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courfeyrac and combeferre: oh yes the first snow!! it’s so pretty i love it

feuilly and bahorel:

anonymous asked:

Is Pearl applying all of her determination & full sacrifice towards a different cause? Or a similar cause? (BTW, Pearl being Jasper-like is the best. She'll make a scary villain, I think.) Hope your well!

yeah! Pearl’s got a lot of potential as an antagonist. and while she’s in Jasper’s role in this story, she’s still Pearl. so while she doesn’t have the sheer brute strength of a quartz, she does have focus, skill, and precision. that, combined with her power set and unflinching loyalty to a person and a cause, makes her a very dangerous opponent. though, i gotta stress, neither she nor Garnet are villains, they’re antagonists. first impressions are funny like that.

(you said the thing, i had to. but also: narrative relevance)

uhh yeah i’m deleting all the shitty messages and stuff off my blog, usually i wouldn’t answer messages sent by people treating my ask box like there isn’t a person behind it, but today i’m having an exceptionally bad day (just an explanation why i decided to snap back at those anons)

it’s probably best to know i will block you if you send me messages like that because there is no point at all and if you want to inform me be a decent person and do it without being so blunt. you don’t get to treat me like i’ve claimed to know everything and everything i share here that might not be 100% reliable source is me being terrible and not doing research. because nowhere have i ever said i do research everything, bc no i don’t, i try my best to know what i’m reblogging of course, but i just share things, and hope people will look into it themselves before taking it too seriously.

idk. if i misled anyone to believe i’m somehow a super reliable source, then that’s not true, and sometimes i get misled by posts too, because i’m human and i believe things sometimes and instinctively want to look out for people so i reblog them. but i just share pictures of my dog and try to help out in the process. enjoy cloud.