It’s interesting because now, on this season of [Scream Queens], it’s been this whole thing with the guys taking their shirts off and having the sexy guys on the show. It’s kind of nice just for a little while to put them in the spotlight and be like, ‘Be hot, get us viewers and do your job.“ [Chelsea Handler: Exactly. They should have to be subjected to all the things that women are subjected to.] Exactly. And it’s crazy. I definitely think that people make such a big deal when women take their clothes off, and when girls are naked, it’s like this huge deal; not so much when it’s guys. But at the end of the day, I find that men are so much more self-conscious about having to take their shirts off and have, like, naked scenes. Way more than you would think that they would be. Any time I’ve ever worked with any guy who had to do even just a shirtless scene, they were on, like, a sweet potato diet and no water for three months and freaking out. Or if they would see it in the script, they’d be like, “Oh my God! I have to take my shirt off!” We’d be like, “It’s Glee! Relax!” You know? It’s such a big deal. […] Any guy I’ve dated or worked with, it’s always, like - they’re so much more insecure about how they look and I think women need to remember that. Because we’re out there all the time, like, “Do they see this? Do they see that?” […]
Top Ten TV Shows

10. Glee 

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9. House M.D 

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8. Flash  

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7. Arrow 

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6. Grimm 

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5. RuPaul’s Drag Race 

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4. Supernatural 

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3. Grey’s Anatomy 

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2. Criminal Minds 

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1. Teen Wolf 

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(By the way this list changes every week)

There’s seeming to be an increase in the GRPC in hate lately, myself and my close family here being affected in the worst of ways. This shit is for fun. It’s a stress relief for a lot of us, anxiety relief, and all of this hate is bringing us down as a whole. So let’s make a pact to do something about it. Starting with @rachelberryandco‘s idea to spread love, we [ @smytheandco @mikechangandco and myself @claringtonandco ] challenge you to send at least one positive anon message each day. I myself will be going through my followers list and sending out love. 

Try not to make it generic:

  •  tell the writer something you really loved that you spotted
  • maybe a line that stood out
  • maybe a plot they have going on
  •  but either way, spread love likes legs, and not hate. 
  • If you need more ideas on what to look for, contact any of us tagged in this and we’ll help!

What the world needs now is love sweet love

Let’s put aside our differences of opinions on portrayals of characters, take away the negative comments and replace them with a compliment. It only takes a moment and believe me, kind words goes a long, long way. We challenge you, fellow gleeks to participate with us and spread some love around because this has to stop. Let’s make good decisions, okay?

Bonus: you’ll feel better about yourself!!!