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in my head the episode started like:

barry allen proposed to iris west, she said yes, but after being in the speedforce he realized that he just asked her to marry him to save her and broke the engagement; in the meantime on earth 38, queen rhea and king lar gand arrived to get their son back, mon-el, which makes him the prince of daxam, and he’s kara’s boyfriend, and she hates daxamites, she hates being lied to, so she broke up with him after he told her he loved her, but music meister arrived at the deo and whammied her and sent her to a weird alternative universe. and that’s what you missed on GLEE!

The Best Things of the Supergirl/Flash Musical Crossover

• Kara/Barry being adorable
• Kara in her dresses
• Seeing Cisco and Winn singing
• “Dads”
• Seeing Barry and Kara sing and dance together
• Joe and Stein as mob bosses
• “Dads”
• The Vibe/Kid Flash/Martian Manhunter super team takedown!!
• Everything in between


Can’t say how the days will unfold // Can’t change what the future may hold // But I want you in it // Every hour, every minute

Loved this so much yesterday! I love that we got to see Grant Gustin sing again, and the lyrics of this song were absolutely perfect for the scene. This was so beautiful!


Imagine Mon-El Mistaking you for Kara.

“Kara!” A voice said behind you.

You turned around to the most handsome person ever. in your opinion. You have no idea why you did turn around because it’s not your name and that it might be that he is calling another person. He Kept Calling the same name until you realised that he was calling you Kara

"No, you must have the wrong person. My name is (Y/N).”

“No, it’s not your name is Kara.”

“No, it really isn’t because my name is what parents give me. So it's definitely not Kara”

“I’m sorry. It’s just that you look like someone that I know from a long time ago.”

“Its Ok, can we start over. My name is (Y/N)”

“The name is Mon-El but everyone calls me Mon”

“Nice you meet you. Mon”


I’m really sorry that I have not been updating like I should be. but I have been under a lot of stress. with work. College and everything else. I hope that you understand that I have so many responsibilities that I can’t do this as often as I like to. Because I love posting imagines for you people. I hope you can forgive me for posting this a week late. because this is my favourite thing in the day being with you people on this blog. So this is also meaning that sometimes that I will be posting a lot of imagines a day and the other days there might be one imagine and that's depending if I actually post.