I think it’s safe to say that you have officially become the voice of evil in the Star Wars galaxy, performing for everyone from Starkiller in Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, to The Son and Darth Maul on Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and even the voice of Emperor Palpatine in all spin-off media. How did you find a way to pull off each character that is uniquely bone-chilling?

Well, that’s what they asked me to do. I got involved in that type of stuff - Starkiller was supposed to have that dark side, but also a little bit of innocence and later some heroic qualities. The Emperor, on the other hand, does not have those heroic qualities. I really pushed hard - in The Force Unleashed - to be able to voice him, and since then I’ve been voicing him ever since. Things like that have encouraged Lucasfilm, I think, to give me the role of the Son of Mortis, and then Darth Maul came after. They need those characters, and so I’ve been providing them. [x]


Everyone… Everyone got what they wanted in the final episode

How can people dislike the star wars prequels? Sure there’s jar jar and he’s eh but the story is incredibly amazing like?? You have that older generation (and even some younger) who are so stuck on the original three films being the “real star wars.” I just…I don’t get it? All six movies are the vision of George Lucas, they literally ARE star wars. It’s the story of the skywalker family NOT JUST LUKE. If anything it’s more anakin’s story. Hayden’s acting isn’t bad either, like most people think. Just go watch the scene in revenge of the sith where anakin has just had three limbs removed as he inches closer to the lava. When he yells “I hate you.” HOW can you call that shitty acting? Jesus people I wish you would quit with the ignorance and actually sit and appreciate the brilliance of the story. You don’t get to pick and choose what “real” star wars is.    

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