midnight memories this or that

something great or you and i? diana or best song ever? story of my life or midnight memories? right now or through the dark? does he know or alive? strong or happily? little black dress or little white lies? half a heart or don’t forget where you belong? better than words or more than a feeling?

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Your last duck comic make me honestly laugh! I could even imagine them reading in real comic volume. And thank you very, very, VERY much about all your comics. They reminded me how I loved reading duck comics as a kid. My family never was a rich one, but mom was always trying to buy for me and brother at least one volume for half year, because we loved them so much (and I still have them somewhere). They were a big part of my childhood, and thanks to your comics I realised how I still love them!

that’s so awesome, this is so awesome, I love the duck comics so much too and thank you for saying these things so honestly- I really am so happy to know what these comics mean to people and making people laugh with my stories and bringing back the joy of the originals is all I could ever hope for

it would have been so good 2 see itachi growing up like in an au where konoha isnt fucked up bc hed be so awkward like imagine that boy as a teenager whos trying 2 rebel against his parents but hes like. hes too good n just naturally a chill studious person so his definition of rebelling would be like. one days hes like FUCK THIS!!!!!!! n skips school to study at the library instead

“Awakening Anders liked cats and made jokes and DA2 Anders was just angry all the time”

Yes? And? DA2 Anders liked cats and made jokes and Awakening Anders was angry all the time what’s your point