Anyway I kind of managed to casually bring up moving to NC while talking to my mom (actually she kinda brought it up which was cool she was just asking about my plans post graduation) and she was like you know your dad’s totally gonna take the time off so he can help u move and i was like.. Yeah true actually and anyway my point is I’ve been way more stressed about this than I need to be I think. She’s still not thinking about me moving as soon as January but I’m directing her thinking that way which is good… The closet I get the more I’m thinking it’ll have to be late January because of everything going on (like, my aunt and grandma are moving in with us in January and there are horse things happening and just A Lot) but. I really think it’ll be okay? Like…I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised since I’m 22 and they expect me to leave eventually lol but. I still think this will be a different conversation with my dad

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i get super excited about omega/omega and alpha/alpha ships. like jack and gabe would never, ever get caught having a relationship if they were both alphas. they could kiss in front of everyone and it'd be like "lol they're alphas, alphas don't date alphas." meanwhile mccree is sitting in the back of the room squinting suspiciously


all things considered my relationship with my dad isnt Bad and honestly i feel like wanting him to actually be around and be a Normal family with me and my mom and my siblings is Asking For Too Much,, not asking too much /from/ him but asking for too much in general. i feel like…having a relationship w my dad thats more than just a few messages sent on facebook and a monthly check bc im his responsibility is just…too good. and its not exactly that i dont think i deserve that but Yeah,  Actually, i feel like i dont deserve that

So, as I was watching the kiss scene for literally the 100th time, I noticed something about the scene that followed between Carl and Michonne. Here, Carl asks, “why didn’t you go with my dad?” MY dad. It’s a separator. I don’t know if the writer’s wrote it that way for a reason because there will be a change later when Carl truly sees Michonne as his mom and calls her such. The “my” is not something said when a kid is talking to one parent about another. When I talk to my mom I say daddy called me today…but when I talk to friends and family–other than my sister– I say, I talked to my dad/father today. It’s a distancer, a separator that seems to show while Carl looks at Michonne as a mother figure, he is not ready to call her mom.

I’m actually okay with that. I don’t need him to call Michonne mom. I love their bond and if he does call her mom, that will be okay with me too. Now, Judith, she is another story all together. I WANT her to call Michonne mom. Can’t wait for it to happen. Just me over thinking this while scene 🙄

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Sad time! How would the purple trio react to a child hiding in their rooms & saying something like this?: "Please dont make me leave! I-I can be good! P-please don't let make me g-go back now. P-please d-don't let d-daddy hurt me...*sobbing noises*"

“I-it’s okay kiddo…. I wont let anyone hurt you. I promise.” 

Lavender would probably take in the child and would make sure they’re safe, comforting them as best he can.


Lavberry would probably do the same as Lav …Although he might want to go looking for the dad, not for revenge, but he’d probably give him a good talking to.


Thistle wouldn’t say much, allowing the kid to stay for as long as they wanted. He might be a bit angry that the child was in his room, but for the time being, he would allow it. He wouldn’t be able to comfort the child very well or tell them that it would be okay, but he could relate to their situation. 

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DC AU Question: If Oliver Queen had never been on the ship that he was planning on going to (alongside his dad and Sara Lance) for whatever reason, how would things be different for the rich blonde man AND his family if that happened?

Well, @frostbite883, your answer was basically 508. That episode presented an easy, happy life for Oliver where he’s matured into a man, not a great man, but a good one. And in the hallucination, everyone seemed happy and well-adjusted. 

But here’s the thing, that was an idealized version pulled from a variety of people’s subconscious to keep them subdued and mellow, and not getting in the way of invasion plans while their brains were picked. I think in reality the Queen and Lance family would have imploded even if Oliver and Sara didn’t get on the Gambit. 

Oliver and Sara were still cheating together behind Laurel’s back. The Queens had a troubled marriage with both of them cheating. We still had the parentage of Thea issue, and oh yeah, Oliver’s son to a woman while he was with Laurel. Then we had Robert Queen and his dirty dealings with the likes of Isabel, and Malcolm Meryln would have still been BSC all over the place. Oh, and Quentin’s marriage would have still broken up, and he’d still be dealing with his alcoholism. 

So, I don’t believe we’d actually have the cosy, well-adjusted family we saw in 508 at all, not without a lot of lies going on under the surface. Oliver and Sara lying to Laurel, Robert and Moira lying to one another and their children, and so on. If Oliver hadn’t gotten on that boat, then there was no real need for him to become less of a dick. Laurel saw him through rose-coloured glasses and didn’t seem to be challenging him to be more. That might have changed over time, but Oliver definitely wouldn’t have had the strength of character he has now, and I think his family would have imploded around him. 

That was the point of 508, understanding and embracing how much all of that pain and suffering shaped him and his family, and finally learning to accept that, losses and all. :)


This is prompted by @caedmonfaith on @timepetalsprompts:   “At Christmastime, Tentoo would have antlers and a big red nose on his car and YOU KNOW IT”

“Doctor, I don’t think you’d better,” Rose recommended, shivering out in the driveway after being called out of the house by the Doctor.

“Don’t you think it’s festive?”  He looked a bit hurt that those should be the first words out of her mouth upon seeing his creation.

“Well, yeah, but……” Rose trailed off, chewing her thumbnail pensively.

“But what?” he demanded, scowling.  

“It’s a bloody Torchwood car!  I don’t think Dad’ll go for it!”  She couldn’t believe that she was having this argument with him outside in the frosty morning air, before coffee.  The least he could have done was show it to her through the front window.

“That’s the beauty,” he argued.  “No alien would ever suspect we were on the scene.  It’s like….holiday camouflage.”  He gestured expansively to the black Torchwood issued car, now a little less inconspicuous with a red ball on the grille and antlers on the roof.

Rose crossed her arms, partly to keep herself warm and partly to stand her ground.  “Blimey, it’s too early for this.  I think you better just take it off!”

He mirrored her position.  “I never thought, of all people, you’d be a Grinch.”

Rose’s eyebrows shot up to her hairline.  “I am not a Grinch!  I am just as merry as anybody!  And you know it!  You need to take that off!”

The Doctor dug his key ring out of his pocket and delivered his final word on the subject, “No, I shan’t. It’s Christmas!”


As it turned out, Pete did not object, and he thought it was brilliant.  He ordered antlers and noses for most of the fleet.  

This disgruntled the Doctor, however.  “Well, now they’ll see us coming a mile away,” he grumbled to Rose, who tried very hard to keep a straight face.

i miss guns and hunting culture

i remember when i was a kid and my dad would go hunting and eventually come home in his green truck and if we were lucky he would open it up and there would be a dead deer on a tarp in it

those were great childhood memories