“The genetic modification of food is intrinsically dangerous. It involves
making irreversible changes in a random manner to a complex level of life
about which little is known. It is inevitable that this hit-and-miss
approach will lead to disasters. It must disrupt the natural intelligence
of the plant or animal to which it is applied, and lead to health-damaging

- Dr. Geoffrey Clements, leader of the Natural Law Party, UK.

7-Day Chakra Balance Challenge

Many people have either poor physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health which causes us to feel imbalanced and unfocused in life. Follow this 7-Day challenge to better improve these aspects of your life.

-Meditate after you get up and eat breakfast.
-Consume only the foods and drinks for the day (you can drink as much water as you want)
-Use candles, incense or air fresheners for the aromatherapy
-Listen to music that mainly uses the corresponding instruments for the day
-Do the exercises as soon as you can in the day or when convenient
-Try your best to follow the healing activities for the day

ROOT CHAKRA - Survival
-Root vegetables
-Protein-rich foods
-Spices (horseradish, hot paprika, chives, pepper)
-Dandelion root tea
-Patchouli, Cedarwood, Ginger, Rosewood, Cloves
-Grounding exercises, squats, walking, jogging
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear red
-Get a massage (at least a foot massage)
-Get 8 hours of sleep (nap if you need)
-Take a long, hot bath/shower (wash yourself with your favorite things)
-Get outdoors
-Sweet fruit
-Honey & nuts
-Spices (cinnamon, vanilla, carob, sweet paprika, sesame seeds, caraway seeds)
-Hibiscus tea
-Orange, Jasmine, Rosewood, Grapefruit, Geranium
-Pelvic thrusts, sex, masturbation, yoga
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear orange
-Drink 8 cups of water
-Hug someone you love
-Treat yo’ self
-Talk to a good listener about anything that’s on your mind
-Do something creative
-Grains & seeds
-Spices (ginger, mints, melissa, chamomile, turmeric, cummin, fennel)
-Rosemary tea
-Lemon, Corriander, Lime, Frankincense, Myrrh
-String Instruments
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear yellow
-Sit in a steam room or just do a steam facial
-Engage in positive self-talk (e.g. I look great today. I did a good job)
-Make a list of your best attributes
-Get something you’ve been putting off done with
-Leafy greens
-“Air” vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, celery, squash)
-Green teas
-Spices (basil, sage, thyme, cilantro, parsley)
-Hawthorn tea
-Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Pine, Rosewood
-Wind instruments
-Push-ups, swimming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear green
-Practice deep-breathing exercises
-Try your best to sit up straight
-Do an act of kindness (the more, the better)
-Spend time with your loved ones (even if it’s your pet)
-Get some fresh air
THROAT CHAKRA - Communication
-Liquids in general (no soda or energy drinks)
-Tart/tangy fruits
-Tree growing fruits
-Spices (salt, lemon grass)
-Red clover blossom tea
-Rosemary, Lime, Sage, Indian Champa, Cedarwood
-Singing, screaming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear blue
-Talk to an old friend
-Play music you love to sing along to
-Get a shoulder and neck massage
-Write in your journal (or start one)
THIRD EYE -Intuition
-Dark bluish fruit (berries mainly)
-Liquids (red wine & grape juice)
-Dark chocolate
-Spices (lavender, poppy seed, mugwort)
-Mint tea
-Geranium, Basil, Jasmine, Lavender, Rosemary
-Visualization, lucid dreaming
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear dark blue, indigo or purple
-Draw or paint
-Do a grounding senses meditation
-Analyze the dream you had last night
-Look at the night sky tonight if you can
CROWN CHAKRA - Spirituality
-Fasting (after lunch)
-Organic, GMO-free food
-Lavender tea
-Sandalwood, Saffron, Lotus, Jasmine
-Guided meditation and Silence
- Meditation
Self-Care & Activities
-Wear purple or white
-Meditate (there’s guided meditations on youtube on many subjects)
-Pray or just think about life
-Learn a new skill or language
-Do word or number puzzles
-Get a head massage

Do your best and strength to you all

White History Month

A Caucasian co-worker and I(Yup! The same one from the last post. Go figure.) were discussing why there should or shouldn’t be a “White History Month”. Nevermind the fact that EVERY MONTH is White History month. But I decided to humor him and play along…

“There should be White History Month” so we can expose all the evil things white folks have done in history and present that still affect the victims and their descendants till this very day like:

1 Cherokee Trail of Tears
2 Japanese American internment
3 Philippine-American War
4 Jim Crow
5 The genocide of Native Americans
6 Transatlantic slave trade, and the lies that Africans sold other Africans into slavery
7 The Middle Passage
8 The history of White American racism
9 Black Codes
10 Slave patrols
11 Ku Klux Klan
12 The War on Drugs
13 Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
14 How white racism grew out of slavery and genocide
15 How whites still benefit from slavery and genocide
16 White anti-racism
17 The Southern strategy
18 The rape of enslaved women
19 Madison Grant
20 The Indian Wars
21 Human zoos
22 How the Jews became white
23 White flight
24 Redlining
25 Proposition 14
26 Homestead Act
27 Tulsa Riots
28 Rosewood massacre
29 Tuskegee Experiment
30 Lynching
31 Hollywood stereotypes
32 Indian Appropriations Acts
33 Immigration Act of 1924
34 Sundown towns
35 Chinese Exclusion Act
36 Emmett Till
37 Vincent Chin
38 Islamophobia
39 Indian boarding schools
40 King Philip’s War
41 Bacon’s Rebellion
42 American slavery compared to Arab, Roman and Latin American slavery
43 History of the gun
44 History of the police
45 History of prisons
46 History of white suburbia
47 Lincoln’s racism and anti-racism
48 George Wallace Governor of Alabama
49 Cointelpro
50 Real estate steering
51 School tracking
52 Mass incarceration of black men
53 Boston school busing riots
54 Man made Ebola and A.I.D.S.
55 Church Bombings and fires in deep south to Blacks
56 Church Shootings
57 How the Irish and Italians became white
58 The Perpetuation of the idea of the “model minority”
59 Housing discrimination
60 Systematic placement of highways and building projects to create ghettos
61. Medical experimentation on poor poc especially Blacks including surgical and gynecological experimentation
62 History of Planned Parenthood
63 Forced Sterilization
64 Cutting children out of pregnant Black mothers as part of lynchings
65 Eurocentric beauty standard falsification
66 Erasure and eradication of all achievements of Ancient Africa and Kemet
67 White washing of history and cultural practices of poc’s
68 Media manipulation and bias
69 Perpetuation of the myth of reverse racism
70 The history of white cannibalism
71 White fragility
72 White on white crime and white on everybody else crime
73 Irish slavery, Jewish slavery, African slavery, Native American slavery
74 White police officers murdering unarmed men, women, and children and not being convicted for it
75 Population control warfares worldwide
76 Chemtrails
77 Oil spills and chemical dumping in oceans worldwide
78 Water fracking
79 Gmo foods worldwide
80 Monsanto
81 World Wars 1 and 2
82 Wars on indigenous peoples throughout the world
83 Stolen inventions and blueprints from African people and other indigenous people worldwide
84 Steal concepts from cultures worldwide and then corrupt it
85 Mass murders and massacres worldwide
86 Eugenics and the history of sterilization of poc and history of fetal abortions worldwide
87. Flint Michigan water poisoning crisis

and too much more….

Yet you all have convinced the world and your delusional selves that melanated human beings “black” people are perceived as dangerous, unruly, racist, uncivilized, thugs, gangsters etc… Yeah ok not according to historical and present day facts.

Needless to say… We don’t have these types of discussions anymore. 😎😉😂

“If it is left to me, I would certainly not eat it. We are putting new
things into food which have not been eaten before. The effects on the
immune system are not easily predictable and I challenge anyone who will
say that the effects are predictable.

And on the ability of the regulatory system to cope with prospect of the
arrival of large numbers of GM crops:

Once the floodgate was opened, it’s almost impossible. A committee cannot
deal with it.”

- Dr. Arpad Pusztai, Professor of the Food, Gut and Microbial Interactions Group, Rowett Research Institute - on the health risks associated with genetically engineered food.
After 36 years at the Institute, following his controversial research on GM potatoes, Rowett did not renew his contract.

I’m confused by people who claim that appeal to emotion is a poor form of argument. Especially when it comes to veganism, which is an ethical stance. Emotion is a perfectly valid reason for doing or not doing certain things. If eating animals makes you feel bad, that’s enough reason to stop. We’re not talking about nuclear energy or GMO foods here, we’re talking about living creatures being actively killed. It’s an emotive subject, and it’s disingenuous to pretend it can only be discussed on a logical level or else your argument is somehow invalid.

Creating GMO's

Why are GMO’s created? What reasons are there for creating GMO’s

Well one reason is that they can create better products. Vital nutrients can be inserted into crops that didn’t originally have these nutrients. This could possibly make the food better for someone to eat.

Another reason is that scientists want to give foods a better overall quality and taste. they can enhance flavors and make difficult flavors(strange taste, not enjoyable to eat) more palatable, or easier to eat. So those foods that have really strong tastes that make it almost impossible to eat, can be modified so they can be eaten without a problem.

Why should GMO’s not be created?

There are human health risks. There is a concern that the protein products of introduced genes may be allergenic to certain individuals. So basically what this means is that some of the modifications that are being made in these foods could cause people to be allergic to this food. For example, scientists take part of the DNA from a peanut and put it into a grapefruit. Let’s say that this piece of DNA they are transferring has the allergen from peanuts in it. Now this grapefruit has that allergen from the peanut, and people who were allergic to that allergen will now be allergic to the grapefruit.

Another reason for not creating genetically modified foods is because they stop growing the old varieties of the food. The old varieties are important sources of diverse genes that give plants other desirable characteristics. These desirable characteristics could be lost if the old variety is not being produced.

anonymous asked:

Green's anti-GE stance is perfectly reasonable. Anyone who thinks they're leaning towards the tin-foil hat side, educate yourself about Monsanto, plant patenting and 'terminator' crops, the destruction of farming due to forced monoculture, or anything along those lines. I guarantee you won't sleep tonight. Big Agriculture is a frightening entity that operates well under most of the populations' radar, is gaining more traction in Canada and I am very glad the Green Party is out to change that.

Its not perfectly reasonable because GMO foods are 100% safe. Safety is and has never been an issue. Trust me I’m a science major, and know what I’m talking about. I’m sick and tired of this anti-GMO paranoia.

Every major scientific body and regulatory agency in the world has reviewed the research about GMOs and openly declared crop biotechnology and the foods currently available for sale to be safe. GM crops are as safe–and in the case of nutritionally enhanced varieties, such as Golden Rice, healthier–than conventional and organic crops. The consensus over the health and safety is as strong as the consensus that we are undergoing human induced climate change, vaccines are beneficial and not harmful and evolution is a fact.

Read the PDF here. Organizations that are listed: The American Medical Association, The Royal Society of Medicine, World Health Organization and The National Academy of Sciences.

Yes Monsanto is terrible, but people are conflating this with GMO foods in general, which is a dangerous position to take. Monsanto is terrible but its not because of GMO foods, its because of the immoral business practices they adopt.

Guys, would you please sign here?

the girl who’s running the petition is really compassionated about it and i think it’s a really good thing and i mean honestly, it doesn’t cost you anything to just give her petition your voice. it’s a petition AGAINST GMO FOOD and i think there are a lot out there who are against it.

Genetically Modified Foods Get an Unwarranted Bad Rap

We have been genetically modifying our food crops for centuries, but only in recent decades has there been an outcry against GM foods. Traditional breeding is the least safe way of genetically altering food, and this method dates back to thousands of years ago. It was through this process that corn was actually made to be edible and so many other crops have been vastly improved. In the United States, nearly 80% of the food is or contains GMOs, so they are nearly impossible to avoid.

Today, we have the technology to manipulate only the gene or genes we want to target, the absolute safest methods of genetically modifying organisms, and all of these modern methods (the last two in the info-graphic) require rigorous years of testing before they can be released to the public marketplace. A lot of the supposed health risks of GM foods simply have no scientific basis or are very rare occurrences that are spread by the media and by people who are not educated on the science behind GMOs.

GMOs have so much potential to make better, safer crops, but if we ban them, we may not be able to provide food for the expanding human race in the years to come. 

GMOs can help:

  • reduce production costs
  • increase crop yields
  • rid food of allergens
  • create foods with greater nutritional value, taste and texture
  • create foods with a longer shelf life
  • create crops that can better withstand environmental stress

and the benefits continue on.

This all being said, I do believe that we need to be careful with GMOs, because as with everything, there are risks involved. GM crops need to be controlled at some level so that their impact on the environment is minimal. This is one reason that I myself am such a big proponent of indoor urban agriculture as the future of agriculture.

In addition, large companies, such as Monsanto, should not have as much power as they do. A lot of the research they conduct is not inherently bad, in fact a lot of it is good for the future of agriculture, but the way they influence agriculture and often abuse their power is bad, and it is often because of the ways that large companies abuse their power that people automatically label all of their products, even the good helpful ones, as bad. People need to focus their efforts on regulating large corporations, not banning GMOs.

GMOs should not be banned because of the potential they hold for the future of agriculture, but they should be controlled, and they should be labeled because I do believe consumers have the right to know.

If anyone has questions or concerns about GMOs, just hit the ask button and I’ll be happy to expand your knowledge!

Medical advice!

Some guy I don’t know on a mutual friend’s Facebook page:

As a medical person, I can tell you for sure, GMOs are deadly to your health

I was going to go to medicine school to become a medical person, but then I found out that wasn’t a thing.  I skimmed over this guy’s page and his work history doesn’t include “medical person”, or the more common jobs of nurse, doctor, etc.

But that would be fine if he knew what he was talking about.  So, my new Facebook buddy, how do you know “for sure” that GMOs are “deadly to your health”?  Could it be you have a (non discredited) study you would like to refer to?


Oh.  Okay.  Well, when you figure out some mechanism that would cause food to become deadly just by being modified let me know, maybe we’ll write a paper on it together and get super duper famous.