Hello fellow Gleeks!

So a few months ago (more like a year and a half but that’s not important) I got really bored and I was looking to test my knowledge on my absolute favourite TV show. A quick google search was likely a good way to find glee quizzes right? Apparently not, most of them were way too easy (like wayy too easy) or just too old. Then I got a burst of inspiration, and decided to make my own.

It was a project months in the making, taking hours and hours of creating questions (180 exactly!), finding appropriate gifs and images, and formatting it juuuust right. Oh and hyperlinking. Hours and hours of painstaking hyperlinking. It ended up being way bigger than I’d imagined– I’d originally planned on one set of thirty questions, but then realized you can’t fit 6 seasons of Glee in thirty questions, so I expanded it to six sections, one per season.

When it was all finished, I leaned back in my chair and beamed with pride at my work. I played it once through (noticing many mistakes, especially in the hyperlinking. You guys can probably guess how I feel about it now) and was overall satisfied with the result. And then it hit me, the ridiculousness of it: I just spent all that time creating a game that only I would play (along with my family whom I forced).

So that all leads me to now, sharing my creation with you guys. A powerpoint presentation 368 slides long (give or take), featuring 180 questions, 30 per season with increasing difficulty the higher the point value is. It’s a standard Jeopardy game, in Jeopardy format (*which I do not own nor do I take credit for*). The difficulty doesn’t increase by season, and who’s to say you guys feel challenged at all. I don’t know, maybe you’re all Glee geniuses (Gleeniuses?)

With greatest pleasure, I present to you:



*just a quick note, the gifs will only work if you download the file and play it through Powerpoint, otherwise regular images will have to do!

A Day Early

Written for Klaine Advent.

Prompt: Early

Burt and Carole arrive a day earlier than planned.

403 words.  Rated: G

Can also be found on AO3.

Knock Knock Knock

Blaine, who had been helping straighten up the living room before Christmas visitors arrived the next day, looked up at Kurt upon hearing someone knocking at the door. “Are you expecting anyone?”

Kurt shook his head as he looked towards the door confused. “Nope. Not until tomorrow. Are you?”

“Nope. All I have is that order from Amazon coming in, but they usually will just leave the package downstairs.”

Kurt put the pillow he had picked up off the floor and placed it on the sofa before heading to the door to see who was standing behind it. He had just unlocked the door and barely had it open before…

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