a nice long talk about ethical-

Magnus: About your ass.

Director: About your- fiery ass when this one’s… over and out. Dammit.

Griffin: The pendant has stopped glowing.

Director: Damnit, I could’ve done way better there.

Magnus: You’ll get him next time.

Some thoughts...

Now that I’ve processed everything, re-read my favourite passages and cried a billion times I’ve finally been able to put my favourite moments from the film and my favourite differences from the book into a coherent list instead of an endless, emotional ramble.

It’s quite a lot… 

1. Timothée IS Elio. It’s been said a thousand times before but Elio is alive in this film and I truly, for the first time ever, felt like I was actually watching the boy I’ve been reading about right in front of my eyes. It’s so easy to see why Oliver falls in love with him because Timothée does such a good job of pulling every bit of Elio’s personality, his sensuality, his sexuality and giving it to us full-force throughout every moment he’s on screen. He truly shines and I was blown away, I’m still not over his performance.

2. It’s a stunning film. The cinematography is outstanding. Every shot could be a painting.

3. The resolution of Marzia’s story. It was everything I wanted and if, like me, you felt it was missing from the book - the film does a great job in very little time of resolving this.

4. Mr and Mrs Perlman. I don’t have to say any more. They’re brilliant… and the choice to give Mrs Perlman some of Vimini’s lines made me so, so happy.

(Under a cut because it’s going to get a bit spoilery…)

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Jealousy sucks.

His reaction when he’s jealous. 


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(Y/F/N = Your friend’s name)

“Y/N?!” you heard a familiar voice yell as you walked hand in hand with your boyfriend in the park. You stopped all movement, leaving Ashton confused, and slowly turned to where the voice came from. 
“OMG Y/F/N!?” You squealed immediately letting go of your boyfriend’s hand to hug your old time friend. “I haven’t seen you in so long! How have you been!?” 
Ashton watched you and your friend chat away as he stood there feeling completely ignored. Looking down at his shoes, he sighed hoping to get your attention. 
“Oh! This is Ashton! He’s-”
“Her boyfriend.” He interrupted with a bit of attitude. “And sorry, but we have to go.” 
You eyed your boyfriend after saying a quick goodbye to your friend before speaking. 
“Ash, what the hell was that? You were a bit rude.”
“You ignored me, Y/N. All you cared about was your friend and I didn’t like that.” 
“Awww, is my little baby jealous?” you teased, finally taking the hint. 
“I’m not pushing you on the swing anymore.” He said making you pout. 


Originally posted by michaelsrighteyebrow

From a distance, Calum watched as you talked to your best friend and swayed your body to the music. You weren’t doing anything wrong, no. You’re not the reason why Calum was breathing heavily, jaw clenched, with his arms across his chest. It was your ex who eyed you like a piece of meat, more than likely saying vulgar things to his friends as he laughed. You were oblivious to this as you glanced at your brunette boyfriend and sent him smiles with a wave. 
Ashton leaned over to Calum and mouthed if he was alright to which he was met with silence. 
Calum couldn’t take it anymore as he made his way towards you and tightly wrapped his arm around your waist, bringing you close, and out of your ex’s view without a word. 
Turning to him, you noticed something was wrong. You wrapped your arms around his neck and asked him if something was bothering him. He simply nodded and pecked your lips, hoping your ex saw every second of it. 
Once you got home, he explained the situation and admitted he let jealously get the best of him. 
“Calum,” you giggled, “I want you to know that my ex doesn’t matter. It’s not even worth getting angry about, okay? I didn’t even notice he was there.” 
“How could you not? He was practically eating you with his eyes.” 
You laughed at your boyfriends remark and cuddled up to him, whispering reassuring words of love. 


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“I’m not arguing over this anymore, Michael, okay?” You said with a sigh.
“Why? Is it cuz I’m right?!” He yelled, not giving up. 
“Oh my God, would you give it a rest!? I didn’t notice them staring at me until you pointed it out!” You snarled as you threw your car keys on the coffee table. 
“That’s bull! Just admit it, Y/N! I know you liked the attention!” 
“Can you shut the hell up and listen to what you’re saying!? I payed no mind to those idiots because I was actually enjoying my time with my boyfriend instead of focusing on irrelevant people drooling over him!! Stop being so jealous!!”
He stared at you blankly, trying to think of something to fight back with. 
“I’m not jealous!” He suddenly bursted. 
You rolled your eyes and made your way to your room. You hated arguing with Michael but his jealousy always got to him. You had enough as you changed into your pajamas and made your way to bed. 
A while later, you felt the bed shift and a voice startle you awake. 
“Y/N…” Michael whispered. 
You hummed in response. 
“I’m sorry, baby.” He sighed. “I know I get so jealous all the time, but I’ll try to control myself… I hate arguing with you.” 
You turned to him with open arms as he immediately took the hint and cuddled with you.


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The drive back to your place was quiet as Luke kept his eyes on the road. You thought your dinner date went perfectly but Luke apparently thought otherwise. 
“Babe?” You tried though you were met with silence. “What’s wrong?” 
“You’re really asking me that?”
“Yes I am because I thought we had such a great time there. I don’t get why you’re acting like this.” 
“Oh wow! Really!? A great time in a restaurant where waiters flirt with other guy’s girlfriends!? If that’s a great time to you, Y/N, then I really think you should reconsider your ideas of what a great time is.” He spat with a cold laugh. 
You were  confused not remembering the waiter ever trying anything with you.
“Wait, what? I don’t understand.” You said, shaking your head. 
 “Don’t pretend you didn’t notice. The guy was practically drooling.” 
“Luke, I swear I didn’t!” 
“He slipped his number under your plate! I saw it when you went to the restroom!” 
“I didn’t know that! I was hungry! I only paid attention to what was on my plate!” 
“Are you serious!?” He yelled, finally looking over at you. His blue eyes a darker shade as he stared at you in disbelief. 
“Yes! I only paid attention to you!” You yelled, hoping to get it through your blonde boyfriend’s thick skull. “And the food, of course!” You added finally making him crack a smile. 
“I can’t believe you…” He said chuckling a bit. “I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t help it.. You’re mine… I hate it when they try taking you away from me.” 
“Believe me, I’m not going anywhere, Lucas. Even with your constant jealousy tantrums…” 

Girl Meets World Season 4

I may or may not have just spent an unreasonable amount of time doing this…..

1. Girl Meets Summer
- It’s the end of summer and sophomore year is approaching soon. The gang, along with the rest of their classmates, head to the beach for an end of summer bonfire. Cory shows up and gives them a lesson about the importance of change.

2. Girl Meets Science Fair
- Farkle and Smackle are entering the science fair as partners, but begin to find it impossible to work together and decide to do their own projects. When Farkle enlists Riley to help him, she begins to examine their friendship in a new light.
- Lucas, Zay, and Maya are on a job hunt.

3. Girl Meets Disappointment
- When Riley doesn’t make the high school cheerleading team, she learns a lesson about the difference between giving up and accepting outcomes.
- Auggie and Ava have their first fight.

4. Girl Meets The Friars
- The gang finally meets Lucas’s family when his mom invites them over for dinner. The Friars are not what anyone expected.
- Auggie makes a new friend, Lucas’s little brother, Jack.

5. Girl Meets Pressure
- Maya and Riley are invited to their first high school party. Cory and Topanga give them a long lecture about making good choices and let them go. All is going well until they’re asked to drink more than soda.
- The boys have a guys’ night and get real with each other.

6. Girl Meets Homecoming
- The gang attends their first high school dance. Farkle asks Smackle, Zay asks Maya to go as friends, and Riley and Lucas realize that they don’t exactly know where they stand anymore. They decide to go together as friends as well.
- When Lucas has to leave early, an old familiar face (Charlie Gardner) swoops in to dance with Riley. (Is Farkle jealous?)

7. Girl Meets Thankfulness
- What us does for them. The gang volunteers at a soup kitchen for thanksgiving.
- Topanga, Auggie, and Ava hand out free baked goods to passersby.

8. Girl Meets Hanukkah
- Having learned about his newfound culture, Farkle invites his friends over for Hanukkah.
- Auggie spends Hanukkah with Ava’s family.

9. Girl Meets Encore
- Charlie’s back in the picture and asks Riley out on a date yet again. She says yes, but actually wants to go this time. Farkle is noticeably jealous. Smackle is upset.
- Zay takes ballroom dance classes and has his first performance.

10. Girl Meets Romance
- It’s Valentine’s Day at Abigail Adams High School and love is in the air. Cory gets stuck teaching sex education and reaches out to Topanga for help.
- Charlie asks Riley to be his valentine, but Riley begins to acknowledge certain feelings for someone else.

11. Girl Meets Trust
- Riley breaks a promise she made to Maya years ago. Smackle tells Lucas a secret.
- Cory teaches the class about WWII and how people don’t always keep their word.

12. Girl Meets Talent
- Maya meets an art critic who tells her she won’t make it as an artist. Lucas is the only one who’s able to comfort her.
- Ava practices her song and dance routine for the school talent show.

13. Girl Meets Gossip
- A false rumor about Maya spreads across the school. She tries to ignore it, but Riley wants to put an end to it. Lucas defends Maya.
- Auggie and Ava learn a lesson about the effect lies can have.

14. Girl Meets Zay’s Birthday
- The gang throws Zay a surprise party for his birthday. Smackle wants to give him the perfect gift to thank him for his secret santa gift last year.

15. Girl Meets Spring Break (Part 1)
- School’s out for a week! The gang heads to Shawn’s cabin. Farkle and Smackle have been acting differently. Smackle goes to the Philippines to visit her family.

16. Girl Meets Spring Break (Part 2)
- It won’t stop raining at Shawn’s cabin, looks like they’re stuck inside for the week. Maya pretends she’s on a beach. Zay gets everyone to play truth or dare.
- “But this version is different. We ask a question, and if the person doesn’t want to answer, then they have to do a dare. Get it?”

17. Girl Meets Discrimination
- Zay is on his way to meet his friends at Topanga’s, when he gets stopped by a police officer. Cory teaches the class about the civil rights movement.

19. Girl Meets Ask Abby
- Ask Abby is an advice column on the school newspaper. Riley asks for help regarding some newfound feelings. When her friends read the column, they all have an opinion.

20. Girl Meets Creative Writing
- Turns out Riley’s done really well in her creative writing class. When she’s asked to present her latest work, there’s only one question: who’s it about?
- Farkle and Smackle announce their breakup. It happened just before spring break, but they didn’t want to tell anyone just yet. They’re friends. They’re good at being competitors.

21. Girl Meets Family
- The Matthews hit the road to Philadelphia for the weekend. Riley and Auggie learn more about their parents’ childhoods.
- Maya’s working at Topanga’s with her mom. Lucas stops by, as does Shawn.

22. Girl Meets The Other Side
- “Up until now, every historical event you have learned about has been taught with this country as the protagonist. This week, your assignment is to do research on an event involving us, but with with focus on the other side.”
- Riley learns about putting herself in someone else’s shoes.

23. Girl Meets Lucas
- Lucas almost gets into a fight after losing a baseball game. The gang finally finds out what bad, bad thing Lucas did at his old school. Someone besides Zay already knew.

24. Girl Meets Growth
- Cory teaches his class about the growth of America. Growth has caused change, but it’s a positive one.
- Riley questions what her growth will lead her to next. She teaches Auggie about butterflies and how they become something different at the right time.

25. Girl Meets Feelings
- Sophomore year is coming to a close. Riley’s feelings for Farkle are making her crazy and she decides to tell Maya once and for all. Maya knew all along.
- Lucas is going to be in Texas the whole summer, and he decides to confess his feelings for Maya before he goes. Maya’s confused about her feelings and doesn’t know how to respond.

cmbyn movie spoilers and discussion

So it’s been about 3 weeks since I saw the movie in NYC and I just NEED to talk about some scenes:

- I loved the apricot scene. We could tell exactly by Elio and Mrs. Perlmans’ facial expressions that Elio’s father used this as a test. I think this scene was particularly well executed by both Luca and Timothée. Instead of telling the audience what was going on Luca showed us which is very difficult to do especially when basing a movie on a very narrative heavy book. 

- OK next, the “bad allergy” scene. I just want to scream to the world how good an Oliver Armie is. Timothée is amazing and he deserves all of his praise but GOD Armie is so good and so underrated! He is the perfect Oliver in this scene. From his slight forcefulness in grabbing Elio’s hand to him knowing Elio is staring at his ass, he is so nonchalant and carefree which is so Oliver (at least from Elio’s perspective). 

- Another one of my favorites is Elio and Marzia’s first time. Again, Timothée is incredible as Elio but Esther also plays off both the confidence and innocence of Marzia extremely well. They have great chemistry and the relationship never came off as forced on screen, which was something I was worried about. I had originally thought that they might disregard Marzia but I think the movie gives her a more fulfilling story than the book does. They are both so sweet in this scene and the added touch of Elio finishing almost immediately was hilarious.

- That brings me to my point of how surprisingly funny this movie is. Elio is so caught up with himself in the book so it is so refreshing to see him laugh on screen and great to see him and the whole cast have so many funny lines. The part before the dinner party where he fights with his father about wearing the shirt was so funny! Michael Stuhlbarg is also hilarious in this scene. Elio and his little sliding dance moves were so cute and felt very very true to Elio in my opinion. 

Now onto more talked about scenes or leaked scenes;

- Oliver and Elio’s first time. I was not prepared for this scene. Their chemistry is INCREDIBLE, like Elio swinging from Oliver perfectly reflects the desire he’s feeling and never feels silly, it feels so overwhelmingly emotional. The slamming of the bedroom door was very funny too. Oliver asked if he can kiss Elio and his response “yes please” was so well played by Timmy. Timmy’s facial expressions in this scene o my god. When Oliver is kissing his neck and you can just see him start to become undone is SO sensual. The whole scene is so natural in that it never feels forced and you can see them grow more and more comfortable. Armie’s giant hands going up and down Timmy’s back was also an amazing touch that just oozed emotion. 

- So you all have seen so much shit about the peach scene and I feel as though there isn’t much praise I can add but it’s amazing. Timothée and Armie are so convincing in this scene that it’s hard to remember that you’re watching a movie. Also, the tone of it was perfect, it was so funny when Oliver asks “what did you do?” and then so heartbreaking when Elio breaks down into his arms. The pacing is so well done and feels completely natural.  

- OK so I want to talk about Bergamo. Right before they kiss in the alley, Timmy has such an expression of infatuation towards Oliver/Armie that I thought was some of his best acting in the whole film. He looks utterly breathless and maybe this is because he has such a great bond with Armie or maybe its something completely different but wow it’s so good. Also when Elio is sleeping and Oliver looks over at him with such a face of concern is so beautiful and completely lets us know exactly how Oliver feels (something we didn’t get in the book!). 

- Finally the goodbye scene. The hug between them at the train station is so heartbreaking and you can just tell neither of them wants to let go, it’s so emotional despite having pretty much no dialogue. I loved that Elio calls his mom, that was the only part that made me cry the two times I’ve seen the movie other than the closing credits. Elio/Timmy looking absolutely destroyed in the car is so so good and so well acted by Timmy (realize I say this about every scene lol). I really loved that we got to see such a developed relationship between Elio and his mother in the movie, it again made the movie feel very very real. Truly Elio crying in the car feels like it’s both Timmy and Elio being heartbroken that things are ending. Both Timmy and Armie being so involved in the movie and loving each other so much led to such honesty between them on screen. Good job Luca!

So yeah I love this movie and book please message me if you want to talk about either!!

Day Three: Love

“Okay children! You know the rules! Lance is turning sixteen; you know the drill! Teo? Would you like to start?” He nodded his head vigorously.
“Because he’s the bestest big brother is the entire universe!” The family giggled, shaking their head fondly. “Okay, I pass it on to Maria!”
A black headed girl stood on her chair, slamming her palms onto the table. “Because he always braids my hair before school! You’re turn Selena!!”
An older girl closer to Lance’s age twirled a lock of hair between her fingers with her lips pursed. “Hmm..for always doing face masks with me. And creating homemade ones with me as well. Lucas, you go now.” A toddler teetered his way to Lance, crawling into his lap. “Um b-because he has freckles l-like me!” Lance pulled Lucas in closer, nuzzling their foreheads together, causing the toddler to giggle. The others listed of reasons, one by one until they reached to their mother.
“Ah, number sixteen. The sixteenth reason why we love Lance…because he the glue of our family, keeping us close together.” With tears in his eyes, he blew out all sixteen candles. As the others whooped and clapped, Teo ran up to Lance, tugging on his sleeve to get his attention.
“Lance, Lance! What did you wish for?” Lance smirked at him and scooped him in his arms, spinning him around. “Well little gremlin, you know if I tell you, it won’t come true!” Teo peered at him, giving him his best puppy dog eyes. “Pleeeeeeaaaaaaaassssssee???”
Lance chuckled at him. “Oh alright. I wished that I could spend my seventeenth birthday just like this. With all of you by my side.”
Lance let the tears fall on his pillow, letting the silence of space fall over him. He hugged the pillow tighter to his chest, gripping it so hard that his knuckles were turning white. He cursed the stars and his childish belief in wishing on them and birthday wishes. The tears fell heavier. He then begin to list seventeen reasons why and what he missed about his family.
“Teo’s laugh when you tickle his feet.”
“Mama’s hugs when I had a bad day.”
“The karaoke nights with Selena.”
“The way Lucas’s nose crinkles with he colors.”
“Because they always believed in me and my dreams, no matter how ridiculous they were.”

Star Wars Fic Recs!

and by that I mean mostly focusing on/around Obi-Wan because my bias is showing and I cant be bothered to curb that impulse

(also gonna add in @swpromptsandasks​ who is an absolutely fantastic (not to mention prolific) writer who’d probably have something for everyone)

The Codywan fics

- Hope by lilyconrad - T - 6.7k

The Clone Wars are the backdrop to a quiet and fragile love between a general and a clone commander.

- There Goes The Atmosphere by missmollyetc - E - 45.2k (ongoing) (also a personal fav)

The most dangerous space in the galaxy is the distance between a clone and his general.

- Intertwine by @norcumi - E - 10.4k (also Padmé/Rex)

Padmé survives Mustafar. She and Obi-Wan strike out on their own with the twins, accumulating a far bigger family of clones, Jedi, and assorted troublemakers. Even in the shadow of the Empire, they manage to forge something new.

- Whiplash by dogmatix - T - 13.9k (ongoing) 

The world doesn’t stop just because you’ve won the war, and that goes double when the war might not actually be over.

The Rexobi fics

- Sketch by @peskylilcritter - G - 1k

Obi-Wan undercover as a clone.

- Couple Politics by @punsbulletsandpointythings - G - 2.1k

Rex can handle many things. Most things.

He’s pretty sure he can’t handle this.

- Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed by @dharmaavocado - T - 23.7k

“You’re punishing me, aren’t you?” Anakin said. “I angered you somehow and this whole thing with Obi-Wan is my punishment.”

“Not everything is about you,” said Rex, hauling the guy up. “And, come on, have you seen him in those cardigans?”

“He looks like someone’s sad grandpa,” Anakin said.

In which Obi-Wan returns from four years undercover, Rex called dibs, the entire squad is not helpful, and Anakin hates his life.

(First in the Title of Our Sex Tape series aka that one B99 AU that I never knew I needed until it was in my face)

- Endure the Burning by @norcumi - M - 4.9k 

Captain Rex and General Kenobi both knew any interest they might have for the other was an impossibility. Then they discover that they are not just an impossibility, but something akin to a fairy tale.

- Two Weeks by scarletjedi - T - 14.7k (ongoing)

After yet another confrontation with General Grievous, Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, along with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and others from Skywaler’s 501st, find themselves crashed on a far-flung planet. With help two weeks away, our heroes must survive on this strange, abandoned land.

- Dancing in the Stars by @charity-angel - G - 9.1k

In which there is a really contrived excuse for Anakin to make an ass of himself, and Rex to be a good ori'vod (and maybe impress a certain other Jedi at the same time).

- In which Rex Doesn’t need his sight to get laid by @the-last-hair-bender (aka emocezi) - E - 2.5k

It had been an accident, or so Echo kept saying. They’d been bored, caught up in another endless round of ‘hurry up and wait’ and they’d been tossing around a flashbang in lieu of playing catch with something more dangerous. Like a grenade.

Of course someone had accidentally pulled the pin out and they’d all hurriedly stuffed their buckets on to protect their eyes. And then, because nothing is ever simple or easy. Captain Rex had walked in the room, sans helmet.

The 501st had, in Rex’s salty opinion, screamed like newborn Krayt Dragons and he’d had approximately three seconds to assess the situation before the world had turned impossibly white and he’d gone blind.

- The Best Cure by inkpenpaper - T - 5.6k 

It was the kind of milksop mission that would have normally been well below the paygrade of either the 501st and the 212th, so it was obvious Command meant it as sort-of leave.

Such a shame Obi-Wan touched something he shouldn’t have.

(Part of the this is not the fic you’re looking for series)

- War Against The Odds by @norcumi - M - 9.7k

Obi-Wan and Rex: from General and Captain in the GAR, to lovers, to survivors and Rebels.

Cody/Obi-Wan/Rex fics

- Waiting (Too Long) by @the-dragongirl - T - 6.4k

Rex waits by the bedside of one of his lovers, waiting (hoping) for him to wake up. Damn the Sith, anyway.

Or - Rex finds proof of the control chips and Palpatine’s treason before Order 66 can be fully carried out, and brings it to Anakin in time. Barely. Unfortunately, he does NOT get there in time to prevent the Order from being sent out to Utapau.

ObiAniDala fics

- Sigh No More by @edenwolfie - E - 131k (ongoing)

Anakin makes slightly better choices, Obi-Wan is a Mess™ and Padmé deserves none of this. AU from Mustafar onward with liberal manipulation of canon to culminate in some angsty, fluffy, domestic fix-it because we all deserve better.

I’m going to fix everything Lucas broke if it kills me.

who cares about your lonely heart by Elenothar - T - 28k

After the Battle for Coruscant, Obi-Wan has wings, a Sith Lord to handle, and a former Padawan who’s still not following a code of conduct for the Jedi. Facing the Sith Lord might be the easy part.

ObiKin fics

- Starbird by @imaginaryanon - T - 8.8k

As far as Anakin’s concerned, Obi-Wan is the picture of a perfect Jedi. or, Anakin thinks he knows everything about Obi-Wan but doesn’t. Anakin thinks a lot of things, actually, and he’s wrong about most of them. Anakin’s whole world view is turned upside down. Obi-Wan is having the time of his life.

- wicked thing by @imaginaryanon - M - 97k (ongoing)

There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. or, the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Kenobi is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.

Bail/Obi-wan/Breha fics

- And Yet, I Love You Still by @punsbulletsandpointythings - T - 7k

At 25, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Breha Organa, and fell in love. At 34, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Bail Organa, and fell in love again.

- untinam by @spookykingdomstarlight - G - 2k

“I shouldn’t,” Obi-Wan said, body going rigid at her side. That wasn’t her intention, but she didn’t take the question back. She didn’t contradict him either. “The senator has only just returned. You two should—”

“He missed you, Obi-Wan,” she said, matching him for vehemence. In this, she would fight him. I’ve missed you, she thought, even though you’ve been here all along. “He would be disappointed if you didn’t put in an appearance.”

- As The Thunder Rolls by @the-dragongirl - G - 4k

Breha Organa must face the new reality of the Galactic Empire, both as the Queen of Alderaan, and as a woman. Fortunately, she does not have to face it alone.

Gen fics????

Ghosts of 66 series by dogmatix & @norcumi (because this is Star Wars and whats that without some Pain and Suffering)

Order 66 had thousands of loyal soldiers turning on their commanding officers and shooting them down. A collection of stories about some of these clones and their Jedi, and how death can often be a matter of perspective.

- Legacy by @deadcatwithaflamethrower - M - 18k

“Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”

- How Jedi Mourn series by @punsbulletsandpointythings (again, the suffering and pain)

They don’t. Until they can’t help it.

Rogue One fics (because i haven’t actually organised my shit so. i don’t got much for this yet???)

They Have Taken Photographs of Our Footprints in the Dust by @dharmaavocado - T - 4k

"Did you know I’m worth a quarter herd of bantha?”

At Jyn’s sharp inhale, Baze said, without opening his eyes, “My husband is an unrepentant liar. He is barely worth one sick bantha, much less a healthy quarter herd.”

In which Chirrut and Baze have spent more than half their lives together, and Chirrut likes to spin stories of how they were married.

climb, climb by @peradii - N/A - 1k

K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fics

the beloved body, compass, polestar by @santiagoinbflat - T - 6k

Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.

- tell me about the big bang by @jhholtzmann - M - 37k

There is a part of him that says: you are not human.

- falling, falling by @piyo-13 - T - 9k

Poe makes it out of the First Order’s clutches in one piece, which in and of itself is nothing short of a miracle. Or, well, he says ‘one piece’, but it’s hard to place physical value on mental capacities and anyways, he’s got other things to worry about than dealing with the aftermath of psychic Force-torture.

Such as that cute ex-Stormtrooper who saved Poe’s life, his droid, and most of his jacket.

Unfortunately (fortunately? He’s not really sure) for Poe, Finn knows what Kylo Ren is capable of, and he’s determined to help.

Much has been made of how the voice in the beginning of the episodes is apparently Junior, but let’s not forget that it’s only telling us what Lucretia told it. Voidfish don’t learn how to cuss from nowhere. Was this Lucretia’s writing style all along? (I mean, she did apparently turn out a few bestsellers.)

Lucretia, taking a break from paperwork to play with the baby voidfish, “…and then they went to go confront Lucas and do you know what happened next? Well. let’s see, according to my math, there’s about a zero percent chance the boys don’t wang this one up. So, uh, essentially mass chaos. I’ve been told there were ghosts involved.”

Junior, singing back gently. 

“Yeah, I bet you want to know what happened next. We all love those dummies. Let me get the case reports and read you the full story.”