chainedintimacy  asked:

I'm super curious, but when did luca exactly start crushing on cal? Like what drew him to this boi exactly, at what age did he realize he was head over heels and would cry to p!nk songs for him

Luca meets and becomes good friends with Cal at like age 11-12 when starting secondary school (E.S.O in spain) and then starts to get the ol’ feelios for him at around 15-16? 

between that time he has lil girlfriends and boyfriends but more as a “it’s cool to have a bf/gf” thing than “i actually have feelings for this person” thing. Lu grows out of that and begins to notice all these little things about Cal that give him a slightly sickly - but good sickly- feeling.

Then he realises, and like, this turns into a completely classically cliche and utterly infuriating Teenage Crush.

Luca views Cal through several pairs of rose coloured glasses and can’t see a single thing wrong with him. Even though he’s been friends with Cal for years he suddenly can’t breathe when he’s around. Like, they still hang out a lot and it’s mostly fine but then Cal will sigh a certain way or their arms will accidentally touch and suddenly Luca’s launching himself headfirst into his collections of P!nk albums.

Cal’s crush on Luca is slower but not any less powerful. The thing is, he doesn’t even realise what it is for ages. Why does he think about his best friend’s goofy smile and soft hair just before he falls asleep at night? who knows, he just does. Why is it that he want nothing more than to understand every single thought and feeling behind those wide chocolate-brown eyes?  Who knows, he just does.

It’s not until he’s sitting through a particularly boring lesson and he abruptly snaps out of a half-hour long daydream where he and Lu were violently making out that his brain finally goes, “oh!”

Unfortunately, Cal isn’t the type to actually do anything about these feelings so Luca pines over Cal for 2 LONG YEARS before finally deciding to ask him out.