• Super Junior: We back! SJ in the house!
  • VIXX: We back again now, this is real fantasy, 'cause I ain't playin' around, V-I-X-X
  • 2PM: 2. P. M.
  • BIGBANG: BIGBANG, BIGBANG, we back again one more time say no way, no way
  • SHINee: *dramatic whisper* SHINee's back~
  • EXO: E-X-O
  • B.A.P: B - A - P let's go!
  • U-KISS: U-KISS and Brave Sound. You know it's BRAAAAAAVE
  • BEAST: There's a Beaaaast IN THE CUBE!
  • MONSTA X: Monsta, Monsta X!
  • Block B: Block B in the house, Z and pop time music, it's officially over now
  • Teen Top: Teen Top we gon' rock it drop it top it ain't no stop it pop it
  • JYJ: Brand new JYJ, another history
  • Seventeen: Seventeeeeeeeeeen YUP!
  • Taeyang: My name is T to the A to the E, Y A N G
  • G-Dragon: Brand new GD! I'm all by myself, but it's so good
  • PSY: My name is P-S-Y, hanguk mallo Park-Jae-Sang
  • JYP: *dramatic whisper* JYP~
  • B1A4: B. 1. AAAAAAAA. 4 4 4
  • M.I.B: M.I.B - is - back
  • Girls' Generation: We're the girls, we're the Girls' Generation!
  • 4Minute: 4Minute and Brave Sound! Leggo!
  • SISTAR: Rock it like this, rock it rock it like this SISTAR!
  • Wonder Girls: JYP and the Wonder Giiiiiirls we're back!
  • AOA: A-O-A! Brave Sound, drop it!
  • 2NE1: I go by the name CL, we're 2NE1!
  • Hello Venus: H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Venus, H-E-L-L-O Hello Venus!
  • BLACKPINK: Black to the Pink!
  • Hyuna: H-Y-U-N keurigo A!
  • Miss A: JYP introducing made in Asia...Miss A!
  • TWICE: Better think about it TWICE!
  • Unnies: JYP introducing the Unnies!
  • G.NA: She's back, you already know, the sexiest, that's right it's G.NA baby!
  • Stellar: *whisper* Stellar~
  • BULLDOK: Eh oh eh oh B-U-L-L-D-O-K girl
  • Triple T: Hyoyeon, Min, Kwon...AND JYP!
  • And then K.A.R.D:
  • 1st song: It's K
  • 2nd song: A
  • 3rd song: R
  • a bonus bc we all love it:

Gná and Hófvarpnir

Messenger, errand girl for Frigga, what sort of lowly job is that for a Goddess? Certainly, pray to her if you need a letter to arrive quickly and safely, an email to be read and given consideration, or a package to reach you unscathed. If you’re running late, needing to get somewhere on time quickly and safely, she can help you find the best path through traffic. All good things, but do you not also want your prayers heard? Do you need an understandable answers from your Gods and Goddesses, with good “signal clarity” and minimal interference from your ego? She rules communication, both mundane and divine, and that is no small matter! Certainly, the other Handmaidens command great powers in granting love and healing, success and safety, clarity and learning. Yet when you need someone to hear you, understand and respond meaningfully, she is best. If you want her to carry a message, hand write it, pray to her, make an offering and then burn it.

You could even call her Goddess of mediumship, as the practice is all about receiving and giving useful messages. In some traditions, a medium is said to be the “horse” a spirit rides to speak with and interact with mortals. Do you know how to tame, groom, and train such a horse, with the skills and stamina for the course she is to run, preparing her to tolerate a saddle without flinching or fear? Do you give her time to run out, stretching and warming her muscles first so there are no injuries during the ride? Can you soothe her so she won’t try bucking the rider off her back? Do you know how to brush away sweat, feed and care for the horse afterward so the experience is positive and becomes easier each time? Gná knows all there is to know about mounts, pets, animal companions and their needs.

She loves animals, knows their language, and can help you communicate and care for your pets. Hoof-Tosser is the companion she loves and cherishes above all, considering his advice throughout their adventures, though she loves all horses and everything to do with them. Cats, dogs, rats, mice, guinea pigs, all those we often treat as little humans in fur coats, whom we care for in exchange for companionship are also under her protection. Be warned that she will judge your worth and honor by how you deal with these, and will not take kindly to their neglect. Farm animals (such as goats, pigs, sheep and cows) raised for meat, milk and wool are under another’s protection, but if you start giving them names and considering them part of your family, they’re also Gná’s. She shares some knowledge of veterinary medicine with Eir, at least in the basics of animal health care, breeding and feeding. She also knows much about tending to spirit animals. Her second favorite animal is the mouse, one of which is her trusty dream steed for faring forth at night. Sometimes, it is best to be small and unnoticed, for finding information, in getting past defenses, and listening when no one sees you there. Burrowing creatures know ways into the worlds below and secrets unseen on the surface. Even the smallest and most humble of spirit animals have ways to help and lessons to teach.

Hoof-Tosser is an intelligent stallion who speaks mind-to-mind with her. He sometimes appears as a flat drum with crossbars (much like the Irish bodhran) in her hands, no longer having the ability to take his original humanoid shape. He can gallops on air as if it were solid ground but does not have wings. Hofvarpnir is far more ancient and wise than he appears, and moderates Gna’s impulsive nature with his counsel.

She is daughter to the East Wind — the breath of words — and an Alfar woman. As such, she has relations in Alheim, among the Sky Giants, control over the winds and skill with Alfar glamours. She also has connections with Hel-Maidens, Hela’s death messengers.

While she is a strong and independent woman, she always has a companion at her side to share ideas with. She is very sympathetic to those who suffer loneliness, isolation, and fear abandonment. If you’re stuck in such a place, unable to leave and utterly without friends, she will answer your call. Part of her role is being everyone’s friend, and she may take you in spirit to ride the skies with her.

Romantically, Gna prefers men but also enjoys feminine company. Most of these relationships have been brief affairs while on the road, but she has friends and lovers to return to in each of the Nine Worlds. Some of these relations are strained by her wandering ways.

Speed is her passion — no one wants a slow messenger! Talking to her on horseback is good, but skating, riding, driving, running, even a brisk walk, will help you achieve the speed you need to reach her. Some talk of elevating your vibrations to talk to spirits and Gods. She calls it speed. It’s in the Sufi’s ecstatic dancing, the mystic’s swaying, the shaman’s convulsions and in the runner’s high. It doesn’t matter how you like to achieve it, just get off your posterior and move! Start acting, putting things in motion, getting where you want to be. Even if you don’t know where that is, get moving anyway. You’ll find something just by going somewhere, anywhere. She can’t stay in one place long, cursed as she is with wanderlust, so go on a road trip adventure in her name. If you can’t run, drum. If you can’t drum, learn breath control. Get your heart pumping, your breath racing, and feel the rush of wind in your face. You think going around in circles is going nowhere? Sunna races through the sky each day as the earth races around the sun each year. We get back to the same place every Summer Solstice, yet everything has changed, including yourself. Should the Earth stop spinning and orbiting the sun, we would die. Motion is life, stillness is death. So if you need to fight inertia and get moving, let Gná inspire you. When you need to journey out of body or pathwalk, she can help shake you loose from this world… if you can reach the right speed to run up the World Tree.

Gna appear as a lithe athletic woman with a blonde braid and intense blue eyes. Though taller than most human women, she’s somewhat short for a goddess and may seem barely out of her teens. She often wears riding breeches, leather boots and a sky or royal blue gambeson coat (a diamond-quilted linen armor). While on official messenger goddess business, she wears a white tabard on top showing Frigga’s crest. On her belt may hang a small throwing axe, sometimes used to delay pursuers. She usually comes across as friendly, but may quickly becomes bored without something to do or places to go. When called on in matters of death, she may appear dressed in black, with the quilting done in silver rather than white thread and a short knife at her belt. One side of her may appear shorn off, with a braid on the other side.