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y’know what i really live for? yoongi breaking people’s expectations

like i somewhat have this coffee shop au in my head, no specific pairing really, but like yoongi frequents this coffee shop all the time

he always has his laptop  open and he sits in what the employees all dub, “his” corner, with his laptop and his notebook out and huge ass headphones on and he’s there every morning on weekdays for a few hours before he leaves

and poor guy has the most intimidating resting face and he always looks so tired and dead that everyone just automatically dubs him as the typical morning grump that always orders black coffee, no milk or sugar, and hates people

the employees and the regulars all know of yoongi and everyone gives him a wide berth usually

but then one early morning, these 2 boys come in

they’re younger guys, relatively same height, one with a wide boxy smile and the other with cute bunny teeth

they both order drinks and they look around and they spot yoongi. they get huge smiles on their faces and they start. heading. to the corner™.

and the whole coffee shop just inhales as one and holds their breath because omfg there’s gonna be a murder

the guys sneak up on yoongi and then the boxy smile guy just thumps his hands on yoongi’s shoulder and yoongi jumps so hard and he turns around and

he smiles

the cutest, most endearing gummy smile with crescent eyes and squishy cheeks and everyone is flabbergasted and a little bit in love

and after that day, he sometimes comes in with a few other boys, always the same 6 though, and he smiles and laughs and jokes around all the time

and it’s beautiful :’)

It’s time for another collab Sweetie! This time with my dude http://ncmares.tumblr.com/ of whom tumblr won’t let me @ mention for some reason, ah well.

I think most folk that follow art around this fandom know NC, so I suppose I don’t have much introduction to do! Though in case you’re out of the loop, NC runs a classic art blog linked above as well as @ask-majesty-incarnate, and hot damn can he draw a hoodie. Go check him out if you’ve never been by his way!

I met NC only recently at bronycon this year, the vendor fam got together for some drawalongs and well, we art folk are like peas in a pod. While I haven’t known him long, every line I’ve ever seen that dude send is so full of positive vibes, he’s just refreshing to have around. I’m stoked we got to make this Sweetie happen and I think she’s pretty darn cute to boot!

Anyways, enjoy some sweater belle courtesy of NCmares

English Translation of the new Danganronpa

For those of you that are really impatient:

I just came across this one accident, but this Twitch streamer Juicedup20 is doing a playthrough of the Chapter One of New Danganronpa V3 and translating as he plays. 

He’s translating it on the spot, so don’t go into it expecting a 100% polished translation, but he’s doing a pretty nice thing for all the the English-speaking Danganronpa fans, so I would go and check him out and drop him a thank you. 

His videos are [here.] As I’m writing this, he’s in the middle of investigating Chapter One’s murder so he’s already done a lot thus far. 

Witchy commission for such a magical person: Anthony. “Crazeemuse”  He is amazing, go check him out, lovely ones! I loved working on this for him and there was a lot of good vibes while doing it. <3

Seventeen Reaction to: A Girl Joining The Group

S.Coups: takes u under his wing, fighting off the flirty members if you’re shy, or keeping you all in line if you’re as equally greasy. will always be there for u & if he ever sees one of the guys not including u, whether intentional or not, he’ll give out to them & ensure you’re involved in everything.

if he catches u checking him out tho, he’ll go from dad ➡ daddy real quick; just be aware of that

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Jeonghan: won’t be as motherly as you had expected. instead he’s flirtatious & showers u with compliments, not necessarily in a “I want to date u” way. you’re his band member so he knows that a relationship w u mightn’t turn out well. but he wants u to feel confident, to not be bothered by being the only girl. so that’s why he’ll lowkey flirt 24/7

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Joshua: “hello, welcome to seventeen. if you ever need help or want to hang out, don’t be shy to approach me!” is very polite & kind. freaks out if any of the boys try to “guy talk” around you or curse or burp. he sees u as a lil bird, something that should be protected & sheltered

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Jun: will always tease you about being a “typical girl”; “ah, why do you take so long to get ready? I wake up looking naturally this good. u must be jealous.” but his teasing doesn’t go too far. he would never pull a prank on u or say something about your appearance, unless it was positive. “no wonder it took you so long to get ready, you’re beautiful!” goes heavy on the compliments if he hears you have anti’s or that carats don’t like that you’re a girl

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Hoshi: is very playful & kind to you. makes sure to include you in everything & doesn’t do any overly sexual choreography or say something rude, mindful of a girl being around. will bring u back flowers or sweets (& tampons if you ask), as a kind, brotherly gesture. even asks ur opinion on certain dance moves; “is this okay? it’s not awkward from a girls perspective, is it?”

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Wonwoo: sometimes forgets there’s a girl around & sleeps nude or gets undressed before turning around & spotting you; “oh, uh, sorry. I - I should let myself out”

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Woozi: steers clear of u like you’re the plague. has very little experience w just talking to girls, never mind now having to include one in the music he composes. he writes songs to be sang by guys, not both genders. and will ur voice even mix well w 13 other guys?? he’s focused more on the practical impact of your joining, & of dealing w sharing a shower w a girl. not so much on being your friend. that will come w time, like all friendships w him do. 

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DK: “wow, our new member is so pretty ~” he’ll tease. his flirting never goes too far tho, as he keeps it on a friendly level. catching feelings for a member could be dangerous so he plays it safe, flirting/teasing u the same way he would soonyoung

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Mingyu: tried to welcome u by cooking your fav food. and will always be greasy & compliment you, in a friend way at first but maybe more depending on ur feelings/reactions. if you’re just friends tho, he considers you one of the guys. so get ready to be sneezed on

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The8: tries to welcome you & not make you feel left out. if he ever crosses a line or teases you too much, he’ll use his cuteness to get on your good side again

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Seungkwan: “OH MAI GAHD, sorry, sorry” he screams & runs off, forgetting that you were a girl & he couldn’t just walk in to use the toilet while you were showering, like he could w the guys

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Vernon: pray for him. even tho he’ll try to be cool, he’s not. so having a girl around 24/7 is a nightmare. until he warms up to you, or if you remind him of his sister, then he’s pretty chill to be around. if he finds u cute though then u better hope u don’t get left alone w him. it would be so awkwardly silent u could hear a pin drop

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Dino: awkward & shy but tries not to show it. so he covers this up by showing off, “hey, newbie, look at this! can you do that?” & being over confident like “if you need help finding ur way around, you can always come to me noona.” but if he ever sees your undies lying around he’s gonna die omg

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im making a mistake rewatching this at 3am but wtv

ok but i’d like to talk about the amazing characterization and how Marinette deserves so much to be Ladybug

because when everyone was talking to Ivan about his transformation and Chloe started bothering him, sure, Alya tried to shut her up, and fighting what she called before, “the enemy”.

But no one cared about Ivan.

Except Marinette

Even when everyone, even Chloe, knew that the reason Ivan got transformed was because he was angry and sad, no one tried to go after him and check him out, except her.

Marinette who was lacking confidence at that moment and given up being a superhero still showed kindness and went to talk to him and made him stay positive. And with that she stopped Hawkmoth, at least for a moment.

But that moment was enough.

Watch on ks-no-tanbu.tumblr.com

I FOUND IT this is my new favorite thing


Rick Grimes flirting with you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Yay Rick :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :D Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-His gaze always lingering over you and your body when the conversation finishes

-Him always casually touching your lower back when he walks pass by you and greeting you

-Him letting his beard grow out after he heard you preferred him that way and shaving it off when you said he also looked good without it

-Him teaching you about the gun safety because he wants to spend more time with you, especially so close

-Him casually changing his shirt in your presence just so you could check him out

-Him always making you go on runs with him just to spend more alone time with you

-Him always reaching for your hand to hold whenever he gets happy about something and acting casual about it

-Him jokingly telling other men to back away from you and giving you a look just to make you laugh

-Him always chilling with you by the couch after a long day and just spending the evening talking while obviously scooting closer to you

-You noticing and asking him about it only for him to kiss you and admit it