Bayard on a little ghost hunt by himself in the middle of the night.  I saw @sixpenceee ‘s shirt on her blog and even though I don’t wear graphic shirts I think my original character would absolutely love it so I wanted to draw him in it.

Please go and check out her page too!! Lots of spooky stuff, always makes me want to draw more Bayard.

3: Background: What’s their story?In all honesty, I don’t entirely know what Andesine’s story is at this point. It involves homeworld, her best friend that she totally loves to death, and her sheep. Reason being that myself and Blue Topaz’s totally awesome creator Alex ( @kyokiwolf ) haven’t discussed it all that much so I didn’t want to do anything he wouldn’t approve of. And yes I KNOW I was also late on this one. I might get day four done today after I post this. Hopefully.

Sanities Rebirth

I found a sword

that once

had met its end–


that cut through sane

with mirages

of painful memories.

The sword knew only

its own cold frame,

and placed its hope

in warmer hands,

that wouldn’t spite

or call it crazy.

And waiting for the day

it could cast

a brighter thought,

it changed its name–

in rebirth

for a happier tomorrow.


Randomly inspired upon noticing the return of the man formally known as “sanities-bane”.  Check him out here

I can officially make gifs now I’m so proud

so what do I chose to after finding out this new power?


Look I’m not 100% obsessed with this relationship in case you thought that. I was a fan of Peter on youtube before my feelings for him even started so I’m technically just a fangirl who’s dreams came true so I can technicallly fangirl over him still because he’s still a youtuber I love yay