September, 1979

Will’s birthday party in August had confirmed one thing for the group when Joyce proudly showed him the new bike she’d scrapped up the funds for.  The days of pulling up to Hawkins Elementary in separate cars and hopping out to hug their backpacks and wait for the rest of their friends to show up were over, and now they had the freedom to arrive altogether in one big parade of wheels and spokes and bells.  They even could, as Lucas pointed out solemnly, bike straight past the school and keep going.  Of course Lucas didn’t mean they would do that- skipping school was the biggest sin the boys could think of at the time, and it made even the most daring among them nauseous to think about- but now they could.  And the thrill of possibility was more than enough for the boys as they loaded up their backpacks for the first day of third grade.

Will woke up early to be able to meet Lucas and Mike at the intersection between Maple and Cornwallis.  They had planned the meeting place the night before, and although it meant a little extra biking on Will’s part, he was thrilled to be independent enough to make plans like this.  Now they were only allowed to bike alone to school and the comic book shop on Saturday mornings, but Will knew that soon the rules would be relaxed and the whole of Hawkins would be laid out for them to explore.

And he couldn’t wait.

When Mike made the proposition of a race, the excitement shot towards Will’s legs and boosted him forward as he pumped at the pedals.  Already multiple races had proved him the fastest of the three, but Mike had been vying for the title with a twinge of jealousy and the first day of school was not when Will planned on losing it.  He flew over the asphalt, knowing he was in the lead, knowing that Lucas and Mike were probably pedaling frantically to catch up.  Knowing that he would once again be the champion biker, the fastest of the three if he couldn’t be the loudest or the funniest or the most sensible.  His front tire hit the gravel and he pulled at the brakes, confident that he could call the school property the finish line.  Looping back around, Will waited for the yells of protest from the others and the sound of their own tires slapping into the gravel, but only the birds overhead and the calm chatter of older schoolmates met his ears.  Further disconcerting was the view that met him when he turned around- an empty lot with no Mike or Lucas to be seen.

All sense of independence discarded, Will clutched tight to his handlebars.  His knuckles went white as they popped forward, but he hardly noticed.  His heart thudded against his chest.  Other kids would be arriving soon, and what would they do if they saw him all alone?  Kids…they could be mean, especially to him.  Not that having Lucas and Mike there stopped them from being mean, but at least when they were there Will didn’t have to face it alone.  And although Will hated it, he’d seen them take knocked shoulders and side punches that were meant for him.  He knew that sticking up for him, the shy awkward kid that accidentally called the teacher ‘mom’ in first grade and got caught trying to use Cory Gilman’s eyelashes as an art reference, got them deeper into trouble with the meanest of the kids, but now that they weren’t here he didn’t know if he could stand it.

What could he do?  He couldn’t bike home on his first day of school.  He’d just have to wait- but the panic was rising in his throat, choking him even as he gripped tighter to the handlebars of his beloved bike, the bike he now knew he couldn’t take everywhere on his own-

And then just as soon as he’d realized their absence, there they were.  Biking quickly alongside one another, loose backpack straps flapping as they went.

“You were going so fast!” Lucas practically shouted as they drew near.  “We should’ve timed it.  It would’ve been a new record,”

“Of course it doesn’t count,” Mike added.  “You left before any of us were ready and we didn’t have time-”

“Doesn’t count?!”  Lucas broke in.  “Mike, you couldn’t have caught him if you had a million years to get ready and you know it!”

“It’s okay,” Will answered weakly.  “It doesn’t have to count,”  Relief swept over him and he loosened his grip.  His friends were there.  He was safe.  “But next time, we’ll all start together and I know I’ll beat both of you fair and square.”

Not a huge fan seeing as I didn’t even have a plan for this fic 10 hours ago, and I know this is super late, but I’m optimistic for the next few September series.  I’ve got some pretty good plans.

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This is going to be a long post, sorry.

  • Marlene said she knew who was going to be A and AD since the beginning and that AD has been around since the beginning. That doesn’t need to mean that AD is on the pilot but he is in the first season.
  • Caleb’s first episode is 1x14 and three episodes later, Spencer calls him Artful Dodger. AD.
  • He lives in the school and has a little lair where he has a lot of phones, money…
  • Later, in the episode where Hanna and Aria find his lair, he literally appears as -A: black hoodie. And instead of talking to them he runs after the girls as if he was actually -A. Why doing that?
  • Both of his parents’ last names’ start with D (Dawson and Doyle) so his real last name starts with D.
  • He lived with Lucas. He and Caleb are the only characters that have appeared reading comics (arcturus hint).
  • He helped Jenna investigate the girls.
  • Caleb’s locker combination was 2-1-4. BAD.
  • When Mona was in Radley, Hanna wanted to visit her but Caleb didn’t want her to go because she could see Cece there or she could find out something from Mona.
  • Hanna saw Lucas visiting someone in Radley. She went there without telling Caleb but when she got out he was there. Caleb took Lucas there and stayed out because he was watching if someone went there so he could warn Lucas. Caleb was surprised to see Hanna there but then he said he knew she was going there. Lucas got out and they enchanged weird looks like the one Lucas gave to Aria in 7x16 and that look was intentioned.
  • Caleb wanted Hanna far away from Mona and Radley all the time. The only requirement for her to be there was with Caleb’s presence. 
  • He dressed up similar to El Zorro: post here
  • The mask he wore in the This is a Dark Ride appeared in the dollhouse besides Charles. 
  • After he left for Ravenswood, he came back to Rosewood (and the show) in the same episode Lucas was having a party for his girlfriend (who never showed up). Caleb shows up. Was he the ‘famous girlfriend’ and was having a ‘welcome home’ party?
  • After the dollhouse, Caleb was shady and overprotective with Hanna. He even put a gps in her car. Who also likes to put gps on the girls? AD? A?
  • The girls went to find Charles/Charlotte’s Radley file to a storehouse and who appeared suddenly? Caleb. He admits to have put a gps on her car. I bet it wasn’t the first time he did it. He took it off but he still wanted to know everything about where Hanna was. He wanted to know if she/they find out something.
  • In the same episode (6x04) we find out that -A (Charlotte) was watching them because they had a gps chip on their napes. Caleb gave her the gps chips.
  • They were investigating Holbrook and they find a warehouse. The number of that warehouse (which they believed it was Holbrook’s) was 1017. Episode 1x17 is the same one where Spencer calls Caleb ‘Artful Dodger’.

After time jump clues and S7 clues (Marlene said to re-watch S7 for clues)

  • Caleb came back to Rosewood after Charlotte’s death.
  • It was then when he started his game. He wasn’t AMOJI.
  • He installed the cameras and the security system of the Radley so he could know everything. AD texted some things that happened there.
  • Caleb had a room at the Radley (said by Ashley Marin in 7x17) but we never saw the room. He was always in Spencer’s barn or in Lucas’ apartment. Suspicious.
  • Lucas had to meet someone in Radley at the same time Hanna had to find Spencer’s bill she payed with Rollins card. Since she took a while, Caleb had to help her and Lucas didn’t meet with that person because he wasn’t in the room.
  • AD’s boardgame appeared inside Spencer’s barn. She was shot and couldn’t grab weight but Caleb could have done a copy of the keys and left the game inside.
  • Hanna asked him for help with the board and he got hurt. That was the fakest incident ever. I mean, that’s an alibi that almost every villain plays: getting hurt from the ‘villain’. Besides, it wasn’t that bad…
  • He has the same computer that AD. 
  • He has been missing in a couple of episodes.
  • He hastily asks Hanna if she wants to marry him and like two days after, they get married. He says: If we get married we can’t testify against each other. I MEAN HE’S LITERALLY TRYING TO SAVE HIS ASS.

    Disclaimer: I’ve found some of these clues in instagram and twitter (@uberadictos).

ngl I am low-key worried about Rogue One, but only because my boy Darth Vader is in it, and idk what incarnation of Vader they are going to use.

Filoni!Vader: yEAHHHHHHH!!! i am PUMPED to be on the DARK SIDE man I LOVE KILLING REBELS! *flies a tie-fighter with the Force so his cape can billow while he stands menacingly under a spotlight* I’m angry all of the time and I’m like OBSESSED with killing Obi-Wan! *chugs a Red Bull through his vents* WHO WANTS TO GO NEXT?

Lucas!Vader: high-key wanna die if any of you rebels could do that for me i’d appreciate it. *slaughters thousands of rebels effortlessly* come on man did you even try. damn this self-preservation instinct of mine. *sees obi-wan* HELL YEAH I’M GONNA DIE I CAN’T WAIT! *kills obi-wan in one swing* what.

Comics!Vader: *doesn’t say anything, but if he does it’s going to be one badass line like “ALL I’M SURROUNDED BY IS FEAR AND DEAD MEN”* *has a lot of flashbacks to the time when he had hair* *is sad a lot* *surrounded by quirky fun characters because this is anakin skywalker we are talking about*

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Luke looks angry and a little scary in the poster the opposite to Kylo and I don't get it.

I think this is Rian Johnson’s way of going back to Lucas’ original intended vision of ROTJ, without having it be as drastic and keeping it in line with the current story arc. In the original Return of the Jedi, Luke was actually supposed to turn to a dark path and disappear for good, leaving Leia behind (and Han was supposed to die because Harrison Ford felt his character needed to, which, wtf Harrison). 

Return of the Jedi was originally supposed to be called “Revenge of the Jedi. It was actually known as that more that “Return” because there was a shit-load of Revenge-themed posters, teasers and merch (which was also red like The Last Jedi, look at that).  It was only two months before the summertime release (timed to the fifth anniversary of “Star Wars”) that “Revenge” became “Return” because I mean, vengeance isn’t exactly Jedi-like…


Here are some things that completely changed. Apparently Lucas had a falling out with the production crew and a bunch of things had to be revised and compromised. For example:

The original plot formulated by Lucas was Wookie guerrillas fighting the Empire in their home planet, while other Wookies were enslaved to build the second Death Star and the Rebels tried to take over the Empire in an epic final battle. That’s what Lucas first envisioned: a Vietnam-style war movie. But unfortunately the search for a Director hampered production and eventually we got cute teddy bears who could take down Imperial walkers with rocks. (No shade, I still think Ewoks are so fucking cute)

While doing press amid the 1997 rerelease of  ROTJ Harrison Ford claimed he actually wanted Han to die at the end of the second “Star Wars” sequel, but Lucas thought Han Solo (alive) toys would still be marketable up until now (and they are!)

Also, George Lucas originally wanted Luke Skywalker to become Darth Vader at the end of Return of the Jedi. His last lines were going to be “Now I am Vader. Now I will go and kill the [Rebel] fleet and I will rule the universe.“ 


Luke was intended to leave and turn to the Dark Side. The rebels were supposed to win, but our protagonist, of all people, became the man nobody wanted him to be. They had to keep with the fact that Luke was a wholly good person and didn’t want his image tainted for the sake of the little kiddies and Luke fanboys who couldn’t handle character change. 

That’s where Rian steps in. Now that Luke’s old, there’s an open opportunity for him to have a lot of questions answered, especially since we know little to nothing about him and Ben training, being isolated on the Island, and why he wants the Jedi to end. I think answering those questions will allow us to understand why Luke could have been (or now is!) a darker or even, dare I say it, evil character, and why Ben had turned (Ben’s turn to Kylo Ren could be the DarkSide!Luke Lucas originally intended passed onto his character arc instead, but it gives him room for two more episodes to redeem himself and show that the light ultimately wins. That’s why Kylo looks more like a lost little puppy than an angry villain compared to Luke. There’s some shit or secrets Luke’s got behind that beard.)

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© 2014 Katarina Jones


“W-what?” Lara stuttered out a moan as his fingers found their way into her mound. She let her head fall backwards as he wiggled another finger in and then pulled it out.

Lucas smirked at her expression and rubbed the tip of his finger against her throbbing clȋt. “You belong to me now, little sister.”

“Mm,” she nodded, biting her bottom lip as he continued teasing her, “yours.”

“Now that you’re mine,” he whispered huskily, “you’re going to have to follow my rules.” Lara nodded, completely lost in her pleasure, “No one is going to touch you the way I touch you, understood?”

Her grip on his shoulder tightened as he slammed his fingers into her with every syllable of the sentence. “No one will touch what’s mine, do you understand, Lara?”

“Yes,” she moaned, “oh shit, yes.”

The sexual beast inside of him took complete control. He was no longer her brother; he was her sexual partner. “Yes, what?”

With each thrust of his fingers, Lara arched her back, unable to keep her pleasured moans hidden. “Oh god yes! I’m yours! No one will touch what’s yours!”

“Good,” he grinned, slowly rubbing her folds and then huskily whispered, “I don’t want anyone else to see this püssy either, do you understand me? This is mine and I get to do whatever the fuck I want with it, yes?”

“Mm,” Lara nodded quickly, gasping as her orgasm came closer. “Whatever…you…want.”

“That’s nice,” he whispered, rubbing her clȋt faster, “does this feel good?” She nodded unable to actually speak to him and he chuckled, “Now that you’re mine,” he sucked her hard nub into his mouth, making Lara throw her head back as he licked at her breast, “you will not wear any underwear.”

Lara frowned, running her tongue over her bottom lip and groaned, “W-what? Why?”

He smirked, sliding his palm up and down her mound. “Easier access, Zee.”

“O-o-okay,” she shuddered against his arms and groaned quietly, “Luc, my legs hurt…I can’t keep—oh!”

She threw her head back and cried out as her climax arrived, taking complete control of her body as she shuddered in his arms. “Oh god, oh god,” Lara dug her nails in his strong shoulders and bucked her hips against his fingers quickly.

“That’s a good girl,” he whispered and kissed her forehead, “I have to go to work in an hour, so I’m going to take a shower.”

Lara frowned. “You work? Since when?”

“Well,” he sat her down, admiring her voluptuous body, “Jackson talked to his boss and I have an interview today. Then we’re going out to watch a fight at his house, so I’ll most likely get home late tonight.”

“That’s fine,” she closed her eyes, trying to come off her sexual high and ran her fingers through her blonde hair, “damn, Luc; that took all of me.”

Lucas chuckled, his sexual beast long gone and he knelt down to help her up. He carried her bride-style up the stairs and left her on her bed, kissing her forehead before going to shower.

Lara closed her eyes, a smile forming on her lips as she realized that her dreams were finally coming true. Her brother was slowly adjusting to the idea of making her his bȋtch. No longer did he see her like a little girl, now she was his lover and she loved every moment of it.

Her phone vibrated on her stomach and she groaned; he had honestly taken most of her energy and she didn’t mind it one bit, but she felt too weak to even answer the phone. It was a call from her best friend: Adrianne.

“Hello?” she yawned into the phone.

“Baby!” Adrianne squealed on the other line, making Lara grin, “How are you?”

“I’m good; just lying down on my bed. You?”

“Just got home. I’m in New York for a couple of days! Can we meet up today?”

Lara bit her bottom lip, as much as she loved her best friend; she didn’t exactly want to leave the house. “Dree, I don’t want to go out today.”

“Fine,” Adrianne huffed, “can I go over to yours, then?”

“Sure,” she shrugged, even though she obviously couldn’t see her, “I don’t mind. Lucas is going out with his friends tonight so we’ll have the house all to ourselves.”

“Ooh,” Adrianne cooed, giggling, “I know what I’m bringing over tonight then! Do you still like Dracula’s wine?”

She laughed, “Hell yeah I do!”

“Awesome! Then I’m bringing that over along with some movies.”

Translation: they were going to be watching pörn. Since they became close friends, they loved watching erotica. They never did anything, just watch it and drink a little, but it was their favourite pastime.

“I’ll be here,” Lara laughed, “okay, bye Dree, I’m really tired. Call me whenever you’ll come, alright?”

“Will do, honey. Bye!” She ended the call.


Adrianne called around three to tell her that she was going to be at her house at seven. By that time, Lara was watching sappy chick flicks because her brother wasn’t there to keep her company.

Although, she usually would spend most of her time doing something sexual, their morning was amazing enough to surprisingly satisfy her. She hadn’t thought about sex the entire time.

Afore leaving, Lucas gave her a soft kiss and then smirked her way before whispering: “Remember, Zee; no panties.” And then closed the door, leaving her alone with red cheeks.

She could not believe how things were turning out in her favour; it was grandiose. Her sexy step-brother, whom she had been fantasizing about for a long time, was finally going to be her first!

The realization made her giddy.

The time surprisingly went by quickly and before she knew it, her best friend was waltzing in her house like she had lived there her entire life. They hugged tightly, squealing about how much they missed each other tried to catch up on each other’s life.

Adrianne was a gorgeous dark haired American beauty. She was literally stunning and if Lara hadn’t been equally beautiful, she might’ve been jealous. Adrianne had bright green eyes that seemed to hypnotize guys and a body worth starting wars over.

She could’ve been a model if she so desired, but she chose to be a nurse. It was strange for people that didn’t know her. She could’ve been a movie star, yet she chose to help others; it was one of her many admirable qualities.

Out of all of her qualities, her best was persuasion. Adrianne made her spill the beans. Lara told her all about her conquest to get her step-brother to use her body in the most sinful ways. And she made sure to know every detail.

Lara had to even describe Lucas’ body—every single part as if she were filing a report to the police.

By the time they caught up, it was already ten and they were ready to watch their movies. Adrianne always chose them and that night she chose a threesome for them to watch.

Two girls and a guy. The girls were fairly attractive and the guy was alright-looking, but the girls seemed to be more into each other than their opposite sex.

They were both sitting on the floor, with their backs leaning on the end of the bed. The lights were off; giving the room a bit of intimacy and the light from the TV was dim as to not blind them.

“Have you ever kissed a girl?” Adrianne asked quietly, taking a sip of their sweet wine.

Lara shook her head, rolling her eyes as the man tried to talk dirty to the girls. For some reason, Lara only found it attractive when Lucas spoke naughty; no other guy could top the way he spoke. It was as if he knew exactly what she wanted and needed to hear.

Adrianne smiled down at her, her soft lips pulling up in a wicked grin. Lara gulped slowly, feeling completely out of her league. Part of her wanted to say no, but the other part; the part that needed sating urged her to let her friend keep going with her sexual advances.

“Come on, Lara,” she purred, “you honestly have never kissed a girl before?”

She shook her head, turning her head back to pay attention to the erotic movie and shrugged. “It’s never crossed my mind; I like guys.”

Adrianne rolled her eyes. “No shit, Sherlock; I like guys too. But…” she placed her hand on Lara’s soft thigh and softly said, “you’ve never thought about…you know? Experimenting?”

If this was how she made Lucas feel, she needed to apologize. Her cheeks were heated; feeling like they were going to melt off and the quick beats of her heart should’ve been unhealthy. “No, Dree, I’ve never thought about ‘experimenting,’” She gave her friend a friendly laugh, trying to avoid further sexual talk.

But Adrianne wasn’t satisfied with the answer. Maybe it was the bit of alcohol in her system, maybe it was the erotic film playing in front of them or maybe; just maybe she had gone to her house to look for this all along.

She crossed her arms over her chest, narrowing her eyes and said, “I call bullshit on that.”

Lara chuckled, shaking her head as she took another swig of the wine bottle next to her and said, “Dree, I honestly have never thought about kissing a girl. Yeah, I can say a girl’s attractive but I’ve never been sexually attracted to them. Now will you stop asking me and let me finish watching this damn pörn?!”

Adrianne laughed, settling next to her and nestled her head on her friend’s shoulder. “I’ve thought about it before,” she whispered quietly, playing with Lara’s soft fingers, “I mean, lesbian pörn turns me on the most. Besides, I bet it’s like kissing a guy. My friend said it’s even better, but I don’t have the guts to go up to a girl and ask her to kiss me.”

Lara stayed silent. She had honestly never thought about it, but the further Adrianne pressed, the more she found her curiosity sparking. What if kissing a girl was as soft as people said? Lesbian pörn was nice to watch, especially the way they did oral sex

A couple of minutes later, the erotic scene ended. Adrianne felt her püssy drenched, but it wasn’t from watching the film. It was from thinking of her best friend’s mouth on hers. She always thought Lara was gorgeous, but seeing her so close to her, with her hands softly caressing her breasts, was such a turn on to Adrianne.

Of course, Lara was completely oblivious; she was too busy thinking of Lucas’ return. She wanted him to please her for all the time he had been gone. Her naked püssy called for attention and after watching the erotic films, not only was her püssy begging to be touched, but it was dripping wet.

“Lara?” Adrianne whispered, turning the TV off.

“Mm?” she responded after taking another swig of alcohol.

Adrianne cleared her throat, sitting in front of her and whispered, “Do you think that I could…you know? Try it with you?”

Her blue eyes slowly widened in confusion. “Try what with me?”

“You know?” Adrianne smiled, shyly, “Kiss you.”

“Like on my mouth?” Lara blurted out, feeling awkward as all hell.

She nodded, watching her best friend with dark eyes. The lights were off and now that the TV was off, she could only see her silhouette thanks to the light coming from the moonlight. It only made the scene more appealing than ever before and Adrianne couldn’t help herself.

“I don’t know, Dree,” she whispered uncomfortably, yet her püssy hummed in anticipation, “won’t that like…what if we don’t like it? Won’t that mess up our friendship?”

Adrianne laughed, her silky brown hair falling behind her shoulders. “Of course not, silly! It’ll be like…you’re helping me with something. I want to try it out and you’ll help me. I don’t trust anyone else; I feel like they’ll just laugh. But you’re my closest friend; I can trust you.”

After seconds of consideration, Lara sighed, caving in. “Fine…”

“Yay,” she giggled, sitting forward. Adrianne placed both of her hands against the bed on either side of Lara’s face, and took a deep breath as she leaned into her best friend.

Lara gulped, staring intently as Adrianne closed her glistening green eyes and inched closer to her face. She kept her eyes open, watching her every move until they began to cross. The kiss was a featherlike touch; simple and sweet.

But Adrianne wanted more.

She slowly opened her mouth, taking Lara’s bottom lip into hers and swiped her tongue across it softly. Lara’s eyes snapped open, staring at her best friend in disbelief as she continued to urge forward and found herself giving in.

Lara parted her mouth, allowing Adrianne to suck on her tongue sensually and kiss her sweetly. The kisses were nothing compared to what Lucas did to her, but it was still pretty damned amazing.

Adrianne shifted, moving so that Lara’s legs were in between hers and she pulled her closer, entwining her fingers in her soft blond hair. She tugged on her lip, eliciting a moan from Lara and slowly moved her hands up to her breasts.

The sudden touch made Lara pull away abruptly. She was flushed with embarrassment and excitement, but she tried to control her breathing and whispered, “I thought you just wanted to kiss me.”

“I did,” Adrianne admitted sheepishly, “but…I don’t know! It just,” she ran her fingers through her hair, still sitting above Lara and eyed her red lips, “I’m just so damn horny and you smell so good.”

Lara blinked slowly, trying to wrap her mind around everything that was happening and whispered, “But…we like guys.” She sounded like she was trying to convince her to stop making moves on her, but her eyes told a different story.

They both wanted release.

“Babe,” Adrianne ran her fingers down Lara’s face gently, tucking back a strand of blonde hair, “we’re best friends; we help each other. There are no guys here and I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell can’t wait for some dumbass to get here and fuck me senseless.”

Slowly, Lara nodded, liking the idea more and more. The reality of the situation was that her head was clouded with alcohol and the lust was driving her mad. Whatever they did would stay behind closed doors, no one needed to know what they were going to do.

“W-what,” she stuttered and blushed embarrassingly, “what do we do?”

Dree shrugged, “I don’t know,” she let out a giggle, “what those girls do in pörn.” She scooted closer, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of her mouth and began brushing her lips down her collarbone, “I can…kiss you,” she began running her fingers down her thighs, “touch you,” Adrianne suckled gently on her neck, “Whatever I’ll do to you; you can be guaranteed that it’ll feel good.”

“Okay,” Lara nodded, “what do I do to you?”

She shook her head in response, her voice deepening with desire. “Nothing; just letting me touch you is enough. I promise.”

Lara nodded again, taking a deep breath and closed her eyes as Adrianne leaned forward and kissed her again. Their hearts thudded quickly as their kiss deepened. Adrianne tilted her head, biting Lara’s lips teasingly as her hand lowered to her treasure.

She widened her eyes slightly, as her fingers came into contact with Lara’s bare püssy. Then a devious smirk grew on her lips and she pulled away from her lips, to kiss her jawline. “Mm,” her sultry voice whispered, “someone’s eager; why don’t you have any panties on, honey?”

Lara gasped at the electric sensation that buzzed throughout her once Adrianne parted her püssy lips and breathlessly said, “Lucas…he said…not to wear…oh…them.”

Adrianne’s grin widened as she suckled on her friend’s earlobe, rubbing her slȋt a bit faster. “Oh what a naughty little boy he is…and you too, baby. Walking around the house with no underwear; going all commando.”

She nodded, closing her eyes as Adrianne soaked her index finger with her juices, just teasing. “But you know what turns me on the most?”

“W-what?” Lara gasped.

Slowly, Adrianne slid her finger inside her heat, earning quick moans and whispered, “That you actually listened; you submitted to him. That is so hot, baby. God, the way you described his cȯck earlier got me all wet. Can you imagine how good it would feel, if instead of my fingers inside your tight little püssy, you had Lucas’ fat big cȯck?”

“Shit,” Lara moaned, arching her back away from the end of the bed and widened her legs. “Goddamn, how I want him.”

She stopped pumping her fingers once she felt Lara’s hymen; she didn’t want her fingers to be the cause of her lost virginity. That was strictly for Lucas and Adrianne knew how important that was for Lara.

“I know, baby,” Adrianne whispered quickening her handy work, “I know how much you want him. I can feel it; your püssy’s so wet. I’m actually surprised you haven’t cummed.”

“Mm,” was Lara’s groaned reply. She somehow managed to slip her oversized t-shirt off and arched her back closer to the girl.

“Lara?” She whispered softly, her lips brushing against her earlobe. “Can I taste it? Can I taste your tight little püssy?” Lara widened her eyes unable to respond and Adrianne kept speaking as if she were in a trance, “It’s just so wet and it smells so good; I’ve never tasted one either. So will you let me?”

With every plead, Adrianne hardened her touch on Lara’s clȋt, making sure to get her point across. “Will you let me shove my tongue deep inside you and suck your püssy dry?”

“Yes,” Lara moaned, “oh shit; go ahead, Dree, you can eat me out.”

“Mm,” Adrianne smiled sexually, “just what I wanted to hear.” She bowed, taking Lara’s hard nipples in her mouth and stimulated them each until they were hard enough to burst. She kept rubbing her fingers in Lara’s wet cünt as she lowered her mouth closer to her treasure.

Lara’s body ached with hunger; she needed Adrianne’s mouth against her cünt and she needed them soon. Otherwise she was going to die from all of the lust going through her. It surprised her how shy Adrianne had started and now she was smirking down at her bare püssy lips.

“They’re so soft,” she murmured, “and you have no hair. I love looking at shaved püssies and yours is the best, baby.”

A nervous giggle escaped Lara’s lips as Adrianne propped herself on her elbows and slowly parted her slȋt apart. She breathed in deeply, the air tickling Lara as it escaped her body and she mumbled, “Goddamn, you smell so good; like pineapples and wine.”

Lara looked down, biting her bottom lip as Adrianne gazed at her treasure hungrily and then gasped as she rubbed her nose along, simply savouring her scent.

“That feels so good,” she moaned.

Adrianne smirked, “Yeah,” Lara nodded in response, unable to speak. “Well,” she grinned deviously leaning in closer to her püssy, “imagine how good you’ll feel when I lick you clean.”

“Oh god, Dree; stop talking and actually do it!”

At her desperation, Adrianne giggled and finally caved in. She darted her tongue out and licked her slȋt all the way up to her clȋt. Lara gasped, widening her legs and squeezed her breasts.

Adrianne suckled her püssy hungrily, feeling unbelievably voracious for her best friend’s cünt. She couldn’t believe how one moment they were talking about how good it must’ve felt to feel Lucas’ cȯck , to the next sucking her friend’s mound.

“Shit,” Lara moaned, bucking her hips slowly as Adrianne slowly teased her cünt, sucking on her püssy lips as she avoided her clȋt at all cost. “Damn, fuck, that feels so fucking good, Dree; we should’ve done this a long time ago—oh!”

Adrianne chuckled lowly, enjoying her friend’s reaction as she began to suckle her little clȋt into her mouth. It slowly grew, getting harder with all the stimulation it received and Lara cried out, biting down unto her finger.

She looked up at her friend, smiling as she drank her püssy juices as if they were water and then moaned at the expression on Lara’s face. “Damn, baby,” she breathed, making Lara moan at the cold gush of air on her exposed heat, “you look so hot doing that.”

Lara gave a small giggle, quickly moaning once Adrianne continued her assault on her lower lips and ran her fingers through her hair, arching her back in pleasure. “Damn, Dree I wish you had a cȯck so you could fuck me right now.”

“Mm,” Adrianne grinned, grazing her teeth on her folds, “I’d fuck you so hard.”

“A cȯck like Lucas’; so big and meaty. Ugh, I want him to fuck me so hard, I want him to take all of me,” she gasped as if in a trance.

Adrianne slipped her finger in Lara’s cünt, grinning up at her and whispered, “You’re so naughty; Lucas will have to punish you tomorrow. Look at me, baby.” Lara tried looking down, but the pleasure was overbearing, making it hard to abide to her request.

“Tell me what I’m doing,” Adrianne whispered huskily.

Lara gasped; groaning once Adrianne slid her tongue as far as her püssy would let her. “Y-you’re fucking…my p-püssy with your…tongue.”

“Yeah,” Adrianne nodded, bobbing her head up and down as she slid her flat tongue on her entire mound, “and what am I?” Lara frowned. “Like what’s my gender?”

She didn’t understand what she was trying to get at, but she still tried to answer her. “Y-you’re a girl…”

Again, Adrianne nodded, practically making out with her püssy and then whispered, “A girl’s eating your püssy, baby. How do you feel? Do you like it? Do you like me sucking on your tightly little püssy?”

“Mm,” Lara nodded, the familiar clenching in her stomach made her gasp and blurt out words that held no meaning to her emotionally, “I love that you’re sucking my tight little püssy; it feels so good.”

“You’re so bad,” she giggled, pressing a soft kiss to her slȋt and then suckled on it hungrily once Lara’s climax began to break through. It felt like electricity was rushing all throughout her body; she couldn’t stop it. It was glorious.

She came loud and hard, panting for air as sweat dripped down her face and moaned, shoving Adrianne’s face into her cünt to prolong the amazing feeling.

Both of them so into their sexual desires, that they didn’t notice their one-man audience; Lucas.

He had been standing there long enough to hear his step-sister cry out how she liked what her friend was doing and the anger coursing through his body was wild. He was jealous as all hell; that treasure was his.

Lucas clenched his jaw, along with his fists at the sight before him. Most males would’ve been thrilled about having two gorgeous girls touching each other; but he wasn’t most males. Lara was his—and he was not fond of anyone touching what was his.


All the gifs that I have used so far are not mine. Look at the watermark and if you like it, y'all should follow the owners. This is the last chapter I’m posting today. Hope y'all enjoyed so far.

Submission #2

You boys asked and here’s another story for u. A long one, but it’s worth it for sure. Well done again cuck @jomothehomo


When I first told my husband that I was into cuckolding, I don’t think he understood it. I had watched him nail the fuck out of the stripper at the Rooster, but he was hesitant to fuck someone else behind my back. He is a devoted husband, after all, and he wanted to make sure that I was also sexually satisfied. I started telling my former fuck buddies and boyfriends about what I wanted to do, and they encouraged me to go for it anyway. An ex told me that any top would be turned on by the idea of his partner encouraging cheating, so he told me to pursue it.

When Christmas rolled around, we drove back up home to Pittsburgh to spend it with our respective families. My husband dropped me off in the city, but he drove down to West Virginia to spend the night with his father and stepmother. I was staying at a friend’s house, but she was out of town. I had the entire house to myself.

I was settling into bed that first night, when I started a casual conversation on Facebook Messenger with a friend named Cameron. My husband and I actually met doing theater, and Cameron was a teenage kid in the ensemble in some of the shows.  He was always a sweet kid, but now he was a confident, fit, 19 year old twink. We flirted a little bit, but then we started talking full on about sex. His boyfriend was also out of town for the holidays and Cameron was staying at his parent’s house. We started talking about how Cameron should bring his boyfriend, Lucas, for a visit in Miami…and then we talked about what would happen if we heard each other having sex…and then it evolved into us both into the idea of swapping boyfriends. I would bottom for Lucas and Cameron would bottom for my husband.

(Cameron’s ass)

We were getting each other pretty hot. We had swapped some pictures of our cocks and even sent each other Snapchats of us jerking in bed. I never thought of Cameron in any sort of sexual light before. Then I had an idea. I asked Cameron if he was actually interested in my husband. He said yes. I then probed further and asked if the opportunity arose, would he want to bottom for him. After a few minutes, he replied, “I’ve wanted your husband to fuck me for a long time.”

It was late—around 1:30 in the morning, but my husband was also online. I encouraged Cameron to talk to him the same way he and I did. Get each other horny but then find out if he’d be down for some extracurricular play. After a few minutes, Cameron confirmed that they were chatting, and they were immediately flirting. Cameron told me that he was going to set something up with my husband, and once he had all the details he would tell me what was going to go down. He didn’t talk to me for 2 solid hours, and I frantically kept looking to see if they were both online. At almost 4 am, Cameron sent me a massive amount of screenshots—it was their conversation from beginning to end. They did everything. After a few mindless moments of flirting, they sent each other pictures, videos, and they even admitted to fantasizing about each other. Cameron added that they chatted on the phone for a few minutes. I thought waiting for a response was torture. I had the hardest time not cumming before I read the entire conversation. The hottest part, however, was the very end. Cameron told my husband that tomorrow Lucas was going to be out of town and he wanted him to come over. My husband confirmed a time and they said goodnight to each other. That’s when I blew my massive load. I am a big shooter anyway, but I had never shot that hard in my entire life.

When I woke up the next morning, Cameron told me that he wanted me to come over in the early evening. I had told him about my desire to be cuckolded and he wanted to make my fantasy a reality. My husband was coming over at 7, so he told me to get there at 6:30. Cameron shared a cute little apartment with Lucas, and I was instructed to hide in the living room closet. He would keep it cracked the tiniest bit, but I could also look through the slats to get a good view. He went into the bedroom to change, and he came out in just a tshirt and basketball shorts.

Cameron is about 5’11 with sandy blonde hair and blue eyes. Despite having toned arms and legs, he still has a round baby face. When I say Cameron has the nicest ass I’ve ever seen, I am not exaggerating. It’s the type of ass that I have no idea how one gets it that perfect. My ass is definitely nothing to scoff at, and I do squats every day to retain a bubble ass. Cameron’s ass is something else entirely. It has the tiniest amount of blonde fuzz on it, but his hole is furry as fuck. When I grabbed his cheeks, it was firm but had enough give to make anyone want to play with it further. It is seriously perfect.

(more of his ass)

I took my place when the 7:00 rolled around. I took everything off in the closet to avoid making any noise when I was watching. From my view, I could see the back of the couch and the entire living room from the entrance hallway.

From the moment they walked in the door, they were on each other. They each downed a glass of wine quickly, but they were constantly touching each other. The drinks were a formality. They tenderly started kissing each other near the back of the couch. Cameron was obviously trying to get me the best view possible. My husband pawed at Cameron’s ass and they took off each other’s shirts. They stood there making out, bare chested, for 10 solid minutes. Just kissing slowly and sensually. I noticed they were grinding their cocks together through their pants. Cameron’s was more noticeable through his mesh shorts, but since my husband is so hung, you could see his through his jeans.

“You’re bigger than I remember,” Cameron said as he rubbed my husband’s chest and arms.

“I’m a big guy,” my husband said playfully before kissing Cameron harder. At 6’4, my husband towers over almost everyone.

Cameron reached down and started unbuckling my husband’s belt, and my husband replied by reaching into Cameron’s shorts. They both started moaning and kissing harder. My cock was dripping so much precum by this point that I had to stop touching myself and hold my hands behind my back. Within seconds, Cameron and my husband were both naked before me. Cameron broke the kiss to look down at my husband’s cock.

“Holy fuck, that’s big,” he moaned out.

“Bigger than Lucas?” my husband asked with a smile.

“Ohhh yes. Waaaay bigger,” Cameron replied. He immediately got on his knees and my husband into his mouth. He shot me a smile as he licked up and down the shaft. He was much more adept at handling his cock than the stripper was. Cameron was hungrily deepthroating my husband in record time as my husband rubbed both of his hands in Cameron’s hair. When I looked at his face, it was a mixture of pleasure and surprise. I don’t think he expected for Cameron to suck cock that well either.

After a few minutes, my husband pulled Cameron up by his armpits back to a standing position and they kissed hard. He wrapped his arms around Cameron’s waist and grabbed his perfect bubble butt. My husband had a hand on each cheek, and Cameron’s ass was more than a handful. My husband moaned as he rubbed Cameron’s ass around, and you could tell he wanted to claim that ass as his own.

Cameron led him over to the couch and forced my husband to sit down. All I could see was the back of my husband’s head as Cameron disappeared on his knees again. Cameron’s head started bobbing up and down into view and he went down on him, and my husband interlaced his fingers behind his head and truly relaxed. Cameron then stood up and started lowering his ass onto my husband’s cock. I couldn’t see anything since the back of the couch was in my way, but the horniness on Cameron’s face was evident. This was no longer about me fulfilling a fantasy for me—he wanted my husband inside him. They struggled for a few minutes, because of his size.

“Fuck that’s the biggest I’ve ever had,” Cameron whimpered out as he gained a rhythm.

“That’s only a couple inches.” I heard my husband say.

Determined to take it, Cameron lowered himself more and really started to moan. My husband reached down to have his hands on his hips to pull him back onto it more. Cameron then, without pulling out, swiveled around to face my husband. “There ya go” he said as Cameron took it deeper. The pleasure on Cameron’s face was insane—his mouth was hanging out, his eyes were shut, and he kept throwing his head back as he jerked his cock. I could see his twink-y biceps flexing as he stroked.

They were sweating. I could see it sliding down between Cameron’s pecs and my husband’s back was slick. Cameron hopped off for a few minutes and told my husband to get behind him and fuck him doggie over the back of the couch. He looked me dead in the eyes as my husband slid back inside him.

“Mmmm it feels bigger,” he whimpered out. He never broke eye contact with me.

“I’m going to fuck you like you always wanted,” my husband grimaced. I love his cocky alpha top smile. “Fuck your ass is perfect” he added.

“Better than Joey’s?” Cameron asked.

“Better than Joey’s. By a fucking mile,” my husband said, throwing his head back. The tuft of chest hair between his big pecs was soaked.

“You’re deeper than Lucas could ever be. I’ve never had a man that deep…mmmm…fuccckkk meeee…” he whimpered.

The sounds of my husband’s hips smacking Cameron’s ass was so loud that I didn’t have to worry about making any sound. My hands was soaking wet with precum. I had to cover my mouth with my free hand to keep my heavy breathing down.

They both had incredible stamina—it was like they didn’t want it to end so they kept slowing down, speeding up, slowing down, speeding up. My husband flipped him onto his back onto the couch and all I could see was my husband’s beefy chest flexing as he spread Cameron’s ankles wider and wider. I was edging in that closet for a solid 45 minutes.

After they slowed down, Cameron unexpectedly got up, grabbed my breathless husband’s hand and led them out of sight. What the fuck was going on? I stood there, cock in hand, for a few minutes in complete silence. Then I heard moaning again. They moved to another room. Cameron and Lucas shared a bedroom off the main hallway, so I assumed that’s where they were. What the fuck was I supposed to do?

“Fuck me harder, baby. Gimme that huge cock!” came from the hall.

Fuck it. I sneaked out of the closet, completely naked and sneaked down the hall. I had to go slow in order to make sure the floorboards didn’t creak. I could hear the smacksmacksmack growing louder and faster, but I needed to stay completely silent so I wouldn’t get caught.

Cameron only had a sheet acting as a bedroom door. If it wasn’t there, you could see straight into the bedroom. It wasn’t fully pulled back. All the motion in the bedroom was making the curtain waft soooo very slowly….back…and forth…baaaack…and forth. One minute, I could see my husband’s ass flexing as he drilled Cameron’s hole, but then the next, I could only hear their incredible sex. I stood there with my dick in my hand as I was only afforded the quickest glimpses into their fucking.

They were getting close. It was passionate, hard, sweaty, long-awaited fucking. Cameron was beating off hard with one hand as he grabbed my husband’s ass with the other. I could see them occasionally kissing, but they were grunting deep. Animalistic fucking, by this point.

My husband grabbed Cameron’s ankles and spread him wide again.

“Where do you want this cum, baby?”

“In me!”

“Ohhh…you want me to fill up that hot hole, baby?”

“Yes…I’ve wanted your cum since I was 16…gimme that cum…”

As soon as those words came out of Cameron’s mouth, my husband thrust into him so hard that Cameron’s eyes almost bugged out. His ass kept convulsing as he shot spurt after spurt of cum into him, pulling him into a sweet embrace as Cameron shot a big load on his own chest. He moaned very softly and gently.

I had to tiptoe back into the closet as they laid there. I thought they would cuddle, but my husband came out after a few minutes. His chest had some of Cameron’s load smeared across it. They must have been making out for a while. He got dressed and they made small talk. As he was ready to go, they kissed a little bit more and he left.

Cameron opened the closet door and said, “That was the best fucking I’ve ever had.”

At the same time, he realized I didn’t cum yet. We started making out as I jerked off. We sat on the couch and he talked dirty to me.

“After he came, he told me that he was going to fuck me again…his cock is so big…I can still feel him…his cum is so deep in me…”

When he said that, he grabbed my free hand and put it between his legs. He guided my fingers to his wet hole and I could feel some of my husband’s load on the hairs on his ass. I started to finger him and I could feel how hot his hole was. It radiated heat and it was so wet.

I stood up, got between his legs and guided my dick inside him. He wasn’t expecting it, and instinctively grabbed his cock. I slide into very slowly.  I wanted to feel just how open and warm his hole was from my husband’s cock. Amazingly, it was still kind of tight, but the wetness got me so hot. As soon as I got balls deep I started getting close. Feeling my husband’s handiwork, I started exploding rope after rope of cum inside him. I couldn’t stop. I grabbed Cameron’s ankles and started thrusting into him deep. His cock was hard again. “Harder, baby” he said as I finished cumming inside him. I collapsed on him and we made out slowly. We laid on the couch cuddling for a few minutes, and I helped him cum a second time. We talked dirty and how we wanted to do this again.

I got dressed, thanked him, and left. When I left Cameron’s apartment building, I had a text from my husband that said, “When you said you’d let me fuck other guys…how serious were you about that…?”


Damn! How did u boys liked it? It got me hard here for sure.

Who’s next? Or what should my little cuck @jomothehomo write about this time?

Don’t be shy cucks, your boys aren’t.

Jealousy sucks.

His reaction when he’s jealous. 


Originally posted by sexycliffconda

(Y/F/N = Your friend’s name)

“Y/N?!” you heard a familiar voice yell as you walked hand in hand with your boyfriend in the park. You stopped all movement, leaving Ashton confused, and slowly turned to where the voice came from. 
“OMG Y/F/N!?” You squealed immediately letting go of your boyfriend’s hand to hug your old time friend. “I haven’t seen you in so long! How have you been!?” 
Ashton watched you and your friend chat away as he stood there feeling completely ignored. Looking down at his shoes, he sighed hoping to get your attention. 
“Oh! This is Ashton! He’s-”
“Her boyfriend.” He interrupted with a bit of attitude. “And sorry, but we have to go.” 
You eyed your boyfriend after saying a quick goodbye to your friend before speaking. 
“Ash, what the hell was that? You were a bit rude.”
“You ignored me, Y/N. All you cared about was your friend and I didn’t like that.” 
“Awww, is my little baby jealous?” you teased, finally taking the hint. 
“I’m not pushing you on the swing anymore.” He said making you pout. 


Originally posted by michaelsrighteyebrow

From a distance, Calum watched as you talked to your best friend and swayed your body to the music. You weren’t doing anything wrong, no. You’re not the reason why Calum was breathing heavily, jaw clenched, with his arms across his chest. It was your ex who eyed you like a piece of meat, more than likely saying vulgar things to his friends as he laughed. You were oblivious to this as you glanced at your brunette boyfriend and sent him smiles with a wave. 
Ashton leaned over to Calum and mouthed if he was alright to which he was met with silence. 
Calum couldn’t take it anymore as he made his way towards you and tightly wrapped his arm around your waist, bringing you close, and out of your ex’s view without a word. 
Turning to him, you noticed something was wrong. You wrapped your arms around his neck and asked him if something was bothering him. He simply nodded and pecked your lips, hoping your ex saw every second of it. 
Once you got home, he explained the situation and admitted he let jealously get the best of him. 
“Calum,” you giggled, “I want you to know that my ex doesn’t matter. It’s not even worth getting angry about, okay? I didn’t even notice he was there.” 
“How could you not? He was practically eating you with his eyes.” 
You laughed at your boyfriends remark and cuddled up to him, whispering reassuring words of love. 


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“I’m not arguing over this anymore, Michael, okay?” You said with a sigh.
“Why? Is it cuz I’m right?!” He yelled, not giving up. 
“Oh my God, would you give it a rest!? I didn’t notice them staring at me until you pointed it out!” You snarled as you threw your car keys on the coffee table. 
“That’s bull! Just admit it, Y/N! I know you liked the attention!” 
“Can you shut the hell up and listen to what you’re saying!? I payed no mind to those idiots because I was actually enjoying my time with my boyfriend instead of focusing on irrelevant people drooling over him!! Stop being so jealous!!”
He stared at you blankly, trying to think of something to fight back with. 
“I’m not jealous!” He suddenly bursted. 
You rolled your eyes and made your way to your room. You hated arguing with Michael but his jealousy always got to him. You had enough as you changed into your pajamas and made your way to bed. 
A while later, you felt the bed shift and a voice startle you awake. 
“Y/N…” Michael whispered. 
You hummed in response. 
“I’m sorry, baby.” He sighed. “I know I get so jealous all the time, but I’ll try to control myself… I hate arguing with you.” 
You turned to him with open arms as he immediately took the hint and cuddled with you.


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The drive back to your place was quiet as Luke kept his eyes on the road. You thought your dinner date went perfectly but Luke apparently thought otherwise. 
“Babe?” You tried though you were met with silence. “What’s wrong?” 
“You’re really asking me that?”
“Yes I am because I thought we had such a great time there. I don’t get why you’re acting like this.” 
“Oh wow! Really!? A great time in a restaurant where waiters flirt with other guy’s girlfriends!? If that’s a great time to you, Y/N, then I really think you should reconsider your ideas of what a great time is.” He spat with a cold laugh. 
You were  confused not remembering the waiter ever trying anything with you.
“Wait, what? I don’t understand.” You said, shaking your head. 
 “Don’t pretend you didn’t notice. The guy was practically drooling.” 
“Luke, I swear I didn’t!” 
“He slipped his number under your plate! I saw it when you went to the restroom!” 
“I didn’t know that! I was hungry! I only paid attention to what was on my plate!” 
“Are you serious!?” He yelled, finally looking over at you. His blue eyes a darker shade as he stared at you in disbelief. 
“Yes! I only paid attention to you!” You yelled, hoping to get it through your blonde boyfriend’s thick skull. “And the food, of course!” You added finally making him crack a smile. 
“I can’t believe you…” He said chuckling a bit. “I’m sorry, baby. I just couldn’t help it.. You’re mine… I hate it when they try taking you away from me.” 
“Believe me, I’m not going anywhere, Lucas. Even with your constant jealousy tantrums…” 


The Indestructible Jack Lucas,

In 1942 Jacklyn H. Lucas enlisted in the Marine Corps, not an unusual thing to do during World War II, but certainly unusual at the age of 14.  A boy who looked much older than his years, Lucas claimed he was 17, forged his mother’s signature, and was inducted into the Corps no questions asked.  Jack Lucas underwent Marine Corps training at Parris Island and qualified as a sharpshooter and heavy machine gunner.  However after training, Lucas was sent from one menial assignment to the next, first in the lower 48, then at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.

By 1945 Lucas was becoming bored with peaceful service, and on January 10th he went AWOL and stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima.  Despite going AWOL, Lucas was given a combat assignment and attached to the 5th Marine Division.

Upon hitting the beaches Lucas and his fellow Marines were sprayed with murderous Japanese gunfire.  Perhaps the only Marine to invade Iwo Jima unarmed, Lucas immediately picked up a rifle and returned fire. During the battle, it was his squad’s duty to clear out a machine gun nest near a deep ravine.  It was then that a grenade landed in the middle of his squad.  Without thinking, Lucas leaped upon the grenade, determined to use his body as shield to protect his comrades.  Then another grenade landed nearby.  Lucas grabbed that grenade as well, and stuffed it under his torso.  When the two grenades exploded his body was thrown into the air.  Amazingly, Lucas was still alive, though seriously wounded.  Covered from head to toe with shrapnel wounds, Lucas was evacuated to a hospital ship.  Over the next seven months of recovery, Lucas would undergo 21 surgeries to remove 250 pieces of shrapnel from his body.  He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions (the youngest Marine to receive the award), as well as the Bronze Star and Purple Heart.

After the war, Jack Lucas returned home, resumed his education as a ninth grader, graduated high school, and graduated college with a business degree.  He married three times.  His marriage with his second wife didn’t go so well, as she hired a hitman to kill him.  Fortunately he was able to fend off the attack.

In 1961, he rejoined the military, this time joining the US Army and becoming a paratrooper so that he could “conquer his fear of heights”.  During a training jump, his two parachutes failed to open, and he fell 3,500 feet before slamming into the ground.  Miraculously, despite screaming to the earth at terminal velocity, Lucas walked away from the accident unscathed.  From 1961 to 1965, Lucas served as a paratrooper with the 82nd Airborne.  When he finally retired he had risen to the rank of captain.

Jack Lucas died of Leukemia in 2008 at the age of 80.  His Medal of Honor and citation is currently sealed within the hull of the USS Iwo Jima.

“What are those?” Eleven asked, looking at the bundle of dark red flowers in Jonathan’s hands. 

“These?” he held them out to let her look closer, “They’re roses. A special kind of flower for Valentine’s Day.” 

“Why are they special?” Eleven tentatively brushed a fingertip against the soft petals of one of the roses. 

“Because you get them for a girl you really like, the way I really like Nancy.”

“Love.” It was a statement, not a question. Eleven may not have been the best at speaking, but she was certainly good at feeling. Jonathan’s cheeks turned almost as red as the roses in his hand. 

“Yeah,” he ran his fingers through his messy hair, “I guess so.” 

“Pretty,” Eleven smiled. Jonathan reached into the bouquet and plucked one out, handing it to her. 

“Careful,” he said, “Sometimes the stems have thorns.” 

“But they’re not for me,” Eleven hesitated, her hand hovering over the stem.

“This one can be,” Jonathan assured her, “Like you said, they’re for girls you love. And I love you like you’re my little sister.”

An excerpt from a Valentine’s Day fic I wrote a while back. 

Star Wars Fic Recs!

and by that I mean mostly focusing on/around Obi-Wan because my bias is showing and I cant be bothered to curb that impulse

(also gonna add in @swpromptsandasks​ who is an absolutely fantastic (not to mention prolific) writer who’d probably have something for everyone)

The Codywan fics

- Hope by lilyconrad - T - 6.7k

The Clone Wars are the backdrop to a quiet and fragile love between a general and a clone commander.

- There Goes The Atmosphere by missmollyetc - E - 45.2k (ongoing) (also a personal fav)

The most dangerous space in the galaxy is the distance between a clone and his general.

- Intertwine by @norcumi - E - 10.4k (also Padmé/Rex)

Padmé survives Mustafar. She and Obi-Wan strike out on their own with the twins, accumulating a far bigger family of clones, Jedi, and assorted troublemakers. Even in the shadow of the Empire, they manage to forge something new.

- Whiplash by dogmatix - T - 13.9k (ongoing) 

The world doesn’t stop just because you’ve won the war, and that goes double when the war might not actually be over.

The Rexobi fics

- Sketch by @peskylilcritter - G - 1k

Obi-Wan undercover as a clone.

- Couple Politics by @punsbulletsandpointythings - G - 2.1k

Rex can handle many things. Most things.

He’s pretty sure he can’t handle this.

- Kind, Sober, and Fully Dressed by @dharmaavocado - T - 23.7k

“You’re punishing me, aren’t you?” Anakin said. “I angered you somehow and this whole thing with Obi-Wan is my punishment.”

“Not everything is about you,” said Rex, hauling the guy up. “And, come on, have you seen him in those cardigans?”

“He looks like someone’s sad grandpa,” Anakin said.

In which Obi-Wan returns from four years undercover, Rex called dibs, the entire squad is not helpful, and Anakin hates his life.

(First in the Title of Our Sex Tape series aka that one B99 AU that I never knew I needed until it was in my face)

- Endure the Burning by @norcumi - M - 4.9k 

Captain Rex and General Kenobi both knew any interest they might have for the other was an impossibility. Then they discover that they are not just an impossibility, but something akin to a fairy tale.

- Two Weeks by scarletjedi - T - 14.7k (ongoing)

After yet another confrontation with General Grievous, Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, along with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, Captain Rex, and others from Skywaler’s 501st, find themselves crashed on a far-flung planet. With help two weeks away, our heroes must survive on this strange, abandoned land.

- Dancing in the Stars by @charity-angel - G - 9.1k

In which there is a really contrived excuse for Anakin to make an ass of himself, and Rex to be a good ori'vod (and maybe impress a certain other Jedi at the same time).

- In which Rex Doesn’t need his sight to get laid by @the-last-hair-bender (aka emocezi) - E - 2.5k

It had been an accident, or so Echo kept saying. They’d been bored, caught up in another endless round of ‘hurry up and wait’ and they’d been tossing around a flashbang in lieu of playing catch with something more dangerous. Like a grenade.

Of course someone had accidentally pulled the pin out and they’d all hurriedly stuffed their buckets on to protect their eyes. And then, because nothing is ever simple or easy. Captain Rex had walked in the room, sans helmet.

The 501st had, in Rex’s salty opinion, screamed like newborn Krayt Dragons and he’d had approximately three seconds to assess the situation before the world had turned impossibly white and he’d gone blind.

- The Best Cure by inkpenpaper - T - 5.6k 

It was the kind of milksop mission that would have normally been well below the paygrade of either the 501st and the 212th, so it was obvious Command meant it as sort-of leave.

Such a shame Obi-Wan touched something he shouldn’t have.

(Part of the this is not the fic you’re looking for series)

- War Against The Odds by @norcumi - M - 9.7k

Obi-Wan and Rex: from General and Captain in the GAR, to lovers, to survivors and Rebels.

Cody/Obi-Wan/Rex fics

- Waiting (Too Long) by @the-dragongirl - T - 6.4k

Rex waits by the bedside of one of his lovers, waiting (hoping) for him to wake up. Damn the Sith, anyway.

Or - Rex finds proof of the control chips and Palpatine’s treason before Order 66 can be fully carried out, and brings it to Anakin in time. Barely. Unfortunately, he does NOT get there in time to prevent the Order from being sent out to Utapau.

ObiAniDala fics

- Sigh No More by @edenwolfie - E - 131k (ongoing)

Anakin makes slightly better choices, Obi-Wan is a Mess™ and Padmé deserves none of this. AU from Mustafar onward with liberal manipulation of canon to culminate in some angsty, fluffy, domestic fix-it because we all deserve better.

I’m going to fix everything Lucas broke if it kills me.

who cares about your lonely heart by Elenothar - T - 28k

After the Battle for Coruscant, Obi-Wan has wings, a Sith Lord to handle, and a former Padawan who’s still not following a code of conduct for the Jedi. Facing the Sith Lord might be the easy part.

ObiKin fics

- Starbird by @imaginaryanon - T - 8.8k

As far as Anakin’s concerned, Obi-Wan is the picture of a perfect Jedi. or, Anakin thinks he knows everything about Obi-Wan but doesn’t. Anakin thinks a lot of things, actually, and he’s wrong about most of them. Anakin’s whole world view is turned upside down. Obi-Wan is having the time of his life.

- wicked thing by @imaginaryanon - M - 97k (ongoing)

There are rumours of yet another Sith Lord hiding among the Separatists. The Council sends Anakin to investigate. Anakin has a bad feeling about this. or, the story of how Anakin exists in a perpetual state of intense embarrassment, Kenobi is enjoying it a little too much, and everything is, generally speaking, a gigantic mess.

Bail/Obi-wan/Breha fics

- And Yet, I Love You Still by @punsbulletsandpointythings - T - 7k

At 25, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Breha Organa, and fell in love. At 34, Obi-Wan Kenobi met Bail Organa, and fell in love again.

- untinam by @spookykingdomstarlight - G - 2k

“I shouldn’t,” Obi-Wan said, body going rigid at her side. That wasn’t her intention, but she didn’t take the question back. She didn’t contradict him either. “The senator has only just returned. You two should—”

“He missed you, Obi-Wan,” she said, matching him for vehemence. In this, she would fight him. I’ve missed you, she thought, even though you’ve been here all along. “He would be disappointed if you didn’t put in an appearance.”

- As The Thunder Rolls by @the-dragongirl - G - 4k

Breha Organa must face the new reality of the Galactic Empire, both as the Queen of Alderaan, and as a woman. Fortunately, she does not have to face it alone.

Gen fics????

Ghosts of 66 series by dogmatix & @norcumi (because this is Star Wars and whats that without some Pain and Suffering)

Order 66 had thousands of loyal soldiers turning on their commanding officers and shooting them down. A collection of stories about some of these clones and their Jedi, and how death can often be a matter of perspective.

- Legacy by @deadcatwithaflamethrower - M - 18k

“Maul was my pride, my greatest accomplishment aside from the political games that have wrought me control over the Republic. Why should I take a second apprentice, Obi-Wan Kenobi? Why would you be worth my time?”

“Because I fucking hate you.”

- How Jedi Mourn series by @punsbulletsandpointythings (again, the suffering and pain)

They don’t. Until they can’t help it.

Rogue One fics (because i haven’t actually organised my shit so. i don’t got much for this yet???)

They Have Taken Photographs of Our Footprints in the Dust by @dharmaavocado - T - 4k

"Did you know I’m worth a quarter herd of bantha?”

At Jyn’s sharp inhale, Baze said, without opening his eyes, “My husband is an unrepentant liar. He is barely worth one sick bantha, much less a healthy quarter herd.”

In which Chirrut and Baze have spent more than half their lives together, and Chirrut likes to spin stories of how they were married.

climb, climb by @peradii - N/A - 1k

K-2SO: the droid with existential anxiety and a smart mouth.

Star Wars The Force Awakens fics

the beloved body, compass, polestar by @santiagoinbflat - T - 6k

Poe knows his place in the Resistance, in the galaxy at large–or, at least he thought he did.

But that was before Jakku. That was before Finn.

- tell me about the big bang by @jhholtzmann - M - 37k

There is a part of him that says: you are not human.

- falling, falling by @piyo-13 - T - 9k

Poe makes it out of the First Order’s clutches in one piece, which in and of itself is nothing short of a miracle. Or, well, he says ‘one piece’, but it’s hard to place physical value on mental capacities and anyways, he’s got other things to worry about than dealing with the aftermath of psychic Force-torture.

Such as that cute ex-Stormtrooper who saved Poe’s life, his droid, and most of his jacket.

Unfortunately (fortunately? He’s not really sure) for Poe, Finn knows what Kylo Ren is capable of, and he’s determined to help.


leyton appreciation week 2017 ♥ day five: favorite otp3 (leyton + other character)
So, how everything going with you and Lucas? I mean, you happy? I’m happy. That’s my girl. You know love sometimes don’t really make sense. […] But you two make sense.

Jessica and Mary were twins. Jessica’s actions put Mary in Radley. Jessica had an affair with Peter Hastings. Melissa was born and Jason was born AND GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW, but Charles was born too. I guess Pastor Ted were having sex with his mental high school girlfriend or something. Mary (WHILE BEING RADLEY PATIENT STILL!), pretend she was her sister and she seduced Peter and she had twins. She sold one of her daughters AND THEN SHE GET OUT OF RADLEY… Around this time Jessica and Kenneth send Charles to Radley, so at least we know that Mary and Cece wasn’t in Radley at the same time. At least. But I’m still curious why Jessica took Charles in a first place. But who cares about Charles.. It was only big deal in like two or three seasons, season 7 have nothing to do with previous seasons, let’s make that clear.

Ok, so Charles become Charlotte or Cece or whatever and transforming from boy to a girl haven’t really changed her twisted mind and she was jealous of Alison or Spencer or.. who cares? But it’s fine, she take the game from mona even when mona never had any real motive to start the game with, but let’s forget about this. Wait, no. I won’t forget.

Mona always wanted to be friends with Alison and she was obsessed with her. She even made herself a creepy room in Lost woods resort, and then she helped Alison to run away. And then she was popular and best friends with hannah, and then after a year Aria came back and she started blackmailing them and only explanation we’ve got was that SPENCER, EMILY AND ARIA TOOK HANNA AWAY FROM HER.. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?!

And then Cece took the game, and we should just ignore all time gaps and wholes, and all unanswered questions we’d ever have about Cece and how she used to kiss her own cousin.

But then she was blamed for Wildens death and she used Alison passport to get away from the country. And as we know now, she did it because Wren called her and told her that she has a sister. And then she met Archer Dunhil on the plane and they fall madly in love. Sure.

And ok, I’m willing to believe it. All of it. Alex as Spencers secret, evil twin, and Cece as transgender older sister. And I can believe that Cece and Alex felt like that because they were having some rough time and were jelaous. I’m willing to believe that all the clues were there only to hide the biggest secret what was left till the very end.

I’m going to forget about Maya, Ian, Garrett and Wilden.

I’m not going to ask why they never explained what was Jenna doing, I’m not going to ask about Lucas, Paige, Melissa and Jason anymore. NAT club? Forget about this! It was never important. I won’t ask why Archer was flirting with Alison and having an affair with her even when he was in love with Charlotte. Alison wanted to get Cece out, so he never had to persuade her to help her. I don’t care why you can’t turn your back on a Hastings, or what happened to Tippi the bird. I won’t even bother to ask for how long Mary was with Alex, was she with her while she was living in London? Or was it actually Alex dressed up as a guy in a dollhouse? That’s why spencer felt like she knew this person?

But tell me just one thing. Only one thing I need to know now..




I’d like to think that this show was special for me, and all journey was just great.

But let me say this, that since season 4 it was just different. It was tiring, because all we could get out of it is more questions.

And this whole Addison story was like a slap for me.

There were s omany ways to end this show. With Ezra, Melissa, Lucas and Cece together, even with Jason. But it’s not only the finale I’m pissed at. I’m pissed on whole last 3 seasons. It was like in season 4 all the writers decided they don’t give a fuck anymore. They were like:

Oh shit, look what all the fans are doing on Tumblr, all these theories and how they pick up the smallest things (WHICH WERE TOLD US TO BE IMPORTANT! JUST HAVE A LOOK ON ALL MARLENE PLL TWEETS AND CLUES………….) and making bad ass theories.

You know what, I’m just …



Thank you all theorists here and fans who made this pll journey so great. You guys are the only reason that this show was special. Ok, you and Troian.

Thank you,

S .

it was just a matter of time- riarkle headcanon

-Riley and farkle move away for college because they got into colleges hella close to eachother (because of course they did)

 -Maya and lucas move in together too cuz lucas is going to vet school 30 min away from where maya goes to art school

-So they rent an apartment

-So what do you do when you buy an apartment together? you furnish an apartment together

-Farkles parents basically ruffle his hair and toss a credit card at him when he tells them so riley decides that just this once she can take advantage of the situation

-Riley is very into interior design

-Farkle is very into riley

-So he just kinda agrees with her on everything and she designs a BANGING apartment

-At one point she goes into a pottery barn and goes “ill take that” to the salesclerk

-“What, the chair?”

-“No. the room.”

-It ends up looking fantastic because of course it does

-So college starts, riley is an overachiever of course and takes way too many classes and is constantly sleep deprived

-Which means Riley falls asleep on Farkle a lot and one time when she falls asleep on the couch surrounded by textbooks Farkle picks her up and puts her in bed

-She calls him superman for a week after she realizes what he did

-Farkle and riley facetime Lucaya at one point and lucaya’s like “lol they’re so in love”

-Oh! yeah

- so farkle is always getting into situations that require riley to save him

-“Riley please help I lied to the cool frat guys and told them i was dating someone will you pretend to be my girlfriend for a night thank you I love you”

-He gets into these situations on purpose tho obviously

-One time Riley breaks her left arm slipping on ice and Farkle takes care of her a lot (smoothies and carrying stuff for her because she is a c r y b a b y )

-And another time Farkle has an emotional breakdown over not being the best and Riley comforts him and they fall asleep in each-others arms

-Fast forward a few months and Ok Lucas and Maya  are getting MARRIED What the FUCK theyre so young??? Whatever lets support it wait it’s a destination wedding what the FUCK just be my date (There’s one bed in the hotel room motherfuckers you know what that means…. Hardcore cuddles get ur mind out of the gutter smh) (They slow dance at the reception and then they’re super buzzed and KISS and stare at each other for a long time and then the song ends and they never talk about the kiss)

-Oh and one time Riley gets stalked by this really creepy guy and Farkle to the rescue (he puts on like 6 jackets and follows the guy down the street at night and pushes him up against a wall and says in a really deep voice ‘stay away from riley.” and the guy goes running and never bothers riley again)

-So after freshman year Cory asks if they’re going to be living together forever and Riley just shrugs and says “i don’t see why not”

-Fast forward and they go to a halloween party sophomore year and Theres an apple bobbing station and Farkles like “remember when I saved your life twice” And riley kisses his cheek and goes ‘my hero’ and their friends see this

-and said friends make them make out in truth or dare

-Riley wants to talk about it the next day but farkle just says ‘just forget it Riley, Its nothing” because he thinks that Riley was gonna reject him and rileys like ‘oh wow ok’ and the next few weeks are super awkward.

-But riley wasnt gonna reject him

-She was gonna ask him to go out with her


-So like shes sulking around the house all the time feeling all dejected

-And so is farkle

-But riley is PISSED at farkle

-But also highkey pining for him

-And farkle is highkey pining for her

-So much angst jfc

-Then he’s gonna leave for a month over thanksgiving break to visit his family and Riley is just standing in the doorway and he sees her looking just so empty and he just says ‘fuck it” and kisses her

-Shes all happy for like 8 seconds and then she just. Punches him. In the face.

-And hes like “RILEY WHAT THE HELL”





-The general consensus is “??????????????????????????????????”

-And so farkle calls his dad and just says “SOMETHING CAME UP”, walks to the kitchen clutching his nose to get an ice pack and just turns around and yells “ARE YOU COMING OR NOT”

-She follows him because she is Very Confused™ and feels bad about punching him

-So hes just sitting at the table with a pack of frozen peas pressed to his face and if riley werent so upset shed laugh becuase he looks like a mop of hair and two eyes on top of a bag of frozen vegetables

-“Well? Are you going to sit down?”

-She does

-There is 2 minutes and 17 seconds of silence

-They both counted

-She breaks it with “sorry for punching you”

-He just puts down the peas and goes “please explain”

-She probably owes him that she decides

-“Well you see i guess i’d had these subconscious feelings for you and then we made out and suddenly they were very conscious and i wanted to talk to you about it and maybe see if it was going to go somewhere but then you rejected me”

-It is at this point that farkle slams his head into the table



-If farkle wasnt already bleeding from his nose he wouldve punched himself






-“YOU DO?”


-It is at this point that farkle vaults over the table, LIFTS riley out of her chair, and kisses her like there’s no tommorrow

-They stand there kissing for a solid 7 minutes (in heaven lmao puns)

-But then riley realizes that farkle is still very much injured

-“Um babe maybe we should get you to a hospital”

-“Yes i am decently sure my nose is broken you throw a great right hook”

-It is not, in fact, broken, just badly bruised

-The doctor asks “what happened?” and they both say “bar fight” at the same time

-So they send farkle home with some tape and an icepack and he recovers quickly

-Which is great because riley feels SO BAD

-Apologizing 24/7

-she makes him soup and brings him ice cream and makes him a goddamn “sorry i punched you babe i love you” poster

-And she really wants to make out with him

-Stupid miscommunicating nerds

-Love them

-Riarkle for life

-Thank u

-The end

Hurt (part 2)

Where Y/N is in an unhealthy relationship, and Harry helps her realize and understand that she should be treated better. -

Part 1: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160635179209/hurt

Sneak Peak:

“ Let Harry know how good I can make you feel as I eat your pretty pussy.” He said as he licks your slit.

Suddenly the realization hit you on what Lucas was really doing. You quickly got out of his grip and pushed him away from you. While trying to pull up your underwear from your ankles.

“Is that why you came here?!” Your voice raised.
“ To just fuck me while Harry was near, so he hears us?!” Lucas didn’t say anything.

“Did you even mean any of that apologizes or saying you loved me? Or were you just trying to get in my pants?!” The tears started forming and they wouldn’t stop.”

There will be apart 3. But I want to answer some questions you have about the story, because this story is really different from my others and I think it brings light on toxic relationships.


You heart pounded as the uber came closer and closer to your apartment. You wondered how mad Lucas was going to be. Should you lie and say you were at your girlfriends house? Or should you just be honest. Nothing happened. You just watched a movie and fell asleep. That’s it. When you explain it to him he’ll get it.

You hoped.

You said thank you to the uber driver, and got out of the car. But as soon as he started to drive away you wanted to call him back and just run away. But you knew you couldn’t.

You looked at your phone and realized you had like two minutes before it’s 1:30 so you better get a move on.

You walked up the steps to your apartment and soon was face to face with the door. You looked through the window and saw that the lights were off. Maybe he fell asleep and you can just hop in bed, and he would be cooled off tomorrow.

You stayed outside for like 30 seconds before you finally opened your door.

It was dark and quiet. You slowly slipped off your shoes and hung your purse on the hook by the door.

You quickly made your way to the kitchen to get yourself some water to calm your nerves. As you drank it you wondered what Harry was doing after you left. Did he go back to sleep? Or is he now wide awake doing something. Deep down you wish you knew. Hanging out with Harry was the most fun you had in a long time, too long you thought.

After finishing your cup you made your way up the stairs to your bedroom. The hallways were also dark and when you got to your room you knew the lights were off too.

You opened the door and scanned the room. You saw Lucas’ body laying in the bed and you breathed out a sigh of relief.

As you creeped over to your dresser you brought out some shorts and a t shirt to sleep in. You went to the bathroom and wiped off the bit of makeup you had and brushed your teeth as well.

Lastly made your way to your vanity and started taking off your jewelry. You touched your chest at the charm that was on your necklace. It was a little heart and on the back it had an L on it. Lucas gave it to you a year into your relationship.

You remembered crying because no one had every given you something so special before. And you were so In love with him then, but now you weren’t so sure.

You heard the bed move and you looked up through the vanity mirror. Lucas was up and he had no expression on his face. It was hard to figure out what he was thinking.

He got up and made his way to where you were sitting. You still haven’t looked him in the eye directly. You were just watching him through the mirror.

“Allow me.” He slowly traced his hands over your collarbones and touched your necklace. He just stared at it for a little bit not saying anything.

“I remember the day I got this for you. I wanted something special for you. But I didn’t know what, and then I saw this.” He aggressively grabbed the charm pretty hard that the necklace scraped your skin and you winced.

“It was so beautiful, like yourself and I knew it was the one for my girl.” His voice slowly became deeper as he talked and you knew he was getting upset.

“Thank you Lucas, I love it I where it everyday.” You tried to stop the tension in the room. But it wasn’t a lie you did where it everyday and you did like the necklace. It reminded you of a better time and those great memories you and Lucas had. You try to hold onto those but the new memories of your relationship were overpowering them.

He gives you a dark chuckle that made your stomach drop.

“Funny how you say that while your probably making out with some other prick with that necklace I gave you on.” His voice started raising.

Your eyes went wide and now you knew you were angry.

“What?! Lucas I would never do that, you know that.” You turn around to face his angry face.

“Who were you with tonight.” He insisted.

“I told you I was at friends.” You swallowed the lump in your throat.

“What’s there fucking name.”

“It’s um-” you didn’t know if you should tell him the truth or lie. If you lied you knew one way or another he would find out and get even more pissed. But if you tell the truth he would get even more upset. But you guys didn’t do anything. If you just explain that-

“I swear if you don’t answer me Y/N/-”

“I was with Harry.” You blurted out. “It was for work we had to watch a movie that was a book to compare them and write reviews for the bookstores website. So after work I just went over to do that.” You lied.

“And you came home at 1:30 at night, you really think I can believe that you weren’t fooling around!”

“I fell asleep! I swear Lucas. I didn’t get much sleep last night if you remember. So I accidentally fell asleep on his couch. I didn’t realize the time.” You tried explaining as quickly as possible.

“That’s bullshit-”

“Why is it such a big deal when I come home just a little late. But ever night you come home at like 3am so drunk you can’t even walk!” You suddenly got angry. You were sick of him being a hypocrite.

“That’s not the same-”

“Oh yeah you’re right. At least you know where I was. Half the fucking time you could be fooling around too. But I never question you-

“Shut up”

“So stop being overprotective for five seconds because my life doesn’t revolve around just you Lucas-”

“Just Shut the fuck up!” He yells as his fist slams onto the vanity making you jump. Your heart was pounding.

You could hear him taking deep breathes, as your eyes were closed because you didn’t want to be here.

You didn’t want him next to you. You just wanted to crawl in bed and sleep.

You tried to hold the tears in because you didn’t want him to see you cry.

“I’m picking you up from work from now on.”

“Lucas you don’t need to do that.” You tried to reason with him. Work was the only place that was separate from him and you liked it like that.

“Did I ask for your permission?” He looks at you with a hard expression and you just shake your head.

“Okay.” You didn’t want to argue anymore.

Lucas didn’t say anything else. He just got up from beside you and left the room, while he slammed the door behind it.

You cringed as you heard him downstairs throwing things. He did that every time you guys get in a fight.

You made your way to the bed and slide in. Your pillow was soon stained with tears and you couldn’t stop. Why was he always like this? You feel like everything you tell him he blows out of proportion and it was scary sometimes. You didn’t like it.

As you tossed and turned trying to get some rest your phone lit up. You grabbed it and your mood instantly changed when you saw it was a text from Harry.

“Did you get home safe?” It read. You totally forgot to text him because of the big fight you just had. You smiled at his concern.

“Yea,I’m home.” You sent.

“Good. Have a Good night sleep Y/N. Today was fun I hope to do it again.”

“ Me too! Goodnight Harry.” You sent and then put your phone on the side table.

You spent the next few minutes trying to doze off but you couldn’t. You kept replaying everything that happened today with Harry and Lucas. It was all too much to process. Your feelings for Harry, and how Lucas was treating you.

It was so confusing your mind was racing and keeping you up. But this has been a daily occurrence, every night your brain would never let you rest. You tried to remember the last time you had a good night sleep.

And all you could think about was how peaceful you felt sleeping in Harry’s arms.


“Alright so there’s a book club coming In at 4 tomorrow to read The Great Gatsby. So we have to have 12 copies put aside for that.” Harry goes over things you have to do the rest of the week.

“Ok on it!” You went over to where those books were and got about ten copies in your arms before they started falling out of your hands. You bent down to pick them up. But Harry beat you to it.

“Slow your roll Y/N. Here let me help.” He took a few more books from your hands and took the rest from the floor.


You guys were in the back sorting out all the new releases that needed to be put on the shelf next week. You picked up a children’s book and set it in the pile not really paying much.

“Not again Y/N.” Harry said jokingly.

“What?” You turned to him and he was holding the same book you just put down.

“You put this in the adult books.” He smirked.

“Oops sorry.”

“So glad I caught that we didn’t want to have that situation again like last time.”

“Oh my gosh don’t bring it up again.” You covered your ears cause you were so embarrassed.

“I still don’t understand how you accidentally put 50 shades of grey in the freaking kids section!” At this point Harry is dying of laughter.

You covered your face to stop the redness , “ I was so exhausted I didn’t even realize. But the moms face when she came to the register to tell us.”

“Um I think you’ve made a mistake. My son should not be seeing this. This is unacceptable.” Harry mimicked the mother of a 7 year old boy who was seen reading it.

“I swear I couldn’t keep a straight face when her son said he wanted to buy it!” You giggled at the memory.

“Good thing you came up with the idea to give her a gift card because we for sure would of gotten fired.” Harry shakes his head while sorting out the books.

“I know right that was a close one.” You look back down to the pile of books you had and reached for the pen to check off the books you already did.

Your hand went for it at the same time Harry did and your fingers slightly touched. None of you pulled away at first.

It was quiet now in the back and Harry started to intertwine his hand with your own. He was soft and gentle and you didn’t stop him.

The bell rang indicating someone was ready to cash out. You both quickly pulled away from each other, and he cleared your throat.

“If it’s that old lady that takes forever again I’m not taking it.” Harry breaks the silence in the room making it feel more light.

“Fine. But if it’s that 80 year old guy that always hits on me you better take it!” You guys laugh as you both walked to the register.

“I swear Harry, we never have normal people come in here I think this place is cursed-”

You stopped talking when you saw who was at the register.

“Lucas?” There he was standing there but he wasn’t even looking at you. His eyes were fixed on Harry who was standing close behind me.

You went out from behind the desk to greet him.

“Lucas why are you here I don’t get off until 5.” You looked over at the clock and it was only 1.

But before you got an answer Lucas eyes was now fixed on you and he leaned down to forcefully kiss your lips.

He grabbed your waist to make sure you couldn’t wiggle away. You kissed him for a second but then became uncomfortable because you didn’t like kissing like this in public.

From the corner of your eye you saw Harry look away.

Finally you got out of his hold.

“I wanted to take you to lunch. Isn’t it your lunch break?” You could of lied but you didn’t want to explain to Harry why you did that.

“Yeah it is.”

“Good let’s go.” He put his hand on your waist but before you moved you called out for Harry

“Harry I’ll be back okay, I’m getting lunch.”

Harry looked up from what he was doing and nodded “I’ll be waiting. Have fun.”

You didn’t know why he said that. But when he did Lucas tightened his grip on your waist and walked you to the front.

“Can we talk first? Like somewhere private” Lucas said before you exited the store.

You looked at him a little worried. “Um yeah sure we can in the car or something-”

“We can just go in here.” He pointed to one of your storage rooms for books and you weren’t sure if that was a good place.

“I don’t know we can just-” Lucas wasn’t listening he opened the door and brought you in and locked it.

“Lucas what the hell. Why can’t we just talk in the car?”

“It can’t wait.” You started to get worried.

“Is everything okay?”

“I’m sorry for the way I acted last night.” Your eyes widened. Was he apologizing he rarely does that.

“I was just jealous and scared that you were with someone else.” He frowned and held your hand to him.

“I shouldn’t of been so upset and I’m sorry.” You were in shock that he was saying all these things to you. He was owning up to his mistakes.

“It’s okay.” Even though you were still upset with him it’s good that he apologized.

He sighed in relief that you forgave him and he rested his head on the crook of your neck as he said he would never do it again. But you’ve heard that before and you knew he never kept his promise.

“I want to make it up to you because I love you.” He tells you.

“When? Is that why you came to get lunch was me?” This was the good side of Lucas that you wanted.

“Right here.” He started placing kissing on your collarbone and up your neck.

“Right now” The assaults on your neck just became more sloppy.

“Lucas…” you warned him. “What are you doing?”

“Making it up to you.” He said while holding you against the wall.

“We can’t do this here. This is my job.” You tried to get him to look you in the eye to see you weren’t playing around.

“No one will know.” His hand finds his way up your dress and glides over your slit.

“Lucas come on let’s just go eat first I’m really hungry.” Maybe if you both eat he would be too tired to do anything.

“I’m hungry too.” You sigh in relief alright now we can go.

“But not for food.” He drops down to his knees infront of you. “But something else.” You finally realize what he meant as he started to place kisses on your underwear.

“Just let me do this one thing. To make it up to you, baby.” He begged. But like before you never stopped him even when you wanted to cause you knew there was no use to fighting it if he was gonna do it anyways.

He slide your underwear down your legs and slowly licked your slit. You shuddered and held onto his shoulders for support. You hoped he would finish you fast because this location made you uncomfortable.

He swirled his tongue in you as he grabbed your waist to keep you still. Your breathe hitched but you tried to keep your mouth shut.

“It’s alright. Let it out. I wanna hear you.” He licks you again.

“ Let Harry know how good I can make you feel as I eat your pretty pussy.” He said as he licks your slit.

Suddenly the realization hit you on what Lucas was really doing. You quickly got out of his grip and pushed him away from you. While trying to pull up your underwear from your ankles.

“Is that why you came here?!” Your voice raised.
“ To just fuck me while Harry was near, so he hear us?!” Lucas didn’t say anything.

“Did you even mean any of that apologizes or saying you loved me? Or were you just trying to get in my pants?!” The tears started forming and they wouldn’t stop.

“So you wouldn’t let me fuck you but you and Harry have probably fucked plenty times in this place!” Lucas was fuming now.

“Are you even hearing yourself! You sound crazy, Harry and I are just friends!”

“You didn’t think I saw the way you guys were looking at each other back there.” He started walking closer to you.

“You think your all innocent in all this. But all you are is just a fucking slut.” Lucas spat in your face.

Your heart felt like it was breaking into pieces. No matter how angry Lucas was with you he never had said such vile and means things like that.

“All you want is some dude in your life to stick there cock In your pussy.” He aggressively grabbed you there and you jumped.

“Because all you are is just a fucking Whore.”

All you heard was a loud noise and your hand started throbbing.

Lucas had his hand over his cheek and he was angry. Then the realization hit you.

You slapped him.

“Don’t you ever say that to me again. Don’t ever touch me again. Or I swear to god I will get people involved. I hate you! Your a manipulative, horrible, asshole! We are done!” You screamed at him.

You didn’t how you did it. But Lucas left, he ran out of there.

And when he did you let out a sigh of relief but then the tears never stopped. You slide down the bookshelf on the hard cold floor and just started sobbing. You didn’t know what to do all your stuff was in that house and you never wanted to see his face again. You had nowhere to stay and no one to contact. You were alone.

Which made you cry even more. The words and touch of Lucas was still with you and you just wanted to erase the memory of it all. You’ve never felt more broken, more hurt.

You couldn’t hear anything because of your sobs ringing in your ear. Warm hands touched your shoulders and you jumped ready to hit Lucas if he came back.

But it wasn’t him it was Harry.

“Y/N what happened? Are you okay?!” He looked at your face with tears streaming down your cheeks and your body shaking.

You could barely speak but you jumped into Harry’s arms and wrapped your arms around his neck and sobbed. He was taken back at first but then scooped you in his lap and held onto you. Letting you cry in his arms.

“It’s going to be okay Y/N. okay I promise you.” Harry told you as you leaned closer into him.

And somehow you knew that Harry wouldn’t break a promise

—- Part 3: https://imaginexxharry.tumblr.com/post/160710668819/hurt-part-3
Lucas Baker x Deaf!Reader- Welcome to the family

I would recommend listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6VKYzTu2v3k whilst reading.




Your fingers skimmed across the hallway walls, thin layers of dust and dirt sticking to the moisture on your fingertips. The paint was peeling, courtesy of the heavy paintwork and the black tar substance ruined the decor. You couldn’t help but sympathise with the ruined house; it looked old and worn, similar to how you felt at that current moment.

A bitter smile stretched over your lips.

Your body was battered, scraped and bruised. Large handprints marked your sides and the staples in your arm itched. You were sure that it was infected despite the large quantities of ‘medicine’ you had been spraying yourself with. Your back wasn’t in much better shape as there was a fair share of large cuts on your back from the deformities in the basement. It wasn’t your fault that you were unable to hear them approaching.

This was hell in its finest form and all because your friends had ditched you during the exploration of the legendary ‘Baker’s swamp’. It had to be Felix’s idea. Mark and Jack were undoubtedly tempted by him, otherwise, they’d never abandon you by yourself. They probably thought leaving deaf and defenceless _____ by themselves would be funny. They probably expected to see you tomorrow and have a good laugh. They probably thought it was funny.

Yeah, so funny.

They sure hadn’t expected that you would be hunted down by a series of cannibals, monsters and maniacs with something growing inside of their bodies. And they sure hadn’t expected that you of all people would have to kill these maniacs or deal with having to be force-fed human flesh. The Mother, Marguerite, didn’t seem to appreciate your lack of cooperation or the supposed disregarding of her yelling. It just didn’t seem to click that you couldn’t hear her.

Sure, you could read lips but when the woman was turning and frantically moving, your vision was askew and it was too difficult. You were glad that she wasn’t a problem anymore.

The Father, though- he was smart. He had gathered you couldn’t hear after you hadn’t shouted out against his abuse. You tried to plead but he laughed at your attempt. He had claimed that you would be an easy meal- an easy kill.

His remaining legs proved those statements wrong.

The two residual family members of the Bakers were the Grandmother, whom you had bumped into on multiple occasions, and the son, Lucas (excluding Zoe, who kept her presence known with post-it notes).

Granny seemed very limp. You had a sneaking suspicion that the ‘fungus’ latching onto the Baker family was something to do with her, but another part of you wanted to remove the old lady from this hellish place. She seemed so weak, so innocent. Lucas though, he seemed more like the rough and dirty type. He could probably sneak up behind you and break your neck within an instant. You were surprised he hadn’t done it yet. He hadn’t really made much of an appearance beside his short cameo at the family ‘feast’, where Daddy had cut his arm off.

You felt sick thinking about the vomit-inducing image.

And Lucas had only appeared briefly in the last few minutes after you had arrived back at Zoe’s trailer with the arm needed for the serum. And sure, you could leave without Zoe, but that would be wrong of you as a human being. There was a drawback, though. Lucas had learnt that Zoe was trying to escape and had captured and imprisoned her. Now you were going out of your way for a complete stranger and for the key cards to ensure your escape.

You were so going to die.

Slowing your footsteps, you stooped at the snake door as it stood in front of you dauntingly. It seemed to burn an image into your mind, the key held within your sweaty palm. This was the door to Lucas’ room. In a normal instance, you would stop and walk away as it was someone’s room. Someone’s privacy. But you had already broken into Granny’s room and Zoe’s life was on the line.

A deep breath and you were in.

The room was surprisingly nice and untainted in comparison to the rest of the house. There was a childish purple and green colour scheme and a stack of cube-shaped pillows were situated in the centre of the room. Three trophies stood on the far left of the room, held above a single bed with an oak shelf. From where you stood, the engraving promoted a mechanical contest. Another sat next to the bed, its shape used to make a lamp.


A journal lay open on a nearby desk.

The words were written in dried ink, the entries obviously very old from the language used. The first page was sort-of endearing. Obviously, before the fungus had entered the household, the Bakers were good people and had a happy family. There had been Jack, Marguerite, Granny, Lucas and Zoe. From the first entry, Lucas obviously had a good relationship with Marguerite, his mother having bought him a puzzle and accompanied him to the Doctor’s with no violence involved. The remaining entries…

Not so endearing.

Lucas really stretched what could be described as ‘childish innocence’. Despite the Oliver child being a bully, the kid didn’t deserve to starve to death in Lucas’ attic. And how did his parents not know? Maybe the Bakers had always been rather twisted. Your eyes froze over the last word, your thoughts thrown to the wind, and the muscles in your back tensed up. A breath of hot air fanned over your neck. The hairs stood up as another breath was exhaled over the delicate flesh.


No. No. No-

With utter fluency, you flipped through the letters and hoped that person behind you wouldn’t see through your act. For someone deaf, you really did lack the other ‘enhanced senses’. Hoping that your unintentional gulp was quiet, you placed the letters down on the desk and braced yourself against the wood. You could feel the presence of someone still lingering behind you, the burning sensation of the loaded gun in your front pocket causing your fingers to twitch cautiously.

A hand slammed down beside your arms and a tall body pressed against your back instantly. Your breath quickened at the uneasy contact and another hand grabbed your forearm, forcing your body to turn in a jerky motion to face your captor. Full-blown, grey eyes bore down at you as the familiar features of Lucas Baker came into view. The twenty-something-year-old man seemed to laugh either at your surprised expression or the fact you hadn’t noticed his presence earlier.

‘____, _____, _____,’ he tutted. Your eyes focused solely on his mouth as the eldest of the Baker children grinned.

‘Don’t ya know that breaking into someone’s room is an invasion of privacy!’ Lucas laughed again, his eyes crinkling at the sides and his grip loosened on your arm. ‘And breaking into a boy’s room- MY room. Well, ain’t you somethin’?’ Lucas stepped back, his arms falling to his sides.

You took a breath of stale air, your eyes scanning Lucas’ left arm warily, worried that it may fall off suddenly. Glancing back up to his face, you found that Lucas was watching you with an unexplainable expression. It looked almost sadistic with his twisted smile. You rose a hand and trailed your index finger from the tip of your thumb and across your palm.


His smile fell.

‘I’m pretty sure you know what I said, ___.’ He took a threatening step forward and you tried to form an escape route away from the threatening character. ‘I know that you can read lips, otherwise, how would you have gotten so far?’ Lucas bent down to your height and his eyes met yours. ‘Just cause you’re deaf doesn’t mean we can’t have a party, does it?’

The glimmer of sadistic joy in his eyes caused a kick of adrenaline to course through your veins. You pushed the man back and turned to run out of the room, probably to be killed by a random goop monster wandering about. Lucas’ quick hands prevented this. Your body was drawn back, your form now chest to chest with the maniacal inventor. His body language held hostility and a little pride from his fast impulse.

‘Nuh-uh-uh!’ Lucas waved a finger in front of your face. ‘That ain’t nice, ___. I invited you to a party and that makes me the host!’ He cackled and hooked his fingers through your own. ‘Now, I expect you to solve the invitation and come join everyone waiting for you~ And being the gracious host I am, I’ll help you!’

You took a moment to catch up with Lucas’ fast speech and felt his fingers squeeze your hand roughly. You attempted to tug away from his grasp, shocked at Lucas’ words, but his hold only tightened further. The man scowled at your actions and pulled you closer to his side, Lucas’ spare hand tilting your head up despite your resisting muscles.

‘Hey, I’m tryin’ to be nice ___. If Eveline finds out about this,’ he glanced at your entwined hands, ‘we’re both dead.’ Lucas kept your gaze until you nodded timidly, his lips stretching into an easy grin and nodded back.

‘Good. Now don’t keep our guests waiting~’

You remained wary as you backed away from the tall man and began wandering around the bedroom, Lucas trailing behind closely. It was slightly frustrating that he persisted with holding your hand, his grasp not slipping in the slightest despite the dirt and moisture on both of your palms. It became obvious that it was a rather large nuisance when it came to slipping items into your backpack and Lucas seemed to find your struggling amusing, making quips and comments about it. The two or three times you had caught his mouth moving, you sent a glare his way. Those several times almost caused you to have a heart attack from your own actions but Lucas seemed to find them funny.

Surely it was only a matter of time until he killed you or tried to.

And that time arrived fairly fast.

After having to drag Lucas from his room and through the main house, past Zoe’s trailer and through the keycard door (and having Lucas actually help you with an unheard monster), you had arrived at the ‘party building’. Lucas looked rather smug at his glowing decorations.

You weren’t going to deny it.

He would make a good party planner.

‘Looks good, doesn’t it!’ Lucas cackled and you resisted an impulsive eye roll. Lucas was pretty arrogant but had a good sense of humour for a homicidal cannibal. At least he was more human than his parents. Ignoring the random thought, you yanked Lucas up the steps and entered the ‘party room’. To your surprise, there stood a television set and a chair. Looking back at him expectantly, Lucas suddenly looked a cross of sheepish and annoyed.

‘I couldn’t get everything ready, alrigh’?’ He exaggerated and seemed to glower childishly. ‘I was being helpful and forgot!’ You nodded slowly and that seemed to cool Lucas down remarkably. Only a small pout remained present on his face.

You chose to keep walking to divert Lucas’ attention from his failed distraction. There was nothing worse than a grumpy maniac intent on killing you.

As you pushed open the awaiting door, you felt Lucas’ fingers fall from your hand. There was now an emptiness where his hand had been and you twirled round at Lucas’ sudden reconsideration of the hand-holding tactic. Your eyes were met with an empty room, the TV and chair standing out against the bare walls. Lucas had vanished… Or had simply run out of the room if the open front door indicated anything. It was clear that something behind the door had either been too dangerous for him to enter or he had grown sick of ‘assisting’ you. Most likely both.

Well. It appeared that you had to throw on your badass bitch boots.

____’s coming.

Annnnnd that’s how you would have liked to have acted, but after falling over the first trip wire and being caught in an explosion- you were pretty certain that you weren’t a badass bitch. It was lucky that you stocked up on medicine. And it was also lucky that you had stocked up on a motherload of bullets as HOLY FUCK THERE WERE SO MANY MONSTERS. You were sure going through your supplies fast, especially since you couldn’t hear the monsters hunting your ass.

Quite a few of the corpses got a hefty ‘fuck you’ from you and your hands.

It sure would be helpful if Lucas came back just so that he could alert you of passing monsters. The number of times you had backed into a monster or turned a corner to be met with a pointed maw was beginning to become uncountable. It would also be great to have some proper human contact again, unlike the human contact you had shared with Daddy and Momma- which had been mostly stabbing and shooting. Lucas had been the only human to actually speak to you and not murder you right off the bat. And he somehow had a decent concept of sign language. Sure, he was about to kill you with all the stupid contraptions he created and releasing the unholy number of goop monsters at you, but he appeared as a somewhat decent human being for at least an hour and a half.

Pouring a bottle of medicine over your torn skin, you flexed your fingers and watched as the skin melded together. The blood washed off with the cut and made you feel a little more energetic than your previous sluggish nature. Now that you had sorted out your items, killed the monsters hunting you down and had recorded your findings in another tape recorder, you began walking back to the steel door within the storage room. In fact, Lucas had appeared within the sealed off room, spouting random series of codes for the panel on the far right. Any human could tell he was bluffing, but something told you to go along with his childishness. He found entertainment as you typed in one of the three codes he had mouthed. It had been wrong and you could have been killed by swinging iron polls, but Lucas had grinned and walked away happily.

That weird, homicidal genius.

Approaching the steel contraption, you typed in the right code 1408 and pushed against the door. You felt a faint shock and pulled away, a projection appearing through the wired mesh reading ‘Yo, ____, this is a test of skill. No cheating. That shit you’re carrying- get rid of it.’ You silently groaned at the message and dumped all your items into a nearby chest.

Fucking Lucas.

Pushing the door again, the meshed entrance swung open and allowed you to enter. You approached the nearest object- a weird clown animatronic- and picked up the candle. A sudden flicker of the flame caused you to turn around as Lucas shut the door and relocked it.

‘Have a nice day.’

He hesitated for a moment, then abruptly turned and walked away.

You were now stuck in a secluded section of the building with an animatronic and a candle. What is this? A knock-off Five Nights at Freddy’s? You let out a rasped chuckle at your own joke and began to explore. And not even halfway through your exploration, you noticed a cake with three other candles stuck into the frosting. Walking through the doorway, water sprayed you from head to toe, sufficiently causing the candle to go out and the building’s lights to flicker on. You frowned and shook a few droplets of water from your hair.

Great. Now you were wet.

Now wet and without a lit candle, you approached the cake and the lights flickered off, a projection reflecting off the wall. You took your time reading over the letters and groaned at the message. ‘Alright, let’s get to the game! All you gotta do is light the candle and put it on the cake.’ You casually flipped the wall off and the message switched to ‘Language, loser.’

For fucks sakes.

‘There are children in the building- somewhere- I think. I’m not sure anymore.’

That message made an ugly snort escape the back of your throat and you couldn’t help but crack a smile. Lucas really was a peculiar person.

Besides the small distraction, you carried on trying to solve the puzzle and found a door tied with a piece of thick rope. Relighting the candle on the kitchen stove, you set alight the rope and found a series of balloons cascading on top of you. The room was filled with grey balloons and a sense of childish glee caused you to jump into the pile. A series of pops and balloons flying was what happened in the aftermath.

Honestly, you were so goofy.

Wading through the onslaught of balloons, you stopped at a worn door that stood against the far-left wall. On the latch was a lock with five letters spelling out ‘happy’ and appeared to be the only entrance into the room with a water valve.

But what word contained five letters?

… Could Lucas truly be so arrogant as to use his own name?

Twisting the letters to make Lucas, you learnt that your captor wasn’t as arrogant as you believed. But that still left you without the password. Maybe it was something that involved you? Your hair colour? Eyes? Skin? Name? Or-

Slowly turning the letters to form Loser, the padlock undid in your hands. Proud with your fast-thinking, you strode into the water valve room and pulled it from the wall. A satisfied grin stretched across your lips as the lights flickered off and you walked through the small apartment, being drenched once again, and attached the valve to the water pipes. Twisting the valve, you felt the tension increase within the pipes and grinned as you had finally figured the puzzle out.

Relighting the candle with the kitchen stove, you walked back to the cake and slotted the candle on neatly. You waited for a projection to emerge on the wall again and were surprised that instead of a message, you were struck with a heavy force as the cake exploded and threw you back onto the floor. Blinking rapidly, a new message appeared on the wall and you felt your blood freeze up as an object was thrown down.

It looked like a bomb.

Panicking, you didn’t read the message and grabbed the bomb to see there a timer of twenty seconds left. Scanning the room over, you noticed some loose boards in the wall and frantically pulled them away, allowing the bomb to be thrown into the space. Darting out of the room, you crouched near the clown animatronic and felt a vibration when the bomb finally exploded. Standing up, you cautiously approached the room, your eyes widening at the flaming entrance that the bomb had formed.

No way.

Stepping through the torn walls, you coughed at the smoke and carried on through. Turning left at the nearest exit, you stumbled through an open doorway and leant against the non-flaming wall with closed eyes. The sensation of something grazing your cheek caused a prominent squeak to escape your lips and a set of familiar eyes gazed back at you.

Lucas Fucking Baker.

An angry bubble formed within your chest and you shoved Lucas backwards, your fingers moving rapidly to spell out the man’s name in an enraged blur. You also formed a few other phrases that you were happy that Lucas probably didn’t understand. The key feature of these movements was that you were pissed. Not only did this man make you withstand several explosions via tripwires, crates and a cake- he chucked a bomb near you in hopes of killing you. As much as you shouldn’t have been surprised, you were angry that the only person you had properly spoken to was trying to kill you just like the others. You thought maybe Lucas had some moral standards! Especially with his controlling and monstrous parents dead.

You had been through an absolute inferno today and this was the final straw. You didn’t understand why this ‘sudden betrayal’ was causing you to finally break, but it was and you were. You had almost died countless times, you had upright murdered two people and watched an officer’s head be sliced in half with a shovel. Not only that, there were horrific creatures hunting you down! You think this shit would be hard for a normal person? It was worse when you couldn’t hear where someone or something was going to attack you from! You were so sick of this. You wanted to go home, to the place where your friends were and watch some bad movies with a box of pizza. You could feel the tears beginning to form in the corners of your eyes.

Through your blurry vision, you noted how Lucas was stuck between trying to approach you and drawing further away. Why wasn’t he running? Or a better question;

Why wasn’t he killing you?

With sloppy motions, you asked Lucas through weak sign language and waited patiently for a gun to be held up or a monster to burst through the door. The hooded man seemed to hesitate, running through your movements and trying to figure out what you had asked. You noted that his eyes had widened, surprised at the notion that you were basically asking him to put you out of your misery.

He stepped forward, your eyes trained on his lips as he spoke slowly, ‘I ain’t going to kill you.’

You scoffed and repeated your previous actions with another question.

Why not?

Lucas now stood less than a few inches away from you, his eyes scanning your face closely. The larger man stooped down and caressed the sides of your jaw gently, his fingers holding you in place with a near-bruising pressure when you tried to pull away. You noted that something seemed wrong with Lucas’ eyes. They were no longer grey- but a sickly yellowish black, but you made no comment as he smiled. It was much less malicious than when you first met, making you notice that Lucas’ teeth were surprisingly nice for someone who lived in a decrepit swamp.

‘Because it looks like Eveline needs a new Momma.’

And with that, Lucas pushed his lips against yours’.




Welcome to the family, ____.

PLL 7x14 Power Play - (long, sorry!) Thoughts

- Yep, one of the best episodes of the series. Call me dramatic, whatever. But in my opinion, it was. The story was constantly moving and I loved that. That is all I need to classify a PLL episode as good. And, combined with answers.. they had a formula for success. I wished I recorded myself watching it because I genuinely had a smile on my face from start to end, and two particular reveals got a great reaction out of me. Even the romance scenes I appreciated. Ugh, such a good episode! So many feels. Happy, intense, OMG, frustrated, emotional.

- Well… after this post, you know where I’m off to… my unanswered questions post! Finally I get to cross off more! SHOUTOUT TO US TUMBLR FANS FOR THEORISING EVERY SINGLE ANSWER WE GOT TONIGHT WITH 100% ACCURACY!! 

- I don’t know how you guys did it, but theorising that Ted is Charlotte’s father… what the hell! I always dismissed that theory. I thought it was too out-there. But it happened! I was sooooo shocked. I thought Ted was just a random guy from the church that liked Ashley. End of story. Apparently not end of story! Loved it. There is no way they had that planned all the way back then. I really do think that Ted was brought to the show just to be a love interest for Ashely. Then they created the Charles story and realised “oh shit, we need a male to be Charlotte’s father. Lucky we made a character like Ted!” I refuse to believe they intended to use Ted for more than just a pastor in love with Ashley. Anyway, not that that matters. I’m happy with this answer.

- Last week I complained that PLL has severely lacked good production since the dollhouse episodes; production in the sense of unique camera angles, music, etc. Well today they finally returned to its glory. The ending scene was so good and dramatic with the music, that camera angle where Ali finds her hidden puzzle piece and also when Mary steps out from behind the door to reveal herself with Ted… little things like that, I appreciate. 

- The reveal that Lucas knew CHARLES… wow!!! OMG!! I actually said “no fucking way” for once in a few years in PLL. They’re going somewhere with this. Lucas built that board game, he is an app developer and has the resources/money. 

- Another reveal that made me actually throw my blanket off and sit up… when they actually SHOWED that scene from 4B of Mary creeping up on Spencer!! We all kind of guessed that it was Mary in that scene, but to actually SEE the writers SHOW US that link very explicitly rather than let us just guess… it was AMAZING. I hope the series finale is like that, where they actually SHOW us past scenes like that, rather than expect us to make the links. Such a good scene, learning the backstory behind that.

- Mary killed Jessica. I knew it! I was not shocked one bit. But hey. After 7 seasons of this craziness, I am totally happy to take logic over shock. “Sydney killed Jessica!” like no. Get lost. Zero logic. Mary killed Jessica, yeah, I’ll take it!

- People are probably disappointed that it was Sydney under the hoodie… I told myself it’s not AD so I was expecting someone like that. I was happy with that.

- Aria going dark.. I’m all in. But please don’t cause a massive divide in the group. The small divides it causes now is fine, but I don’t want to spend the final 6 episodes with the girls pissed off at each other/Aria.

- Amongst all the storylines going on, they still managed to have scenes relevant to Archer. Thank god! See, that’s what we want. Forget the ping pong, and just keep us updated on other side mysteries like that. We don’t have to solve the side mystery, but just keep mentioning them in the ‘filler’ scenes. That’ll keep us going until the finale.

- I thought finding out who killed Jessica, and that Ted is Charlotte’s father, would be enough for this episode. Nope, they revealed what we’ve all been thinking since August last year! Emison fans on Twitter telling Marlene to go kill herself: fuck off. NEVER wish that upon anyone. As if I’m actually saying that. I know Emison fans are really passionate, and rightfully so, but chilllllll. Spencer said it very well: they are feeling violated. Emily isn’t saying “yippee, let’s have a baby Ali!!” Yes it’s controversial, yes it’s diving into areas of rape, but don’t tell a woman to kill herself.

- Not gonna lie. I did laugh at AD’s hoodie talking to Aria. The concept was cool but it looked far too fake. This show never is good with visual effects and stuff like that (*cough* CeCe watching the girls in the window in 610 *cough*)

- Shoutout to Paily. I really enjoyed their scenes. All of them. I was a shipper of Paily during season 4 and so this brought me right back to those good old days. Paige has barely smiled since she came back in 7B so it was so good to see her be happy for once. 

- There was one thing that someone said that really made me think Spencer has a twin!!! I can’t remember what it is! I’ll rewatch later in the week and update you all.

- Thank god Ezra is being dismissive of Nicole. I mean, it’s sad for Nicole, but at the end of the day and putting realism aside, just get lost Nicole. Ezria is endgame and you’re just making PLL fans frustrated.

- Next week’s promo!! Directed by Troian!!!!!!!!!! Wren’s return!! “Every theory I come up with leads back to you” is Furey hinting towards a Spencer twin? Not that he knows, but if all his research keeps pointing to a Spencer, it’s only a matter of time before he finds something? It is in 2 weeks but I’m so happy because it means the finale is pushed out to when my uni exams finish!

- 9/10. I can’t give it 10/10 because I’ve forgotten what a perfect PLL episode feels like. It’s been way too long. Maybe this is what a perfect PLL episode feels like? Again, I can’t remember. But it’s up there!

- Sorry this is long, but hey, 6 to go. Need to summarise it all and it’s better than sharing thoughts all over the place with scattered messages. Compare this to 712, which never even got a post!